Papers Past  -  Star  -  Christchurch  -  1907  -  November  -  Examination  results

Tuesday  12 November  1907
Examinations  -   026
MAINDONALD  -  Miss Emily Henrietta and
SINCLAIR  -  Mr David L.  have passed their 1st year's annual College examination  at Canterbury College.

Wednesday  13  November  1907
Music Examination -  035
The following were successfulin passing the examination held in July in the art of teaching  -  
Associates  -   
Singing  -    Violet Fenn  (Mr D. Hunt)
Pianoforte -  Ethel M.Baker   (Mr D. Hunt)  and  Esther Spring.

Monday  18 November  1907
Pitmans  Shorthand  exam results  -  046
Leslie Booker,  150 wpm.      
M. Borland,  140  wpm.    
Rosina R. Maddren,  130  wpm.   
Mabel E. Kent,  120 wpm.    
Minnie Smart,  
Dorothy English,
Agnes Snell,  
Ivy E. Hooper,  80  wpm. 

Thursday  21 November  1907
City of London Guild  -  Examination Results  -  054
The following Christchurch candidates have passed the City of London Guild  examinations.

Carpentry  &  Joinery  -  2nd class
Harry E. Vincent.

Plain Cookery  -  1st Class
Ellen M. Bruce
Una K. Mayne
Henrietta  McCullough
Emily L.  Middlebrook,
Amy E.  Mouldy
Elsie B. White

2nd Class  -
Margaret  Menzies
Violet M. Reid
Alice L.  Smythe
Elizabeth  ------

Music  examination results  - 055
Timaru results -  
the following are the passes in the practical examinations of the Associated Board of Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Musicheld at Timaru.

Local Centre  -   Pianoforte  -
Advanced  -    Laura Kate Sherlock
Intermediate -   Clara Ethel Holdgate,   Jeannie Josephine Wright.

School examinations  -    Pianoforte  -  
Higher  -          Eurydice Christina Washington   (Miss Elsie L. Gapper)
Lower  -           Eileen Virtue,  Geraldine Virtue  (Miss E.A.Sugrue  L.A.B.)
Elementary  -   Olive Cooper  (Miss Esther Fitzgerald)     Selwyn Charles Winterburn   (Miss Elsie L. Gapper)
Primary  -        Marion Barrie   (Miss E.A.Sugrue  L.A.B.)

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
12 December  2008