Christchurch  Star -  14 May 1968     Centennial Issue   -    1868 - 1968  - 

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p1  -   The Christchurch Star is 100  today
             photos  -  the buildings and staff 1868   and 1968

p2  -  Centennial message from her Majesty  -     The First 100 years -  Centenary gift to the City.

p3  -  Early Canterbury and birth of the Lyttelton Times  - 
             photos -  First 4 ships
                               Farewell breakfst menu  to the Canterbury Colonists.

p4  -  The First issue of the "Star"

p5  -  Fascmile of front page of the first "Star"    Tuesday 14 May 1868

p6  -  Technical developments in newspaper production
             photos  -  Circulation department,  turn of the century  and today.

p7  -  Today and yesterday at the "Star"
             photos  -  6  of the interiors  of newspaper printing presses

p8  -  Editors down through the century.
             photos  - 
                Mr William Atack,  Mr Samuel Saunders,  Mr H.W.Nixon,  Mr A.B.Lane,  Mr Andrew Burns,  Mr A.G.Henderson, Mr George Burns.

p9  -  Long service employees of the "Star"
             photos  -  Roberts,  McGee,  Rogers,  Burns,  Rait, Rees,  Campbell,  McNabb,  Broadbelt,  Taylor,  Tovey,  Mallouk,  East,  Mair,                                                   McLaren,  Whatman,  South,  Kearney,  Dobier,  Curry,  Comber,  Waldron,  Cullens,  Dale,  Wright,  Whitehead,  Saunders,  Warren,  Chappell.

p10 - Christchurch in 1868  -  Frontier Town had Zest of Youth -  Sydenham Park was 1868 Show Day Venue.
             photos  -  Dr Barker's house,  Worcester st.  -  
                            Hereford st,  looking west across Colombo st.
p11 - The world in 1868  -  The "Star" was born into a world ripe for change -  last public hanging in England  1868
             photos  -  W.G.Grace  ----  playing cricket
                               30 lost their lives in the Chester and Holyhead railway disaster,  artist drawing

p12 - A century of leading articles
             photos  -  Queen Victoria,  Te Kooti,  Richard John Seddon.

p13 - A century of leading articles
            photos  -  Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, 
                             Quenn Elizabeth 11,  Duke of Windsor, 
                              Sir Winston Churchill

p14 - The City is 100  too. -  Star and City both 100 years old this month - Christchurch was gazetted a Borough  on 28 May 1868.
                photos  -   John Robert Godley,  
                                  The old City Hotel in the Triangle of High and Hereford st.  horse drawn vehicles parked outside

p15 - The link with the Antartic.
            photos  -  1st Stars and Stripes at the Pole,  Rear Admiral George Dufek,  Captain William Hawkes,  1956,  Richard Byrd.
                            Discovery sails from Lyttelton,     Captain R.F.Scott,     well wishers on Lyttelton Harbour Board tug, left 1 January 1908

p16 - World War 1 in pictures.
             photos  -  5 -   on 25 April, 1915,  NZ came of age as a nation,  Men of Anzac landed on a rocky shore ----

p17 -  and again  25 years later  World War 11 in pictures.
             photos  -  6,   NZ soldiers, sailors and airmen  were on active service against the japanese in the Pacific ----

p18 -   100 years of news  -  City's 1st Mayor voted in on 10 June 1868  -
             photos William Wilson (1st Mayor of Christchurch, known as Cabbage Wilson)
                               Church of St Michael's  Oxford tce,  foundation stone laid September 1870

p19 - Opening of Museum was 1870 highlight
             photos - entrance to  Museum,  porch and entrance were added 12 years later
                            holiday for 25th ann in December  veterans from 1st 4 ships gather round Godley statue. 16 December 1871

p20 - The Tailor who began the fight against Fever  -
             photos  -  Frederick Hobbs,  1st chairman of Chch Drainage Board, 
                       for 6s a day  workman attacked earth and stone to prepare for the Chch - Dunedin rail link
                      Cathedral Square on market day  28 May 1871

