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The Auckland Star history -  025
The Auckland Star,  born 8 January 1870 today celebrates the century of progress it has shared with the city and province it serves.  Landmarks of city development have included reclamation works,  impressive newbuildings and highways.  But one outstanding structure,  the harbour bridge,  has become our symbol  - pride of the port,  stimulus to tremdous growth on the North Shore  and a vital link for the whole Auckland region.

Photographed  -  whole page  -  027
a whole page advertisement advertising  emigration to New Zealand in 1871  offering free passage to certain people  also listing what they need to bring with them,  this is a very interesting page,   email for a copy.

Photograph  -  028
WILSON  -  Mr and Mrs H.Wilson and children  with pony and collie pup  (a pioneer Wellsford family)

Photographed  -  Whole page -  029
 windmill built in 1851   ---  dominated the Symonds st. skyline until 1950,  built by Mr F.C.Partington, and later his son Mr Joseph Partington  who die din 1941  ---- known as Victoria Flour Mills and  Steam Biscuit Factory  ---  was grinding wheat until just befor W.W.11  in 1939

Photographed whole page  -  030
What Sir John Logan Campbell  saw  when he arrived in 1840  as a young doctor ---  died 1912  age 94  Sir John saw many changes ---
1870 view along Fanshawe st  -----   Freeman's bay is still unclaimed -----

Photographed the whole page  -  031
From Dedwood  to Flagstaff on the Shore  -
The 3 lamps in 1884 and 1905:    A journey from Ponsonby, once called Dedwood - to Devenport known as Flagstaff until 1869 ------  more  -----

Photograph  -  1st Labour Cabinet   - 032
Election Night  -  November 27th  1935
Messrs R.Semple,  H.T.Armstrong,  F.Jones,  D.G.Sullivan,  P.C.Webb,  M.Fagan,  H.G.R.Mason,  W.Nash,  W.E.Perry,  F.Langstone,  M.J.Savage,  W.Lee Martin,  P.Fraser,   

Photographed  -  whole page  -  033
Only the Brave  - is the heading of the page  stories about  ------
Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing
Charles Upham  VC  and bar
Jean Batten  -------

Photograph  -  034
Du FAUR  -  Freda,   1st woman to climb Mt. Cook,   ---------

Photographs  -  035
NGATA  -  Sir Apirana  (1874 - 1950)  lawyer,  cabinet minister and leader of the Maori renaissance.
McCOMBS  -  Mrs Elizabeth,  New Zealand's 1st woman  MP.  elected to Lyttelton after her husband's death,  son Terrance later held the same seat.

Photograph  -  036
NATZKE  - Oscar (1912-1951) great bass singer,  who was a blacksmith's apprentice ----  before being launched as a star of the international opera world. --

Photograph  -  037
Wahine disaster  -  survivors leave their lifeboat to splash through the last few feet of water to shore -- photo taken by Morrie Hill won a 1968 British award ----

Photograph  -  038
WHITE - Billy, 99 years ago sailed his lateen rigged craft  55 miles from Whitianga to race in the 31st Auckland Ann. Day regatta ---------

Star Story  -  039
Founded on 8 January 1870  in a colonel city of 13,760 people  ------- there was already The Evening News,  2 morning journals,  the Southern Cross,   and the New Zealand Herald ------

Photographed  -  whole page   -  040
BRETT  -  Sir Henry,  and
LEYS  - Dr T.W.  and
REED -  Mr G. M. the founding editor.  A memorial to him is in Albert Park.

Photographed  the Whole Page  -  041
A Day's Paper Could Span the Tasman -
photo  -  Sir Cecil Leys,  Star editor from 1919 and finally chairman for 20 years until his death in 1950  -----
photo - mr T.H.Leys,  managing director from 1948-65,  chairman since 1966

Photograph  -  042
SCOTT  - Mr W.A. Scott,  managing direstor of New Zealand Newspapers Ltd.

Photograph  -  043
UPTON -  Mr G.T. Upton,  editor-in-chief,  New Zealand newspapers Ltd.

Photograph  -  044
Their Service 1000 years
More than 1000 years is represented   showing members of the 25 year club. of NZ Newspapers Ltd in Auckland
Back row -  Messrs N.E.Warneford,  N.V.Williams,  J.B.Johnson,  F.W.Billing,  E.H.Spain,  D.W.Davies,  H.W.Leaming,  R.T.Brown,  A.W.Scott,  G.T.Upton,  J.P.Snedden,    R.T.Underwood,  J.C.Lyne,  J.J.Brannigan,  F.W.Traue,  J.C.L. Riley,  R.Kealey, 
Middle row - Mr C.H.Palmer,  Miss E.M.Owens,  Miss O.Ward,  Mr H.M.Lahman,  Miss J.B.Wishart,  Messrs W.Smith,  G.E.Mills,  C.R.Mingins,  J.E.Lane, 
Front row  - 

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
16 December 2010

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