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Saturday  21 February  1891    page 3
Teacher Registration -     Wellington -    The following have passed the Teachers' examination. -

Jorgene Marie Andersen,       George Andersen,       Balch,       Budden,     Burns,      Burr,      Chamberlain,      Campbell,      Dalziel,      Fechny,      Gilmour,  Hall,      Howard,      Johnston,     Kippenberger,      Lezard,      Lewis,      Low,      Marshall,      Milsom,      Morland,     Pilkington,      Rowley,      Ryde,
Seay,      Sims,      Smith,      Speight,      Thomas,     Thompson,      and Margaret Whitham.
There may be a few names to add to the list who have passed the matriculation examination.

South Canterbury - The following have passed Class D.
Margaret Balfour,      Charles Goldstone,     Mary King,     and Hugh Wake,

The following have obtained partial passes in Class D. -
James Gillespie,      Theophilus Strong,      and Donella Sutherlans.

Tuesday 24 February 1891
Wellington  -    Teachers examinations.

The following North Canterbury candidates passed in Class E.

Isabella Armstrong,        Samuel Baird,       Agnes Bishop,       Lysia Brocklehurst,      Ernest Brown,       Robert Bruce,      George Budd,       Floretta Burke,  
Agnes Craddock,       Sarah Craig,       Mary Currie,       Emma Dixon,       Maria Douds,         Florence Durose,   ary Hayward,   James Hight,   Lucy Howard,   
William Lancaster,       Phillip Laraman,        William Maber,      Catherine McHaffie,       Agnes Matthews,      Mary Morrison,       Harriet Murgatroyd,  
Llewellyn Owen,        Flora Petrie,      Minnie Pratt,       Elizabeth Simmonds,        Claudia Watson,       Charles Withell,      Amelia Woolley.

Partial passes  in Class E. -

Minnie Barber,       Janet Brock,         Margaret Campbell,       Alice Cook,        Fanny Cottrell,         Rosina Edwards,        Margaret Flesher,       Edith Harvey,  
Wolsey Kaiau,         Margaret Little,          Elizabeth McGregor,      Minnie McLean,        Bernard O'Shaughnessy,        Constance Peach,      Alfred Ragg, 
Dora Revell,         Elizabeth Rutherford.

The following South Canterbury  candidates passed in Class E. -
Robert A. Baxter,      Anne Bruce,        William Glanville,         Mary Oxby,         Charles Roskruge,         Clara Shirtcliffe,         Theophilus Strong,

Partial passes for Class E.-
Frances Hawke,          Alexander McLean,         and John McLeod.

Page 3
Teachers examinations -   Wellington -  The following North Canterbury candidates gain special mention in Class D. -

Arithmetic   -   Lydia Lewis,       Elizabeth Powley      and Arthur Thomas,  
Geography   -   Arthur Thomas       and Hugh Wake,
History   -  George Cronne,       Sydney Smith,       Hubert Speight  and   Henry Ryde.
Science   -  John Marshall,      Sydney Smith,      Hubert Speight     and   Hugh Wake,
Latin    -  William Balch,      Martha Chamberlain,      Elizabeth McKee,      Arthur Sims,      Arthur Thomas.

The following South Canterbury candidates gain special mention in class D.
History   -  James Gillispie,  
Drawing, freehand and perspective    - Charles Goldstone.

Wednesday  25 February  1891        page 3
Wellington - Science prizes   -  teachers.
The following teachers gained the prizes given by the Government for experimental science,
Class D -
first prize -       Neil POLLOCK - Otago
second prize -  Alice M. BARRON - Otago.
third prize -     Hubert SPEIGHT - North Canterbury.

For Drawing classes D - and E.
first prize  -       Leonard J. WATKIN -Wanganui.
second prize   - Charles J. GOLDSMITH - South Canterbury.
third prize -      Annie W. KEAN - Wellington

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
29 November 2005

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