p21 - The First win - and last for 89 years  - Canterbury beat Australia  19 Jan.1878
             photos -  The doctor calls - Dr J.H.Townend  about 1880
                               Lyttelton in 1882,  dredge Erskine ----
p22 -  Riot and City's shame  - 
              photos -   The Christ's College First XV  1884
                               The Ben Venue wreck in 14 May 1882 and the City of Perth, 

p23 -  Frozen Meat from Belfast - Great experiment begins  -  story of neglect of the South Island by Government
             photos  -  John Grigg of Longbeach (1825-1901) organised the export trade from Lyttelton
                               ship Dunedin,  which took first cargo of refrigerated mutton to Great britain in 1882.
                               Sir Harry Atkinson ---  
                               September 1885 demo in Cathedral Square to urge action on Canterbury-West Coast railway ---

p24 -  Eventful years for Province's Churches  -    The 1888  Quakes -
             photos  -  damaged Cathedral
                            1st Roman Catholic Bishop of Christchurch Most Rev. J.J.Grimes  with the Anglican Bishop Rt, Rev Churchill Julius.
                            Bishop Harper  was greatly loved.

p25 -  Jubilation at First Triumph by Liberals  -    a First for the Earl,  1894 opening of Brighton's Pier,  18 Jan. 1894  -  Women's vote -
              photos  -  John  Ballance  the new Prime Minister
                            Dick Seddon deals with an interjector ------
                         A bicycle band,  organised by Mr F.W.Painter in 1893 it ranged as far afield as Kaiapoi and Amberley playing as it went.

p26 -   The Worst winter for 30 years  -   June & July 1895  -  Ideal for teennis  -   Mine disaster - Brunner mine -----
                photo -  1890's flying squad ---- 

p27 -  a War, a Coronation and Pensions made headlines  -
                photos  -  1899  a balloon took off from Lancaster Park.  flight ended in disaster
                               balloonist Captain Lorraine was never seen again
                                   Cave Rock,  Sumner

p28 - Enthusiastic Celebrations marked 1st Fifty years
            photos  -  Beauty on the River (Antigua boatsheds)
                               The entrance to the old railway station  in 1901  for the visit of Duke and Duchess of York (later King George V and Queen Mary)

p29 -  Amalagamation calls   -   International Exhibition  at Hagley Park -   city got high pressure water in  June 1909
             photos  -  exhibition building 1906-07
                               a horse team on the New Brighton bridge.

p30 -  Fireman's After Dinner Call biggest in City's history  -  6 February 1908  -   Adventerous car trip and a tunnel is started
                   photos  -  Strange's fire at its height    -  in Lichfield st
                               28 November 1908  Sir Charles Bowen turned the 1st sod on the Summit Road  --- Mr George Laurenson & Sir Charles Bowen

p31 -  Hectic Itinerary for Hero of Khartoum - Field Marshal Lord Kitchener visited Christchurch in February 1910  -  Davis Cup Final  -
             photo  -  Davis Cup final, Jan. 1912, Christchurch hosted at Lancaster Park

p32 -   The War -    Touch of Romance in Sad World  -    Historic Flight  - 19 June 1917,   Sir Henry Wigram a passenger, pilot Mr C.M.Hill  =
                photos  -  Captain Von Luckner,   -   scow "Moa"
                                  Picture painted by Mr Maurice Conly of the historic flight of Hill and Wigram

p33 -   Armistice Day -  City Rejoices  -    14 May 1920 Prince of Wales in Christchurch   -  Otira tunnel opened  -  Council bought Elmwood Park
                    photos  -  crowd celebrating Armistice day
                                     Prince of Wales with a Maori war veteran during his NZ visit in 1920

p34 -  The Day a Super "Bumper" rocked the MCC tourists  -  Xmas Day 1922  -   Ripple and the Radio Crusade  - 
             photos  -  3 bathing beauties on Caroline Bay
                               the opening of the Otira tunnel  1823
                               Dr H.T.J.Thacker  immediate past Mayor of Christchurch

