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Thursday  6 March  1919
Canterbury Senior Passes  -  Public Service Examinations  -  031
FORD -  Catherine,  Christchurch
SUCKLING -  Alma Rose,  Christchurch

Passed in 4 Subjects -
TWYFORD  - Arthur Charles,  Christchurch

Friday  7  March  1919
Nurses  Passes  -   State Examinations  -  043
The following South Island candidates  passed   - 

Obtained 75%  and over  -
Greynouth  -  Mary Delaney,    Kathleen Gillin,     Stella Perkins.
Christchurch  -  Margaret Alexa McLeod,   Mary C.Holderness,   Stella P. Dougall,     Irene E.Caldwell,  Esther C.Tothill
Timaru  -  L.Ivy Saunders
Dunedin  -  Margaret Ruth Allan,   Kathleen McSweeney,   Evelyn Robinson,   Margaret McLeod.
Oamaru  -  Evelyn Cameron.

Passed  - 
Nelson  -  Olive Page
Blenheim  -  Alexis Watson,    Grace Margaret Gunn,     Mary C. Costello.
Picton  -  Alice Mary Bush.
Christchurch  -  Edith E.Crichton,  Madeline Elizabeth Bailey,  Dorothy H.Hamilton,  Claribel Z.Poole,  Constance Baker,  Beatrice, M.Brunt, 
                            Ethel Amy Paterson,  Ann Richards.
Timaru  -  Lily Donohoe
Dunedin  -  Frances Bretherton,  Margaret Jane Johnson,  Bertha Wilson,  Christina A.M.Wilson,  Adelaide Muller,  Hadassah  M.Davey, 
                   Margaret  Edmondson,  Elizabeth Greer,  Emily F.Mathias,  Irene Collier,  Helen McLeod,  Lucy Dawson,  Gwen D.McDermid
                    Mary F. Timlin,   Dolores Macdonald
Westport  -  Agnes M. Lawrenson
Southland  -  Christina M.Hurley,  Ruby Ellis

Partial Pass  -
Hokitika  -  Ada Keller  (surgical  and Oral)
Christchurch -   Evelyn B.Fee (Medical and Surgical)      Mildred Morris  (Medical and Surgical)
Timaru  -  Mildred Sandman  (Medical  and Oral)
Dunedin  -  Kathleen M.O'Gorman  (Medical  and Oral)    Grace Bretherton  (Medical  and Oral)

Friday 7 March 1919
Music Examinations -  038    
Theory Exams held on 22 February,  the names of the teachers are given in brackets.

Rudiments of Music -  Pass
Belgrave - Phyllis A.  (Misses F and E.Shillito)   Brown - A.D.H.  (Miss Marshall)    Bruce - Melva  (Miss Marshall)   Floyd- Thelma, (Mr Raynor White)
Greig - Elsie   (Mr Ernest Firth)   Helmore - Grace D.  (Miss Marshall)    Hobbs - Mabel,   (Mrs A.M.Mayling L.A.B.) Jennings - Joan  ( (Miss Marshall)
Pettitt - William P.  (Mr Ernest Firth)   Rawnsley - Maude A. (St Margarets College)  Richards - Olive C.  (Miss M.Halliday L.A.B.) 
- Julia  (Miss Marshall)    Scott - Isabel M.  (Miss Marshall)   Skelton - Mabel A.  (Miss V.Barker L.A.B.)    Thurkettle - E.K.  (Mr Ernest Firth)
White -Ray  (Mr Raynor White)

School  Examinations  -   Grammar of Music  -  038
Division  1   -   Hughes - Elsie M.  (Miss M.Halliday)    -  McVicar - Rhoda   (Miss Maindonald)

Division 11  -   Hay - Flora I.  (Misses F and E.Shillito)

Division 111  -  Billcliff - Nellie M.  (Misses F and E.Shillito)     Dawson - Gladys M.  (Miss V.G. Maindonald)   Haberfield -Lester  (Misses F and E.Shillito)
Lamb - Daisy L. (Miss E.Culliford)    Lewis - Dorothy T.  (Miss L.Harper)

There are more music  exam results  in  The Star  on  13 March  1919    and far too many names to type up,  so email  me for a copy

Tuesday  11 March  1919
Matriculation  -  Oamaru Centre -     -  062
Passes  in Matriculation,  Solicitors' General Knowledge  and Medical Preliminary  -     J.J. Brownlee,   Evelyn A.Franklin,    A.W.Free,  S.S.Hamilton,                                  S.Hunter,  A.A.Jackson,  L.H.Sumpter,  E.H.Taylor,   D.A.Will

Matricualtion  and Solicitors' General Knowledge   -   R.Stout.

Matriculation  -  Margaret Barclay,  T.Jennings,  A.G.Lee-Smith,  H.J.Young

Partial Pass -  Barbara Ballantyne,  Mary W.Bollard,  L.S.Cook,   J.J.Crawshaw,  J.H.Fulton,   D.B.Sangster,   Rubina A.Searle,  H.O.Sinclair,                                      D.E.Thomson.
The following completed theur Partial Pass -  Lita Dunn,  Mary H. Dwyer,  R.H.Howells,  D.R.Jennings,  S.R.Kennedy,  J.O.Malfroy

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
25 November  2009

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