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Friday 2 March 1934
Photo -  001     Prominent men of the Pastoral Industry
HALE - Mr W.H.
COOP -  Mr J.O.
SYMONDS - Mr L.Harold.
JONES - Mr David

Photo  -  003
SMITH - Mr Justice, chairman of Native Affairs Commission -----
ILOT -  Mr J.M.A. governing director of Messrs J.Ilot Ltd, advertising agents  -----
JONES -  Mr A.H.B. manager of Christchurch branch of Bank NSW  under transfer to Wellington ---
ASTILL -  Mr J.E. of Wellington,  lately of head office Sydney  will succeed Mr Jones.

Saturday 3 March 1934
Photo  -  005
WRIGHT -  Miss G.M.  judging young stock show  -- Rabbit Breeders Assoc.

Photo - 006
HALL - Derek M.  son of George Hall, of Messrs Booth, Macdonald and Co.  joining training ship Worcester ----
JAMES -  Rev. Whitby,  of Hawera,  will be preacher at Cathedral tomorrow ---
KERR - Mr A.D.  appointed to succeed Mr G.M.SMITH  as manager of Christchurch branch of Messrs John Burns and Co.Ltd.

Photo -  007
RUTHERFORD - Professor J.  arrived by the Tamaroa  from England  -----
SEWALL - Professor W.A.  new occupant of Chair of English,  at Auckland University
POCOCK -  Professor L.G.  M.A. of Christchurh  

Photo -  008   Third Wool Sale
NOSWORTHY - Sir William,
WARD -  Sir Cyril,
CLARK  - Mr Frank
PIAT - Mr H.

Monday 5 March 1934
Photo  -  009     Athletic Meeting
Messrs  J.K.Moloney,  W.Flewellyn,  Mr R. Beattie,  Dr W.S.Seed,  Dr A.L.Haslam,  MrT.E.Hampson,  J.P.Metcalfe,  E.W.Barwick.

Photo -  010
JOHNSTON - Mr D.G.  of Wellington,  a member of Native Affairs Commission.

Photo -  011   High Jump record
METCALFE -  J.P.  beating NZ record.

Photo -  012
THOMAS - Mr C.S.  elected president of Canterbury Law Society

Saturday 10 March 1934
Photo  -  013  - Ladies Champion of Champions Bowls match
Mesdames Campbell, Templeton, Dickson (Linwood Club winner)  Olliver  and Crawford.

Photo -  014
FALLA -  Mr N.S. rejoined staff of Union Steam Ship Co.  as joint general manager with Mr A.W.WHEELER.
JACKSON - Mr W.E.  appointed manager for Messrs Gordon & Gotch Ltd ---- succession to Mr Alexander GRAY.
OSBORNE - Mr A.  appointed general manager of NZ Fruit Growers Assoc. resignation of Mr H.E.NAPIER

Photo -  015
WESTON - Dr ?.W.  of Canterbury Agricultural College ---
TYLEE -  Rev. F.J. of St John's pres. Lyttelton -- celebrate 70th ann, tomorrow.
NICHOLL -  Mr R.H. (Petone)  leading in National Rifle assoc. at Trentham.

Tuesday 13 March 1934
Photo  -  016
HILL -  Mr C.  of Greenpark,  photo of his 2 exceptionally well built haystacks.

Photo  -  017
LILLY -  Mr Arthur,  A.R.C.O.  organ and choirmaster at Holy Trinity Church Avonside,   ----
BAYFIELD -  Mr A.D.  of Wellington,  appointed manager for Federal Steam Navigation Company in succession to Mr N.S.FALLA.

Wednesday 14 March 1934
Accidents  & Fatalities  -  018
ECKERSLEY -  Mr Holland,   killed at Denniston mine  -------   survived by widow and 1 son. ----
CLARKE - Mr, received a compound fracture when hit by a car in Wellington -----
MACK -  Gordon,  aged 20 mill hand  of Taumarunui,  killed   at work ----
SUTTON -  Mrs A.  fell from her bicycle,     is ok.

Photo -  019
BATTEN - Miss Jean, of Auckland,  who will start a flight from England to Australia on 16 April in a Gipsy Moth.
NORTH -  Mr H.A.C.  of Christchurch  has accepted an invitation to be an accountant to investigate the Tramway Board.
ANDERSON -  Mr James,  formerly City treasurer and accountant  appointed with Mr North -----
HAYTER -  Captain S.W.  in command of new motorship Port Chalmers  arrived Lyttelton yesterday.

