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Christchurch Press - 9 May 1945  V.E.day.
The Evening Star.  28 August 1945

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Christchurch  Press   Wednesday 9 May 1945   
Posthumous Award -  001
BAKER  - Pilot Officer C.G.  D.F.C.  born in Timaru in 1915  -------  more

Marriage  -  006
EDGE - THOMAS -  on 3 March, Lieutenant Lester Holmes Edge RNZN (Christchurch)  and Miss Beatrice Mabel Thomas,
                                    a sister at Wrexham War Memorial Hospital, Denbighshire -----

Photo -  007
ELLIOTT - Second-Lieutenant K.
NGARIMU - Second-Lieutenant K.  (posthumous award)
TRIGG - Flying Officer L.A.   DFC (posthumous award)

Engagements -  008
WALSH - WILSON -  Mairehau (Maire) Frances, dau. of Mr L.H.Wilson and late Mrs Wilson   and Desmond James Walsh,  son of late Mr and Mrs C.G.Walsh --
MORRIS - DRYDEN-HALL   - Jack, son of Mrs R.B. and late Mr R.B.Morris and Margot, dau. of Mrs J.Dryden Hall  and late Mr J. Dryden Hall,  Hororata -

Photo -  010
-  Sergeant J.D.

Photo -  011
HULME - Sergeant A.C.

Marriage  -  London  -  012
LOVELOCK - JAMES - on 26 March at --- London,  Major John Edward, son of late J.E.Lovelock  to  Miss Cynthia Wells, dau. of Mr and Mrs Warner James,
                             of Brooklyn, New York,   Cynthia is on the staff of the US Embassy in London.

Wellington -  War Casualties - 013
HAMPTON - Lieutenant Lawrence M.M. Mrs Hampton, Palmerston North. Richard,  Mr T.A.Coleman, Gisborne.
COLEMAN - Second-Lieutenant Richard hamilton,  Mr T.A.Coleman,  Gisborne.
HORNMOANA-ANAHA,  Tuwharetoa,  Mrs B.  Temuka.
BETTY - Eric Lionel,  Mrs M.I. Betty ----
BROWN -  Lawrence Philip,  Mrs E.F.Brown, Wairoa.
DAWBER - Gunner Cyril,  Mrs F.Dawber,  Greytown.
HAWKER - Temporary-lance-Corporal Laurice,  Mrs R. Te Au.  Norsewood.
PUHIRERE - Lance-Corporal Teaomarama,  Mrs M.Puhirere,  Morrinsville.
WARRINGTON -  Sergeant Cortlandt Robert,  Mr R.G.Warrington,  Christchurch
WAAKA - Te  of Christchurch
GRAY -  Driver James Noel  of Owhango.
GOODWIN - Cecil Wilfred Verna,  Mrs E.E.Goodwin,  Foxton.
STEELE -  Lieutenant Alexander,  mr A.Steele,  Nelson.
CARRAN -  Trooper Alfred leonard,  mrs D.Carran,  Taumarunui.
McGILLIVRAY -  David John,  mrs B. Mc Gillivray,  Masterton.
NGATAI - George,  Mrs M. Ngatai, Opotiki.
NILSSON -  Trooper Ronald Jack,  Mrs M.Nilsson,  Pahiatua.
ZWEIBRUCK - Kenneth Arthur,  Fielding.
WALL -  Trooper James,  of Palmeston North.
CURRY -  temporary-Corporal Fairlie Fergus  of Wellington.
BAIGENT - W.O.I.  Lestock Ryvers,  of Wellington.
BARCLAY -  Gunner James Keith,  of Dunedin.
BERRYMAN -  Trooper Leonard Arthur,  of Waihi.
KITNEY - Laurence,  of Turakina
ROGERS - Driver Claude Henry  of nelson.
SMITH -  Charles Desmond,  of Papakura.
BOYD -  Kenneth ian  of Whangarei.
BROWN - Arnold James,  of Puha.
COUGHLAN - Francis Rangi  & Gunner George Noel,  of Waimauku.
DARROW - Sapper Jack Stanley,  of Auckland.
DAY -  Driver Ivor Ross,  of Auckland
DAY -  Sergeant Cecil Raymond,  of Wellington
GOODHEW - Edward Albert of Queensland
GOURLICK - Sapper William Patrick of Mosgiel
HART - Herbert of Amberley
HENDERSON - Trooper William Alexander
LAMB - Leslie Charles,  of Geraldine.
LANG - Albert John, 0f Avondale.
LUSK - Staff-Sergeant Newell George Butler of Te Kuiti
McDIARMID - Corporal Roderick leonard,  of Invercargill
MARTIN - Herbert Stanley,  of Frankton Junction.
NEAL - Gunner Ernest Edward,  of Avondale.
PARKER - Bombardier Howard,  of Auckland.
RUSBRIDGE - Thomas Ross,  of Winton.
SMITH - W.O.11  Robert Joseph George of Paeroa.
SPENCE - Corporal Alastair Jeffrey, of Paeroa.
VOYCE - Lance-Corporal Richard Albert of Te Kuiti.
WHITTLE -  William Roland,  of Gore.

