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Friday 1 June 1934
Photo  -  001
MARSHALL -  Mr A. secretary Mutual Benefit Building & Investment Society of Canterbury for 29 years; with
MATSON - Mr L.C.  appointed under-secretary

Photo - 001a
PATTERSON - F.L. and 2 boys  at Boys' training farm in Avondale Road, Christchurch.

Photo -  002
DUKE - Mr C.R. appointed City Valuer,  for nelson,  in succession to Mr F. PETTIT who retired.
BROWNING - Mr R. secretary and treasurer of Canterbury Lawn Tennis Assoc. has resigned  ----
SPURGEON - Rev. C.H. Baptist preacher, teacher and writer, whose centenary is now being celebrated
SANDHAM - A. scored 201 not out for Surrey  against Australia

  Funeral write - up  -  002a
RUTHERFORD -  Mr Stewart Leslie,  took place at the Waiau Cemetery  -----   a long column  ------

Photo -  002b
STUART - Miss Bathie, a rep. of NZ Tourist Dept. in America,  is visiting Christchurch.

Photo -  003   
WILSON -  Mr Alexander,  who owns 4000 acre sheep run in Otekaieke, near Kurow,  North Otago   is 89  years old.

Write - up - 003a  &  003b
WILSON - Alexander, owns a 4000 acre sheep-run round  in North Otago.  --- still rides 7 hours in the saddle  born North Scotland, father owned sheep farm at Argyle
                     -- came to NZ in 1868, worked for Hon. William Robinson  at Cheviot -----  marr. 1 June 1883   -- celebrate 51st ann.  today.  ------  lots more  -----

Monday 4 June 1934
Photo -  004  & 004a
ADIE - Mr W. inducted as president of Canterbury Auxillary  at baptist Union annual meeting.

Memorial Service  -  005
ALEXANDER - Mr G.A.   one of founders of Sumner pres. Church,   -----  more ---

Photo  -  005a -  Members of Executive Committee of Band week
From left - Messrs R.L.Wills;   W.J.M.Gosney;  A.E. Bristowe;   J.Morrow;   J.McLaughlan;  J.Nuttall;   P.C.C.Spear;   T.Evans;
Front row - H.F.Herbert;  L.T.K.Allison, (honorary organiser) G.F.Allen;   J.Noble; R.B.Hean, (honorary secretary);  R.Thurlow Thompson;

Photo -  006
BROWN - W.J. (Sydenham)   match at Lancaster Park  and
NOLAN - G.T.  (Old Boys)

Photo -  007  -  Harrier race Kennett Cup at Riccarton Racecourse
1st 3 men to finish -  L.C.McLachlan, (1)    J.G.Barnes (2)    A.R.Geddes (3)

Photo  -  007a  - New Zealand Honours List
ANDERSON - Sir Robert  C.M.G.  (Invercargill)
WILSON -  Sir George, (Auckland)
CHRISTIE - Mr James,  C.M.G. (Parliamentary Law Draughtsman)
HUTCHINSON - Mr G.W.  C.M.G. (Mayor of Auckland)
WARD - Mr R.P.  C.B.E. (Former under-secretary Dept. Justice)
WOHLMANN -  Mr W.G. I.S.O. (Commissioner of Police)

Tuesday 5 June 1934
Photo -  008   -  golf at Shirley  War Memorial Cup
players - J.W.Dalton;  C.Bonnington;  J.L.Vergette;  F.P.Tymons;

Inquest  -  009  -  Marton
PODJURSKY -  Roy,  age 19  found dead outside home of Kathleen Johnston,    

Photo -  010
UNIACKE - L.  (Rolleston House, Canterbury College)
FITZGERALD - F. (Weir House, Victoria College)   were captains of match at Hagley Park.

Photo -  011
WHITE -  Mrs Catherine, one of pioneer settlers at Pigeon Bay,  has died  aged 93.
BELL -  Rt. Hon. Sir Francis, K.C. complete 60 years of active practice as a barrister in NZ
RUDDENKLAU -  Mr Henry,  of Waimate,  died  -- oldest of Border Leicester breeders in Canterbury

Thursday 7 June 1934
Photo -  012
BASSETT -  Mr S.K. elected president of Sumner Beautifying and Beach Improvement Society.
HOWARD - Mr E.J. M.P. elected chairman of Lyttelton Harbour Board.
JOYCE - Mr R.F. of Kaiapoi,  elected chairman of Waimakiriri harbour Board.
BEAN -  Mr H.  appointed unemployment officer of Chch Returned Soldiers' Assoc.

Photo  - 013  -  Messrs Suckling Shoe Factory
From left - Mr R.W. Hawke, M.P.   Mr C.M. Suckling;   Mr H.S.S.Kyle, M.P.    Mr J. Connolly  M.P.   Mr J.A.East.

