Christchurch  Press -  August  and  September  1933

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August  1932

Tuesday 29 August 1933
Photo -  139
LINDSAY -  Rev.  George, a former Moderator of the General Assembly of Pres. Church   has died.
MALTHUS - Professor Cecil Malthus,  an old boy of Timaru Boys'  appointed Chair of Modern Languages at Canterbury College.
MOLEY - Professor Raymond,  adviser to President Roosevelt,  resigned as Assistant-Secretary of State.

Photo  -  140  
Champion West Coast rugby Team -  won Seddon Shield for 1932
Back row:   G. Kelly,  L. Hughes,  R.King,  M.Thomson,  M.Scandrett,  W.W.Buchanan,  
Middle Row:  B.Scandrett,  J.King,  C.Schroder;     F. Freitas,  L.Martyn,  M.Gilbert,  W.Hughes,  J. Guy (vice-president)  
Front row:  J.W.Bruce, (secretary West Coast Rugby Union) A.Fong;   D.R.Dowell (selector)   W.Deere,  A.A.Adams (manager and selector)
                                 M. Davidson  and J. Devaney (coach)

Thursday 31 August 1933
Photo -  142
CARNOCHAN -  Miss Betty, of Christchurch , winner of Seann Triubais championship  and
MORGAN -  Mr Stanley, of Christchurch, winner of Tucker trophy inn piano championship  open.

Photo - 143     Winslow School Jubilee
SLATTERY - Mrs E.  (Geraldine)    all 1st day pupils  ----
BROKER - Mrs E.  (Ashburton)
CLARK -  Mrs W.  (Ashburton)  
WILSON -  Mr Thomas,  a 1st day pupil planting an oak tree
BROWNE -  Mr R.R.   present  headmaster.

1933 -  September

Tuesday 5 September 1933
Photo -  146
DENHAM -  Professor H.G.  explaining an experiment   to
RANSOM  -  Hon. E.A.  Minister for Lands  and

Photo - 150
BUTLER - Miss D.M.E.  London school teacher appointed to Sumner District High School
OUTRIM - Mr P.J.   London  school teachers appointed to Phillipstown School  on an inter-change of teachers.

Photo -  151
KEMP -  Rev. J.W.  pastor of Auckland Baptist Tabernacle for 13 years    ----  has died.

Photo  -  152
KEYS -  Dr A.C.  a former student Victoria University  returned to Wellington after 3 yrs in France.

Photo -  154
RAVN -  Rev. N.J. former Pres. minister at Scargill,  ---- has died  on Saturday
DONALDSON -  Mr D.V.  of Christchurch  delivered the  address at conference of NZ Dental Assoc.

Saturday 9 September 1933

Accidents & Fatalities -   155
DAVEY - Thomas Herbert,  aged 43 of Christchurch, was admitted to Westland Hosp.  --left arm fractured  ----
GIBBONS -  Alfred J. aged 47  boot repairer,  of Hamilton,   died --- widower with on 22 yr old son.
HAUSMANN -  Mrs Elizabeth,  of Shannon,  who died in hospital   -----  
SMYTH - Edward William,  M.D.  of Seddon,   -------- died ------

Inquests  -  Taumarunui  -  156
ROSOMAN   - Jean Lucy,  age 23,  single,  married sister Owra Bishop,  Maud Evelyn Laing,  married sister ---
GRYLLS  - John Richard,  age 26,  single,   ------ lots  more  --------

Photo -  157
KELLY -  Mrs Cecil F.  with a portrait she painted of Sir Arthur Dudley Dobson  to celebrate his 92nd birthday today.

Photo -  158
WHITLOCK - Mr W.C.  managing director and editor of Hawkes Bay Tribune  ---  will retire shortly.
BENNETT -  Mr H.A.  of Rangiora,  been re-elected president of North Canterbury Cricket Assoc.
LAWRY -  Mr W. Melville, of Christchurch  appointed organist and choirmaster at Durham st Methodist Church.
LAI CHOY -  Mr Joe,  first Chinese in Wellington to obtain a pilots license.

