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13 January  1858

Passenger   ship  WESTMINISTER  - 

There were 2 deaths on board,  GLADDEN  and DAVIS  both infants  and one birth OATS

Chief Cabin  - 
Mr and Mrs J.C.Watts Russell;        Rev. and Mrs J.Wallace;       Major and Mrs Peacock, 4 sons & 2 daughters;
Mr and Mrs H.C.La Nauze, 3 sons, & 1 daughter;         Mrs J.Tetley, and 3 sons;   
Misses Bradshaw,      Dodsworth,      and Vibert;     Rev. E.C.Wyvill;    
Messrs A.R.Creyke;      J.C.Rowley;      T.D.Beillett;      J.Birch;      F.Bagge,;     C.H.Greenstreet,      E.Gooch,      T. L.Ward;         R.J.La Nauze;      H.Kenwick;     H.H.De Bourbel;    37 in all.

2nd Cabin  & Steerage  -   For Canterbury
Mr and Mrs G.Willmer, 2 sons and 1 daughter;        Mr and Mrs J. Buxton;       Mr and Mrs F. Lawry, 3 daughters, and 1 son;         Mr and Mrs T. Oats;         Mr and Mrs T. Dickinson; 
Mr and Mrs T. Davis, and 4 sons;        Mr and Mrs C. Hodgkingson, 2 sons and 3 daughters;         Mr and Mrs J. Mastery,  2 sons and 1 daughter;        Mr and Mrs J. H. Fawcet, 1 son and 1 daughter;  
Mr and Mrs G. Foggart;        Mr and Mrs W. Gladden,  and 1 daughter;        Mrs S.White and 2 daughters;    
Misses J.Wornall,      E. Rowbotham,        H. and E. Oats,     M.A.Bendelow,    A. Crampton.
Messrs A.P.Rule,      G.Haylock,      E. Fitzgerald,      J.Richmond,      F.Sisson,      W. Gough,      J.Smith,      F.W.Williams,      B.Deighton,      J.Rebolls,      A. Paterson,      J.Longden,
P.Price,      E.Idle,      W.Radford,      H.Wilkinson,      D.Williams,      T.Eldridge,   75 in all.

For Nelson  - 
Mr and Mrs G. Hall, 4 daughters and 1 son;        Mr and Mrs Antonio Rodriquez
Messrs P. de Castro,       C.W. Minchener;      and G. Saxton,    12 in all.

Summary  -
2nd cabin and steerage  59 adults,  23 children 
Chief cabin  37  adults   Total   107

All are English  except one married couple who are foreigners.
There were 2 deaths on board,  GLADDEN  and DAVIS  both infants  and one birth OATS

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
20 December 2011

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