The Centennial Book  of Springston School  

 published by The Springston School Committee  -  1968

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The Stations   -  003
BLAKISTON - Charles Robert,  --- Class 111 run 18  of 5,000 acres  ---- in 1852,  he was aged 27  when he took up the land. about 1854 sold the run to                                     J.E.Fitzgerald.
FITZGERALD - James Edward, by 1854 he leased about 14,500 acres  --- son of Irish landowner --arrived on the "Charlotte Jane" 1st editor of Lyttelton Times
FIELD - James, later joined by his brother Strickland Field  took up up Class 111 run 111 of 10,000 acres in 1853, in 1861 sold to J.E.Fitzgerald the Springs                             Station  now stretched over nearly 27,000 acres 

Photo  -  005
Mr Mounce ploughing  with a team of horses

Photo  -  006
The last Old Sod House in Springston  - 
It was the site of C.Tully's new house and next to Walker's bakery -------

Photo  -  007
The School in 1928  (before large glass doors were fitted in front)

Photo  -  008
Football on the Boys' Playground -  Tod's house, school, storehouse and store in the background.

Photo  -  010
The School  Roll of Honour Board in the Great War -

Photo  -  011
Children on the way home from School  about 1928.  "White Dolly"  in the shafts,  Mrs Ridden  driving.

Photo  -  012
Springston School  children in foreground,   no names.

Photo  -   014   -    In front of Dartnall's Store in the 40's
Miss F.Hay,  I.Marshall,  C.Dartnall,  and E.Hoskin,   in background.

Photo  -  The 80th Jubilee Committee  -  015
Back -  S.Fee,  H.Hoskin,  G.Rolston,  P.Thomas,  P.V.Bailey.
Centre -  S.Wall,  J.Morton,  S.Simpson,  W.Mounce,  I.Watkins,  Allan Manning,  H.Benny,  O.Bailey.
Front -  Mrs P.Thomas,  Mrs S.Walls,  Mrs A.S.Bailey,   Mrs D.Everest,  Mrs W.Cottom,   Mrs W.Mounce,  Mrs J.Schaffer (nee Alison Tyson)  Mrs Noelene Keast (nee Lancaster)  Mrs O.T.Bailey.

Photo  -  016  -    Mr Memory ringing the Bell
The only 2nd decade pupil present.  Mrs M.Danielson cutting the Centennial cake  (Mr and Mrs S.Hamilton at right)

Photo  -  017
Teachers and Ex-teachers  at the Centennial Celebrations
D.Duke,  J.E.Fraser,  A.Barr,  B.J.Wilson,  Mrs D.Hewitt (nee Leafburg)  Miss S.Wards,  Miss F.Hay,  S. Montgomery.

Photo  -  018
Left -  Old Pupils and Friends at the Opening Ceremony.
Right  -  Heather Riach presenting Mrs Danielson,   her Great Grand Aunt with a bouquet.

Photo  -  019  -  Mr C.Bailey speaking at the Banquet 
(Mrs and Mr C.McLachlan,  M.P. at left,  Mr and Mrs W.C.Miller, right)

Photo  -  020
Children leaving the school grounds for the ride to the Cetennial Picnic.  R.Everest  and W.Garland  driving the Garrett traction engine.

Photo  -  021  -  The Centennial Committee
D.Duke,  R.Hartley,  K.Thomas,  G.Wall,  S.Simpson,  G.Hughes,  Mrs M.Cottom,  Mrs O.Bailey,  C.Bailey, (chairman)  Mrs J.Findlay,  E.Tweedy,  C.Cornish.
Inset  -  Mrs T.Newall.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
20 June 2010

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