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Monday 16 March 1896  page 3
Prize Distribution  -  West Melton School   

Standard VI  -  Agnes Harvey;       Dorcas Hitchens;   Sarah Harvey;   Agnes Urquhart;    Walter Scott;    Cameron Legg;   Walter Eade;
Standard V -  Kate Wills;   Nellie Bell;   William Walker;
Standard IV  -  Maud Walker;   Martha Pearle;   Clem Scott;    William Watson;   Robert Hughes;   David Harvey;    John Harvey;    Peter Hunter;  
Standard III  -  Ada Urquhart;   Eva Urquhart;    Emilie Sinclair;   Edith Thomas;    Gertie Cox;   May Watson;   Mary Walker;   Millie Hawker;   Arthur Thomas;
Standard II -  Esther Johnston;   George Hunter;   Leonard Cox;   Allan Cox;   William Chapman;   John Walker;   Arthur Johnson;  
Standard I  -  Margaret Chapman;   Jessie Nelson;    Amy Vigus;   George Cox;   Gordon Urquhart;   John Thomas;   David Sinclair.

Saturday  21 March 1896    page 5
Results  from Mr C.H.  Gilby's School of Shorthand     2nd grade or theory certificates - 
Misses Lily Fitzhenry;      Sarah C.Fuller;   Myra Haskins;    May Oliver; 
Messrs  C.R.Black;   Herbert Carter;   H.B.Jacobs;   I.M.Nashelski;    E.J.Rodger;    J.W.Simes;   Frank Thompson;

Miss Mabel Kiver, a pupil attending the shorthand classes at the Girls' High School has also gained a similar certificate.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
19 April 2010

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