Thursday 15  March 1934
Fatality   -  020
ANDERSON - Theodore, a bootmaker,  aged 72  was drowned  (Wellington)  ------

Photo  -  021
ANDERSON - Mr Hugh appointed managing director of Andersons Ltd  succeeds his uncle Mr John Anderson ------

Fatality  -  022
BAIGENT -  Alfred Charles,  aged 47, married,    survived by wife and 2 sons and 2 daughters --------

Photo - 022a
DICK - R.S. of McGlashan College (Dunedin)  bowling in match against St Andrew's.

Accidents & fatalities -  023
ENEMY -  Percy,  aged 27 of New Plymouth,  thrown from a horse ----  died this evening ---
TAYLOR -  Alice Lilian,  aged 21  found dead -----   in Wellington ----

Obituary  -  024
FLANAGAN -  Mr Frederick William,  a former Valuer-general in NZ  ret. 31 December 1925,  died Sydney ----  more ---

Photo  -  026
GLOVER -  Mr P.W.  formerly assistant to Dr Coleridge Farr  --   on leave in Christchurch.

Obituary   -  027
PALLISER -  Charles Frederick Wray Bury,  C.M.G.  born 1854 joined NZ civil service in 1873  -- ret. in 1916.

Photo  - 029
ROSE -  Mr W.H.  elected Moderator of Christchurch Presbytery in succession to Rev. L. McMASTER.

Saturday 17  March 1934
Photo  -  031
GRIFFITHS -  Mr George D. formerly Christchurch won Alfred Bossom Travelling Studentship and Medal of Royal Institute of Architecture.
BIRKINSHAW - Dr F.T. of Amberley,  contributes an article --

Photo  -  032 -   North Canterbury Calf Club  
PIERCE - William,  of Hawarden D.H.S.  winner of Challenge Cup  -----
WRIGHT - Mr W.L.  (chairman of school committee)
MACKIE - Mr H.J.  (Headmaster)

Photo -  033
ROSSER -  Mr Arthur, of Auckland,  elected president of federation NZ Justices' Assoc.
IRVING - Dr William  leave next week to live in England,  been in practice in Christchurch  34 years.

Photo -  034
BARRER -  Mr B.A.  elected  president of Canterbury College Students Assoc.
COLQUHOUN - Colonel D.  D.S.O.  will deliver an address on Anzac day in Christchurch

Photo -  035
HAHN  -  Mr L.G.  taken at Wigram yesterday  rep. Press on photographic flight over Southern Alps.
         also some beautiful full page photos  of the Alps  which I have if anyone wants them.

Monday 19  March 1934
Photo  -  036  Passengers on board the "Southern Cross"  included -
TOSSWILL - Mr R.T.  of Christchurch
SCOTT -  Mr A.F.  of Christchurch
OETKEN - Dr F.A.  
KINGSFORD-SMITH -  Mr Wilfred,  

Tuesday 20 March 1934
Photo  -  037
EASTERFIELD -  Mr T.E.  of Canterbury College,  awarded Cook Memorial in Mathematics.
BRUCE - Hon.H.A.  Minister for Public Works,  visiting Christchurch.

Photo -  038
ROSINDALE -  Mr Matthew, celebrated his 90th  birthday yesterday.

Write-Up  - 039
ROSINDALE -  came to NZ in 1884  on "Ionic"   verger at Avonside Church for 32 years,  born Kirkdale, near Liverpool, 
                    served apprentice as ironfounder,  -----   has 3 daughters living, and 7 grandchildren  and 5 great grandchildren.

Wednesday 21 March 1934
Photo -  040
BARNETT -  Sir Louis,  gave a lecture in Christchurch on Open-Air-Schools' League.
ASHLEY -  Mr W.F.  of Napier, appointed engineer to Westland County Council.

Thursday 22 March 1934
Photo  -  042  - Women's Provincial Bowls tournament
STUBBS -  Mrs   and
WALKER -  Mrs  on the Linwood green.

Photo  -  043
HELSON -  Mr G.A.H.  of Canterbury College,  awarded a National Research Scholarship.
WARNOCK -  Rev. R. of St Albans Pres. Church elected president of Christchurch Ministers' Assoc.
PAGE -  Mr F.J. a Christchurch pianist,   --------

Photo  - Wedding  -  044
TODD - WATSON -   Dr W.G.Todd  and Miss Thelma M.Watson,  leaving St Andrew's Church yesterday.

Saturday 24  March 1934
Photo  -  047
LOCKWOOD - Mr G.G.  of Christchurch  ----
BRUNTON -  Mr  L.R.  a former wicketkeeper for Canterbury  has died  ----
GILRAY - Mr Colin  M.  principal John McGlashin College  appointed headmaster of Scotch College, Melbourne.

