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Monday 2 October 1933
Photo -  001
KENNEDY -  Mr James,  manager of Greymouth Gasworks,  since 1888,  has died.
CALDENIUS -  Dr C.C. lecturer in geology at Stockholm University will check out the old lake-bed deposits in the Rakaia Valley.

Photo  -  002
OTLEY -  Mr H.J.  (president ) presents cup  for  mixed doubles  to
REDPATH - Mrs J.A.  and
HOLLAND -  Mr S.G.  at opening of Elmwood tennis Club.

Photo -  003
BRUCE -  Mr T.H.  and
LATTER - Rev. F.  only survivors of the original vestry present at Fendalton Parish jubilee.

Photo - 004
REDGRAVE -  Rev. F.B.  Vicar of St Barnabas Church   at Jubilee.

Photo -  005
RODGER - Rev. D.D.  Pres. minister  formerly of Waikari and Papanui,  has died in Auckland.
McKELLAR -  Mr Arnaud,  presided at the annual meeting of NZ farmers' Co-op Assoc. of Canterbury.

Photo -  006
WATSON -  Commodore F. Burges  D.S.O.   -----  been promoted to rear Admiral
DAWSON -  Mr F.W.  assistant general manager  will succeed Sir Henry Buckleton as general manager of BNZ.

Tuesday 3 October 1933

Photo -  008
FRAMPTON -  G.J.  an English sculptor  photo of 2 figures  he did that are on the Worcester street facade of the Chamber of Commerce building 
                            which was erected in 1888.

Photo -  009
McCOMBS -  Mrs E.R.  M.P. speaking  at the turning of the 1st sod for returned soldiers cottage settlement at Sandilands.

Photo -  010
RANFURLY -  Lord,  Governor and Commander-in-Chief of NZ  from 1897 to 1904  who died recently in England.
HOLLAND -  Mr S.G. will deliver the presidential address at annual meeting of Canterbury Employers' Assoc.
NOBLE -  Mr C.A.  M.A., B.Sc.  of Whangarei High School  now joining staff of Christchurch West District High School.

Wednesday 4 October 1933

Photo  -  011
HOBDAY -  Colonel H.S.E.  of Christchurch death occurred yesterday.  took a prominent part in development of Mt Pleasant and Scarborough.
KIRK -  Mr J.H.  re-elected president at annual meeting Canterbury Lawn Tennis Assoc.
BROOKE -  Commander B.C.B.   arrived in Auckland last week  assist Commander Berthon  at Devonport Naval Base.

Photo  -  012
TWYNEHAM -  Mr Roy,  president of Canterbury Law Society presenting Hunter Cup to
CORCORAN -  E.J.   tied at the annual golf match at Shirley.

Tuesday 10 October 1933
Photo -  014
FRANCIS -   Mr Norton, of Rossall st,  photo shows his house covered in wistaria.

Photo -   015
Riccarton School Diamond Jubilee  photo taken at sports  held at Riccarton Racecourse. --- no names.

Photo -  016
TAYLOR  -  Rev. T. Fielden,  retired from Wellington Central Mission.
LANE -  Mr F.O.B.  of College House, left yesterday for Chatham Islands where he will act as a lay preacher.

Saturday 14 October 1933
Photo -  017  
PRESTNEY -  D.F.  (senior)
SIMPSON -  L.   (Intermediate)
WOOD - J.   (Junior)     Champions at Christchurch Technical College Annual Sports.

Photo -  019    Boys' High School champions  -
EATHORNE -  G.B.   and
BROUGHTON -  C.F.    winners of senior and junior championships.

Funeral Notices  -  020
HYNES -  Thomas,   will leave  his res. Addington  for  -----  Sydenham Cemetery.
BELL -  Jessie,   will leave her res.  ferry rd  --- for the Bromley Cemetery.

Photo -  021    Christchurch Technical College Sports
HENDERSON -  Edna,   (senior)
HOARE -  Joyce,  (Junior)    

Photo -  022
JULIUS - Archbishop  of Christchurch  from 1890  to 1925   celebrate his 86th birthday tomorrow.
SYKES -  Mr Davis,  rep of the Spreydon-Addington sub-district since 1906  retiring from Tramway Board.

Photo -  023
QUEREE -  E.D.   established new records for 220, 440, 880 yards  junior events at Boys' High School sports.

Photo -  024
WAUCHOP -  Mr H.H.  of Christchurch  elected chairman Lancaster Park Board,  succeeds Mr W.H.Winsor.
VEALIE -  Rev. Thomas B.  in charge of Cambridge Methodist Church   will retire  next April.

Photo -  025
YOUNG -  J.H.  (Titirangi)  aged 17  playing from the top bunker at NZ golf  champs.

Friday 20 October 1933
Photo -  026
BLANK -  L.  (senior)   and
ORMEROD -  J  (junior)   champs at Rangi-Ruru  sports.

Photo  -  027      Ellesmere A  & P. show.
JOHNSTON -  Mr W.  (president)   with
LAWRENCE -  Mr W.D.  (1st secretary in 1871)   and
MONTGOMERY -  Mrs J.  and
WARD-SMITH -  Miss  

Photo -  028
WILKINSON -  Mr A. Owen,  elected president of North Canterbury branch Otago High School Old Boys' Assoc.
GODLEY -  General Sir Alexander,  commander of NZ Expeditionary Force  --- has retired from the Army.
MILLER -  Mr L.J.  Chief of Staff,  left last night  to take up position on literary staff "Argus" Melbourne.

