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The Evening Star  - Tuesday  23 March 1948
Photograph  -  022  -  Obituary  -
PAAPE   -    Arthur Albert,   --- in his 70th year --licensee of Grand Hotel,  Dunedin  from 1924 to his death -- born Ballarat, Australia,  came to Dunedin in 1898
                    with Sargood, Son  & Ewen Ltd,  later went to Invercargill until 1911,  --------- took a prominent part in the 1914 General elections ----   
                     survived by his widow (Miss Mitchell)  of Invercargill,  one son Mr Frank Paape,  2 sons,  Squadron-Leader Arthur Mitchell Paape,  D.F.C and bar,
                     and Pilot-Officer John Mitchell Paape  were killed on operations  within 3mths of each other in Word War 11.

Inquest  -  023
WEBSTER  -  Mrs Amy Victoria, aged 28,  died in Dunedin Hospital  on 2 February ------   lots more  -----

The Timaru Herald  -  Tuesday 9 November 1948
Auckland  -  071
STEWART -  Arthur Daniel,  died in Auckland Hosp. after a fall  in Queen st on Sat. night.  age 32,  single,  ----- ----

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2 December 2010

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