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Friday 1 December 1933
Photo -  001
WILLIAMS -  Mrs D.  of Lyttelton,  was present at the opening of the Christchurch - Ferrymead railway line 70 years ago.
MORRIS -  Captain E.G.  R.N.  who succeeds Captain J.R. Middleton as Director of Royal Navy Reserves.
LEGGATE -  Rev. Herbert,  a Toc. H. padre.  visiting NZ on a tour of the organization.

Photo  -  002  -  Successful candidates in Tramway Board elections.
ARCHER - Mr J.K.  (Central)
PARLANE - Mr E.  (Central)
MANNING - Mr G.  (Central)
MATHISON - Mr J.  (Central)
JONES -  Mr C.E.  (Central)
WALTER -  Mr W.J.  (Avon - New Brighton)
McCOMBS - Mrs E.R.  (Hills - Sumner)
THURSTON -  Mr G.T. (Riccarton - Fendalton)
HOWARD - Mr E.J. (Spreydon - Addington)

Photo -  003
NAIRN -  Mr and Mrs G.  and 2 boys,  ------- made their home in Damascus,  --- are NZ'ers

Saturday 2 December 1933
Funeral Notices  -  004
BRUSTED -  Mary Lucy Aroha,   this day     ----- for the Linwood Cemetery
TEALE -  Arthur,   -- this day ---  for the Bromley Cemetery
GRAHAM -  Annie Margaret,   --- on Monday --  for the Bromley Cemetery
JOHANSEN -  Neil George,  at Ashburton --  today  ----

Photo -  005
HARVIE -  Mr E.F.  a member of Western Federated Aero Club  and
HUNTER -  Miss T.  of Wanganui,   taken on arrival at Wigram Aerodrome.

Photo  -  006
WILSON -  Mr D.J.  appointed master in Commercial subjects  at St Andrew's College
BRADY -  Mr C.C.  arrived from Sydney  to take up job at Burns, Philp and Co. Ltd,  Wellington.

Tuesday 5 December 1933
Photo  -  007
THOMAS -  Mr S.E.  has died,  was driver of 1st coach from Christchurch to St Albans.

Photo  -  008
ULM  - Mr C.T.P.  arrived New Plymouth from Sydney in Faith ----
LAPPIN -  Mr T.A.  of King's College, Auckland,  -----
McKENZIE -  Mr J.R.  will leave in February extended visit to England,  away 8-9mths.

Wednesday 6 December 1933
Photo  -  010       Ellsworth Trans-Atlantic Flight Expedition
ELLSWORTH - Mr Lincoln  (Leader)  and
BALCHEN - Mr Bernt  (Pilot)  and
WILKINS -  Sir Hubert  (newspaper correspondent)   

Photo -  011
BARRETT -  Brian,  rep. Loretto stall  won popular boy contest for single stalls at St Bede's College.
MILLARD -  Mr J.N.  B.A.  M.Sc.  appointed principal of Hutt Valley High School

Photo -  012
SANDSTON  -  Dr A.C. opened St Michael's fair yesterday  and
PERRY -  Rev. Charles    vicar

Tuesday 12 December 1933
Photo -  013
CHARTERS -  Mr T. M.  elected chairman of recently formed branch of New Zealand Insurance Institute.

Photo  -  014
GALBRAITH -  Mr Robert,  has died  at Stratford,  was chairman of Lyttelton Harbour Board  and Mayor of Ashburton  for 16 years.

Wednesday 20 December 1933
Photo  -  016
CAMM -  Mr R.H.J.  elected president of Christchurch Competitions Society -----
WILLS -  Mr E.P.  of Wanganui  appointed Diocese of Christchurch -----

Photo  -  017     Winners of Dux medals
HAMILTON -  Irene  (West Christchurch senior)
ROBERTSON -  John  ( West Christchruch  senior)
DREWERY -  Nora,  (West Christchurch intermediate)
EVISON -  Roger,  (West Christchurch intermediate)
STEVENSON -  Patricia  (St Albans)
RUTLEDGE -  William   (St Albans)

Photo  - 018     Christchurch Rotary Club's Luncheon  -
sitting from left  -  Mrs Hoare,  Archbishop Julius,  Mr Denys Hoare (President)
Standing -  Mr J. Mawson Stewart,   Mr L.G.K. Steven,  Mrs Steven,  Mrs Stewart,  Mr A.M.Burns.
                        Mrs Foster,  Mr E.H.S.Hamilton,  Dr P. Stanley Foster.

