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The Evening Star  -  26 May 1964   -                                        

Timaru Herald -  21 July 1969   -    
Timaru Herald   -    22 July 1969  -  
Christchurch Press -  20 November 1969

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The Evening Star -  Tuesday 26 May 1964
Photo-  006   -      58 Debutantes were presented to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Dunedin  -
Back row - Patricia Roughan,  Janet Belield,  Dianne Casey,  Sandra Howell,  Colleen Keogh,  Pamela Milligan,  Mary Jones,  Joan Gillies,  Judith Clifford, 
                            Gabrielle Sadler,  Patsy Hollows,  Lynette Healey,  Janice French,  Helen Fogarty,  Margaret Jakobs,  and Noeline Bleach.

2nd Row -  Frances Firman,  Pamela Burke,  Jeanette Knowles,  Catherine Enright,  Mary Kenna,  Eileen Schmeiz,   Colleen Treacy,  Lynette Rooney, 
                    Pamela Mercer,  Janyce Brown,  Anne Enright,  Gaynor Lynch,  Jill Howell,  and Patricia Byrne.

Centre Row -  Ann Watson,  Christine Howard,  Sylvia Low,  Margaret Templeton,  Therese Browne,  Margaret Youngman,  Lynley Walker,  Lynnette Kerr, 
                            Cheryl La Hood,  Karen Collins,  Colleen Howard,  and Lana Anderson.

4th row -  Lynnette Hellyer,  Beverley Walker,  Raewyn Bartlett,    Joan O'Brien,   Diane Thorn,   Helen McKay,  Patricia Mitchell,  Frances Holmes, 
                        Marle Allen  and Kathleen Park

Front row -  Gaynor Hayes,  Susan Henaghan,   Kathleen Mowatt,   Jocelyn Hallamore,   Phyllis Firman  and Katherine Mayo.

The Official Party  -  Mrs M.F.Cronin,  Mrs L.G.Lockwood,  Mr W.S.Dawes (secretary Charity Ball committee)  Monsignor J.Gavin,  Mrs R.M.Carroll, 
Bishop Kavanagh,  Mrs J.S.D. More,  Monsignor G.Hussey,  Mr G.H.Curran, (chairman Charity Ball committee)  Mrs R.H.Scanlan,  and Mrs N.W.Stewart.

3 attendants at left -  Messrs R.Carroll,  M.F.Cronin,  and L.G. Lockwood
3 attendants at right  -  Messrs J.D.S. More,  N.W.G. Stewart,   and R.H.Scanlan.

Fatalities  -  007
THOMSON - Bruce William,  aged 20  died from injuries in an accident, when riding his motor cycle, he collided with a stray horse -----  died 18 March 1964
GILCHRIST - Joan Winifred,  aged 40  died from the result of a motor car accident   -------   on 7 March 1964
DOUST - Peter North,  age 20 died in Dunedin Hospital  --------    died 4 April 1964

Chaslands  -  008
MENZIES - William John,   age 78,  body found in dense bush near the Waipati River in the Chaslands. --- went missing 10 days ago ------

Timaru Herald  -  Monday 21 July 1969   -
5 killed in North Island Road accidents  031
CAIRNS -  Michael Edwin   and
KNAPP - Milton Warren,   killed at Atiamuri,  south of Tokoroa,  on Saturday,  ---- Mr dawson was a passenger
DAWSON -  Le James,  age 56  of Ratana   and
SMITH  -  Francis Elizabeth,  Wanganui,    killed at Whangaehu,  about  7 miles from Wanganui,  
WILLING -  Earl,  age 30 of Matamata,  killed when 2 cars collided head on ------   was a passenger in a car driven by Robert Young,  also 30.  

Photo  -  032
PORRITT - Miss Joanna,  daughter of the Governor-General   with fiance Simon Meredith Hardy ---   will be married on Saturday.

Fatality  -  033
KLEEBER - Brian,  age 20 of Lawrence, died,   --------    injured were Graham Corfield, 18 of Mosgiel,  John Mann,  18 of Timaru,  

Timaru Herald   -   Tuesday 22 July 1969
Fatality  -  036
DONALDSON -  Mr Rex,  died in Chatham Islands hospital yesterday  ----  age 50,  single,  survived by his mother, sister and 5 brothers

Christchurch Press  -  20 November 1969

Karitane Nurses  Examinations passes  -  054
  photo  -  Nurses  P.M.Sanders, (Geraldine)         M.A.Bamford,  (Hurunui)         C.E.Scholfield   (Masterton)        B.R.Barton ( Timaru) 
                K.L.Bowler (Christchurch)       M.E.Holland ( Ashburton)       B.Williams ( Ashburton)        G.Mannering (West Eyreton) 

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
1 January 2011
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