Christchurch Star  -  27 June 1918  -   Examination Results  for the School of Engineering.

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The following are the results of the first term Examination in connection with the School of Egineering Canterbury College.

Freehand Mechanical Drawing  -  
First Class Certificates  -    C.R.Ashton:        A.W.Christensen:      N.Ennis;     H.R.Griffin:    G.Hockley:      J.C.Price:     G.H.Willey
Second Class Certificates    - E.S.Bryden:        L.J.C.Collins:        H.Lemmon:      L.Scott:        R.H.A.Woodhouse:

The following Qualified to proceed to Mechanical Drawing  -
J.Hancox:    G.Gillman:    L.J.Vincent:

The following passed Section 1  -  
N.F.Berry:     F.Barrett:         W.A.Dew:     C.Dick    :  E.Doubleday:    G.O.Dowling:    W.Hibbert:    J.D.Hamilton:  C.L.Humm    W.D.Johnston:     A.Limerick: L.Norton:      A.J.Oakley:    T.N.L.Otley:    C.F.Tobeck:   W.O.Trebilcock:    E.J.Tucker:    R.F.Woodhouse:    J.C.Willis:

The following have qualified to proceed to Section 11 -
H.Easterbrook:    A.W.Holt:   W.J.Wiseman:   H.L.Moar:

Descriptive Geometry and setting out Woodwork  -
First class certificates  -  A.Christensen:  R.W.Christensen:  N.Ennis:   G.C.Gillman:  H.R.Griffin:  H.Lemmon:   A.E.Rogerson:
Second class certificates - E.S.Bryden:  L.J.C.Collins:  G.O.Dowling:  W.Malloch:  J.C.Robinson:  L.Scott:  J.C.Robson:  L.Scott:  J.Stanton:  J.Soger.

The following have qualified to proceed to mechanical drawing  - 

Descriptive Geometry  (Elementary)  - 
The following passed  -
D.Barr:    F.Barrett:   H.M.Cox:    W.A.Dew:    C.Dick:    E.Doubleday:    R.T.Hamilton:    P.C.Hearfield:    G.Hockley:    C.L.Humm:    W.D.Johnston:  A.Linbrick:    W.McMurrow:    H.L.Mooar:    L.O.Norton:    A.F.Oakley:    C.F.Tolbeck:    W.Trebilcock:    E.J.Tucker:    B.P.Vine:    G.Webb:    M.N.Wilson:  P.F.Woodhouse.

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