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Saturday 1 September 1934
Photo  -  001
BROWNING -  Mr R. of Christchurch  --last day as secretary and treasurer of Lawn tennis assoc.

Photo -  002
CADDICK -  Mr Charles I. of Wellington,  contributes an article today.
WALTON -  Lieutenant-Colonel Grenville,  of Berkshire,  accompany Chief Scout and Guide on world tour.

Photo -  003
FLEMING - Mr W.A.  manager Ashburton branch of Messrs Pyne Gould Guinness,  appointed  manager of Timaru branch

Photo -  004
HILL -  Mr R.H. of Christchurch,  re-elected president of Waitaki Old Boys' Assoc.

Hotel destroyed  -  Greymouth - 005
MOORE -  Mr  E.  licensee of Albion Hotel,  Wallsend, destroyed by fire ---   

Monday 3 September 1934

Photo -  006
ADAMS -  Dr G.J.  of Wanganui,  elected president of Assoc. of Kindred Clubs (Savage and Orphans Clubs)
THORNE -  Dr A.R. of Bendigo, Victoria,  appointed Superintendent of Wellington Hosp.
WOOD -  Rev. N.R.  minister in charge of Linwood Baptist,  going to Petone Church.
KENNEDY -  Mr J.  former Mayor of Geraldine  died at Hanmer on Friday.

Photo & text -   007, 008, 009
EATON -  Rev. C.   president of Methodist Conference at laying of foundation stone at Kaiapoi.

Tuesday 4 September 1934

Obituary -  010
SIVYER - Pastor Frederick James,  for 6 years pastor of Nelson Church of Christ ---- age 47,  born Gympie, Queensland,
                    was engaged in several churches in Australia before accepting a call to Nelson,  leaves a widow and 1 child.

Wednesday 5 September 1934

Photo -  011
BOOTH -  Commissioner Evangeline, dau. of founder (General William Booth)  elected General of the Salvation Army.

Photo -  012
CROLL - Mr G.R. superintendent engineer of NZ and Australia to Thomas Borthwick and Sons,  retired after 29 years

Obituary -  013
DODSON -  Mrs H.  wife of Herbert Dodson of Atawhai, Wakapuaka.  graduated B.A. Canterbury College in 1894, -- 
                        early pupil of Nelson Girls; College to gain a degree --    married in 1902 
                             survived by husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters,  all named.

Photo -  014
DOUGALL -  Mr J.J. Christchurch barrister,  who has died on Monday
IHLE -  Mr A.H., 2nd assistant, District Public Trustee of Auckland,  appointed to Greymouth.

Photo - 015
HOOPER -  Flying Officer, a New Zealander with Royal Air Force in Iraq is visiting NZ.

Photo -  016  - Colonel Stewart  meets war-time associates -
From left - Colonel M.M. Gard'ner;  Colonel G.J.Smith;  Colonel Hugh Stewart;  Lieutenant-Colonels J. Murphy, A.C.McKillop;
                    R.C.Wickens;  F.B.Creswell;  A.E.Loach;  S.P.C.Nicholls;

Monday 10 September 1934

Photo -  017
MARTIN -  Mr C. M.  NZ manager of the A.M.P. Society  --appointed secretary ---- Sydney.
CAREY -  Mr A.H.  manager Bank of NZ  at Greymouth,  will retire after 42 years
DUTHIE - Mr Norman,  of Auckland,  appointed inspector under the Companies (Special Investigation Act)

Photo -  018
TAIAROA -  Mrs Tini Kerei,  widow of Hon.Hori Kerei Taiaroa M.L.C.  --- oldest woman of the Ngaitahu tribe ----
                            funeral took place  at Taumutu Maori Churchyard.

Saturday 15 September 1934
Photo -  019
ACTON-ADAMS -  Mr W.M. of Clarence Reserve Station, Kaikoura,  has died -----
ADAMS -  Colonel F.  of England,  appointed territorial commander for NZ Salvation Army.

