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Saturday 5 January 1935
Funeral Notices  -  001
GATEHOUSE -  Henry (Harry)  will leave the res. of his parents, ---  for the Woolston Cemetery.
LYFORD - Laxon,  will leave res. of --- Waiau,  for the Waiau Cemetery.
SHEPHERD - Thomas Edward,  will leave his res.  Amberley ---  for the Balcairn Cemetery.

Saturday 12 January  1935

Funeral Notices -  002
SELLARS -  Hilda,  will leave her res. -- St Albans,  for the Avonside Cemetery
ENGLAND - Alfred Kelynge,  will leave his res. Murray Aynsley Hill,  Sunday  for the Linwood Cemetery.
PETTERSEN -  Bertie Lawrence,  will leave his res. --- Linwood,  this day  for the Bromley Cemetery.

Saturday 19 January 1935
Funeral Notices -  003
HOLMES - George Gordon,  will leave his res. "Knocklynn" Halswell,  --  for the Halswell Churchyard.
BOWEN - Annette Laura,  will leave  --- on Sunday  for the Riccarton Churchyard.
CONSTABLE - Lunis Victor,  will leave the res. of his brother ---  for the Linwood Cemetery.
HEWITT - Mrs Margaret, will leave her res. at Annat  Sunday --    for the Waddington Cemetery.

Wednesday 6 February 1935
Funeral Notices  -  004
BERRY -  Herbert & Lily,  funerals  will take place  ---- for the Sydenham Cemetery.
LEE -  Emma,  will leave the res. of her parents  Mr and Mrs Walter Blood  -- for the Bromley Cemetery.

Wednesday 22 May 1935
Funeral Notices -  005
De RENZY - Mrs Emma Elizabeth,  will leave res. of her dau.  --- this day  for the Temuka Cemetery.
HORSFALL - John Albert,   will leave his res. --- this day.   for the Bromley Cemetery.
KNIGHT - Charles James, will leave his res.  -- Templeton   for the Templeton Churchyard.
RINGER - Ellen Elizabeth,  will leave her res.----  Linwood  for the Bromley Cemetery.

Friday 7 June 1935
Funeral Notices - 006
TIMMS -  John Henry, will leave his res. --- Woolston,  on Saturday  for the Bromley Cemetery.
MURRAY -  George,  will leave  --- Riccarton  on Friday at -- for the Addington Cemetery.
MORGAN - Thomas,  will leave the res. of ----   this day -- for the Bromley Cemetery.
ARMSTRONG - Maude Elizabeth,  will leave her res. Lowcliffe  for the Ashburton Cemetery.
FAULKNER - John Miller,  will leave Ashburton Hosp. tomorrow,  for the Ashburton Cemetery.
COWAN - Edward,  will leave his res. -- Southbridge,  tomorrow  for the Ellesmere Public Cemetery.

Wednesday  19 June 1935
Funeral Notices -  007
BARNES - Major R. will leave Salvation Army mens' Home  --   for the Sydenham Cemetery.
ALEXANDER -  George Stirling,  will leave his res.  --   for the Sydenham Cemetery.
CARTER - Mrs Sarah,  will leave her res. --  Thursday for the Bromley Cemetery.
KING - Mary Jane,  will leave her res. Richmond,   this day for the Linwood Cemetery.

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