1942  -   Miscellaneous  Snippets  from various newspapers

New Zealand Free Lance  -  18 March 1942

The Evening Star  -  23 December 1942
Otago Daily Times  -  24 December  1942      
The Evening Star - 30 December 1942

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New Zealand Free Lance    18 March 1942
Photo  -  Women Posties  -  001
BLEE  -  Mrs E.   and
FIRMAN  -  Miss E.  started on their rounds last week -------  more  -----

Photograph  -  002
BODDY -  Mrs J.W.B. of Kairanga  with her son Evan William Boddy   ---  Mrs Boddy was formerly Dr Ellen Heycock

Snippets  -  003
COLBECK - Mrs W.B. of Auckland is waiting news of her son Major Stuart Colbeck ---- married to Dinah McEwen, 3 years ago -- has 2 children
RANSOM - Diana Kathleen dau. of  Flight-Lieutenant and Mrs L.J.Ransom  -- christening --- grandparents Mr and Mrs A.W.Amon  -------
VYVYAN -  Mrs June  (nee Humphries)  of Napier  -------- living  in an unbombed part of England

Babies for All Blacks  -  004
COTTRELL - Mrs Ian (nee Florence Webb of Martinborough)   has a baby daughter,  hus. 2nd Lieutenant A.Ian Cottrell ------
HART -  Mrs Maisie (nee Harris)   wife of 2nd Lieutenant George Hart,  has a baby daughter.

Photos   -  005
Private W.P.Poki,  son of K. Poki,  Gisborne,   killed in action,         
Gunner E.H.Keswick, hus. of Mrs G.Keswick,  Wellington,  killed in a ction.   
Gunner G. Fewtrell,  hus of Mrs T.Fewtrell, Opunaki,  died of wounds.   
Drivre E.L.Corry,  son of Mrs A.I.Cowry,  urenui,  died on active service, 
L.A.C. Leslie Wilson,  son of G.Wilson,  Dunedin,  accidentally killed,     
P-Officer R.N.Allen,  son of Mrs G.H.Allen,  Dunedin,  accidentally killed,  
Driver E.J.Arnold,  son of Mrs I.W.Arnold,  Taupiri,  died on active service.    

Photos  -  006
Sgt.H.C.George,  son of Mrs E.George,  Eketahuna,  accidentally killed,        
Pte C.G.Knofflock,  son of F.Knofflock,  Inglewood,  killed in action, 
S-Sgt A.E.Wilkes
,  hus. of Mrs N.Wilkes,  Frankton Junction,  died of wounds
Pte W.M.Fennessy,  son of  Mrs M.J.Fennessy,  Naseby,  died of wounds
Pte Wright,  brother of Mrs P.Geddes,  Fendalton,  Christchurch,  died of wounds,
Gnr,  I.J.Pearce,  son of J.W.Pearce,  Auckland,  died on active service
P-Officer D.G.West,  son of E.V.West,  Palmeston North,  accidentally killed.

Photo - Members of the N.Z.E.F. -  007
FREDERIC  -   and
DYER  - 

Photo  -  008
GILMOUR -  Marie, dau. of John H. Gilmour,  --- cartoonist to the New Zealand Free Lance  ----   just engaged to Clifford Charles McEwin,  RNZAF.

New Zealanders  Decorated  -  009
HAMLIN -  Pilot-Officer Graham Hamlin, 
GILL -  Flight-Lieut. T.F.Gill
HOBBS - Pilot-officer Murray Hobbs,  leave Buckingham Palace  after receiving  the D.F.C.

Snippets  -  010
HUTTON -  Mrs George from a Canterbury sheep-run   -- son George,  she was Connie Meikle,  of Christchurch.
SHERRATT -  Mrs W.W. of Puketapu,  Hawke's Bay  --- with children Darea,  and Christopher --- she was Sheila Ormond  of Wallingford.

Photo -  011
LEWIS - Matron E.M.    and
BRISCOE  -  Sister Margaret,  aboard a NZ hospital-ship  ------- Miss Briscoe comes from Ashburton and trained at Ashburton Hospital.

Photo  -  Maori Battalion  - 012
Lieutenants G.R.Bennett,  Wiremu, Rangi, 
Lieutenants  Hokianga,  Herewini  and Ngata.

Photo  - 
   Lieutenant John and Mrs John Milne,   John is 2nd cousin to Sir Charles Fergusson,  a brother Driver James K.Milne was killed in action in Crete. 
                       Mrs John Milne  took a position in the Invercargill P.O.  ----- was the 1st woman to conduct business at the counter of that GPO.
                            she was Eileen Hannon,  of Invercargill -----

Photo -  014
RODIE  -  Miss Mollie

Designer  015
RODIE -  Miss Mollie,  to design her own wedding  apparel ---

Photograph  -  016
THOMAS  -  Miss Glenys

Engagement  -  017
THOMAS - POULTON -   Glenys, dau. of Mr and Mrs O.Thomas  and Gresley, son of Mrs E.N.G.Poulton,  Glenys is a Welsh lass, came to NZ as a small child with her parents 
                     Gresley  named after late Gresley Lukin (editor of Evening Post)    began his career as a journalist   -----Gresley is serving with the 2nd NZEF  in the Middle East.