p35  -   75th Anniversary:  resolve to do better   -   37 venerable survivors from the 1st four ships several over 90 years old
                A Royal Disappointment  -   2 visits to Chch by the Queen Mother   --------
             photos  -  A bullock waggon passes a tram as the ann. procession of 1925 passes through Cathedral Square
                               Duke and Duchess of York

p36  -  Smithy had made it - and what a crush  -   Charles Kingsford Smith  -  11 September 1928
             Election sensation  - 
                photos  -  Sir Joseph Ward  the crowd greeting the Southern Cross
                               Murchison Earthquake -  June 1929

p37 -  Economic gloom  -  general wages cut  -  1931  -  Phar Lap  -  1st Woman MP
             photos  -  Mrs Elizabeth McCombs 
                      7 January 1931 an Australian landed upside down in a swamp near Hari Hari,  22 yr old Guy Menzies

p38  - memorable visit by a Mischievous G.B.S.,  Professor (later Sir James) Shelley - George Bernard Shaw was here
                Labour's great win and hopes  -  
                NZ's  1st Labour Cabinet 1935,  Semple, Armstrong, Jones, Sullivan,  Webb, Fagan,  Mason,  Nash,  Parry,  Langstone,  Savage,   Martin,  Fraser.

p39  -  In the shadows of war  -    Social Security introduced  - 1940  Michael Joseph Savage died 
             photos  -  Pearl Harbour  -    
                            Home guardsmaen were training in 1941  ---

p40  -  1942 -  a Dismal beginning but the Tide was to Turn  -     A Year full of promise  -
             photos  -   streets in the city choked with people  14 August 1945
                            Marshall Stalin, Sir Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt  at Teheran in 1944
                            King George V1  pauses to chat with Captain C.H.Upham  ---  in 1946

p41  -   1945  -  Record snowfall  -  April,  Glenelg was opened  -   Mabel Howard  -   Sumner joined the City  - 
                photos  -  Ballantyne's fire   -    Miss Mabel Howard  -  

p42  -  Prince Charles born   -   Worry over King's health  -   Mr Holland  wins election   -  Canterbury celebrates centenary  - 
             photos  -  Roger Bannister   -   Sir Sidney Holland    -  
                            6 killed  and 37 injured when the Picton - Chch express was derailed near Seddon,  25 February 1948

p43  -  Thousands walk in steps of Pioneers  -    Strike of 1951   -   NZ Rail disaster, Whangaehu River 151 people died  - 
                    6 February 1952   King George died
                photos  -  Whangaehu River,

p44  - Meters in the streets   -  May 1955,  meters made their appearance    -  
             photos  -  Dedication  of Christchurch International Airport,  the Mayor George Manning addresses guests
                          -  Frederick Cassin and Charles Jacobsen  found uranium in wild country near the Buller Gorge
                         -   Sir Walter Nash,  The Hon. A.H.Nordmeyer

p45 -   Hillary in the News again - Hell bent for the Pole -    in the Star - 4 January 1958
             photos  -  3 leaders of Antartic expeditions meet at the South Pole in 1958,  they were
                         Rear-Admiral George Dufek (31 October 1956)  Sir Edmund Hillary (4 January)  Dr Vivian Fuchs on 20 January
                         Peter Snell to victory in the 1500 m. at the Tokyo Olympics

p46  -  A glorius summer  and 2 tough winters  -  1962  warmest,  1963 and 1965  the coldest  for 20 years
             photos  -  30,000 children  gave the Queen and her husband a welcome at Lancaster Park February 1963
                         -  Bob Charles and Phil Rogers  tied in the 1963 British Open 
                         -  February 1964 road tunnel opened  Mrs R.A.Witbrock collects the 1st toll

p47  -  A new leader  -  and a great man dies   -  Norman Kirk defeated mr Nordmeyer  1965
                photos  -  1st chch Pan-Pacific Arts festival March 1965 
                            - A Royal visit -  Queen Mother bids farewell to Rt Rev. A.K.Warren   

p48  -   Times have changed since 1868,  copies of the "Star" being loaded into the NAC Viscount at the airport.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
7 February 2011

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