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N.Z. Truth  -   21 November 1945

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Wednesday 21 November 1945
Photograph - Servicemen -   Wing Ceremony - Ontario  - 001
Sergt. W.D. Turner,  (Christchurch)
Sergt. A. G. Osborne, (Masterton)
Sergt. A.E .Estall (Christchurch)
Sergt, W.T. Shannon (New Plymouth) 
Sergt. F.A. Silich, (Matakehe, Nth Auckland) 
Sergt. J. Nolan,  (Wellington)
Sergt. P.A. Brodie,  (Auckland)
Sergt. A.R. Skevington (Morrinsville)
Sergt. D.H. Sladden (Wellington) 
Sergt. M.R. Robinson,  (Auckland)
Sergt. J.C.A. Parker (Auckland) 
Sergt. B.A. Nunn, (Waipawa)
Sergt. A.H.C. Oakes, (Rotorua)

Divorce -  002
WRIGHT - Robert Henry,  returned to Christchurch ---   more

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