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Tuesday 3 July 1934
Photo -  001  - editorial staff of "Canta" at Canterbury College
From left -  Messrs L.Kingsbury,  W. Kennedy;    D.J.M.Glover (editor);  A.J.Rayner;  I.Murdoch;  J.Gardner;

Photo -  002
HEINE -  Miss E.M.  botanist to Dominion Museum,  ----

Photo -  003
SMITH -  Mr Norman V. succeeded Mr H.G.Ell as chairman of   Port Hills - Akaroa Summit Road Trust.

Wednesday 4 July 1934
Wedding Photo -  004
EDRIDGE -  RUTHERFORD -  Ernest Edridge  and Miss Mary Rutherford

Tuesday 10 July 1934
Photo -  007  -  NZ Curling Championships  -  Australian Team
From left -  Mrs Moffatt Pender;  Mr Douglas W. Hattrick;  Captain I.M.Moffatt Pender;  Mr Thomas Faulds;

Photo -  008
GILL -  Mr W.E. A.  manager for NZ Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society  has retired.

Memorial Service -  009
PETTIT -  Mr Thomas,  a member of Baptist Church more than 60 years. ---   

Wednesday 11 July 1934
Photo  -  010 -   Canterbury Branch,  National Council of Women
From left -  Mrs W.G.Roberts (vice president);  Miss Jean Batten;  Miss M.Trent (president);  Mrs E. Batten;   Miss I. M. Jamieson;

Photo -  012
McMASTER - Mr J. on his miniature tractor  he has invented,  is 5ft long and can travel 60 miles an hour.

Photo - 013
MORGAN - Captain L. Vaughan,  M.V.O.   D.S.C.  the new second naval officer of the NZ Navy Board.

Photo -  014
RENNIE - Mr W. O. of "Rushbrook" Doyleston,  been awarded the Bledisloe Medal for outstanding service to agriculture.
HEANY - Mr A.O.  dominion secretary of the Associated Chambers of Commerce, will arrive Christchurch today.

Thursday 12 July 1934
DENNISTON -  Mr Geoffrey, of Adelaide, a former master of Christ's College,  appointed to staff of Wanganui ----
PETTIT - Mr Thomas, Mayor of Nelson in 1910  has died -----
BERROW - Mr Norman,  of Christchurch, had 2 novels accepted for publication ----

Farewell -  016
EVERETT - Mr Herbert, ----  to the Wakefield district ---    moving to Nelson,  

Obituary -  017
OLSEN - Miss E.M.  -- no relatives in NZ  head of dressmaking dept. of Messrs Trathen and Co. about 10 years --  was about to go on holiday
                        with her parents in Sydney ----

Saturday 14 July 1934
Photo -  018
HARTIGAN - Miss Joan,  Australian tennis player  -----
SAUNDERS - Mr W.R. appointed NZ manager of Commercial Union Assurance Co. and ocean Accident Guarantee Corp.

Photo -  019
HASLAM - Dr A.L. of Christchurch, contributes an article today in the paper.
McLEOD - Mr J.S.  presided at annual meeting in Wellington,  NZ Racing Conference.

Photo -  021 - Canterbury Rowing  Club Youth Crew
From left  -  J.F.Grierson,   C.B.Dobson,   E.M.Boulton,   F.R.Dunsford,   J.M.Laurie (cox)

Monday 16 July 1934
Photo -  022  -  Canterbury A. Basketball Reps.
From right  - J.Gibson (Digby's) captain;    E.Fox, (Cathedral);  W.Rose, (Cathedral);  E. Clements (Technical)  N.Betts (United)
                     O.Wheatley (United)  J.Hunter (Technical);  V. Flood (Cathedral);  G.Winter (Digby's);  A.Templeton, (Technical);  K. Glubb (Cathedral);
                         abesnt  F.Southam, (United).

Photo -  024  -  Amateur Cycle Race
MURRAY - J.C.  won both senior and junior championships   73 starters --- 30 miles, Halswell, Rolleston, Broadfield and Prebbleton

Photo -  025
DENNISTON - Mr G.L. former Mayor of Dunedin,  death has occurred  younger brother of Sir John Denniston.

