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Thursday 1 February  1934
Photo -  001     Lyttelton Harbour Board picnic at Stewart's Gully.
WALTER -  Mr W.J.  and
LESTER -  Mr W.T.  and
HOWARD -  Mr E.J.   M.P.   and
SUTTON -  Mr   F? E.

Photo -  002
DOUGLAS -  Major C.H.  founder of Douglas Social Credit scheme  visiting here ----
COLLINS -  Mr C.W.  will succeed Mr C.D.Hardie  as librarian at Canterbury College.

Photo -  003
FLAVELL -  Councillor C.  chairman of Heathcote County Council  ----

Photo -  004
JENNER -  Mr Ernest,  will be judge in vocal and instrumental sections of 1934 festival ------
FERRIER -  Mr J.  will visit NZ  with N.S.W. golf team.

Wednesday 7 February 1934
Photo -  005
HADFIELD -  Mr A.K.   Banks  Ave,    champion garden  1st prize ----

Photo -  006
NELSON -  Captain A.L.  Commander of Royal research ship Discovery 11 ----

Photo  -  007   -  Delegates  to  Sanders Cup  boat race  -
Front row -  Mr F.J. Biggs,    (Southland)  Mr O.A.Moller,  (Wellington)  Mr G.R.Curtis, chairman, (Canterbury)  Mr J.T.Hobbs  secretary,  
back row -  Messrs E.K.S. Pasley, (Southland)  T.Anderson, (Otago)  B.J.Jukes (Wellington) A.Challis (Otago)  M.Smith  (Canterbury)

Photo  -  008   World Zionist Organization
SALAS -  Rev. S.N.  Rabbi  to Christchurch
SHEIN -  Dr Benzion H.  of World Zionist Organization -- arrived Christchurch
BODDINGTON -  Mr T.  one of the leaders ------

Photo  -  009
SUNCKELL -  Messrs W.H.  and A.J.  (brothers)   had car accident at Springston. ----

Photo  -  010
WEAVER -  Hon. R.W.D.  Minister for Public Works,   represented N.S.W. ----

Thursday 8 February  1934

Photo  -  011
JULIUS -  Dean,  appointed Archdeacon  of Christchurch  ---

Accidents  & Fatalities -  012
BARLOW - Miss P.  -- Opawa, came off bicycle,  injuries to her head ---
BURBOROUGH - Graham,  aged 2,  -----  admitted to Christchurch Hospital ----
BLANCHE - Mrs A.J.  suffered an accident -- dislocated her shoulder.

Photo -  013
ANDERSON -  Mr A.K.   M.A.  headmaster  St Andrews College  --- appointed head of Scots College, Sydney.

Photo -  014
SHAW - Hon. Alexander,  Lady Margaret  and Miss Jean,  chairman of P. and O. Steamship Navigation Co.

Photo -  015 - Tour of NZ by Australian Farmers
GRIMM -  Mr A.  leader of the party  and
STOCKS - Mr B.J. and

Auckland -  016
THURSBY -  Frederick,  aged 18, was killed instantly this morning at Mt Albert when his motor cycle collided with a bread van.

Saturday 10 February 1934
Photo  -  017
EARLE -  Mr C.W.  C.M.G.  president of Newspaper Proprietors  Assoc.  of NZ ---
GIBSON - Mr E.A.   Public Works Dept.  Christchurch,  appointed  to develop aerodromes  ----
BROOKES -  Mr W.M.  of Christchurch,    contributes an article ---

Photo -  018
WATSON -  Mr George,  of St Albans,  prize winning garden.

Monday 12 February 1934
Photo -  019
REDWOOD -  Archbishop,  will celebrate his diamond jubilee  as a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.

Photo  -  020
LEFEAUX -  Mr Leslie,  of London,  appointed 1st Governor of Reserve Bank of NZ
DOW -  Rev. A.J.H.  appointed Moderator of Timaru Presbytery  -----
SMITH -  Mr James,  superintending engineer of the Union Steam Ship Co.  
ALLEN -  Sir John Sandeman  M.P.  of England,  a vice-president of Royal Empire Society  -- visiting Christchurch.

Photo  -  022
READ -  Rev. H.T.J.   makes a purchase from Mrs H.T.Thacker  at a fair held at Jellicoe Hall.

Tuesday 13 February 1934
Photo  -  023   house & garden
BOWDEN -  Mrs C.S.  Papanui Road.  (early American Colonial from English Georgian)

Photo -  023a
GREEN -  Mrs J.F.  in Beverley st,  Early Colonial built in wood.

Photo -  023b
HELMORE -  Mrs George  (Millbrook)  built 1863 in Victorian style.  most beautiful garden

Photo  -  023c
HUMPHREYS -  Mr George,  (Daresbury Rookery)  reproduction of half timbered Tudor dwelling. 
                            designed by Samuel Hurst Seager.

Photo  - 023d
MONTGOMERY - Mr John,  in Riccarton,   pre-war  period, 

Photo -  023e
RHODES -  Sir R. (Elmwood)  dates back to the 90's  Tudor  built entirely of wood.

Photo  - 023f
SEAY -  Mrs Ivan,  3rd example of early American Colonial, adapted from French models,
                     high roof, dormer windows,  wrought iron balconies.

Photo  - 023g
WESTON -  Mr G.T.  in Park Tce,  finest pieces of later Georgian design in brick.

Photo  -  023h
WITTY -  Mr George,  in Avonhead,  built in 1853 by Mr W.Bray, of "pise"  with thatched roof,
                                an example of earliest architecture in Christchurch.

Photo  -  023j    Whole page of the houses  including articles.

Articles about the houses of above.
024a -  
  Architecture in Christchurch
024b -    A Pioneer dwelling
024c -   2 Fine Old Houses
024d  -  Examples of adaptation
024e  -  A New Architecture
024f  -  A Perfect Tudor Dwelling

Wednesday 28 February 1934
Photo  -  025
COUSSEN -  Messrs C.  and
COCKER -  L.  Government inspectors,  weighing eggs -----

Photo  -  026     Council of Canterbury Society of Arts.
From left -  Messrs  Heathcote Helmore,  A.F.Nicoll,  McGregor Wright,  Cecil F.Kelly,  Geoffrey Wood,  K. Ballantyne,  Dr G.M.L. Lester, 
                    Messrs Sydney L. Thompson,  A.E.Flower,  R.Wallwork,  Cyrus J.R.Williams,  E.C. Huie,  Geoffrey Hamilton.

Photo  -  027
WILKINS -  Sir Hubert,  famous traveller and explorer  arrived in Christchurch,  yesterday.
BELL -  Mr E.J. chief librarian of Canterbury Public Library, returned from a trip to America.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
4 July 2012
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