Friday 8 June 1934
Photo  -  014
MORKANE - Dr C.J. formerly Rector of Holy Cross College, Mosgiel,   ----
WYATT -  R.E.S. captain English side   and
WOODFULL  W.M.  who will lead Australian team at Nottingham --
HINKLEY -  Mr Trevor M.  of head office staff of United Press Assoc. appointed manager of Sydney Agency.

Photo -  015
RITCHIE -  Mr Thomas,  whose death occurred  founder of Chathams Island Jockey Club.

Monday 11 June 1934
Photo -  016
DAVIS -  Mr F.R.E.  Mayor of Akaroa,  elected 1st president of Akaroa Progress Assoc.
EATON -  Rev. Clarence,  minister of Durham St Methodist Church, celebrated 70th ann.
DUNNING -  Mr J.A. well-known cricketer appointed acting-principal of John McGlasham College,  Dunedin.

Photo -  017
CHIPPERFIELD -  A.G.  batted brilliantly for Australia -----

Photo  -  018 -  NZ Team for British Empire Games.
From left -  L.Smith (swimmer)   W.Whareaitu (swimmer)  F.J.Grose (cyclist)  
In front -  T.G.Broadway (athlete)   H.K.Brainsby (athlete)  Noel Crump (swimmer)

Photo  -  019
SUTCLIFFE - H. made good score of 62   -------

Wednesday 13 June 1934
Photo -  020
BUNZ -  Mr Alfred J.  be conductor at Elgar memorial concert  -----

Photo -  021 - Members of Christchurch Technical College Board of Governors
Front row - Mr F.M.Robson;  Mr G.E.Franklin;  Mr McGregor Wright (chairman;    Mr Lambourne;  Mrs D.M.Opie;  Dr D.E.Hansen (director of College)
back row - Messrs J.W. Graham;  S.R.Evison;  J.J.Hurley;  T.W.West;  B. Seth-Smith;  G.Shipley;  A.H.Scales;

Funeral write-up - 022
KNIGHTS -  Mr Frederick,   --- office bearers of Canterbury Lodge Kilwinning No 23 were pall-bearers   chief mourners were,
                        Messrs F.H. and P.W.Knights, (sons)  and Mr H.Jansen, son-in-law

Photo -  023
MAIR - Mr Stewart, of Christchurch, elected member of council of Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.
FERRIMAN - Mr F.Z.D.  member of Ashburton Borough Council for 24 years  has died.

Photo  - 024
NORWOOD - Dr F.W. of City Temple, London,  given a civic welcome in Christchurch  tomorrow.
KIMBELL -  Mr A.H. formerly under-secretary for Mines gave an address in Christchurch yesterday

Thursday 14 June 1934
Photo  - 033
FULLER -  Mr Walter,  of Wellington,  member of well-known theatrical family  has died.

Photo -  034
HURST - Rev. H.Leonard,  appointed secretary for Australia and New Zealand of London Missionary Society.

Photo -  035  & 035a
KELLY -  A. Elizabeth,  a portrait of "Edith"  by Elizabeth,  been accepted for exhibition at 1934 Royal Academy of London.

New Zealander's Abroad - 036
KENNEDY - Mr F.J.  newly appointed engineer and general manager of Gisborne gas Co. now in serice in London ---  more ---
VICKERY - Mr P.H. (Invercargill)  is in England on business  visiting Austin Motor Works ----
HORNE - Mr A.C. (Invercargill) is at Cardiff with his father ----    
WRIGHT - Captain T. of Hanging Eaton, Yorkshire, has returned home after 2 and half years in Church Army Service  most in NZ.
SHIELD - Dr A.L. (Dunedin) is in Edcinburgh doing post graduate work,  ---
HARVEY - Mr J.A. (Dunedin)  an officer in the Malayan Civil Service,    ---   2 other NZer's in Malay Civil Service
                        Mr H.C.Rendle (Ashburton)  and Mr E. B.G.Day (Christchurch)  -----

Friday 15 June 1934
Photo  - 036a
BOULTER - Mr R.   (C.M.G.)  at Wellington as his Majesty's Trade Commissioner in NZ
McKELLAR - Mr Arnaud,  appointed chairman of directors of NZ Farmers' Co-op Assoc.
PARKER -  Mr E.  reception secretary of Royal Empire Society  who will visit NZ shortly -----

Photo -  037
HERD -  Captain Thomas,  V.D.  has retired from band work after 44 years service in Wellington.