Thursday 21 December  1933
BROMS - Jacob William, died 6 December,  ---- working at Davis Gelatine suffered a fractured skull,  ----  married,  aged 28,   3 children,  
                    witnesses  John Joseph Sutton,  engineer,   Alexander Bain McKenzie ---- Noel Henry Graham ---Thomas Thonpson.  --- lots more ----

Photo  -  020    Winners of Dux medals
JORDAN -  Freda  (Woolston)  
THOMSON -  Jack  (Woolston)
CARSON -  Isabel  (Lyttelton D.H.S.)
THOMAS -  William (Lyttelton D.H.S.)
JONES -  Phyllis  (West Lyttelton)
SINCLAIR -  (West Lyttelton)

Photo  -  021
WOOD -  Mr D.E. elected president of Hagley Golf Club.
BRUCE -  Mr T.H.  more than 53 years   a member of choir,  St Barnabas' Church,   Fendalton
RICHARDS -  Mr T.R.  of Rakaia,  awarded Sir James Wilson medal for sheep farming at Massey College.
WELLSTED -  Mr A.W.   succeeded Mr D. Rodie as commercial manager Railway  Department.

Friday 22 December 1933
Photo - 022
BUSH -  Mr W.E.  chief engineer for water supply and sewerage  to the Brisbane City Council  on holiday in NZ
PARR -  Sir James,  will leave by the Rangitane today to become High Commissioner in London.

Photo  - 024      Dux medal Winners  Primary schools -
CROMPTON -Nola,  (West Spreydon)
BUTCHER -  Daphne  (Papanui)
MARWICK -  Rendall  (Papanui)
PALMER -  Jessie  (Shirley)
APPLEBY  -  John  (Shirley)
NEAL -  Barbara   (Phillipstown)

Inquest -  025   &  026
HARRIS -  Mrs Jessie,  of Woolston,  killed 3 December  when a passenger in a motor-car  --- at Corsair Bay.  witness:  Oliver George Shuker,
                     -----  William John Parrett,  caterer,  of Springston,  -------   Alfred Ward,  farmer,  Springston,  -----   David Ludecke,  factory overseer,  
                        ------   long column  ----

Photo  -  027     Australian Women Tennis Players
HALL -  Miss N.
LLOYD -  Miss N. (manager)
DINGLE -  Miss D.  

Saturday 23 December 1933
Photo  -  028
DICKENS -  Sir Henry,  K.C.  whose death is announced  ---  only surviving son of Charles Dickens.
YALDWYN -  Mr E.P.  manager for NZ  of the Commercial Bank of Australia  elected chairman of Associated Banks.

Photo  -  029    Dux medal winners   of Chch  and Akaroa Schools
KEARNEY -  Avril,  (Akaroa D.H.S. Secondary Dept.)
RAMSAY -  Thomas,  (Akaroa D.H.S.  Primary Dept)
TRACY -   Romany,  (New Brighton D.H.S.  Primary Dept.)
CAMPBELL -  John  (New Brighton D.H.S.  Primary Dept.)
WILLIAMS -  Ina,  (Spreydon)
JORDAN -  Leslie,  (Spreydon)

Photo  -  030
SEC -  Fong Foo,  M.A.  L.L.D.   Ph.D.  will represent Rotary International at New Plymouth ----
GRAHAM -  Mr F.E.  of Christchurch, a member of special commission ----

Photo -  031
PAGE -  M. L.  and
BADCOCK -  F.T.  will lead the Canterbury and Otago teams at Lancaster Park ---

Tuesday 26 December 1933
Photo  -  032
BARLOW -  Mr F.J.  president of Canterbury Bowling Club ----
BATHURST -  Mr F.M.  of Gloucestershire, a cousin of Lord Bledisloe -----

Photo  -  033    -  Dux medal winners
TURNBULL -  Janet,  (Sumner D.H.S. Secondary dept.)
WHITE -  Erna,  (Sumner D.H.S. Primary dept.)
McELDOWNEY -  John  (Sumner D.H.S. Primary dept.)
SUTHERLAND -  Gwen,  (Fendalton)
THOMPSON -  Heath,  (Fendalton)
COLEMAN - Alan,  (Ladbrooks)

Wednesday 27 December 1933
Photo  -  035
PARKINSON -  Rev. C.T.  new headmaster of King's School,  Paramatta,  Sydney,  born in NZ  and visiting here.
MORGAN -  Mr H.  Stipendiary Magistrate, Cromwell,   -----

Photo  -  036  -  Southern Province tennis team at Wilding Park
BARTON -  Miss R.
FRASER -  Miss B.
MILLER  -  Miss D.
GUEST -  Miss P.

Thursday 28 December 1933
Photo  -  039    Canterbury Croquet Tournament
ROSS -  Mr A.G.F.
BELL -  Miss
EVANS -  Mrs

Photo  -  040    Golf Trophy
OLIVER -  Mr J.A.  winner of Veterans' Cup   more than 60 years of age.

Photo  - 041
FORBES -  Tr. Hon. G.  unveiled a bronze tablet at the summit of Conical Hill,  Hanmer.

Friday 29 December 1933
Notes from London  NZer's   -  041a
BARRER -  Mr R.M. M.Sc. University of NZ  and Clare,  won recent inter-collegiate race -------
TAYLOR - Mr H.McC.    a degree of Ph.D. at Clare College,   son of Mr James Taylor, ----
MONRO -  Captain Hugh,  of Canterbury Steam Shipping Co. will arrive in London ------
DICKINSON -  Mr J. Collett (Auckland)  has been in England on leave ------
TODD -  Mr Lance B.  chosen as secretary-manager of Salford Northern league ----   was secretary of North Shore ---
MANNING -  Mr A.E.  (Hamilton)  elected a Fellow of the Royal Empire Society.

