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Thursday  6  December 1906
Christ's College  Entrance Scholarships  -  015
There were 16 candidates  for the 4 Entrance Scholarships at Christ's College,   free education  for 2 years -
They have been awarded to  -
WARBURTON -  Herbert,  Sydenhan School,  353  marks
TRACY  -  James,  
Sydenhan School,  307  marks
WILSON -  Charles,    Papanui School,   298
RUDDLE  -  Leslie,  Waltham School,  289

The next in order were  -
Harold Lomas,  East Christchurch School,  288 marks:     Eric Rowe
East Christchurch School,  287 marks:
Rueben Cornwall,  Waltham School,  269:       Percy Morse,  Waltham School,  262 marks:

Thursday 13 December  1906
The following Christchurch candidates have passed  the November Law Examinations  -  
MERTON -  J.L.C.  &  MUNRO -  J.S.  final section of Bachelor of Laws degree.
COOK -  C.F.D.  1st section of 
Bachelor of Laws degree
BAIN - N.R:          GRESSON - H.:     HOPKINS -   H:       HARPER - P.H.,   final section of the solicitor's examination.
DENNISTON -   A.L:     
1st section of the solicitor's examination
MAYNE -  G.C:   
1st section of  Bachelor of Laws degree  &  final solicitor's examination.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
29 March 2010

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