Thursday 14 September  1933
photo -  160
BOND - Mr W.T.  one of original prop. of the "Colonist"  nelson,  has died  in his 93rd year. photographed with late Bishop Mules  in 1925.

Photo  -  161
WAUCHOP -  Mr W.S. of Wellington, a judge in the 1st annual festival in Christchurch -- NZ branch of British Drama League.
McCOMBS -  Mrs E.R.  successful candidate in Lyttelton by-election,  will be 1st woman member of Parliament in NZ.
DEEM -  Mr J.S. L.  City Engineer of Wanganui ---  died on Sunday.
MACKAY -  Mr U.S. former member of the Royal Air Force, revisiting Christchurch

Saturday 16 September 1933
Photo -  162
HINCHEY -  Mr W.  chairman of Southland Power Board ------
GILMOUR - Mr W.O.  present headmaster of Spreydon School,  diamond jubilee will be celebrated in November.
McILWRAITH -  Dr J.W.  chief inspector of primary schools ------
GIBB -  Rev. Dr James,  of Wellington,  celebrated the jubilee of his ordination  in the Presbyterian Church

Funeral Notices  -  163
LAWRENCE - Thomas Alfred,  will leave ---  this day for the Sydenham Cemetery
EDMONDS - Edwin T.   will leave his res. ---  Sunday at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
WALKER -   Hugh,   will leave his res. --   this day, at 2pm  for the Bromley Cemetery
GILBOY -  Ann Agnes  will leave her res. ---  on Monday --  for the Linwood Cemetery.

Photo -  165
MILLARD -  J.  North Canterbury golf champion  who will defend his title at Harewood ----

Tuesday 19 September 1933
Photo -  166
BUICK -  Mr T. Lindsay  C.M.G.  resigned from United press Assoc.    ----  will devote his time to writing NZ history.
BUTLER -  Rev. T.G. of Riccarton, formerly pres. minister at Southbridge,  died at Dunsandel on Sunday
HEFFORD -  Mr A.E.  Chief Inspector of Fisheries,  ------

Photo  -  167   ( Bertram Hamilton prize for Nurses)
OTLEY -  Mr H.J. (chairman)  
DICKIE -  Nurse M.
LAING - Nurse M.   prize winners
HARRIS  -  Mr P.H.
FOX -  Dr W. (medical superintendent)
MUIR - Miss R. (lady superintendent)

Wednesday 20 September 1933
Photo -  169
DEY -  Mr A.   --- retired from admin of cricket in Canterbury
McLEAN -  H.  Wellington forward  taking up res. in Auckland.

Photo -  170
PARKES -  Dr W.H. C.M.G.   C.B.E.  of Auckland  has died ---   officer in command of NZ general Hospital in Egypt in 1915
FONG -  A.  of West Coast, replaces Hazelhurst  in South island rugby team -----

Thursday 21 September  1933
Photo  -  171
HOBBS-JONES -  Mr T.C. superintendent of mails at Wellington, retired after 40 years  -----
ARMSTRONG -  Mr W.W. a former captain of Australian elevens ---   is in NZ
GREEN -  Captain J.  a former master of the Union Steam Ship co.   has died   

Photo -  172
PARRY -  Mr Evan,  of Wellington,  who was speaker at NZ Legion meeting held in Chch.

Photo -  173
FLEMING -  Miss V.  winner of    senior golf  championship at Harewood yesterday
ANDERSON -  Miss D.   winner of junior championship North Canterbury tournament at Harewood

Photo  -  Kirwee
GALLAGHER -  Allan,  age 10 was shot in the chest when confronting a thief on the farm of his father Mr David

Friday 22 September 1933
Photo -  175
REID - Mr G.W.  president of NZ Society of Accountants  -----
PAISH -  Mr L.A.  His Majesty's  Trade Commissioner for NZ   will visit Chch  ----
ARNOLD - Mr W.E.  appointed Commissioner of Government Life Insurance in succession to Mr A.E.Allison.

