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1 February  1918   

Technical College  -    award of free places  -

The Education Department  has awarded senior free places  entitling to free education  for a further period of 3 years  to the following students  in the Evening School,  on the results of the examinations held in November  last year.

Commercial  Department  -
Wm. Anderson,      Joseph H.Blackman,      Stephen W.Brooker,      John M.Blyth,      Wm J.Cadenhead,      Edmund N.Corser,      Doris S.Z.Cragg,     
Victor J. Gardiner,      Victor C.Huffam,      Frank S. Jackson,      George C.jennings,      Kenneth W.Johnston,      Robert Kerridge,      Walter R.Kiddey,     
James Logie,      Ashley B.H.Murray,      Alexander J.Marshall,      Anthony E.Nicholson,      Annie S. Pennicuick,      Mavis E.Robertson,       Erica R.Robson,      Wm. Scott,      Granville I.H.Slater,      Mary Swanston.

Trades Department  -
Alfred C. Barnes,      Sidney H.Cross,      Noel E.Emms,      Laurence A. France,      Cecil V.Lee,      Robert P.Lester,      John Peddie,      Joseph A.Radford,      Arthur Skelton,      Roy Spaan,      John G.Vague,       Leonard V.Watson,      Thomas H.Grenfell.

Domestic Science Department  -
Emily Palmer.

The Junior Free Place   of    Ruberto Bennett   has been extended  for a 3rd year.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
19 November  2008