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Saturday 6 January 1934
Funeral Notices  -  001
WALKER -  George,   will leave --  this day  at 2pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
TOMLINSON -  Alice Emily,  will leave ---  this day  at 2pm  for Bromley Cemetery.
SIMONSEN - Isabella Jane,  leave res. of sister Mrs P. Williamson,  this day  for the Waimari Cemetery.
BRODRICK -  Patrick James,  will leave - Sunday --  at 2pm  for the Bromley Cemetery.
FITCH -  Jane Elizabeth,  this day  ---  for Avonside Churchyard.
WENMOUTH -  Edward Albert,  will leave ---   this day  for the Woolston Cemetery.

Wednesday 21 March 1934
Funeral Notices  -  003
THACKWELL -  Jane, will leave res -----   this day for the Bromley Cemetery.
GEORGE - David,  will leave ---  on Thursday 22nd  for the Bromley Cemetery.
CROWLEY -  Mary Ellen,  will leave res. of brother-in-law Mr Denis O'Neill  ----    for the Bromley Cemetery.
ROUND - Daniel Joseph,  will leave his res. ---  this day  for the Waimari Cemetery.
HUNTER - James,  will leave res. of daughter Mrs Heney,  for the Bromley Cemetery.
ALLEN -  Donald Robert,  son of  Mr and Mrs Alexander Allen,  --- for the Ellesmere Cemetery.
WILSON -  Ethel Dorcas,  will leave her parents res.  -----for the Ashburton Cemetery

Tuesday 27 March 1934

Funeral Notices  -  005
GRAY - Mrs Irene Salma  will leave res. of her mother Mrs E.E.Johnson, ---   for the Kaiapoi Cemetery

Saturday 31 March 1934

Funeral Notices  -  006
FRENCH - Robert,  will leave his res. ---  this day  -- for the Sydenham Cemetery.
BRAY - Mary Ann,  will leave her res. Greenpark  for the Lincoln Cemetery.
ALDERSON - Violet,  will leave -- Papanui  for the Bromley Cemetery

Wednesday 11 July 1934
Funeral Notices  -  007
GREENFIELD - Harry,  will leave his res. ---  Thursday 12 July  for the Bromley Cemetery
KEMPTHORNE -  Kathleen Agnes,  will leave her res. ---  on Thursday  for the Weedons Cemetery
HOLMES - George Richard,  will leave his res. ---   Sefton,  for the Balcairn Cemetery.
ADAIR -   Thomas,  will leave his res. Kaikoura,  Thursday  ---
HOLMES - George,  Loyal Amberley Lodge ----       this day Wednesday  for the Balcairn Cemetery.

Wednesday 22 August  1934

Births -  004 -  email for more details

Deaths -  002
BALL -  bel. wife of G.F. Ball,  on 21 August   aged 50.
D'OYLY - John Richard,  on 19 August at London, England,  son of late R.E. D'Oyly  of Wellington,  aged 39
DYER -  Samuel Francis,  on 21 August  --- son of Kate John and Elizabeth F. Dyer,  in his 71st year.
GRANT -  Mary,  on 21 August, widow of Robert,  in her 76th year.
HANCOCK - Julia, on 21 August  4th dau. of late Thomas,  in her 81st year.
HARRIS -  Joyce,  on 21 August,  at Blenheim,  bel. wife of Albert,  in her 43rd year    -------
MURPHY -  May Field, on 20 August  at Timaru,  bel. wife of Edward,  aged 54  ------
PAYNE - Alister Malcolm,  on 21 August  at Grey River Hosp.  2nd son of Mr and Mrs Sydney Payne,  Otira,  aged 4 yrs ----
ROTHWELL -  James,  on 21 August,  at Chch,  loved hus. of Henrietta,  aged 51.
SMITH -  Mary,  on 21 August, at Totara Valley, Pleasant Point,   bel. wife of Moulds,  in her 81st year.
WALKER -  Charles James,  on 21 August  at his res. ---  bel. hus of Rose,  in his 82nd year.

In Memoriam -  005
TINKER -  "Dell"  who died 22 August 1929 -----

Funeral Notices  -  010
ROTHWELL -  James,  will leave --   this day Wednesday  for the Bromley Cemetery.
HARRIS -  Joyce,  will leave from her sister Mrs W. Dean res.. ---  for the Gebbies Valley Cemetery
DYER - Samuel Francis,  will leave res. of his sister Mrs M.J.Suckling -----   this day  for the Waimari Cemetery.
GRANT - Mary,  will leave from her res. ---  on Thursday  for the Linwood Cemetery.
HANCOCK - Julia,  will leave ---   Thursday  for the Papanui Churchyard.
BALL -  Emily -  will leave her res.  Thursday --  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
CRAWFORD - James Melville Balfour,  will leave ----  Wednesday --  for the Bromley Cemetery.
SMITH -  wife  of Mr Moulds,  for the Pleasant Point Cemetery.

Thursday 23 August 1934
Deaths -  013
BULL -  Charlotte Mary, on 22 August,  bel. wife of late Edwin,  late Mt. Somers
LENNON -  Francis,  on 18 August  at Waipiata,  4th son of Mr and Mrs William Lennon --
                        Ashburton,  hus of Eileen Margaret,  Dunedin,  aged 32.
MOORHEAD -  Jane,  on 22 August  at  Southbridge,  widow of Michael,   aged 92.
WEBB -  John Richard,   at his res. -- Lyttelton,   in his 89th year.
WHITEHOUSE -  Edwin,  (Rev.)  on 22 August,  at -- Ashburton,    in his 88th year.

In Memoriam -  012
BENNETT -  Winnie,  died 23 August 1932 ----
BLAKEWAY -  Ted,  died 23 August 1931 ----
DOCKERY -  Ellen,  died 23 August 1930 ----
ROWNEY - Andrew,  died 23 August 1931  ----

Funeral Notices  -  009
HANCOCK - Julia,  will leave -- Papanui  this day,  for the Papanui Churchyard.
GRANT - Mary, ---  will leave Sydenham  for the Linwood Cemetery.
MOORHEAD -  Mrs M.  will leave her res.   for the Ellesmere Public Cemetery.
WALKER - Charles James,   will leave -- New Brighton  for the Bromley Cemetery.
WEBB -  John Richard,    will leave -- Lytttelton,   for the Public Cemetery.
WHITEHOUSE - Edwin,  --  will leave   Ashburton  for the  Ashburton Cemetery.
BULL -  Charlotte Mary,  will leave ---- Timaru  

Saturday 22 December 1934
Funeral Notices -  014
ADAMSON -  John Allan,  will leave res. of parents  Mr and Mrs J.A.  ----  for the Bromley Cemetery.
NANKIVELL - George Henry,  this day --  for the Bromley Cemetery..

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
2 August 2012

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