Photo -  176
AVERY -  Colonel H.E.  of Wellington,  elected president of NZ Motor Trade assoc.
SINCLAIR -  Mr J.T.  contributor of gardening notes  to the Press  -------

Photo -  177
BESANT -  Mrs Annie,  veteran leader of Theosophist Movement   has died   -- in her 86th year.

Photo -  178 -     Members of Tarriff Commission
CRAIG  -  Dr G.  (Controller of Customs,  chairman)
GOW -  Mr J.B. (Whakatane)
MURPHY -  Professor B.E.  (Victoria University College)
PASCOE - Mr G.A.  (Christchurch)

Photo  -  179 -  New Brighton District High School  -   winners of Petersen Cup for Life-saving.
A. Cocks,  R. Watson,  N.Angell,  Mr F.J.L.Scott (instructor)  Mr M.E.Lyons (chairman of Canterbury Centre of Royal Life Saving Society.
I. Macintosh,  W. Hastings,  L.Hay,  R.Gowan,  B.Hawley

Photo  -  180    surviving passengers of Zealandia arr. 21 Sept. 1858
Mr W. Johnson,  Mr A. Johnson,  Canon W.S.Bean,  Mr G. Mehrtens,  Mr C. Skevington,  Mr J.Wright,  Mrs M.A. King,  Mr S.Ayers

Monday 25 September 1933
Photo  -  183
BAXTER -  Mr Thomas,  visiting  ----  the Dominion to lay viewpoint of British farmers  ------

Photo  -  184
LYTTLE -  Mr H.G.  of the Rawhiti team   holed in one  ------  at Shirley -----

Photo -  185
ROBINSON -  Mr G.F.  a pioneer road engineer  who has died  on Thursday  age 94.

Photo -  186     Inter island rugby match
COTTRELL -  A.I.  captain of South Island team
HART -  G.F.  

Photo -  187     Linwood tennis Club
SHEPPARD -  Mr C.M.  past president of club presenting trophy  to
WILSON -  Mrs F.A.  women's champion

Photo  -  190  -  Opening ceremony of Memorial Gates,  Rhodes Park
RHODES -  Sir R. Heaton
NICHOLLS - Colonel S.C.P.
MORTEN -  Mr R.M. (chairman of Tai-Tapu Domain Board)
KYLE - Mr H.S.S.   (M.P.)
LESLIE -  Mr James

Tai-Tapu Memorial Gates  write -up   -  191  & 192 & 193
RHODES -  Sir Heaton  and Lady Heaton   tributes ---   long write up.

Wednesday 27 September 1933
Photo  -  194     Members of committee ---   finances Canterbury museum
SMITH -  Hon.  G.J.
LESTER -  Dr G.M.L.    

Photo -  195     Sandilands Settlement  for soldiers
LAWRY -  Mr Melville (architect)

Photo -  196
MacINTOSH -  Mr H.  elected president
BAILEY - Mr R.T.   elected a long service member of Canterbury Rugby Referees' assoc.

Photo -  197
TANNER -  Mr W.A.  of Wellington,  chief censor and registrar of cinematograph  films  

Thursday 28 September  1933
Photo  -  198
CLARK -  Mr G. Chief Postmaster at Timaru,  appointed  to Wellington
DONNELLY -  Mr J.P.  succeeds Mr S. Hollander as President Elmwood Swimming Club.

Photo -  199
Te WATER -  Mr C.T.  High Commissioner for Union of S.A. in London  ------
WATSON -  Mr Lancelot, elected north riding rep.  of Oxford County Council.
CAVE -  Mr R.V.   general manager of London Publishing house of Eyre and Spottiswoode, visiting Chch.

