The Southland Daily News  -  Centenary Supplement  -  16 February 1961

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I have photographed  the pages of The Southland Daily News,  printed 16 February 1961.
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p1 -  photo  whole page of (I assume)   Invercargill

p2 - Radical, Aggressive,  The News has tried to express the personality of the Province  -  
            photo  building in Dee St.

p3 - copy of original page  - Saturday February 1861  The Southern News  and Foveaux Straits Herald

p4 - Men of sterling worth alsways at the helm of the newspaper  - for 84 of its 100 years the News has been in family ownership  under Feldwick Bros. then                   
        under Hon. George Jones in 1909   his son Mr Walter Jones  took over from 1911 to 1945  another son Mr Fred Jones is now chairman in
            photos - Mr R.M.Hutton,  1945,   Mr W.J.Jones,  from 1907,  Mr E.J.Abbey Jones --- Mr J.S.Ferguson, Mr C.F.A.Jones,  Mr Fred Jones

p5 - Even in Politics the News was no respecter of party or persons  - 
             photos - Hon Ralph Hanan,  Hon Josiah Alfred Hanan

p6 - They serve the districts of Southland  - 
            photo  -  The News buses  service formed in 1924

p7 - Debate on immorality  -
             photo -  early Dee st.

p8 - Hotels were hotels back in the very early 1900's  - 
            photo -an early hotel the One Tree Point Junction Hotel at Kensington,  -- 

p9 - Salvionists had dramatic debut  - 
            photo  - Dee st in early 60's -  pioneers sweltered in dense bush to build first streets.

p10 - Southland's own currency  - 
            photo  - of letter from Superintendant  -  advert Southland Building & Investment Society & Bank of Deposit.  1869 - 1961

p11-  Famous soldier's visit to NZ  - 
            photo  -Sir Hector Archibald Macdonald  & Sir Joseph Ward.  ----

p12 - Congratulations to Southland Daily news on it centenary  -  Tasman Pulp and Paper Co. Ltd.

p13 -  Parson's wild outburst on the evils of slavery and horse racing  -
            2 photos  -  Post Office is heart of Invercargill 

p14 -  Southland Frozen Meat Co.  full page ad.

p15 - Southlanders had a thirst after years of prohibition  - 
            photos - Mr H.Ritchie,  Mr G.F.M.Stewart  -   Licensing Trust

p16 - Southland's  own Bank  -  full page   ad.

p17 - from cannibals to land sharks -----    Early Southland presented a dreary appearance  - 
            photo  - of how Invercargill looked in the 1860's

p18 - Bank of NZ -  ad  whole page

p19 - A man with strength ---Worths Circus  -
                2  photos  -  cnr Don st & Dee sts,  old and new

p20 - Post Office  - ad whole page

p21 - Kew Hospital's  stormy beginning 
            photo  -  Mr Andrew Bain  & 
            photo of Kew Hospital

p22 - whole page  -  Purdue Bros.

p23 - Tram cars moved with progress of Invercargill city - 
            photo  -  Mr W.A.Ott, 

p24 - whole page - H & J.Smith Ltd

p25 - H.J.Pither was 1st man to take to the skies above Southland  1910  - 
            photo - of plane

p26 - photo -  Round Hill sawmill    -  advert  Frank Holloway & Co Ltd

p27 - Parson's prophesy of NZ  in 2010 A.D.  is gradually reaching fulfilment -  The Rev P.W.Fairclough  ---  said 51 years ago -----

p28 - Early Invercargill - 
            photos - Dee st in 1883,    Esk st in 1884   - 
                advert  -  A.C.Millars Ltd.
p29 - Dee st Hotels  - 
            photos  -  The old Albion Hotel  in the 1880's   -  The Club Hotel    - 
                advert   - Alliance Freezing Co.

p30 - Notable sites  -  photos - old GHS in Conon st,    Queen Victoria Hospital  - 
            advert  - William Todd & Co.

p31-  Banks have played a major part  - 
            photos  -  Bank of Australisia,  in 1884   Bank of NZ

p32 - Our skyline of the future  - 
            photos  -  sketches of buildings

p33 -  when racegoers revolted  - 
            photo  - of horses

p34 - Willie Lincoln chase  - 
                photos of horses

p35 - National game  -  photos  -   12 August 1939 snowstorm  -  Southland -Manawatu rugby game held in snow. -
            advert  - Wright, Stephenson & Co.

p36 - underhand business in cricket  - 
            photo -  Billy Trembath   - 
            advert  -  Charles Begg & Co. Ltd.

p38 - Motor reliability race in 1909 took over 24hrs   
            photos  Robert Murie  & his balloon,  a line up of de Dion motor cars ----
                1910 - E. Hinds  went from Picton - Bluff on his Indian motor cycle

p39 - Homecoming  - 
            photos  -  Boer war veterans  in 1901   - 
                advert  -  Broad Small Ltd. 

