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Wednesday 3 April 1935
Photo -  001 -   presentation of gold medals
BOYD - Mr S.L.  wireman's registration examination
TUCKER - Mr E.J.    2 employees of the Minicipal Electricity Dept.
HITCHCOCK - Mr E. (general manager)
CROMB - Mr G.B.  (local rep. of Cable Manufacturers Assoc.
SULLIVAN - Mr S.L.  (Mayor)  presenting medals

Photo -  002
CHANEY -  Miss N.  won championship cup  Riccarton swimming club.

Photo -  003
CORNWELL - Mr F.D.  of Wellington,  represent workers at International labour conference at Geneva in June
HEPBURN -  Mr R.  president of Riccarton Citizens Assoc.  ----

Photo -  004
McDERMOTT -  Mr James  appointed Chief Telegraph Engineer ------
McSKIMMING - Mr P.W.  member for Clutha  ------

Photo -  005  -  Naval men visit Wigram
FINDLAY - Squadron Leader J.L.
PEARCE - Flying Officer C.W.
CARR - Lieutenant P.E.   (of HMS Canberra)
SOMERSET-THOMAS -  Flight Lieutenant V.J.
MANSON - Flying Officer

Photo -  006  members of Lord Galway's staff
PURVIS - Major A.F. (military secretary and comptroller)  &  Mrs
ROCHE - Sir Standish O'Grady (naval aide-de-camp) all arrived Wellington on Monday by "Monowai"

Photo -  007  -  Canterbury College crew for University tournament
from left -  J.Renaut (stroke);   M.Hunter;   M. Kirkcaldie;  J.Stewart;   R.W.White;  A.R. Currie; 
                C.Maddren;  J.M.Steeds;     to be held at Dunedin  at Easter.
Photo -  008
GALWAY  -  Lord & Lady    new Governor-General  arrived today on the "Rangitira"

Thursday 11 April 1935
Photo -  010
PAGE - Mr E.   of Wellington  appointed president of the Arbitration Court.
CRAIG - Dr G.  Comptroller of Customs  -- will retire after 44 years service.
NEALE - E.R, captain of Nelson cricket team  -----
Le CREN - Me E.J.  a well-known South Canterbury sportsman,  died at Timaru on Tuesday.

Monday 15 April 1935
Photo -  011 - elected officers at annual meeting  Christchurch Savage Club
MacGIBBON - Mr W.S.  (Great Chief)
HALL -  Dr Robinson E.  (vice-president)
BURNS - Mr M.J.  (vice-president)

Photo -  018
COX -  Mrs Sarah S.  a daughter of Bishop Harper  will be 95 today.

Life history -  019 & 020 & 021
COX -  Mrs Sarah S.   --- 56 descendants,  scholars, missionaries,  and business leaders ---  brother Mr George Harper  and sister Mrs Douglas  living in England
        ---  Mrs Cox,  b. 1840   left England in the "Egmont" in September 1856  with his wife, 4 of his sons  and 6 daughters   -----  grand double wedding  celebrated
        at Bishopscourt on 17 January 1860,  Miss Sarah Harper married Mr Charles Percy Cox  and Miss Emily Harper  married Mr J.B.Acland ----   
            Sarah had 10 children,  7 of whom are still living -  -----    all named  ----    25 grandchildren,  24 great grandchildren   -------   lots more  ---  

Photo -  017
HEENAN -  Mr J.W.  assistant Crown Law draughtsman  ----
CORDNER - Mr L.  a former manager for NZ Loan and Mercantile Co. Ltd  at Rakaia,  has died  in Christchurch.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
12 August 2012

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