Saturday 30 September 1933
Photo -  205
ANDERSON -  Mr J.  jun. (Andersons Ltd)
BALLANTYNE -  Mr K. (Ballantyne and Co. Ltd)
BARNS - Mr H.S. (Dalgety & Co. Ltd.)
BRETHERTON -  Mr A.C. (Perpetual Trustees Estate and Agency Ltd)
BURNS -  Mr A.M. (Christchurch Press Co. Ltd)

Photo -  206
BURNS -  Mr M.J.  (Livingstone  and Burns)
CAREY - Mr W.R.  (Kaiapoi Woollen manufacturing Co. Ltd)
CHRISTIE - Mr G.H. (Tai-Tapu Dairy Co. Ltd)
GIBBS -  Mr T.N. (T.N.Gibbs and Co.)
GRAHAM -  Mr J.W.  (P.Graham and Son)

Photo - 207
GREENLAND -  Mr J.N.  (Union Steam Ship Co. of NZ Ltd)
HAMILTON -  Mr V.E.  (Mason, Struthers and Co. Ltd)
HAY -  Mr J.L. (Hay's Ltd)
HERBERT -  Mr H.F.  (The Herbert Shoe Co. Ltd)
HOBBS -  Mr F.W.  (F.Hobbs and Co.)

Photo -  208
KINGSCOTE -  Mr G.E.F. (Fletcher,  Humphries and Co. Ltd)
MACFARLANE -  Mr A.L.  (Macfarlane and Co. Ltd.)
MacGIBBON -  Mr W.S.  (MacGibbon, Mason and Co.)

Photo -  209
NEWBURGH -  Mr W.S.  (W.S.Newburgh & Co.)
SATTERWAITE -  Mr A.M.  (A.M.Satterwaite  and Co.)
STEVEN - Mr L.G.K.  (A.S.Paterson and Co. Ltd)
WHITCOMBE -  Mr B.E.H.  (Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd)
WILLIAMS - Mr H.S.  (Ross and Glendining)

Photo  -  210
DOBSON -  Sir Arthur Dudley, was guest of Council of Canterbury Automobile Assoc.
REDGRAVE -  Rev. F.B.  vicar of St Barnabas, fendalton,  jubilee of parish celebrated tomorrow.

Photo -  211
BUCKLETON -  Sir Henry,  general manager Bank of New Zealand  will retire at end of 55 years of service.
SIMPSON -  Mr S.B.  of Christchurch  elected life member of Elmwood tennis Club.
NEWSON -  Mr Noel,  the Christchurch pianist,  a passenger from London  on theb Wanganella ---
MURPHY - Lieutenant-Colonel J. V.D. has been re-elected president of Canterbury Infantry Regimental Assoc.

Funeral Notices  -  212
JENNINGS -  Mary Ann,  will leave res. of Miss A. Doig,  this day ---  at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
PEARCE -  Mrs Marie Irite  will leave Hornby,  for the Sydenham Cemetery --  on Sunday ---

Photo  -  213
South Island Motor Union Delegates,    
Back row;   Messrs D.J.  Wesney,  (Southland)  E.J. Bradshaw (Pioneer)  P.W.Breen  (Otago)  W.L.Geddes (Waimate)
Front row:  W.R.Carey, (Canterbury)   F.W.Johnston (S.I.M.U.)   Dr S.A.Gibbs  (Nelson)  and Mr R.P. Furness (Marlborough)

Photo -  214  -   Class of 1874    -      Riccarton School Diamond Jubilee - 
Back row:   W.Vickery,   H.Watson,  J. Bowley,  T. Pole,  F. Watson,  P. Vickery,  Mr Wilson,   B. Hooker.
Middle Row:   M.Dick,  L. Hayton,  M.Gilberthorpe,   J.  Boag,     N.Hayton,  L. Erskine.
In Front:  --- Webster,   J. Thompson,   I. Webster,   A. Tulley,  H. Knight,  E. Frost.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
17 June 2012

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