Wartime Tenancies  - At Heretaunga   -  018
STUDHOLME -  Mrs Jo  with baby Rose,  formerly Jeanetta Johnstone of Otaio  ----  photograph ---
MOLINEAUX -  Mrs Leslie,  widow of Dr Lealis  of Christchurch,  with son Paul, ----- elder son, Captain Tony Molineaux,  
HAY  -  Mrs Bruce,  sharing the old "Leckie" home  and baby daughter Josephine, -----   from Mt Potts sheep station  nee Kathleen Newton, of Canterbury
JENNINGS  -  Mrs  wife of Lieutenant Colonel H.T. Jennings,   and 3 small children Susan, Gillian and John,  --- from Christchurch  -- nee Sheila Cordner, 
MARTIN - Mrs Norman, (Pat Powrie)   -----  also from Christchurch ----  
HUTTON -  Mrs George,   home is on a Canterbury sheep run --  son George age 1,  was Connie Meikle, of Christchurch, 
SHERRATT -  Mrs W.W.  of Puketapu,  with a daughter and son Darea and Christopher,  was Sheila Ormond  of Wallingford.

Photo  -  019
WEBB -  Miss Marguerite,  a Wellington girl, --- occupational therapist to a NZ hospital ship ----  dau. of Mr and Mrs R.H. Webb

Photograph 020
WHITE -  John,  aged 10mths with his mother Mrs Tom White,  (nee Prue Wilder

Photograph  -  Wedding  -  021
YEOMAN - BRAILSFORD - Trooper B.H.Yeoman  and Beryl Brailsford,   ------- were schoolmates,  and are both known in sporting circles.

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The Evening Star  -    Wednesday 23 December 1942
New Plymouth  -  004  -  Three Killed and 3 seriously injured  
GARDINER -  Miss Minnie Frances   and
MILNE -  Noeline,  aged 9  dau. of Mr and Mrs N.R.Milne,  New Plymouth  and
MILNE  -  Rex,  aged 6 son of above  ----  more  -----

Obituary   -  005
SEW HOY -   Mr Sew Hoy sen  aged 75   --- business commenced by his father in 1869,  and took over the business from his father in 1902,  --- 
                        The late Mr Sew Hoy came to NZ in 1882,  went to Lawrence,  married Louisa Mong in 1899  -----   survived by his widow,
                         5 sons, 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Otago Daily Times
-  Thursday  24 December 1942

War casualties 016
REID - Temporary Major Hugh Murray,  wounded,  wife Mrs W.J.Reid,  Oamaru.
JONES - Gunner Stanley,  killed in action,  father M.G.L.Jones of Oxford.
SOUTHWORTH -  Second-lieutenant William John,  killed in action,  previously reported missing.
BARTLETT - Signalman Leonard John,  Maungaturoto,  missing,  believed killed

Auckland -  Fatal Accident  -  019
NICHOLLS - John Owen Herbert,  a motor-cyclist, aged 43, married, ----- employed by the New Zealand Herald,  --- died after admitted to hospital.

Auckland  - Inquest  -   020
SMITHSON -  Private Richard John Smithson,  aged 20,  found dead at his home on 20 November  -----   lots more  -----

Obituary  and photograph -   021
SEW HOY - Kum Poy,  died on Tuesday  aged 74 years ---- he arrived in NZ in 1882 --  father died in 1902 ---

Wedding  -  022
MACKENZIE - STEVENSON - Squadron Leader J.M.Mackenzie  -----  to  Margaret, dau. of Flight Lieutenant J.H.& Mrs Stephenson, Balclutha.

The Evening Star  -   Dunedin  -  30 December 1942  
Obituary  -  024
TE TAU  -  Mrs Pani, funeral yesterday ---4th dau. of late Hon. Tame Parata.  --married Taiawhio Te Tau,  lived at Masterton -----  left 1 son, 2 daughters -------

Dunedin -  025
DAWSON - Matthew, age 72 ---licensee of Parkside Hotel  for about 33 years --born at Lawrence, has 3 sons and 4 daughters, --- wife died a few years ago.

Christchurch  -  026
BOOTH -  Mr George Thomas, age 80  died,  was managing director of Booth, MacDonald and Co. from 1890  to 1925 -------

Golden Wedding  -  027
WALKER - celebrated 50 years last Sunday,   marr. in 1892  ----   1 daughter ---  4 sons ------

The Year's Death List -  028
Residents Associated with Dunedin -
Mr Robert Gilkson,     Mr Malcolm Stewart,    Dr F.S.Batchelor,    Mr W. Paget Gale,   Mr E.R.Smith,    Mr W.J.Lovell,    Mr Eardley  Reynolds, 
Canon Statham,    Mr L.Deans Ritchie,    Mr J.H.Hinton,    Principal John Dickie,     Dr Kenneth Ross,     Sir James Allen,    Mr Charles Todd, 
Mr Murray Thomson,    Mr J.M.Adam,     Mr Sew Hoy,     Ensign Coombs,     and Canon Small.

Associated with Otago -  028
Mr Thomas Tompkins (ex-Mayor Green Island)   Dr Alexander Douglas (Oamaru),   Mr James Ritchie (Bannockburn)

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
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