Photo -  046   -  Life saving Championship.
Members of the Technical College A. team who won the Monica Thacker Shield.
Gwen NICOLLE,  Dorothy SANDERS (Captain)    Edna THOMAS,  Venetia REGISTER,  Miss F.O.BOOTH (instructor)

Monday 26 March 1934
Photo  -  048  -  Secondary schools' tennis tournament -
ARMSTRONG -  K.  (Rangi-Ruru)  the winner
TURNBULL -  T.  runner-up.  (Rangi-Ruru)

Photo  -  049  - Champion Rink

Photo  -  050  -  Teachers of other days -
Diamond Jubilee Celebrations  at Normal School.
GRAND -  Miss N.
WILSON -  Mr W.  (the only survivor of first 4 masters of the school)

Tuesday 27 March 1934
Photo -  052
BRAINSBY -  H.K. holder of the NZ hop,step and jump championship -------

Photo -  053   -  bowls match for the Bulloch Blade Cup
LAMBERT -  Mr A.J. (president)
ROSE - Mr Arthur,
McDUFF -  Mr A.M.
McGILLIVRAY - Mr J.O.  (Secretary)

Retirement of Methodist Minister  -  055
HENDERSON -  Rev. S.  after 42 years, the last 5 at Rangiora ----   commenced in England  --- came to NZ 40 years ago --  

Photo  -  056  -   Canterbury College scholarship winners.
PEPPER -  Miss Dulcie F.  (Helen Macmillan Brown Bursary)
HARROW - Miss Kathleen  (Robert Bell Scholarship)

Photo  -  057  -  Canterbury Secondary Schools tennis Tournament
CORICH - I.   ( finalists in boys' doubles)
McCANN -  N.

Photo  -  058
TRUDGEON - Mr J.T.  of Canterbury College awarded Butterworth Prize for Law for 1933
CUNNINGHAM -  Commissioner J.  head of salvation Army in NZ.
KITTO - Mr R.L.M.  a member of firm Pyne Gould, Guinness Ltd, will retire shortly

Wednesday 28 March 1934
Photo -  059
BULL -  Miss Joan E. of Canterbury College  awarded Charles Cook Warwick House Memorial Scholarship.
THOMPSON - Mr A.R. of New Plymouth  succeeds Mr J.N.GREENLAND  as Christchurch manager Union Steamship Co.

Photo  -  060
KRISHNAMWRITI -  Mr Jiddu, Indian philosopher arrived Auckland  on a visit
OSBORNE -  Mr George appointed custodian of Christchurch municipal baths  succeeds Mr H.BREWARD.

Thursday 29 March 1934
Photo  -  061
ARGYLE -  Bandmaster G.E.  of Ashburton Salvation Army  will celebrate its Jubilee at Easter.
THOMPSON -  Mr W.  station officer at Christchurch headquarters of St John Ambulance  has resigned.

Photo -  062
SKOGLUND - Mr P. of Stratford, new president of NZ Institute of Town Clerks.
ABERNETHY -  Mr R.C.  elected president of Christchurch High School Old Boys' Assoc.
DRAKE - Rev. E.  to preach at Good Friday service at Durham st Methodist Church.
HARROP -  Dr A.J.  rep. in England of University of NZ  will arrive in Wellington tomorrow.

Photo  -  063
STEWART - Mrs  skip of the Dunedin bowls team  -- won the women's rink championship yesterday.

Saturday 31 March 1934
Photo -  064
GOODING -  Sister E.M.  sister in charge of Lyttelton Maternity Home retiring after 21 years
STEWART - Hon. W.Downie,  reviews   a book entitled Memories  by Marcus Marks,  supervisor of Hansard.

Photo -  065
BROWN -  Mrs W.  president since 1928  elected life member of Basketball Assoc.
GRAY - Miss Mabel,  succeeds Mrs Brown as president of Canterbury Basketball Assoc.

Funeral Notices  -  066
FRENCH - Robert ---   this day  for the Sydenham Cemetery
BRAY -  Mary Ann,  will leave --   Greenpark  for the Lincoln Cemetery.
ALDERSON - Violet,  will leave -----   today --  for the Bromley Cemetery

Photo  -  067  -  Dominion Conference of Church of Christ
from left -  
Mr A.L.HADDON,  (Dunedin)   Pastor G.FRETWELL  (Invercargill) President,   Mr R.CRAIG (Auckland)  secretary    Pastor R.GEBBIE  (Auckland)

Photo -  068
HOLGATE -  Miss A.  of Timaru,  presented with  diploma of the Royal Life Saving Society (highest award in Empire)

Photo -  069
Students of 4 Universities of New Zealand  photographed  at Canterbury College,  they are taking part in a university Tournament,  there are no  names   but  a huge number of people in this photo  
5 rows  of aprox  30 people to a row,   and 1 row of 13 people  sitting on the ground in the front.  
faces  are clearly visible.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
7 July 2012
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