Ionic  -  passengers  -  038  -   Due Wellington 27 June from Southampton.
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs C.H.Stackhouse;  Mr G.M.Bennett;  Miss E.E.Elliott;  Miss K.G.Flinter;  Mrs N.Lawrence;  Mrs B. Logan;  Miss G.Roche; 
                        Miss H.R.Walker; Mr J.Westmacott;
For Auckland - Mr R. Boulby;  Mr J.H.Evans;  Miss E.Smith; 
For Lyttelton -   Mr 7 Mrs G.R.N.Kirk;  Mr & Mrs A.C.Dickenson; Mrs S.A.Forrester;  Mrs J.E.Swainson; 
For Napier -  Miss S.E.P.Geddes;  Mr & Mrs T.R.P.Phibbs;  Mrs K.M.Standring,  Master T. Standring;
For Sydney - Mr S.D.Black;  Miss H.C.Keen;  Mr M.S.Mackinnon;  Mr C.D.Werner;  
For Adelaide - Mrs M.E. Horsfield;  Mrs A.E.Leslie;  Miss M.J.Leslie;  Mr C.G.J.Sillence; 
Embarked at Jamaica for Sydney -  Mr & Mrs N.G.Mader;

Photo -  039  -  Librarions Conference at Wellington
From left - Dr G.H.Scholefield (Parliamenary Library)   Miss Mr A.L. Low, (New Plymouth)  Miss E.Culverwell (Timaru)  Mr Johannes Andersen (Turnbull Library)  
                    Miss  M. Blackett (Wanganui)  Mr J.Norrie (Wellington)   Mr J.Barr (Auckland)  Miss E. Melville (Auckland)  Mr E.J.Bell (Canterbury)

Photo -  040
WARNOCK -  REv. R. (president of Christchurch Ministers Assoc.)
NORWOOD - Dr  F.W.  of City Temple,  London.
MILLER -  Rev. D. Gardner,    Civic reception for Dr Norwood.

Photo -  041
RIACH - Foreman J.V.  of Waimate, elected president of Canterbury Provincial Fire Brigades' Assoc.
MacDONALD - Mr Malcolm,  son of British Prime Minister  will visit NZ at end of year.
CRUICKSHANK - Lieutenant-Colonel,  director of Consolidated mining and smelting Co. of British Columbia  returned to NZ after 26 years absence.

Obituary  -  042
STURGIN -   Mr A.E.Harry  chief steward in service of Union Steam Ship Co.     ----   more ---

Saturday 16 June 1934
Inquest   -  043
BEST -  Phillip Henry,  killed in an accident  on Appleby rd, Nelson,    -----  more ----

Photo -  044
BRYAN -  Mr Gordon,  conduct examinations in NZ  of the Royal Schools of Music , London.
WATSON - Rev.  R.S. minister of St Andrew's Pres. Church Ashburton,  celebrates diamond jubilee tomorrow5

Photo -  045
EMPSON -  Mr Walter,  B.A. formerly headmaster Wanganui College  has died. at Bournemouth, England.

Obituary -  046
MONAGATTI - Mr John Thomas,  a pioneer, born Switzerland in 1846 migrated to Australia age 14,  came to NZ in 1864 
                                    in 1886 had Railway Hotel, Sergeant's Hill, Westport,  there for 25 years ---   owned a sawmill at Giles Creek,
                                         survived by 4 sons, and 3 daughters,  -----   all named ------

Photo  -  047
POMARE - Sir Maui,  2nd volume of Legends of the Maori  is reviewed today ----
BRASSINGTON - Mr W.W.  of Christchurch,  contributes an article  ----
BEAUCHAMP - Sir Harold,  was re-elected chairman of directors at annual meeting of Bank of NZ

Monday 18 June 1934
Photo -  049  -   wedding  -
ELLIOT - KENNERLEY,    G.B.Elliot  and Miss M.R.Kennerley,  a woman cricketer.

Photo - 050
HANMER -  Mr George, a pioneer surveyor in Canterbury,  has died.
SNEDDON -  Mr W.R. chief engineer of the Remuera,  visiting the country
BENNETT -  Dr L.A. elected president of Christchurch branch of Nelson College Old Boys' Assoc.
TANNER -  Lieutenant R.P.  will replace Lieutenant-commander M.A.C.H.Hardcastle, --- H.M.S. Diomede

Photo - 051
MAXWELL - Mr A.C.  elected chairman for 12th year of committee management of Rannerdale Home
SCOTNEY - Lieutenant-Colonel A.  of the Salvation Army visiting the South island.

Photo -  052
RICH -  C.  of Merivale, attempting to convert a try   ----- C.J.OLIVER holding the ball.

Funeral  write-up -  053
RICHARDSON - Mr S.J. formerly engineer in NZ Shipping Co. wool-store at Lyttelton  one time marine engineer,    ----

Tuesday 19 June 1934
Photo -  054 -
KERR - Captain Howard, Equerry to Duke of Gloucester ----
KIRSTEN -  Mr S. of Auckland,  a NZ entrant  for the centenary air race from England to Australia.