Photo  -  042
BENNETT -  Mr H.  of Dunedin,  president-elect of NZ Institute of Horticulture -----
BOYS -  Sir Francis,  formerly of Christchurch  --- appointed  to the meat industry at Home.

Photo -  043
HOWE - Mr R.  (Wellington)   and
DYMOND -  Mr H.  (Canterbury)  ---  Wilding Shield tennis.

Saturday 30 December 1933
Obituaries  -  044a
CRAIGHEAD -  Mr Hugh Clark,  of Ashburton,  for 50 years aged 74,  born Newburgh, Fifeshire, Scotland,  in 1859,  came here age 26,  ---- 
                         leaves a widow, 4 sons,  ---  all named ------
FOWLER - Mr Henry Watson,  in London,  born at Tunbridge Wells, England,  in 1858,  ---    
                            compiled Concise Oxford dictionary among others.

Obituaries  -  044
WALLACE -  Mrs Louisa Margaret,  of Kaikoura, widow of John,  eld. dau. of late Mr & Mrs Richard MONK  born Wellington 1856  --- 1 son, 1 daughter, 2 sons pre-deceased her. -------
SCHRODER -  Mrs Christina  an early settler of Kaikoura,  widow of Mr Theodore,  aged 71  ,  ------

Photo  -  045
SULLIVAN -  Mr D.G.  (Mayor of Christchurch)
WEST-WATSON -  Rt. Rev. Bishop
BRODIE -  Rt. Rev. Bishop
MacMILLAN-BROWN -  Professor J.  (Chancellor of University of NZ)
WRIGHT -  Mr A.F.  (President of Canterbury Chamber of Commerce)
HALL -  Mr J.D.  President of North Canterbury Executive of the Farmer's Union.
HOARE -  Mr Denys, President of Christchurch Rotary Club.
HUTCHINSON - Mr F.L.  President of the NZ  Manufacturers Federation.

Photo  -  046
BARFORD -  Maurice,  dux medal winner for 1933 at Waimate Primary School.

Wedding -  049
HOLLAND - BREACH -  Winifred, 3rd dau. of late Mr Breach  and Mrs E.breach  to  Wilfred, son of Mr and Mrs Holland ----  
                        was escorted by her uncle Mr Henry   (Dunedin)  ----   bridesmaid Miss Gewndolyn Watson  (Roxborough)  --- 
                            Miss June Stuart, niece of bride ---  Mr C. Bright best man ---   -- niece Miss Nola Le Comte ---  

Wedding - 051
KIRK - ELLIS - in Wilsford,  near Salisbury, England,  of Miss Christine Ellis,  dau. of mr & Mrs E.H.A. Ellis,  Redcliffs  to Mr George Robert Kirk -----
                         Miss Christine Mary Stephens  god-daughter of bride ----        

Wedding -   052
RICHARDS - SAMSON - Elsie, 3rd dau. of mr and Mrs Samson, Spreydon,  to  Robert Baden Powell, 3rd son of Mr R.Richards,  North Canterbury ---
                                     brother Mr William Samson ---   sister Miss Miriam Samson ---   Miss Freda Campbell,  niece ---  Mr Robert Samson,  best man, 
                                    Mr S. Richards,  groomsman. ------  more  -----

Photo  -  053
BEVERIDGE -  Mr R. (delegate)
WEBB - Mr W.L.  (skipper)
STEMMER -  Mr   A.D.  (spinnaker hand)    members of Chch Sailing & Power boat Club -----

Wedding  -  054  & 055
SMITH - SWEENEY - Miss Thelma Maureen Sweeney  to  Mr Richard Smith,  Sydenham rugby player ---  Miss Peggy Cameron  and Miss Phyllis Rich  attended the bride --- 
                             Messrs J.  and Cecil Smith attended their brother. ------

Wedding  -  056
TOAL - CONNELLY -  Margaret, dau. of late Mr Peter Connelly  and Mrs M. Connolly  to  Peter, son of mr and Mrs James Toal  ---   brother Mr John Connelly  --
                                Miss Alice Connelly   acted as bridesmaid ---  Mr John Hill  was best man ----- more ---

Obituary -  057
WILLIAMS  -  Mrs Sarah,  aged 89 of Hokianga  birthday was Christmans Day 1843  --- dau. of late mr and Mrs Birch  ---   marr. Mr Charles Williams,
                     lived in Bay if Islands --- survived by 7 children  Sir George Williams,  Canada,    Messrs W. and S.Williams,  Mrs S. Stanton,  Mrs J. Mackworth,
                             Mrs J.Harrison,  Mrs Batchelor,  59 grandchildren  56 great-grandchildren  8  great-great grandchildren.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
29 June 2012
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