Photo -  020
GRIFFITHS -  J.H.  commerce students who will take part in debate with Otago University team.
LAKE - H.R. (leader)
FOATE - M.F.  

Photo -  021
KILROY - Rev. Brian, of St Paul's Pres. Church, Oamaru,  accepted for St Andrew's Church, Wellington.
NASH -  Mr J.A.  M.P.   chairman of Monetary Committee  ----

Photo -  022
LOUGHNAN - Mr R.A. of Wellington,   a  prominent NZ journalist   has died aged 93.

Photo -  023
WEBB -  Mrs Leicester C.  of Christchurch,  contributes an article  today.

Photo -  024
WINSOR - Mr W.H. elected president  of Canterbury cricket  and
LUTTRELL -  Mr E.E.  been secretary  for 21 years.

Thursday 20 September 1934
Photo -  025 -    visit by members of Royal Empire Society
McKELLAR -  Mr C. G.  taken at his home with  visitors
CHAPMAN -  Mr G.A.H. (leader of party)  and

Photo -  026  -  Australian Women's Golf team.
From left -  Miss C. Lascelles,  Miss L. Bailey,  Miss M. McLeod,  Miss J. Hammond
sitting -  Miss R.Austin, (Manager)  Mrs Clive Robinson (captain)

Photo -  027
HAMILTON - Mr Gordon,  of Hapuku, will contest Huruni seat  next election.
OLPHERT - Mr J.W.  of Napier,  selected as manager of NZ secondary schools athletic team for Centenary Games.

Photo -  028  -  Members of Royal Empire Society on tour.
McKELLAR - Mr C.G.  of Riccarton,  photographed with members of Christchurch branch
                            27 people in photo

Obituary -  029
TIDD -  Mrs Louisa Emma,  age 89,  born Brightwater, --  parents Mr and Mrs MIDGLEY, arrived in Nelson 1839 and 1840 
                 in 1866 married late Thomas Tidd  --- survived by 3 sons and 6 daughters  (all named)
                         40 grandchildren,  52 great grandchildren.

Photo -  030
HALL -  Air Marshal Sir Robert Clark,  arrived Christchurch from London  with his family  to settle here.
HOME -  Brigadier-general A.F. visiting Christchurch  -------

Monday 24 September 1934

Photo -  031 -  Linwood Tennis Club Jubilee
BROOME -  Mr J. (president)   presenting trophy to
WILLIAMSON -  Miss F.    womens' champion.

Photo -  032
CORNEY -  Rev. S.  vicar of St Peters, Kaikoura, which   celebrates its  60th ann. at the weekend.

Photo -  034 -  cycle road race
WATSON - H.G.    passing through Chertsey
AITKEN - D. (Kaikoura)  the winner.  8hr.  40min.  27 sec.

Photo -  035
ROWLEY - Mr L.E.  assistant secretary to Canterbury Education Board   appointed secretary  -----

Photo -  036 -  Canterbury Pilgrims reunion
WEBB -  Mr E.R. (president)
ROSS -  Misses R.  and M.
JOHNSON -  Mr and Mrs T.S.

Photo -  037 -  Canterbury Chamber of Commerce
WRIGHT - Mr A.F. (retiring president)
HOBBS -  Mr F.W. (president-elect)
MacGIBBON -  Mr John (retiring vice-president)
STEVEN - Mr L.G.K. (vice-president elect)

Tuesday 25 September 1934
Photo  -  038 -  Golden Wedding
BARKER -  Mr and Mrs H.  of Darfield,  -------

Photo -  039  - charity rugby match proceeds
CUMMINGS -  Mr D.J. and
BARNETT -  Cr. J.S.  and
KERSLEY - Mr C.H.   

Photo -  040
HALES -  Mr E.O.  superintendent of State Advances dept.  appointed Public trustee
VANDERBILT - Mr H.S.  captain of yacht rainbow  in America's cup race
MORGAN - Captain L.V.    inspected Canterbury division of Royal Naval Volunteer reserves.

