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Friday 6 April 1934
Photo -  001
DAVEY - Mr T.H.  a former Christchurch member of Parliament -----  has  died -----

Photo  -  002
PEARCE -  Staff Captain W.B.  and Mrs Pearce,   of headquarters at Bandoeng,  Java,  is dau. of Commissioner J.Cunningham,   
                            territorial commander of New Zealand.

Inquest  -  Wellington  -  003
BOUCHER -  Ernest Robert,  president of Auckland Aero Club   was called in an aeroplane accident on Mount Hawkins  ---
                        coroner praised Mr L.S.SWAN,  Mr Boucher's companion  ----  one witness Roy MURPHY  a mechanic ---  more ----

Photo -   004
FLEMING -  Miss V.  of Christchurch, who headed qualifying list in Canterbury women's golf champ. Shirley.

Monday 9 April 1934
Photo - 006  -  Methven Show
CALLAGHAN - Mr G.  (vice-president)  and
GEDDES - Mr A. (president)  and
FREEMAN -  Mr H.J. (immediate past-president)

Photo - 007  -  motor-cycle races on North Beach
HOCKLEY - G.W.  and
SMITH - A.J.  and

Photo -  008
JONES -  Mr C.E. of Christchurch, elected president of Cambrian Society of Canterbury
BIRD - Inspector A.S.  promoted to superintendent in NZ Police Force.

Photo -  009   - Kirk-Windeyer Cup
back row - P.F.Hughes, (NSW);  B.H.Menzies (NZ);  W.R.Dobson (NSW);  J.P. Hornabrook (NZ);  H.M.Cutler (NSW); 
front row - B.M.Silk (NZ);  E.L.Applerly, (captain NSW);  T.H.Horton (captain NZ);  C.C.Ruwald (NSW);  B.V.Wright, (NZ);

Photo  -  010
McINTYRE -  Mr George,  well-known Christchurch surveyor,   90th birthday  today.

Write - up  -  011
McINTYRE -  George,  emigrated  with his family to Tasmania   -----  resigned office in 1876  entered private practice ---   in partnership with Mr H.P.BLANCHARD
                     ----     original member of the NZ Hansard staff  -----  more  -----

Photo  -  012  -  Methven A & P Show
LEMON -  Miss H.A.   on her horse Elfin   1st
SCOTT -  Miss N.G.  on Tasman 2nd
FECHNEY - Miss L.J.  on MacDuff  3rd

Photo  -  013
SHAW  -  Mr Bernard,  arrived Christchurch from Kaikoura ------

Saturday 21 April 1934
Photo  -  014
FINDLAY - Mrs J.L. of Christchurch  contributes an article  in this paper.
HARPER -  Mr George,  an early Canterbury settler,  will celebrate his 91st birthday on Tuesday.

Photo  -  016
WILKINS -  Sir Hubert,  well-known explorer,    and
MERCER -  Mr J.C.   alongside the Fox Moth  plane --------

Photo  -  018 -    Highway Board Inspectors of the South Island
from left -  G.W.KNAPPSecretary);   W. MORRISON;  C.J.McKENZIE,  (chairman);   F. LANGBEIN (District Public Works Engineer);  
                        Rev. W.H.A. VICKERY (Mayor of Kaiapoi);   C.J.TALBOT;  J.WOOD;  and G.W. ALBERTSON (engineer);

Monday 23 April 1934
Photo  -   019   -    Exhibition of British pictures in NZ.
CHISMAN -  Mr C.R.   the rep. of Empire Art loan Collections Society
SARGOOD -  Mr P.R.  who initiated  the NZ  exhibition
SHELLEY -  Professor J.  (president)
HIGHT -  Dr J.
HONOUR -  Mr W. Basil (secretary)
CHISMAN -  Mr C.R.  
SARGOOD -  Mr P.R.  

Photo  -  020  -    Officers elected at Christchurch Savage Club
HANNA -  Mr H.H.  (Great Chief)
MacGIBBON -  Mr W.S.  (vice-president)
HALL -  Dr Robinson E.  (vice-president)

Photo  -  021
OLIVER -  C.J.  (Merivale)  gets his kick during match against Sydenham at Lancaster Park

Photo  -  022
FALLA -  Mr H.T.  elected president of his 5th term Christchurch Tomato and Stone Fruit Growers' Assoc.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
8 July 1934

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