Monday 23 October 1933
Photo  -  029
GRAHAM -  Mr N.H.   succeeds Mr E.J.G. Stringer as Senior Inspector of Scaffolding for NZ.
BLANK -  A.R.  beat    R.G.Arnold,    4 and 3   in final of  championship Christchurch Golf Club.
BUCHANAN -  Mr E.   elected president of Ashburton Chamber of Commerce.

90th Birthday  -  030
BELCHER -  Mrs R.  born Manchester, arr. Lyttelton Sept. 1851  in Lady Nugent,   ----  arrived with parents as small girl,  lots more -----

Wednesday 25 October 1933

Photo  -  031        members of Canterbury delegation to conference held Wanganui
BURGESS -  Mr A.S.  (president of associated Chambers)
WRIGHT -  Mr A.F.  (president of Canterbury Chamber)
TURNER -  Mr H.S.E.  
BURNS -  Mr M.J.
MacGIBBON -  Mr John
SMITH -  Mr J.Roy,  (secretary of Canterbury Chamber)

Photo  -  032   Lyttelton Golf Club   21st anniversary.
BROWN -  Mr C.E.
BRADLEY  -  Mr R.  Orton (president)
BRADLEY - Miss A. (women's president)
BROWN -  Mrs C.E.

Photo -  033
PURDIE -  Mr R.   visiting Christchurch  giving Shakespearean recitals in schools.

Photo  -  034
SMITH -  Mr J.T.  (Ashburton  senior)
ROBINSON -  Mr Y.H.  (Peel Forest  junior)  Mid - Canterbury golf champs.

Saturday 28 October 1933

Photo  -  035    Amberley A & P show.
MARCH -  Miss Ailsa,   taking a jump  on  horse  "Johnnie Larkin"

Obituaries  -   036
De CASTRO -  William Waring,  aged 72,    former  Registrar of Lands at Blenheim, Nelson, Invercargill  -----
BLIGHT -  Rev. Joseph.  at Whangarei,,  on  24 October   entered Methodist Ministry in 1887  son  Rev. W.T. Blight  -----

Funeral Notices  -  037
HAMILTON -  Mrs Harriett Marie  ---    for the Linwood Cemetery.
OPIE -  Mr Frank Bartrum,  ---   for the Linwood Cemetery.
MUIR -  Hugh ---   for the Waterton Cemetery  
ROUND -  Joseph,   -----   for the Linwood Cemetery

Obituary  -  038
HEMUS -  Mr Lancelot Gerald  age 49  former NZ rep. cricketer, ----- survived by widow, 1 son and 3 daughters.

Auckland  -  Obituary -  039
KAHO -  Mr Richard Toluafe Kaho,  aged 22,  son of one of highest chiefs in Tonga.  4th son ----- came to Auckland in 1927  
ROBERTS -  Rev. W.H.  vicar of Holy Trinity,  Port Chalmers,  died this week,  aged 58.  born in England,   --- 
                            1 daughter is married in London,  one in America and youngest still at school. ------

Photo -  040
RUTHERFORD -  Miss I. riding at Amberley Show.  also
KNIGHT -  Mr H.A.  (judge)

Photo  -  041
SPEDDING -  R.  (senior girl champion)
BRADLEY -  C. (senior boy champion)   Ashburton Techincal School Sports.

Photo -  042
MUNRO -  E.  (senior champion)  and
BARRY -  R.  (junior champion)  Avonside Girls' High school sports.

Photo -  043
STEVEN - Mr L.G.K.  of Christchurch  elected president of NZ Grain, Seed and Produce merchants federation.
MITCHELL -  Me A.C. of Wellington,  re-elected president of NZ Employers Federation.

Monday 30 October 1933
Photo  -  044
Rally of all cubs held in Hagley Park  as a rehearsal for the November rally.  -  no names.

Photo -  045
de BERRY -  Mr L.F.  of West Christchurch District High School, elected president of Christchurch Headmasters' Assoc.
Photo -  046
GORDON -  Mr Thomas, of Christchurch, immediate past chief of Scottish Society,  has died.

Photo  -  047        Rangiora District High School Diamond Jubilee -
LIST -  Mr T.C. of New Plymouth,  with
ROWSE -  Mr and Mrs W.A.  (Mayor and Mayoress)  Mrs Rouse was a pupil and later teacher at the school.

Write - Up  Rangiora Borough School  -  048, 048a, 048b,  048c
TYLER - Mr C.W.  chairman of jubilee committee
STEPHENS - Mr J.T.O.   headmaster called roll
JONES -  Mrs H.  an early pupil and teacher ---
SMITH -  Mr Charles,  chairman of Rangiora Borough School committee
JENNINGS -  Mr C.I.  author of jubilee book
LIST -  Mr T.C.  Governor of Rotary --  a pupil ---
THOMPSON  - Mr Frank
BOYCE -  Mr C.G.M.  headmaster from 1922 -24
McKEOWN -  Mr B.A.  1924-32,
GARLAND -  Mr F.W.  1928-32
HUNNIBELL  - Mr F.W.  one of 1st pupils  and
WILSON -  Mr Harry
STRACHAN -  Mr J.E. principal of the High School
BANKS -  Mr W.A.  

Beverley Evans
Christchruch NZ
21 June 2012

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