p40 -  photos  of churches    -  Boer war veterans  guard city environs

p41 - Premier makes a visit to Southland  - 
            photos -  Rt Hon R.J.Seddon  ---   advert  -  Langes

p42 - Filibusters of Southland's Coast ----  
            photo  -  Jackie Price  was man of romance --

p43 - Bully Hayes   was a pirate as well as a prankster  - 
            advert  Hallensteins

p44 - Finest province in the Country  - Northern politicians were overwhelmed at potential  -  
            photos -  elections

p45 - Willie Steel,  he gave everybody a laugh  - 
            photo  - Willie Steele  - 
            advert  - W.Thompson & Co.

p46 - passing years brought changes over city streets - 
            photos  - Esk st 1910 and 1961,  

p47 - when Tay st was a sea of mud -       
            photos  -  Tay st   -
            advert  -  The National Bank 

p48 - Punishments in Schools have slowly lessened over the years in Southland  -  Advice for Women cyclists  - 
            photos  -   1st school pupils in Invercargill,     The provincial Hotel in the 1860's

p49 - advert -  Abraham Wachner Ltd.  Spey st.

p50 - There was a wild Colonial boy  -  Ned Kelly - 
            photos  -  Ned Kelly,  Constable LoniganConstable Scanlan Constable McIntyre  and Sergeant Kelly -
            advert  -  D.I.C.

p51 - advert  - Gormack Wilkes Davidson  -  the transport specialists

p52 -  Death and destruction came when the Mataura River broke its banks   - rabbits memory of the Past  -  Funeral services have kept with the times.

p53 -  advert  - W.Gregg & Co. Ltd.

p54 - They guided Southlands destiny - 
            photo -  Messrs J.C.Thomson (Wallace)  J.A.Hanan, (Invercargill)   Thos. Mackenzie (Waikouaiti)   W.Fraser ( Wakitipu)  J.A.Miller (Dunedin) 
                        Robert  McNabb (Mataura)  all members of the House of Representatives.  Sir Joseph Ward at the wheel  - 
            advert  -  NZ Express Co.

p55 - advert  - The coalming industry

p56 - In production  -  
            photos  - of  stages of producing the paper  - 
            advert  - Commercial Cleaning Service

p57 -  In Production  - more  photos  of  stages of producing the paper -
            advert  -  The Ocean Beach Freezing Co.

p58 - A Right Type of Man - 
            photos - Mr Connie Casper,    Miss Jean Summers,  1st woman journalist  -
            advert  -  P.H.Vickery Ltd.

p59 - Satire on Printing  -    by A.R.D.Fairburn,  - 
            photo  - 1st press used in The News  124 pages an hour  -  more than 150 years old. 
            advert -  R.Hoe & Crabtree - London & Leeds

p60 - Blistering attack on Invercargill papers - 
            photo - Mr J.P.Joyce editor of the News   also MP for Wallace in 1876  and for Awarua in 1881 and 1884  - 
            advert - I.S.Stephens

p61 - Editors indiscretion led to thrashing - 
            photo -  Mr Fred Joyce son of Mr J.P.Joyce ---
            advert - Ferry's Shoe service

p62 - Few comforts given to early prisioners -   opening of Invercargill's new court house in Don st,  on 24 February 1942 -
Biggest Gathering of the Legal profession in Southland
- Back Row - 
Messrs Guy Caldwell (Public Trust)  J.G.Imlay, K.G.Roy,  H.E.Russell, D.I.Macdonald (Gore)  E.B.Patrick (Riverton) 
                J.A.C. Mackenzie (Riverton)  E. H.J.Preston, G.M.Broughton.

Middle Row -
Messrs J.H.B.Scholefield,  F.G. O'Beirne,  L.F.Moller,  G.J.Reid,  G.T. Baylee (Dunedin)  B.H.Hewat,  M.H.Mitchel,  James Robertson,
             H.J.Macalister,  M.M.Macdonald,  W.G.Tait, J.C. Prain,  O.A. B.Smith, (Winton)  F.G. Hall-Jones,  W.B.Johnston, (Gore)
             S.M.Macalister,  T.V.Mahoney,  G.F.Inder (Gore)  John Tait.

Front Row -
Mr J.L.McG.Watson, the Hon. H.G.R.Mason (Minister of Justice)  Mr Justice Kennedy,  Messrs N.L.Watson, 
                Rex C.Abernathy, (S.M.)  G.C.Cruickshank,  Eustace Russell.

p63 - In'gill threatened by bubonic plague - and a 7 day working week -

p64 - advert -  Thomas & Beatty Ltd.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
21 January 2011

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