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Friday 7 December 1934

Photo -  001
BAIRD -  Mr H.F.  of the Christchurch Magnetic Observatory, elected president of Philosophical Institute.

Photo -  002
MENZIES -   R.E.J.  captain of Christchurch Boys' High  1st Eleven  ---

Photo -  003
SHIRTCLIFFE - Mr George,  chairman of Council of Scientific and Industrial research is visiting Christchurch.

Saturday 8 December 1934
Photo -  004
FOWKE -  Mr T.  of Sydenham,  a former railway guard  -----  

Photo -  005
COCHRANE -  Marjorie, Std V pupil at Linwood North School, leading a display at the school.

Monday 17 December 1934
Photo -  006
ALMOND -  R. (Technical)  throwing discus at Lancaster Park.

Photo -  007  - annual meeting Hororata Racing Club -
from left - Mr H. Oliver, (chairman for 26 years)   Mr L.Derrett, (a member for 54 years)  E.A.Leckie;   

Photo -  008
Memorial to commemorate the landing of Canterbury pilgrims unveiled at Lyttelton.
from left -  Hon. Sir Heaton Rhodes;    Mr Richard Evans;  Mrs E.D.Howell;  Rev. F.G.Brittan;

Photo  -  009
LEVENS - Mr George,  of Temuka,  celebrated his 95th birthday  arr. from England in 1858.
KNIGHT - Mr J. winner of Canterbury College School of Art medal for 1934 ---
GORDON - Mr C.D. assistant manager at Wellington branch of Vacum Oil Co. appointed manager for Canterbury.

Photo -  010
MOYNIHAN - Desmond,  scored 298  for Shirley Intermediate ----

Photo -  011  -  Sefton School Jubilee -
ELLIOTT - Mrs T.  and
HANNA -  Mr R.W.  the oldest former pupils  and
BAIRD - Mr S.  (1st pupil teacher)  and
HAMMOND -  Mr H.W.  1st headmaster,  and
KENNEDY -  Mr J.S.  chairman of jubilee committee.

Wellington - Funeral - 012
THOMSON -  Mr F.D.   write up of those who attended.

Tuesday 18 December 1934
Photo  - 013  -   Dux medal winners -
Gretta Walter,  (Shirley);   John McCreanor (Shirley);  Nellie Murphy, (East Christchurch);  Selwyn Mann (East Christchurch);
Eileen Erickson (North Linwood);  Gordon Lockhead (North Linwood);

Photo - 014
FULTON - Mr W.Dynes,  deputy-chairman NZ Dairy Board,   has  died in Hamilton  
JOWETT -  Shelia,  Dux of Christchurch Girls' High School.

Photo -  014a
HENRY - R. winner of dux medal at Cathedral Grammar School.
BARRER -  R.M.  formerly Canterbury College  won inter-university cross-country  race  for Cambridge against Oxford.

Photo -  015
MERCER -  Mr J.C.  chief pilot  of Air Travel (NZ ) Ltd.  with his Fox Moth cabin aeroplane  ----

Wednesday 19 December 1934

Photo  -  016  - Dux medal winners  -  
Elsie Close (Opawa);  Duncan McIntyre (Shirley Intermediate & St Andrews scholarship);  Patricia Hennigan ( St Mark's School, Opawa);  
            John O'Callaghan, (St Mary's Parish School, Manchester st);  Noeline Black,  (Linwood Avenue);  Noel Sewell (Linwood Avenue);

Photo - 017 -  Prize winners Lincoln College -
from left -  E.L. Robson;  A.A. Dunlop;  A.J.Henderson;  A.C.Wright;  V.P. Boot;  
front row -  D.A.K. Shand;  P. McLean, (gold medalist);  Mr W.O.Rennie (Bledisloe medallist)

Saturday 22 December 1934
Photo -  018
ALLISON -  Mr L.T.K.  and
CHARTERS - T.     plotting positions of Rotary collectors in the city.

Photo -  019  Canterbury Crew for Sanders Cup-
from left -  F.Forman (spinnaker hand);  R.Hendry;  E.O. Sinclair, (skipper);  H.May;

Photo -  020   -  Dux medalists -
John Powell (Marist Bros. Christchurch);  Phyllis Gale, (Sacred heart College);  Keith Thiele (Waltham);  Jean Veitch (Waltham) 
                    Rex Chaney (Spreydon);  Yvonne Hibbard (Spreydon).

Photo -  022
HANNAH -  H.  and
HENDRY -  K.   selected to defend the Z class champ.  at Lyttelton on 16 January.

Photo -  023
JARMAN - Flying Officer  C.T.  of Wellington,   home on leave from Khartoum.
HARLEY - Mr O.C.  a student of Canterbury College -- leaving for Sydney -----

Funeral write - up - 024
MANHIRE - Alfred,  was  inspector in Christchurch  of the National Mutual Life Assoc.    ---  left his res. Papanui  for the Sydenham Cemetery
                                -----  chief mourners  ---   and those who sent wreaths  ----  long list of names ----

Photo -  025  -   Ordination at Cathedral
TAYLOR - Rev. D.M. ordained priest  and
LANE - Mr F.O.B.  was made Deacon
HANBY -   Canon H.O.  
WEST - WATSON -  Bishop
WATSON - Rev. N.

Monday 24 December 1934
Photo -  026
BUTLER -  Nurse,  winner of highest awards, Divisional Champion Cup,  Champion of Champions cup,  Woolford Improvising cup.
WILSON - Cadet Eileen,  Christchurch Cadet Nursing Division St John

Photo -  027  -  winners of dux medals  Primary Schools.
BELL -  Molly (Ladbrooks);   
JONES - Martin  (North Beach)
DIXON - Noeline (equal Elmwood)
ROGERS - Patricia -  (equal Elmwood)
DODGSON - Dorothy  (Papanui)
PATTERSON - Derek J.  (Cashmere)

Photo -  028 -  Ordination  Society of Mary
from left - Rev. Father J.Mannis;    Rev. Father J.Hendren;    Bishop Brodie;    Rev. Father T. George

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
31 July 2012

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