The Plains Gazette   -  Souvenir Edition  

 1975 -76

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Home page:

p1  -   articles 
            "Original" Flyer may steam once again  -     Old Press may turn out another "rag"    -     Tinwald Domain offers plenty for all
             photos  -  The original flyer recoverd from the Oreiti River  where it had been for 47 years  -   
                             2 locomotives  "A-64  and JA1260  at The Plains Railway.

p2  -  Enthusiasm, dedication ensure past is more than just a memory  -  
             photos  -  a senior member of the society inspects "workings" of an old chaffcutter
                            the old Chertsey railway station donated to The Plains railway

p3 -  photos  -  Mr T. McGuigan,  Minister of Railways,  speaks to a capacity crowd before officially declaring The Plains Railway open  25 November 1973
                         a 100 year old  "Marshall" portable steam engine is put through its paces by 2 "Plainsmen"

p4 -  Rural History section "Clonks" into gear 
          photo  - Electric tractors  in their heyday  - 
                       the remains of Mr Tarbotton's electric tractor which the Society now has in its possession.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
24 January 2011