Photo -  041 - Council of Chamber of Commerce
HURST - Mr H.C. (Hurst and Drake Ltd)
NEWBURGH - Mr W.S. (W.S.Newburghand Co.)
PORTER - Mr P.L.  (Chch manager, BNZ)
THOMPSON - Mr A.R. (Chch manager Union Steamship Co.)
WARD - Sir Cyril,  (Kinsey & Co. Ltd)
WRIGHT - Mr S.L. (Woolston Tanneries Ltd)

Photo -  042
LYTTLE -  Mrs C.R.  of Windsor Tce, Avonside

Wednesday 26 September 1934

Photo -  043
BILLSON -  Mr G.E. of Christchurch, elected vice-president in London of Royal Life-Saving Society.
BRAIN - Mr L.J.  left England on a flight  to Australia   --- airmail service.

Photo -  045 -  Canterbury Employers' Association.
HOLLAND - Mr S.G.    presided  ---    and
BLACKWELL -  Mr W.F.  accepted nomination for president for ensuing year.

Photo -  046
HOY -  Mr C.E.  re-elected president of Canterbury and Westland branch NZ Real Estate Institute of NZ.

Photo -  047 - Methodist Church Flower Show.
From left -  Mr J.White;   Mr T. May;   Rev. T.Coatsworth (president)  Mr W.A. Rowse (secretary)  Mr H. Bennett.

Obituary -  048
WARD -  Mr R.A.S.  aged 92,  an old resident of Nelson,  born Surrey, England,  apprenticed to building trade ---
                     left London ship "Ocean Mail" arriving Nelson 9 November 1874. married at Brixton, Christchurch, England,
                         in 1864 to Maria Ann Chandler,  who died 39 years ago.       ----   
                         leaves 6 children (all named)      ---  25 grandchildren  and 9 great grandchildren.

Thursday 27 September 1934
Photo -  049  -  Tasman Cup Golf Match
ROBINSON -  Mrs C.  and
KAY -  Miss O.   were the captains of the Australia  and NZ teams.  at Titirangi links ---

Photo -  050
TRIPP -  Mr L.O.H.  of Wellington,  been re-elected president of NZ Acclimatisation Society
MORAN -  Dr H.M.  an eminent Sydney specialist visiting Christchurch ----
LYNCH -  Mr J.M.  secretary of Messrs C.E.Otley Ltd.  completed 30 years service ---
HALL -  Mr J.D.  of Christchurch,   proposed as an honourary life member of NZ farmers' Union.

Photo -  051
CAREY -  Mr W.R.  retiring president of Canterbury Automobile Assoc.
HARMAN -  Mr P.R.  elected president of Canterbury Lawn tennis Assoc.

Saturday 29 September 1934
Photo - 054
WHITEHEAD -  Ven. Archdeacon L.G.  warden of Selwyn College,  contributes an article today.

Photo -  055  - South Island Motor Union.
From left -   Rev. James Hay (Waimate);  Mr J. Palliser, (South Canterbury);  Mr M.S.Holmes (Southland);  Dr S.A. Gibbs (Nelson);
Messrs   W. O'Callaghan (president, North island Motor Union);  J.R.Haigh, (Southland);    F.W.Johnston (president South island Motor Union) ; 
               A.E. Ansell, M.P. (Otago);   W.G.Walkley (secretary, North Island Motor Union); 
               M.H.Wynyard (motorists representative on main highways board);  R.P. Furness (Blenheim);  F.J. Williams (president Otago Motor Club);
                P.R.Harman (secretary South island Motor union);  F.W.Sutton (secretary Otago Motor Club);

Photo -  056
TURNER - Mr W. of Christchurch  elected last night district president of NZ Poultry producers' federation.
HARRISON - Mr S.M.  Chief postmaster at Auckland  since 1931    has died yesterday

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
23 July 1934
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