The Evening Star  -  23 March  1948     -     Glimpses of Events in Infant Province  -   

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page 4  -  Some pages from the history of Otago
                  Rural homes soon established all over the Province,
                   Light and Shade from earliest days of settlement.
                   Port Molyneux  was scene of early whaling activity.
  Photos  -  Sir William Fraser,    William Isaac Haberfield,    W.H.Valpt?    Francis Dillon Bell,    William Pember Reeves,   Rev. Charles Creed.
                      3 years after the first ships arrived,     The Willsher Bay Memorial,  
                      Monument to Captain Cargill

page 5   -  Otago led the way in inportant worthwhile movements.
                   When Otago could boast of its own Parliament
     Photos  -  Sir Truby King,   Sir James Mills,  Sir Julius Vogel,  
                         1948  which shows how the city has grown. 

page 6  -  Pioneers arrived 100 years ago today.
                Thousands watch symbolic landing and welcome ceremony at Port Chalmers.
                   Great crowds brave icy wind to witness historic enactment.
                   They smiled as they waved goodbye
                Voyage to Otago,  from passengers diaries 100 years ago.
    photos  -  His Excellency inspects the guard of honour
                         A  part of the crowd behind the visiting dignitaries watching the stage play.

Page 7  -  Landing of John Wickliffe,  settlers re-enacted.
       photos  -  immigrants leave the "John Wickliffe"  in the long boats.
                        the first longboat with immigrants aboard glides into shore.
                       awaiting disembarkation,     3 yards from Otago,  
                        A maori helps a pioneer woman ashore,   "Haeremai"  cried the Maori members  ---
                        Mr Charles Kettle,  Rev T.D.Nicholson who  administered to the passengers spiritual needs.
                        Captain Cargill,  leader of the settlers,    Young men of the walking party
                        Pilot Richard Driver,  with a few Maoari  leads the sailors in.  

page 8   -   Re-Enactment of Landing  -  Passengers meet 1st pioneers in "Welcome to Koputai"
                        Eminent visitors convey greetings to Otago
                         most of the cast came from Port Chalmers.
                         Float parade credit to the town
                         Costumes were quaint and intriguing.  
                         Sidelights on Centennial day
             Photos  -  Pageant scene
                            Prime Ministers greeting given on behalf of the Government, 
                            Sir John Falconer,  former Lord Provost at Edinburgh, who is representing Dunedin's "mother city" at the centennial celebrations.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
29 January 2011