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Leeston & Southbridge Schools

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Tuesday  18 January 1870
Exam Results  - 
Leeston  School  -  011
First Class  -  Mary Marshall;     Wm George Napier:       
2nd:   Wm Thomas Durant;      James Mawson  and Thomas Mawson; 
3rd:  A.W.A.Loe;      Matthew Henry Rowland;    and John Lockhead;
4th:  Stella Rowland;    Amy M.Durant;
5th:  Barbara Lockhead;      Henry McDonald;

Southbridge School  - 
First Class  -  J.W.Storey  &  Frederick Wilkinson;
2nd:   Harry Wilkinson;     George Andrews;     Janet Petrie;
3rd:  Mary Ferguson;    E.J.Andrews.

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23 March 2010