Photo -  026  -  Temuka to Timaru harrier race
HOLMES - R.  (Timaru)  finished 3rd
BROWN -  E.C. (Civil Service Dunedin)  the winner
PARK -  A.D.  (Baptist Christchurch)  was 2nd.

Photo -  027
IRWIN - Mr W.R.M. with his dog   and
McRAE -  Mr D.   with his dog  were 1st and 2nd in 5th trial of  Canterbury Gun Dog Club at Brooklands

Photo -  028
McKASKELL -  E.A.  won 30 mile Canterbury amateur road race on Saturday.

Tuesday 17 July 1934
Photo  -  029  -  Canterbury Rugby players
HATTERSLEY - O. (Sydenham)  
TWEEDIE - C.A.  (Old Boys)
FRANCIS - B.W.  (Hurunui)
OLIVER - W.  (Sunnyside)   all have gained rep. rugby honours for the 1st time.

Friday 20 July 1934
Photo -  030
ACLAND - Mr H.D. re-elected   president of Christchurch Citizens' Assoc.

Photo -  030a
BIRD - Superintendent A.S.  of Timaru,  will retire shortly
O'HALLORAN -  Inspector L.E.  of Gisborne,  will succeed Superintendent Bird.

Saturday 21 July 1934
Photo -  032
BIRKINSHAW -  Mrs F.T.  (Margaret Jepson)  of Amberley,  whose novel "Via Panama"  is reviewed --

Photo -  033
OLIVER - C.J.  captain of Canterbury Rugby team  (Ranfurly Shield)
MANN -  W. (Merivale)    will replace G.F.Hart  against Hawke's Bay  at Lancaster Park today

Photo -  035
CORBETT -  W.D.    and
HARRIS - L.E.  (joint managers Hawkes Bay rugby Team)
STEERE -  E.R.G.  (captain)
ANDERSON - Mr W.  (secretary to Hawkes Bay Rugby Team)

Photo -  036
FRANKEL -  Dr O.H.  of Christchurch  contributes an article to the paper today.

Thursday 26 July 1934
Photo  -  038
BATEMAN - Mr W.E. of Christchurch, has died,   a builder of models,  showing a model of the Edmonds Band Rotunda

Obituary -  039
BATEMAN -  William Edwin,  known to builders and architects in Christchurch  for his accurate and clever models of houses and other buildings  -----
                             trained as a cabinet maker ----    aged 58  survived by his wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters.

Photo  -  040
HOLFORD -  Mr G.H.  of Christchurch  gave an address yesterday  to young farmers ---
FORSYTH -  Mr T.  chairman of Wellington Education Board ------

Photo -  041
YOUNG - Hon. J.A.  Minister of health -----
BITCHENER - Hon. J. Minister of Public Works ------

Memorial  -  042
McCOMBS -  Mr J.   a memorial to the late Mr J.McCombs M.P.  in Woolston Park  is in hand.     --------

Friday 27 July 1934
Photo  - 043  -  Australian delegates to Pan Pacific Conference, Auckland
From left - Mrs B.L.Hammond;  Mrs H.D. Bennett;  Miss E. Melville;  Miss E.Andrews, (leader NZ delegation)  Mrs M.Townshend (Australia);   
                    Miss M.M.Flynn (Australia);  Miss F.Rothwell (Australia);  Miss L.Sullivan;  Miss A.Basten;  Miss Papps;

Photo -  044
FLEETWOOD-SMITH -  Mr L. O'B,  Australian left handed bowler   in cricket.  against Durham.

Photo -  045
HERVEY - Rev.J.R.  vicar of St Stephens Church,  Shirley,  will retire  -----
JAMESON - Mr S.W.  appointed secretary and treasurer to Canterbury Lawn tennis Assoc.  

Funeral  -  046
McLENNAN -  Mr Evan,  of West Melton,      service at  Pres. Church at Halkett chief mourners listed ----

Photo -  047
O'CONNELL -   Rev. Father John,  S.M.  of Nelson,  whose death has occurred  -----
LANGLEY - Mr W.J.  a successful candidate for Christchurch Urban Area at election of members to Canterbury Education Board.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
16 July 2012
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