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Saturday 5 January 1935
Aeroplane Accidents in the last year  -  001
GREEN - Mr S.W.  aged 26,  single pilot  and
AUSTIN -  Mr J.A. photographer,  crashed on Mt Egmont ----
BOUCHER - Mr E.R.  killed  and secretary
SWAN - Mr L.W.  was injured --   crashed  near Mt Hawkins, near Wellington  ---
BAILEY - Mr Howard, of Dunedin,  killed  and pilot
TAYLOR - Mr F.C.  slight injuries --   on 24 November near Dunedin  
WAITE - Mr C.   aged 29, married of Te Aroha,  killed instantly
BLACKMORE -  Mr S.J.  ---------  28 November 1934

Photo -  003  -  Golf Match
British team -  J. McLean;  Michael Scott;  L.G.Garnett;  T.A.Brown;
NZ Team -  A.R.Blank;   C.J.Ward;  E.J.Pumphrey;    C.A.Seymour;

Photo -  004
MANNERING - Mr G.E.  just returned from a climbing holiday in Godley region ---  1st climbed 43 yrs ago

Photo - 005  86th birthday
TAYLER -  Mr Francis Henry, 4 generations --    Mr F.Tayler, jnr. Mr P. Tayler;  Mrs J.Rollinson;  Beverley Tayler;  Betty & Lennie Rollinson (twins)

Saturday 12 January 1935
Photo -  006
DURMAN - Paymaster-Commander R.F. R.N. Naval Secretary received OBE (Military Division) New Year Honours
COWPER - Mr W.H.  of Christchurch, manager in NZ of Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. transferred to Melbourne.
BELSHAW - Professor H.  of Economics at Auckland University College since  1927  -----

Photo -  008
MILNE - Field-Marshal Lord,  --- passed through NZ on his return to England.
MAWSON - Mr J.W. leaving to take charge of some town-planning works in Central Europe -------
KIDSON - Dr E. director of meteorological services in NZ -------

Photo - 009 -    "Waitangi"   
a write up of the reunion with the names listed below  and a photo of those who attended  with no names

Thursday 17 January 1935
Story -  015 & 016
Ship "Waitangi"  51st  reunion -  
Mr James Ashton,  MP of Hamner Springs  (a passenger)  was host.  all names of passengers were called,  those there stood up
Mrs M.H.Gowans (nee Ayland);  Mrs E. Marsh (nee Spinner);    Mrs R. Bryson (Rebecca Leary);     Mrs F. McFarlane (Taylor);   
Mrs W.H.French (Mary Hitchings);      Mrs M.Knox (Emma Bloomfield);    Mrs T.Colville (Geary);      Mrs A. Hynes (Mary Barr);      Miss M. Griffen;
Mrs B. Riordan (Mary Cairns, Darfield);      Mrs R.Topp (Isabella Ellen Killeen);     Mrs W.White (Lizzie Alexander);      Mrs E.N.Gullick ( Ellen Toombe);
Messrs J. Rumsey, Ashburton;       A.R.Forbes, Cust;       James Ashton, Hanmer Springs:      C.B.Forbes, Cust;       R.Lang,"Happy Harry, Cust;    
H.Tallott, Cust;      John Smith, West Eyreton;      J.T.Norton;  
among the guests were Mr E.R.Webb, President Early Settlers Assoc.
Mr S.C.Bingham,  a passenger Waitangi 1880;   and Mrs G.F.Whitesides, passenger "Marlborough" in 1881.

Photo -  010
GRIGG -  Mr J.H.  host to Duke of Gloucester --- at Longbeach, Ashburton.

Tennis Party - 011
HERDMAN - Miss Linley,  being married  next week,  had a party hosted by Miss Helen HAYES -------

Parties -  013
BRADLEY - Miss Doris, guest of honour  given by Miss Alice KEIGHLEY  -----
INCH -  Mr and Mrs Inch (Waikari)  -----   lots of names -----
WISE - Mrs H.P. left Christchurch yesterday for England  ----  lots of names ----

Photo -  014
STONYER -  Mr C.H.  of Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd. elected chairman Canterbury Fire and Accident Underwriters Assoc.

Saturday 19 January 1935
Photo -  017
BROWN-MACMILLAN  - Professor,  died yesterday,  Chancellor of University of NZ.

Thursday 24 January 1935
Photo -  018
REESE - Mr D. of Christchurch, presided at 2nd annual conference of the West Coast Sawmillers Assoc. held at Moana.
MacLEOD - Dr D.B. lecturer in physics at Canterbury College,  -----
WINCHESTER - Mr A. Vere, manager of Chch branch of Bank of Australasia since 1926 will retire in March.

Photo -  019 - annual contest for Sanders Cup
from left - F.Forman (spinnaker hand);   R.Hendry;   Elliott Sinclair (skipper);   H.May;

Monday 28 January 1935
Photo -  020
BLACKLOCK -  C. well-known racing motor-cyclist  died yesterday after accident at Monica Park ----

Photo -  021 - opening of Dirt Track racing season -
photo of 16 cyclists lined up  includes
KIRKMAN - K.  and
TAYLOR - R.  England.

Photo - 022  -   95th  and 96th birthdays
HAMMOND -  Mr J.W.  of Upper Riccarton  and
JAMES -  William, of Pages rd,  celebrated their 95th  and  96th birthdays  on Saturday.

Photo -  023 - winners Canterbury swimming champs.
SYMES - D.H.  (Elmwood)  
CLIFF - C.  (East Christchurch)
HUGHES - Miss N.  (East Christchurch)
LOW - Miss R.  (Christchurch-United)
LOW - G.   (Christchurch-United)
HORSFALL - H. (East Christchurch)

Wednesday 30 January 1935
Photo -  024
DAVEY - Captain A.H.  with 2 young passengers,  excursion cruise of the Monowai, at Whangaroa, Russell and Great Barrier Island.

Photo -  025
DENNISTON - Mr Maurice E. of Wellington, former president of Christs College Old Boys --- has died.
MASON - Lieutenant - Colonel S.D. officer commanding the 1st Battalion -------
MATTHEWS -  C.H. of Christchurch,  won 3000 metres at Melbourne Centenary games.
BENSON - Professor W.N.  of University of Otago  returned to Great Britain ------

Photo -  026  -  bridesmaids at  Wedding -
KELLOW - FLOWER - Miss Edith  and Mr J.A. of Wanganui  at ---  Christchurch  
from left  - Miss Norah Kellow (Wellington)  Miss Nancy Moyes (New Plymouth)  Miss Alison Ross (Motueka)

Photo -  027
MERCER - Mr J.C.    managing director and chief pilot of Air Travel NZ Ltd   with company's Fox Moth machine at Waiho.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
7 August 2012
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