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Thursday 4 June 1874
Provincial Scholarships  -  names of the 75 boys  who sat this exam
Class A.   -  under 11 years
W.E.Adams (Avonside School)         John Bain, (Papanui School)                                        W.A.Bradbury (Music Hall School)
B.Cohen (Lincoln rd School)             A.Cookson (St Albans's School)                                J.P.Grossman ( Kaiapoi School)
Julian Reginald Hart (Rev. C.Turrell's School)       Leslie W. P? .Martin (Flaxton School)    Arthur John Moule? (Avonside School)
Edward Mould (Music Hall School)         James McDonald (Upper Heathcote School)       John T.Partridge (Christ's College)  
T.W.Rowe (private tution)                      T.S.Robinson (Kowai Pass School)                     Elijah Round (Lower Heathcote School)
Alfred Sale (Papanui School)                  Charles Taplin (Addington School)                     Albert Wake ( Colombo rd, School)
John Walker, (St Alban's School)             H.B.M.Watson (Christ's College)

Class B -   under 12 years  -
A.Runge,  Lincoln rd, School)              John Topping (Lincoln rd, School)                W.G.Atack (Melville House School)
Charles John Atkinson (Avonside School)       Alex Braithwaite (Colombo rd School)       James Fuller ( Avonside School)
Fred fuller (Mr Gee's School)             R.A.Green (Melville House School)                  E.G.Good (Melville House)
Mark Exley (Timaru)                         Fred F.Hall (Colombo rd School)                    R.W.Hart (Rev C.Turrell's School)
H.J.Hobden (Lincoln rd School)             David Hay ( Avonside School)                  George Innes (Music Hall School)
E.H.Lough  (Timaru)                           G.H.Manson ( Colombo rd School)               G.H.S.Martin ( Flaxton school)
H.H.Mathias ( Melville House School)      J.A.Newell (St Albans school)                David Nairn (Lincoln road school)
John Potter (High school)                    David Reese  (Papanui school)                       G.W.Rogers (Melville House school)
W.A.Robinson (Brookside school)       H.G.Turnbull (Rev G.Turrell's school)      Fredk Wake  (Colombo road school)
H.J.Wade (Avonside school)         

Class C -    under 13 years
Wm James (Lower Heathcote School)             A.J.Atack  (Melville House School)      Henry John Bilton (Timaru)
C.G.A.Cheyne (Kowai Pass school)             J.H.Deamer  (Christ's College)                 James Gilmour (Colombo road school)
J.F.Hartland (Christ's College)                      R.T.Irvine (Selwyn school)                      Arthur Johnstone (Christ's college)
C.T.Newton (Mrs Ross's school)                   G.Pengelly (Avonside school)                 W.Sword (Riccarton school)
James Taylor (Colombo road school)         G.L.Twentyman (Rev C.Turrell's school)      Albert Triggs ((Colombo road school)
Robt S.Wake (Colombo road school)

Class D.  -  Under 14 years
W.C.Armitage (private tution)                    E.S.E.Bell (private tution)                            A.R.Barclay (Christ's college)    
 C.H.Inglis (Rev J.D.Fergusson's school)    John Innes (Melville House School)              T.B.Joynt (Melville House School)        
 R.E.McDougal (Melville House School)      Philip Scott (Melville House School)          H.G.Widdowson (Christ's College)     
 Percy Ward (Avonside school)

Friday 26 June 1874
Melville House School
The following are the names of boys who gained prizes for work done during the first half of the current year.

Upper school -  
Class 1  -   
Classics  -    (upper)  Atack, 1:    Buxton, 2:       (lower)  T.A.Joynt, 1:   J.Bamford, 2:  
Mathematics -  (upper)  Atack and Sutcliffe 1,  J.Hall and Calvert, 2:    (lower)  J.Bamford, 1:   Brett, 2:
History -  Innes and Atack, 1:  Farr and J.Hall, 2:   
Geography -  Atack, 1:   J.Hall, 2:  
English -  Sutcliffe and Atack 1:     J.Hall, 2:
Phonography -  Farr, 1:   Calvert, 2:      
Drawing -  Brett, 1:  

Class 2  -
Classics -  Sandstein and Hill, 1:     
Geometry  -  (upper)  Innes, 1:   Willcocks, 2:       (lower)   Bassett, 1:    Bailey, 2:
Arithmetic -  (upper)  Hill, 1:   Willcock  and Bassett, 2:       (lower)  Bailey, 1:   Holley, 2:  
History -  Macdougall  and Sandstein, 1:  
Georgraphy  -  Sandstein, 1:   Holley, 2:  
English  -  Good, 1:    Sandstein and Holley, 2:  
Drawing - Bailey,1:   
Writing -  G.Piercy, 1:  
General Progress  -  H. Buchanan.

Lower school  -
Class 1 -
Classics  -  Rogers, 1:     Page, 2:     
Arithmetic -  (upper)  Strangman, 1:       (lower)  Rogers, 1:
History -  Page  and Strangman,  1:    Ballantyne, 2:  
Geography -  Rogers, 1:      Page, 2:   
Grammar  -  Page, 1:   F.Piercy, 2:   
English  -  Ballantyne, 1:   Reece, 2:   
English  Composition  -  Loe, 1:    Reece, 2:    
Recitation  -  Rogers  and Reece, 1:   
Writing -  (upper)  Ballantyne, 1:    (lower)  Page, 1:  

Class 2  -
Arithmetic  -  Goss, 1:   Fooks, 2:
English  -  Fooks, 1:  Goss, 2:  
Geography -  Fooks, 1:  Blake  and Goss, 2:
Grammar  -  Fooks, 1:   Goss, 2:
Recitation  -  Fooks, 1:  Blake, 2:
Writing  -  Fooks, 1:
House Prize  -  Charlesworth.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
3 May 2010

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