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4 November  1904   page 3

Trinity College  London  -    Local  Examinations  in Music  -   
The following are the names of those who were successful in passing the examinations held by Dr W.Creser for Trinity College,  London.
The teachers  name in brackets  - 

Higher examinations  -  005
certified organist  -      S.W.Harrow,   (Dr J.C.Bradshaw)     
certified pianist  -  V.F.Curlett  (Mr H.M.Lund)

Local Centre Examinations  -  Senior Pass  - 005
E.Black, (Mr D.Gillies)      E.P.Field (Mr Davis Hunt)      T.Midgeley,  (mr Davis Hunt)      A.S.Latter  (Mr D.Gillies)     
R.Young,  (Miss Katie Young A.T.C.L.)

Intermediate Honours  -  005
O.Ballantyne  (Mrs M.Young,  L.A.B.)

Intermediate Pass  -    005
S.E.Butterfield  (Miss J.Dawe)      E.Hill,  (Miss E.Cullen A.T.C.L.)      W.F.Kay  (Mr D.Gillies)      M.Wilson  (Miss E.Thompson)

Junior Honours  -   005
E.Gray  (Miss E.Thompson)

Junior Pass  -   005
G.T.Bunting (Mr E.J.Painter,  A.T.C.L.)      Gladys Campbell   (Miss E.Thompson)          M.H.Conolly,  (Mrs Stenning)      K.Grierson,  (Mr E.J.Painter)
R.G.C.Hill  (Mrs Bromley)      R.A.Kerr,  (Mr E.J.Painter  A.T.C.L.)       M.S.Kimbell, (Miss L.Cooper)      A.E.Lewington  ( Miss Henderson)
E.Lewthwaite  (Miss A.Harris)      R.W.Partridge, (Mr E.J.Painter  A.T.C.L.)      A.Weir,  (Miss E.Cullen A.T.C.L.)

Preparatory   -  005
E.Barrett  (Miss E.Thompson)      G.W.Faulkner  (Miss E.C.Hirtsel)

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30 November  1904     page 3
Ashburton  -    Music Examinations   -  077
The following  were the successful candidates at the practical examinations held at Ashburton by the Associated Board of the Royal College of Music -

Final Teachers' Examination  -  077
Margaret Burr,  piano  (Herr Max Hirschburg)

Local Centre Examinations  -  077
Mary Fitzgerald (honours)   piano   advanced grade

School Examinations  -  077
Dora Gudsell  (honours)  piano -    lower division  -  (Miss Lily Watt)
Annie McLeod  (honours)  piano   -  elementary division  (Miss Margaret Burr)
Elsie Wright   -  piano  -  higher division  ( Miss Margaret Burr)
Isabel Stringfellow  -  piano  -  elementary division  (Miss Margaret Burr)
Fred Crum  -  piano  -   lower division  (Miss Lily Watt)
Katie Burdett Stuart  -  piano  -  elementary division  -  (Miss Margaret Burr)
May Wilson  -  piano  -  elementary division  -  (Miss Lily Watt)

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
15 November  2008