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Monday 8 October 1934
Photo -  001 - Jubilee Christchurch Bowling Club.
DIXON -   Mrs   bowling 1st bowl,   Mr D. (president)

Inquest  -  002  - Aeroplane Fatality - New Plymouth  
GREEN -  S.J.  and
AUSTIN -  J.A.  killed in an aeroplane disaster on slopes of Mt Egmont on 13 September   ---  witnesses -  Dr H.P.Grey,  one of the search party ---  
                    Robert Burrows, of Kaimiro, farmer and trapper  ----- Ian Keith,  chief instructor for the Western Federated Aero Club ----  
                         Ian Anderson,  a mechanic -----  lots more ---

Photo -  004
HOLDSWORTH -  C.    Golf champion  at Shirley   ----

Photo -  005
JAMESON - K.S.  and
HANSEN -  J.M.  champions at Christ's College sports.

Photo -  006
JOHNS -  Mr Arthur,  manager for NZ  of Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society --  transferred to Melbourne.
McKENZIE -  Rev. G.M.  of Taihape,  appointed headmaster cathedral Grammar  School in Christchurch.

Photo - 007
McKENZIE -  Mr Clutha,  director of NZ   Institute of Blind  with
FRASER - Sir Ian  & Lady Fraser  and daughter  Jean  at civic welcome

Memorial Service  - 008
STEWART - Colonel Hugh,  who died at Akaroa on his way back to England  was held in Christ's College chapel ---   came from Aberdeen,   
                            -------- came to NZ to occupy a chair at Canterbury College ------  lots more -----

Photo -  009
WEST -  Mr T.W.  elected chairman of Board of Governors of Christchurch Technical College, in succession to Mr McGregor Wright.
GIBSON -  Mr T.F. of Christchurch elected president of Christ's College Old Boys' Assoc.

Tuesday 9 October 1934
Photo -  010
ASHFORD -  Rev. D.B.  of New Brighton,  induction  to Rakaia Pres. Church,  today.
DALLASTON -  Rev. Charles,  of Dunedin,  whose has died ---  pastor of Oxford  tce Baptist (Chch)  from 1877 - 1891.

Photo -  012 - Bomber Squadron officer No 2  Pilots
Front row -  Capt. J.M.Twhigg (NZMC);    Flt Lieuts. E.Rawnsley;  H.C.Lloyd;   Sqd Ldr G.L.Stedman (officer commanding);
                         Flt Lieuts. S.A.Gibbons;  M.W. Buckley (adjutant);  K.W.Hall.
Back row -  Fly Offrs H.T.S. Weston;   C.C. Waite;  J.W.Craig;  Flt. Lieut. A.C.Gerrand;  Fly Offir W.G.LinklaterPilot offir A.E.Upchurch;

Photo  -  013
BUCKLIN -  Mr G.A.  succeed Mr Calvin M.Hitch as American Consul-General at Wellington ----
HUGGINS -  Mr J.W. of Christchurch appointed Chief City Inspector   replacing Mr L. Hardie who died recently.
SHAW -  Mr A.J.  Wellington professional  won NZ open golf championship  for 6th time in last 9 years.

Photo -  015
FRASER -   Sir  Ian Fraser  and
SULLIVAN - Mr D.G. (Mayor)  and
McKENZIE -  Mr Clutha,   and
HOLLAND -  Mr H.  M.P.    at Civic Reception  for Sir Ian.

Wednesday 10 October 1934
Coming of Age Party -  016
CARSON -  Ivan, son of Mr and Mrs W. Carson,  celebrated his 21st birthday -------- list of names ---

Photo -  018
SARAZEN -  Gene,  lowered the course record by 2 strokes in his 1st game at Royal Sydney Club.
DASH -  Mr George, of Waimate,  elected chairman South Canterbury Electric Power Board.

93rd Birthday  -  019  & 019a
TAYLOR -  Mr G.J.  of Madras st,   ----     has a large garden,  -- age 15  when came to NZ with his parents in the
                    Joseph Fletcher   in 1856,  -----  remembers going to the Great Exhibition in 1851 ----- lots more ---

Photo -  020
TAYLOR -  Mr G.J. of Christchurch, a member 0f Canterbury Pilgrims' and Early Settlers' Assoc.  will be 93 tomorrow.
HAWLEY - Mr A.W. of Wellington,  appointed NZ rep. of Federation of British Industries.

Saturday 27 October 1934
Photo - 012
BEANLAND - Mr J.W.  chairman of the works committee of Christchurch City Council,  with the Town Clerk
NEVILLE -  Mr J.S. who celebrated his 60th birthday  on Thursday.

Photo -  022
BOULTER -  Mr R.  his Majesty's Trade commissioner in NZ.   will arrive in Christchurch tomorrow.
HEPBURN - Mr R.  of Christchurch,  contributes an article today ---
BRYAN -  Mr Gordon,  examiner for the Associated Board of Royal School of Music.  

Photo -  023
HALE - Mr W.H.  (a past president)  and
WORNALL -  Mr C.A.  (secretary)   at the Amberley Show yesterday

Photo -  024
LOFFHAGEN - Mr George,  on Speculator, taking a jump ---
BRIGGS -  Mr W. (vice-president)  
WORNALL - Mr S.  (president)  
HISLOP -  Mr A.  (vice-president)  at the Amberley Show.

Photo -  025
TUCKER - Peggy  and
DORREEN -  Alva,  senior and junior champions  at Avonside Girls' High School sports.

Monday 29 October 1934
Photo  -  026 -  70th Ann. Canterbury Rowing Club.
from left -  Messrs J.R. Morrison;    F.I.Cowlishaw (president);    C.Buchanan,    R.J.Hobbs;    H.Ayers;    G.Beauchamp;
                    W.H.Evans;    W.Wilson;

Photo  -  027
HILLIARD - Rev. Canon W.G.  consecrated as Bishop of Nelson yesterday.
GASKELL - Captain  J.H.  R.D  R.N.R  master of Shaw Savill  new cargo steamship  Waiwera
Photo -  028
MORRISH -  Miss Nancy, presented with  winning trophy by Mr E.D.R.  SMITH, at Rangiora Golf Club closing day.

Photo -  & text  -  029  & 030
Canterbury Rowing Club's 75th Anniversary dinner,  
COWLISHAW -  Mr F.I.  president for more than 20 years, with him Mr George Harper ---  C.D. Morris,  J.F.Grierson,  J.R.Morrison, 
                        R.J.Hobbs,  C.F.Turner,  D.Lee,  F.D. Kesteven,   --------  lots more ------

Tuesday 30 October 1934
Photo  -  031
RYALL -  Mr John,  of Barrytown,  completed 30 yrs service as member of Grey County Council.
GIFFORD - Mr A.C. of Wellington,  appointed Donovan Lecturer in Astronomy in NZ.

Photo -  032
RIDLEY - Mr H.C. sales manager of Christchurch Gas Company  and  
PRICE -  Mr A.W.  manager of distribution dept.  will retire tomorrow after 44  and 51  years of service.

Photo -  033
TAYLOR  - Captain P.G.  navigator for Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith  --------

Photo -  034
NICHOLSON -  Dr Sydney H. formerly organist at Westminster Abbey, will arrive in Christchurch today.
SLADEN - Mr Irving,  a Christchurch business returned yesterday from a trip abroad.
WILSON -  Mr A. management staff of J.C.Williamson Dubarry Co.  who has resigned.

Photo -  035
SCOTT -  Professor,  portrait of  painted by Mr A.F.NICOLL  of Christchurch  presented to Canterbury College next week ----

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
26 July 2012
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