Memorial Service -  055
PITCAITHLEY - Mrs J.  at Lyttelton Methodist Church.  ----  

Photo  -  056 & 072  -  St  John's Church, Latimer Square, 70th Ann.
McWILLIAM - Rev. J.T.  present vicar.  ------ -
DAVIES - Mr Claude H. organist and choirmaster,  with members of his choir at St John's Church, Latimer Square,

Wednesday 20 June 1934

Photo  -  057
ACLAND - Sir Hugh  elected president of Canterbury Centre of NZ Red Cross.
HANNA -  Mr T.P.  appointed chief cashier of Reserve Bank  -----

Photo -  058
FOSTER -  Dr P.  appointed a member of Medical Council of NZ.
LYON -  Dr James,  examiner for Trinity College of Music,  3rd visit to Christchurch on 26 July.

Photo -  059  -  Red Cross Society -
From left - Miss G.K.Guthrie;  Mrs Vernon;  Mrs H.H.Smith;  Mrs John Stevenson;  Mrs H.Lawrence;
                     and Lady Wigram;

Thursday 21 June 1934
Photo  - 060  -  Canterbury Advertising Club.
Seated left to right   -
Mr H.C.Smith;  Mr James Stout;  Mr F.A.Clarke, (the Mayor);  Mr D.G.Sullivan, M.P.;  Mr J.J.Staples;  Dr H.G.Denham;  Mr A.M. Burns; 
            Mr G.H.Holford;  Mr J.W. Baty;  Mr J.Collins

Photo -  061
HARPER - Mr A.P.  elected president of Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ.
GEDDES -  Mr A.J. (Invercargill)  appointed manager of NZ Rugby Football team to tour Australia,  
CALLAN -  Mr J.B.  K.C.  elected member of Senate of University of NZ ,  Mr C.M. GILRAY resigned.

Photo - 062
HIGHT -  Dr J. elected president of historical and political section of Australian, ew Zealand Assoc. of Advancement of science.
BEAVEN - Mr A.W.  completed 50 years service on board of directors of Y.M.C.A.   Christchurch.

Friday 22 June 1934
Photo  -  063
WILD - Mr L.J.  M.A.  B.Sc.  of Wanganui, elected president of Royal Agricultural Society of NZ
FERGUSON -  Sir Lindo, appointed director of School of Medicine, Dunedin.
MACINTOSH - Mr H.  of Christchurch, elected 1st president of New Zealand Traffic Officers Guild.
BRIDGEWATER - Mr John,  one of 12 men attended inaugural meeting  of Y.M.C.A. in London on 6 June 1844.

Saturday 23 June 1934
Passengers  -  MONTERY 065 -    from Los Angelos  for NZ
Mr F.H.Carlson;  Mr S.J.Crooks;  Mr B.G.Dalgety;   Mr D. Folkard;  Mr R.J.Lemmon;  Miss K.McKavanagh;  Mr J.B.Yaldwyn;
Miss H.A.Borthwick;  Mrs Martha Boyd;  Rev. M.A. Brennan;  Mrs Eunice Harris;  Mr C. G. Hanson;  Mr H.McRae;  
Mr W.W.Moore; Mrs W.W.Moore;   Mr Edward W. Moore;  Father J. Oldenburg;  Miss E. M.Pateman;  Mrs G.Shields;  Mr Walter Studer;
Mr A.Wicks;  Mr H.S. Winterbotham;  Mrs H.S.Winterbotham.

Photo -  067
PERRY - Rev. Canon C.  contributes an article --
STEANS - Mr F.  re-elected president of North Canterbury Acclimatisation Society.
COFFIN -  Mr James,  whose death  at Wanganui   ----   1st commercial traveller in NZ.

Photo -  068
LAWRENCE - Mrs S.  and
ACLAND -  Mrs H.D.  at St Saviours Orphanage  sale of work

Photo -  068a
HAYWARD - Mr W.  (Christchurch)
WARD - Mr Vincent (Wellington)
ANDERSON - Hon. G.J. (Wellington)

Tuesday 26 June 1934
Photo -  069
DALGLEISH - Captain A.S.   was master of Union Steam Ship Company's new cargo ship Waitaki  on maiden voyage to NZ

Photo -  070
LAIRD -  Dr J.M.  of Glasgow University   directs work of Crusader Unions in Secondary schools  will visit Christchurch.

Obituary  -  071
MOORE -  Mr Henry,  age 92,  arrived Nelson in 1859 aged 17,  from Birmingham,---  1862 went to Dunedin ---  Mrs Moore died 3 years ago
SAVAGE -  Mr William Howard,  age 45,   drawing and arts master at nelson College   and Marlborough College,   -- leaves a widow and 2 children.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
13 July 2012
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