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Lyttelton Times   - Wednesday  24 July 1861   -  
The Chrysolite  sailed from Down  on 18 April   -
 the following  list of Provincial Government Immigrants,   now shortly expected,  has been handed to us for publication.

Married Couples  -
John Malcolm, shepherd, Lanarkshire, wife and 2 children;         William Chambers, farm labourer, Monaghan, wife and child;
Patrick Neil, farm labourer, Dublin, and wife;         Elias Jackman, farm labourer, Devonshire, and wife;       
Jabez Milner,  farm labourer, Yorkshire, wife and child;         Patrick O'Reilly, smith, Leitrim, wife and child;       
Peter Doig,  ploughman,  Perthshire, and wife;    Patrick Elgan, navvy, Galway,  wife and child;         John Barclay, Perthshire, wife and 3 children;        
Michael Lynskuff ?  (Lynskey)   ploughman, Mayo, wife and child;  
James T. Kean, farm labourer, Kerry, wife and child;         Christopher Arkle, farm labourer, Northumberland,  wife and 5 children;        
Alexander Wilson, cooper,  Aberdeenshire, wife and 2 children;         Thomas O'Farrell,  farm labourer, Carlow,  wife and child;        
Thomas Davies, farm labourer, Staffordshire,  wife and child;         Robert Heskitt, farm labourer, Tipperary,  and wife;        
William Fraser, ploughman, Bannffshire, wife and 3 children;        Samuel Hull, labourer, Leitrim,  and wife;     
Henry Roberts, farm labourer, Staffordshire, and wife;            David Dalton Butterick, farm labourer,  Yorkshire, and wife;        
William Smallwood, domestic servant, Middlesex, and wife and child;            Francis Benning, warehouseman, Middlesex,  wife and 2 children;       
John Harris,  miner,  Northumberland,  wife and child;           James O'Connell, farm labourer, Monaghan and wife;        
Thomas Mairs,  farm labourer, Antrim, wife and 3 children;            Andrew Donaghue,  farm labourer, Carlow and wife;        
Thomas Tarr,  farm labourer, Antrim, and wife;         John Kieley, farm labourer, Limerick, and wife:
Patrick Hanley, ploughman,  Galway, and wife;         Thomas Green, farm labourer, Somersetshire, and wife;        
Martin McGoverin, farm labourer, Galway and wife;         Edward Jackson, farm labourer, Armagh, wife and child;        
Patrick Garagan, labourer, Dublin,and wife;           James Little, farm labourer, Down. and wife;        John Murphy, farm labourer, Limerick, wife and 2 children;  
Michael Geoghan,  farm labourer, Galway, and wife.         Philip Briggs, schoolmaster, Yorkshire, and wife;

Single Men -
Andrew Arkle, farm labourer, Northumberland;         James Wilson, farm labourer, Aberdeenshire;         Thomas Davies, farm labourer, Staffordshire;        
Thomas Haskitt,  saddler,  Tipperary;         Charles E.Briggs, warehouseman, Yorkshire;         Theady O'Connors, John Daffy,  farm labourers, Clare;        
Michael Murphy, farm labourer, Galway;         Philip Brady, farm labourer, Monaghan;         James Sullivan,  farm labourer, Armagh;        
James Fleming, shepherd, Perthshire;         Benjamin Sunions,  Thomas Greenaway, farm labourers, Armagh;         Patrick McTigue, shepherd, Mayo;     
Duncan Cameron, farm labourer,             John Cameron, shepherd, Inverness;                  Charles Parsons, farm labourer, Somersetshire;
Henry Middleton, farm labourer, Tipperary;         John Dalzell, farm labourer, Down;         Thomas Patterson, farm labourer, Lanarkshire;
Paul Doig, ploughman,  Perthshire;         William Carmichael,  shepherd, Perthshire;         David Brown,  farm labourer, Down;
Patrick Cavanagh, Thomas McKee, farm labourers, Armagh;         Thomas Fitzpatrick,  farm labourer, Tyrone and 2 children;        
John Fitzpatrick, farm labourer, Tyrone;         John King, carpenter, Forfarshire;         James Savage, farm labourer, Down;        
Frederick William, and John Comyns,  farm labourers, Hants;         James Mair,  James Smith, William Pirie, farm labourers, Aberdeenshire;
James Laver, John Parham,  George Saxon, farm labourers, Somersetshire;         Charles Fleetwood, labourer, Surrey;
James Cairney, farm labourer, Lanarkshire;         Thomas Brennan,  farm labourer, Fermanagh;         William Boyle, farm labourer, Cavan;  
Charles Peagram, labourer, Surrey;         James Williamson, farm labourer, Down;         William Corboy, farm labourer, Tipperary;
James Robertson,  ploughman, Renfrewshire;         Robert Baillie, farm labourer, Down;         Murdock Gillanders, shepherd, Ross;
Thomas Osborn Logan, farm labourer, Down;         Patrick Connors,  farm labourer, Tipperary;         John Condon, William English, farm labourers, Tipperary;
James McDonnell,  farm labourer, Louth;         William Jackson, farm labourer, Armagh;         John and Michael Ford, farm labourers, Galway;
Christopher Cooper, farm labourer, Hants;         Anthony Marlow, farm labourer, Mayo;         Thomas Feeney, farm labourer, Londonderry;
Matthew Cowan,  farm labourer, Dumfries;         William Green, farm labourer, Aberdeenshire;         William Barr, ploughman,  Down;
John Tiernay, farm labourer, Tipperary;         Thomas O'Grady,  farm labourer, Clare;         John Murphy, farm labourer, Limerick;        
Morris Fitzpatrick,  schoolmaster.

Single Women -
Bridget O'Reilly, domestic servant, Leitrim;         Deborah Kean, dairymaid, Kerry;         Elizabeth and Ann Arkle, farm servants, Northumberland;
Mary Wilson, governess, Aberdeenshire;       Rachel Meredith, shopwoman, Carlow;      Phoebe Haskitt, dom. servant,  Louisa Haskitt, farm servant, Tipperary
Jane Eliza Briggs,  Yorkshire;         Bridget McEntergart,  domestic servant, Louth;        Bridget and Mary Fitzpatrick, domestic servants, Tyrone;
Isabella Cameron, and 3 children,     Margaret Cameron, domestic servant,    Jessie and Elizabeth Cameron, dairymaids, Inverness;
Ann Hughes, Rose and Margaret Hughes,     Sarah Fitzpatrick,  farm servants, Tyrone;         Margaret Moran, domestic servant, Yorkshire;
Charlotte Smith, domestic servant, Yorkshire;         Ann Trimming, nurse, Surrey;         Susanna Coyne, housekeeper, Susanna Coyne, dom. servant, Galway;
Margaret Anderson, farm servant, Carlow;         Mary Hegarthy, domestic servant, Clare;         Sarah Crowther, Bedfordshire;         Sarah Knight, Middlesex;
Emma Darrell and child, Bedfordshire;         Margaret O'Grady, domestic servant, Clare;         Ellen Murphy, farm servant, Limerick;

Analysis of Trades -
Land -  farm labourers, 74,  general labourers,  8, ploughmen, 7, miner, 1,  navvy, 1
Stock - shepherds, 6, 
Iron -  smith, 1
Wood - carpenter i,  cooper, 1, 
Leather -  saddler, 1.
Miscellaneous -  domestic servant 1,     schoolmaster, 2.  warehousemen, 2,   

Single Women -

dairywomen, 9,  domestic servants, 12,  governess, 1,  housekeeper, 1,  nurse, 1,  shopwoman, 1

Total number of souls  212.
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Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
25 May 2011

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