Invercargill City Centenary   -  Tuesday  2 March 1971    -  a Souvenir Edition of the Southland Times

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Home page:

p1  -  Front page

p2 - From Primitive Bush Village to Modern City  -  100 years of Invercargill as a Municipality
          photos -  Invercargill's earliest eccentrics - the Black Doctor  - a hut  built by a man named Williams a squatter 

p3 -  full page of photos  -
          Civic admin block,   Kelvin Hotel,   Coldstream swimming pool,   Invercargill Airport,       Menzies building,    Queens Park tea kiosk,
              1st Presbyterian Church,   Roman Catholic Bascillica,  Anderson Park Art gallery,   Kew Hospital.

p4 - Frustrated by lack of money 
          photo -  Railway station,  oldest in New Zealand
             advert - Scoullar & Chisholm Ltd, 

p5 -   Goats problem in early days  - 
                advert  -  New Zealand Express Co.  (Invercargill) Ltd.  -    The Southland Co-op Phosphate Co.Ltd.

p6 -   Travel made difficult on muddy roads    -  Invasion of City reserves
             photo -  Waikiwi Bush Hotel   showing condition of road
             advert - Schroeders Delicatessen   -    Craigs printing Co Ltd.

p7 -   full page ad
             H & J. Smiths

p8 -  Telegraph Service came early to Invercargill 
             photo - Tay st  -  the poles are a reminder that Invercargill had a telegraph communication with Bluff as early as February 1864
                advert  -  Freshbake,  bakers of fine bread,  buns, pies and cake.

p9 -  Fourth Green Belt disappeared  -  Salvation Army under Fire  - 
          adverts -  William Todd and Co Ltd.    -   A.N.Z.Bank.

p10 -  Council flats for Elderly  - 
             photo  -  flats in Avenal st.
             adverts-  NMA  in Invercargill since 1878   -   Watts & Grieve Ltd,    licensed motor vehicle dealers.

p11 -  Settlers faced Sanitation problems  -  
             photo  -  part of the network of modern services
                adverts  -  The Commercial Bank of Australia   -  J.E.Watson & Co Ltd.  stock and station agents etc

p12 -  Communications by Sea, Rail and Air   -    Ship broke at Jetty      -   Southland in 1862   -   Council Concern over Police Force.
               advert  -  Southland Hospital Board  -     Reins,  jewellers.

p13 -  Land reclaimed from Estuary   - 
             photos  -  shipe berthed at jetty in the Waihopai estuary  -  Robert Murie,  Queens Park where Murie gave exhibitions with his balloon.
                advert  -  Port of Bluff,   with photos.

p14 & 15  -  middle pages  -  all photos  -
             photos  - Dee st in 1920's  -  Dee st East side  1865,     Dee st East side  1912,     Dee st East side 1971

p16 - Mayor's Record of Service - 
                Photo  -  Mr N.L.Watson,  OBE
                   adverts -  The Para Rubber Co.  a brief history   -    Bank of New South Wales.

p17 - Colour Bar during Depression  -  First Steps to Form City Airport, May 1934 
             photo - 1860 Mr W. Preston's shop in Tay st.
             adverts - Macalisters Ltd, General engineers and manufacturers  -   Southland Building and Investment Society.

p19 -  Early Urban Trouble  -  18 Hotels in City in  1884  -   Mana of Old Queen  (Victoria)
             photo -  Princess Hotel in Dee st, 
               advert  -  Invercargill Licensing Trust.

p20 - Historic Old Building  -  in Kelvin st,  Allan's Hall,    -  How the Borough Began  -
          photo  -  one of the oldest buildings in Invercargill.
             adverts -  Wright Stephenson, in the Crescent since 1896   -   Calder Mackay

p21 - Minerva Saved  -  Drainage Problems 
          photo  -  one of the engines imported from Victoria for the wooden railway between Invercargill and Makarewa
                advert  -  Southland Farmers Co-op Association Ltd.

p22 -  advert  whole page -  New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Ltd.

p23 - Early Vice-Regal visits to the City  - 
          photo  -  1st Govenor to visit  was Sir George Grey in 1867   -  Council and Golf
            adverts  -  Southland Savings Bank  -   Mathesons Ltd.

p24 - The Beginnings of Tay Street
             photos  -  Invercargill's 1st fire station  Tay st  -    North side of Tay st in 1861  destroyed in 1865 by fire
                advert  - Broad Smalls,  household furnishing

p25 -  Turnbull Thomson  Selected Site  - 
                photo  -  John Turnbull Thomson
                adverts  -  South British  -   Butterfields,  the friendly firm for 103 years

p26 -  Pre-Adamites of Southland
             photo  -  West side of Dee st in late 1860's early 1870's  Sloan's Theatre,  later Theatre Royal 
             adverts  -  N.Z.I.   -   George Poole and Sons Ltd.   nearly 70 years in craftmanship

p27 -  Fire Brigade problems in the early days 
             photo  -  Invercargill's central fire station  today
                adverts  -  Briscoe's Ltd  -  B.N.Z.   -   A.Russell & Co.

p28  -  photo -  aerial view of part of Invercargill's central business area
             advert  -  The Southland Frozen Meat and Produce Export Co. Ltd.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
24 January 2011

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