Distinguished Flying Cross -  014
SHEDDAN - Flying Officer Cornelius James,  Father, Mr J.A.Sheddan, Waihao Downs, South Canterbury.
WOOD - Flying Officer John Henry Thomas,  mother Mrs J.Wood, Maropiu, Dargaville.
WALSH - Warrant Officer William John   mother Mrs I.J.Walsh,  Ohaiawa.

Photo -   in Italy in trenches -  015
TURNBULL -  Lieutenant S. W.  son of Mr and Mrs S.G.Turnbull,  Christchurch and hus. of Mrs S.W.Turnbull, Gore.
MILES -  N.F. of Christchurch,  

Photo -  016
WARD - Sergeant Pilot J.A.  killed on active service.
UPHAM - Captain C.H.

Photo - 017
WARREN -  The very Rev. A.K.  Dean of Christchurch,  serving as Chaplain to the forces  with the NZ Division in Italy ----

The Christchurch Press  -  Wednesday 9 May  1945

p4 -   Celebration of V.E. Day

p5 - Allied Victory in West proclaimed  -  
            photo Churchill

p6 - Posthumous award  -  casualties in N.Z.E.F.   re photograph page  photos -
             photos  - Lieutenant S.W.Turnbull,  son of Mrs Mr and Mrs S.G.Turnbull,  hus. of Mrs S.W.Turnbull,  Gore.
                               N.F.Miles, Christchurch

p7 - V.E.Day  -  map of Europe with strategic points numbered.  Allied Victory in Europe -

p8 -  German armies first set-back   -   when the few defied the Luftwaffe   -  How the war began  -
          photos  -  Poland, September 1st. 
                            The King  and Mr Chamberlain at Downing st.
                            Mr Churchill arrives at the Admiralty
                            Marshall K.Bokossovsky
                            The Russian snows,

p9 - Keeping the seaways open  -  NZer's fight on the seas   -    Royal family in the War  -
          photos  -  Germany conquers Western Europe,  Denmark and Norway invaded
                            retreat from the Continent
                            NZ in the River Plate battle
                            Atlantic Patrol

p10 -  The NZer's in the Middle East  -   Meeting Invasion from the air.   -  African campaign the "key to victory"
             photos  -  the blitz on Crete,    
                               Alamein  turning point
                               A left hook by the NZ Division,

p11 -  NZer's in every air action   -    The Italian campaign  -   Turning Point in the East  -
             photos  -  NZ manned bombers
                               The Germans occupy the scorched earth of Russia
                               The Allies land in Italy

p12 -  Three Statesmen  -   Churchill,  Stalin,  Roosevelt
            Three Soldiers  -   Montgomery,  Eisenhower,  Zhukov
             photos  -     Sergeant Pilot J.A.Ward  -  Captain C.H.Upham  -  Sergeant A.C.Hulme  - Sergeant J.D.Hinton -
                                2nd Lieutenant K.Elliott - 2nd Lieutenant K. Ngarimu, (posthumous award)  Flying Officer L.A.Trigg, (posthumous award)

p13 -  General Fryberg  V.C.    -   Wavell to Alexander  -
             photos  -  The King and Queen at bomber command
                               The opening of Wavell's famous campaign
                               Matilda tanks in desert
                               Striking at Germany's oil resources

p14 -  Behind the scenes of invasion  -    Roads that led to the Reich   -   Eisenhower's team,  men of SHAEF
             photos  -  The Battle of Britain in Europe
                            A firm footing in the fortress
                            The Atlantis wall is broken
                            The War comes home to German streets.
                            The soil of France,  a French soldier  ---

The Evening Star -  28 August 1945

Obituary  -  035
BLACK -  Marmaduke Gilbert,  died on Sunday ---  son of Mr and Mrs John Black,  age 51,  marr. Miss Agatha McLEAN  in 1934 --------

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
31 August 2012
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