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Friday 2 February 1935
Photo -  001 -  Trade Commissioner lunch, Christchurch
Mr R.H.Nesbitt (Australian Trade Commissioner);       Mr F.W.Johnston (president Canterbury progress League)
Mr F.W.Hobbs, (president Canterbury Chamber of Commerce);    Mr P.R.Climie;   Mr J.Roy Smith;
Mr C.H.Burson,  (President Canterbury manufacturers Assoc.);  Mr J.W.Collins, (Trade Commissioner for NZ in Canada);

Tuesday  5 February 1935
Photo -  002
BADEN-POWELL-  Lord,  of Gilwell, Chief Scout  arrived in Auckland yesterday.

Photo -  003
Cadet Awards from St John's Gate London.  No 3 Cadet Ambulance division, Christchurch
CLARKE - Duncan,   
BUCKLEY - Basil,
MacFARLANE - Bruce 
EDE - Jack.

Obituary -  004
MORRISON - Mr Thomas,  for 52 years in service in Fire Brigade in Gisborne.

Photo -  005
SINCLAIR-BURGESS -  Sir William,  General Officer Commanding the NZ Forces 
                                            visiting Canterbury Regiment at Kowai Bush today.

Wednesday 6 February 1935
Photo -  007
FURNESS -  Mr R.P.  (President Marlborough Automobile Assoc.)

Photo - 008
MOFFATT - Mr W.J.  (Mayor of Nelson)
McKENZIE - Mr M. (Mayor of Blenheim)
RIDDELL -  Mr C.J.  (Mayor of Picton)

Photo - 009
STACE - Mr H.J.  (chairman Marlborough Electric Power Board)

Photo -  011
WEBB - Mr E.R.  of Christchurch, re-elected president of Canterbury Pilgrims and Early Settlers Assoc.
HARRIS - Mr Paul P. founder of Rotary  will visit NZ in April.

Photo -  012
Wigram  -  some of the Officers  of No.4   Squadron-
Flight Lieutenant J.H.M. SMITH;     Flying Officer G.C.V.BUCKLEY;  Pilot Officer H.N.MAJOR;  Squadron Leader J.L.FINDLAY;  
Flight Lieutenant H.B.BURRELL;    Flight Lieutenant W.J. SOMERSET-THOMAS;
Pilot Officer D.CAMPBELL;          Flight Lieutenant R.J.SINCLAIR;       Flying Officer F.R.DIX;  Flight Lieutenant H.W. DUFFEY;

Friday  15 February 1935
Photo -  013
BLACK - J.L.  broken his own course record (golf)  at Hutt Links, Wellington.

Photo -  014
PARGETER -  Mr T. Inspector of Health, Wanganui,  appointed Inspector of  Health,  Christchurch.
CAVANAGH - V.G.  will be Captain of Otago cricket team  next week against Canterbury ----
PHILLIPS - Mr E.K.  elected president of West Christchurch Old Boys' Assoc. in succession to Mr C.D.Sheppard

Saturday 16 February 1935
Photo -  015 - Women's English cricket team at Lancaster Park.

Photo -  016
LANGE -  Mr C.C.  of Invercargill,  elected president of NZ Master Bakers' and Pastrycooks Assoc.
CARL -  Mr J.D. appointed manager of Tivoli Theatre, Christchurch.

Funeral write - up - 017
DENT -  Rev. G.W.  in charge of Courtenay parish ----   service took place at St Paul's Churchyard, Papanui,
                        -----  lots of names  ----

Obituary -  018
DODSON -  Mrs Henry,  ---  of "The Hill" Cleveland rd, --  member of Nelson croquet Club  ---  
                    Mr Henry Dodson died 40 years ago,  5 children, 16 grandchildren,    children  named -----

Photo -  019  -  street appeal for Red Cross
Miss V.E.Fox;  Mrs A.J.Benzie;  Lady Wigram;  Mrs J.E.K.Brown;  Mrs P.R.Climie.

Photo -  020 -    certificate for bravery
NASH - Mr A.R.  of Waitaki Hydro,  saved a woman from drowning ---    presented by Mr F.I.Cowlishaw ----

Photo -  021 -  Flight Chch to Wanganui.
HEARN - Miss, (age 85) of Christchurch,  Mrs D.O.Rutherford,  and  Rev. J.R. Young,  at Wanganui Airport
                        ----- flew in Club's Fox Moth machine.

Monday 18 February 1935
Photo - 022
BROWNE - V.C. winning lightweight event  of Pioneer Motor Club  ------

Photo -  025
SNOWBALL -  Miss E.A.  and
HIDE - Miss M.  women cricketers   for England.

Trade Examination passes  -  026
Plumbing -  Cecil William Grigg;    Neville Hunter Humphrey;   (Blenheim)
Cabinet-making -  Alfred William Birchall (Dunedin)
Carpentry and Joinery -  Charles William Adie,  James Thom (Christchurch) Ivor Daniel Craig, Albert James Huia Henderson (Dunedin)
Mechanical Engineering - Samuel John Maddock (Dunedin) 
Plumbing - Kenneth McKenzie (Blenheim) intermediate
Mechanical Engineering - William Allan Brough,  Richard George Maddox,  Leslie Robert Page (Dunedin)  Frank Leslie Heywood (Christchurch)
Plumbing -  Ian Robert Caldow (Dunedin)

Photo -  027
WARING - Sir Holburt,  C.B.E.  arrived by Rangitki  to holiday in NZ.
WEATHERHOG - Rev T.P.  dean-designate of St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton   arrived last week from Rio de Janeiro.
MANING - Mr M.  of Hamilton,  arrived on Sat. ----    as manager of Christchurch Branch Bank of Australasia.

Tuesday 19 February 1935
Photo -  028  &  029
DAWSON - Mr A.  pictured with salmon he caught in the Waimak.

Photo -  030
DOUBLEDAY -  Mr F. of Ohoka rd, --  prize winning garden, Kaiapoi ----

Photo - 031
EARLE - Mr C.W.  C.M.G.  of Wellington,  (president of newspaper proprietors Assoc).  and
SMITH -  Mr C. Stanley,  of Dunedin,  will attend conference opening at Rotorua today.

Photo - 032
ROBERTSON - Mr J.McL.  cornet champ. of NZ in 1927,  ---   returned -----

Photo -  033
SIPPALA - Matti,  at Auckland Domain,   threw discus  and javelin ----   

Wednesday 20 February 1935
Photo -  034  -  14 men in photo  - 13  unamed.
Air Force training at Wigram -  members of No 1. Squadron of R.N.Z.A.F.
WALLINGFORD - Flight Lieutenant S.  of Hobsonville Air Base is adjutant

Photo -  035  -  institution of Fire Engineers - 5th annual conference, Christchurch.
Fireman T.L.Shield;  C.A.Penney;   C. Stevenson;  A.Cooper;
Station officers L.V.Gibson; D.Catley;  
Firemen - A.S.Shah;  C.Thompson; J.W.Hepburn;
Superintendent C.C.Warner (past president);  Superintendent W.H. Barnard (president)
Superintendent F.S.Simpson (vice-president)  Fireman F.J.Williams;
Photo -  037
SCHOLEFIELD - Dr G.H.  chief Parliamentary librarian -----
BUTTERFIELD -  L.  selected as member of Canterbury cricket team ----
VALENTINE - Mr H.  of Wellington,  presiding at 3rd convention of NZ Society Accountants at Auckland.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
10 August 2012
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