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Lyttelton Times   -   26 January 1861   -   MINERVA
The Minerva sailed on 17 November 1860  for Canterbury with 100 passengers   -

Chief Cabin  -
Mr and Mrs Porter;        Rev. C.Mackie  and Mrs Mackie;       Rev. W. Fearon, Mrs Fearon and family (10);        Mr and Mrs Allan;
Mrs Izard;          Messrs Tate;        C. and G.Sale;       W.and C.Raine;      Scrivener,      Thomas,       Moore,     Howitt,      Thorman and child;

For Otago -    Mr and Mrs McMaster;   Messrs Neilson and Fullarton;
For Wellington  - Rev. C.Halcombe and Mrs Halcombe.

Second Cabin  -
Mr and Mrs Younghusband and child;   
For Otago -  Mr Stewart;
For Wellington  -  Mrs Kyle  and Mr Burton.

Steerage  -
Stephen Brighting, wife and 2 children;        Mary Bighan;      Harriet Izard;       J & W.Randall;         Robert Abbott;       Robt Ambrose;       Alfred Adams;      James Clark;         Vernon Smith.

For Otago
Margaret Thomson;

For Wellington
James Marshall,  wife and child;       Alexander Steven and wife;         Frances Jeffery;        Johanna O'Brien;       Judy & Mary Mahoney;  
Annie Freeman and 3 children;        Mary, Ellen and Catherine Morrison;        Anna Brill;      Ann Jones;       Jane Johnston and 2 children;  
Amy Hood and 2 children;        Margaret Robb and child;           Malcolm & Peter Walker;       Edwin Cox;       Duncan & Thomas Morrison; 
 John Rice;       Robert Baly;       William Wyllie;      John & Elias York;       Peter Menzies;

Summary  -
Chief cabin passengers  -  Canterbury 30;    Otago  4;   Wellington 2;
Steerage  -  Canterbury 13;  Otago 1;  Wellington 37;
Total 99

                                                                Saturday  2 March 1861  -   Lyttelton Times  -    arrival  MINERVA  -  

Captain Merryman  -  from London  - 

names in addition to the above passenger list.
Second Cabin 
Mr & Mrs Elden,  Messrs OrdDavidFabris,  Saudry and Mackenzie

Steerage  -  Alfred Adams

Lyttelton Times   -   Wednesday   8 May 1861    -   RHEA SYLVIA  - 

arrived on Monday 6 May 1861,     left King's road,  Bristol    -   15 January  1861  with 115  adult immigrants -   62 males,  43 women,  31 children, 
1 infant born on the voyage.

Provincial Government Immigrants
Married couples  -
Thomas Cosley, domestic servant, Worcestershire,  wife and child;          John Brock, mason, Edinburgh, wife and child;       
David Bartram, carpenter, Staffordshire, wife and 3 children;                     Charles Holland, carpenter, Surrey,  wife and child;
Stephen Lawrence, labourer, jersey, wife and 4 children;                        Robert Chudley, gardener, Lancashire, wife and 2 children;
James Hawker, carpenter, Somersetshire, wife and 5 children;                  Peter McCallum, gardener, Dumbarton, and wife;
Lawrence Wallace,  labourer, Guernsey, wife and 2 children;                  Alexander McCracken, ploughman, Ayreshire, and wife
Michael Kine,  farm labourer,  Galway,  wife and child;                           Thomas Casserley,  farm labourer,  Galway, and wife;
Walter Ford, farm labourer,  Galway, and wife;                                       John Hepburn,  carpenter, Antrim,  wife and child;
Thomas Blakely,  labourer,  Antrim,  wife and child;                         John McIfe, ploughman,  Antrim, and wife ;
Lewis Coutts, farm labourer,  Aberdeen,  wife and child;                James Whelan,  farm labourer,  Tipperary,  wife and 3 children;
William Rineham,  farm labourer, Tipperary,  wife and 2 children;         Niel Cunningham,  farm labourer,  Down,  wife and child;
John Hamill,  farm labourer,  Antrim,  and wife;              James Hamill  and wife;       Archibald Hamill, wife and child.

Single Men  -
Wm Robertson, ploughman, Lanarkshire;         Michael O'Brien, farm labourer,  Tipperary;               Charles Richardson,  gardener,  Essex;        
James Smith,  farm labourer,  Down,              Charles, Michael and John Malley, farm labourers, Galway;       Thomas Hamilton, ploughman, Lanarkshire;
William Dove, ploughman, Lanarkshire;         Laughlin McCormack,  ploughman, Arglyeshire;          Archibald McCormack, carpenter, Dumbarton;
Alexander Dawson,  ploughman,  Antrim;         Robt. Gibson, ploughman,  Ayreshire;                John Kennedy, shepherd,  Wigton;
Wm Murchie, shepherd, Wigton;             Alexander Sandison,  farm labourer, Aberdeen;         Alexander McHardy,  ploughman,  Aberdeenshire;
James Vickers,  farm labourer, Yorkshire;         John Cartif,  farm labourer,  Tipperary;         Thos. Carroll, farm labourer, Tipperary;  
Henry Stevenson,  farm labourer,  Stirlingshire;   John Goodall,  farm labourer, Fyfe;             George Gay,  woolwasher,  Wiltshire;
Edmund Cotter, farm labourer,  Clare;         John Kennedy, blacksmith, Tipperary;            Patrick Mulloney,  groom,  Limerick;
Hugh McIlray, ploughman,  Antrim;            John Dardoo,  farm labourer,  Westmeath;          Martin & Patrick Gilmore, farm labourers, Galway;
William McIlwraith, sen.      William McIlwraith, jun.       Gilbert  and Daniel McIlwraith,  farm labourers,  Antrim;

Single Women  - 
Jane Carigoll,  housekeeper, Edinburgh;         Frances and  Lucy Groves,  nursery governesses, Surrey;         Elizabeth Yeomanson,  housemaid, Kent;     
Mary Ann Hawker,  Somersetshire;         Margaret Mundy, dairymaid,  Lanarkshire;         Jane Allen,  housemaid,  Argyleshire;
Agnes Taylor, domestic servant, Argyleshire;         Elizabeth Coutts,  domestic servant, Aberdennshire;        Jane Holliday, domestic servant, Kent;
Jessie Laurie,  domestic servant,  Renfrew;         Isabella Smith and 3 children, Durham;         Eliza Kennedy, domestic servant, Tipperary;
Mary Kelly,  domestic servant,  Galway;            Isabella Loft, domestic servant,  Hertfordshire;            Elizabeth and Amelia Joyce, Jersey;
Lydia Cooper,  housekeeper,  Sussex,  Matron.

Analysis of Trades  -
Land  -  farm labourers, 39;       general do. 3.      gardeners, 3;  
Stock - shepherds, 2;       groom, 1;
Iron - blacksmith, 1;
Stone -  mason, 1;
Wood - carpenters 5,
Miscellaneous - servant, 1;   woolwasher, 1.

Single women -
Domestic servants -  8;      dairymaid - 1,  housekeeper, 2;   governesses, 2;   housemaids, 2;

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
24 May 2011

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