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September  1932

Thursday 15 September 1932
Photo -  088
FORBES - Rt.Hon. G.W.  (Prime Minister)
GROSE - Mr J.T.  (Chairman of Associated Banks0
MACHIN -  Mr W.  (President of the associated Chambers of Commerce)
WILKINSON - Mr A.O. (retiring president of Canterbury Chamber of Commerce)

Saturday 17 September 1932
Photo -  091
PACEY - Mr H.E.  of Palmeston North, appointed general manager of Joseph Nathan and Co. Ltd. Wellington.

Photo -  093
SHARMAN - Mrs C.  a foundation pupil at Oxford school Jubilee  cutting the cake.

Wednesday 21 September 1932
Photo -  094
FLEMING -  Miss V.  and
LOUGHNAN - Miss H.  driving at final match at Shirley Golf Links.

Photo -  095
LATOUR - Count de Baillet,  president of International Olympic federation  arrives in Chch this morning.

Photo -  096
McKELLAR -  Rev. James,  first resident minister 
HUTCHISON -  Rev. W.R.  present minister of John Knox Pres. Church, Rangiora.  Diamond Jubilee this week.

Death -  097
CAMPBELL -  Joseph,  aged 63  of Hokitika,  died  leaving a widow and 5 children.
WAITE -  2 and half yr old daughter of Tom Waite jun.  of Stratford,  had an accident with a pitchfork--- is in hospital.

Photo -  098
WERE -  Mr G.V.  of Dept. Agriculture,  been appointed inspector of NZ diary produce in England.

Friday 23 September 1932
Photo -  099
SMITH -  Mr S.G.  Chairman of Committees and Deputy Speaker  ------
STRONG? -  Mr D.U.  been nominated for a Rhodes scholarship by Otago University.

Photo -  100
STRATHAM - Sir Charles,  Speaker of the House of representatives -----

Saturday 24 September 1932
Obituary   -  Waimate   -  103
EVANS -  William Edgar,    age 63,  born Dunedin,  went to Waimate age 4 ---  father a tailor starting business in  1873 -- became a councillor in 1910 
                        ----  became Mayor in 1919,  --- survived by widow, 3 children -----

Photo -  104
HUGHES -  Mr R.C.  of New Plymouth,  oldest practising solicitor in NZ  bar one,  Mr George Harper of Christchurch.

Obituary -  105
NORRIE -  Robert,  an old and highly respected res. of Sydenham,  was in business in Colombo st as a cabinet maker ----

Photo -  106
TAYLOR -  Mr L.E.P.  was the pilot in aeroplane which crashed yesterday  
SALMON -  Mr B.L.  been appointed sole selector of NZ Assoc. football team to visit Australia next year.

Monday 26 September 1932
Memorial Service -  109
BAUMBER -  Rev. William,  held yesterday   -----   

Photo -  110    -    Round the Gorges Cycle race
BLAKEWAY - R.B.   followed by
CALDER -  R.B.  and
GRIGOR -  J.  winning the 100 miles race   -------

Photo - 111   -   Winners of Francis Norton Cup
FRANCIS - Mr Norton,
WILSON -  F.R.H.  
FARRANT -  N.R.    Kaikoura team   at  Shirley Links

Photo -  113
OTLEY - Mr H.J. (president)   presenting trophies at openng of Elmwood tennis Club

Friday 30 September 1932
Photo -  115
AGAR - Mr C.P.   general manager of Tai-Tapu Dairy Co.  ------
JAMES -   Canon P.E.  addressed Women's Social progress league at Wellington.

Bank Officer  honoured -  116 & 117
BISHOP -  Mr E.A.   for 20 years head bill clerk of Christchurch branch of the National Bank  ----  now retiring ---  40 years service ----  long column  -----

Photo -  118
EGERTON -  Professor C.W.  elected chairman of professional Board of Auckland University.
GILMOUR -  Sir John,  succeeds Sir Herbert Samuel as Secretary of State for Home Affairs in the British Cabinet.

Photo  -  119
IVORY  -  Mrs E.W.  -  Citrus fruit exhibit   grapefruit grown by Mrs E.W. Ivory at St Martins.  --------

Photo -  120
LASCELLES -  Rev. M.W.P.  general secretary and treasurer   ---  Baptist Union Jubilee  
NORTH -  Rev. J.J.  D.D.  who will preside at conference meetings next week.

December  1932
Friday 16 December 1932
Photo   -   121     Dux medalists at Christchurch primary schools
BROWN - F.M.  (Christchurch B.H.S.)
HAMILTON -  Irene  (West Christchurch D.H.S.)
ROBERTSON - John  (West Christchurch D.H.S.)
MACHIN -  T.A.  (St Andrew's College2

Photo -  122
DAVIES -  Rev. W.E.  of Lower Hutt accepted a call to the fairlie Anglican Church.

Photo  -  123   1st wedding  at St Paul's Church   Tai-Tapu.
FLEMING - THOMPSON -  M.M.  Fleming  and Dorothy Jessie Thonpson  of St Albans.

Photo -  124
SHEPHERD -  Mr W.H.  a NZ  tea expert, just returned from a visit to the Far East.

Photo -   126  winners of dux medals at primary schools.
WOODS - Marjorie  (East Christchurch)
WILSON -  Lester  (East Christchurch)
STANTON -  Dorothy  (Addington)
BATSTONE -  Godfrey  (Addington)
HAND - Edith  (Somerfield)
DEAN -  Maurice   (Somerfield)

Saturday 17 December 1932
Photo -  128
BECK -  Mr  Harold,  musician  in Christchurch  is sailing by the Rangitane  from Wellington  to London  next Friday.
MILLS -  Mr V.A.  of Wellington, secretary of the Unemployment Board ---  retiring.
ROSS -  Mr D.W.  boys' work director of Christchurch Y.M.C.A.  for camp for boys at Wainui.

Photo -  129     Dux medal winners Canterbury primary and Secondary schools
MORRIS -  William (West Lyttelton)
RAWSTRON - Elizabeth  (Spreydon)
BRETTELL  -  Inah?  (West Christchurch)
CHAPMAN -  Peter (West Christchurch)

Photo  -  130
EVANS -  Rev. J.  of Timaru, ---- ordination in the Cathedral today
HOPKINS -  Rev. I.  of Rangiora,  ordination in the Cathedral today

Photo  -  132     members  of Canterbury Pilgrims  Assoc.
ANDERSON -  John,  sen.
HARPER -  George,
BRIDGE - C. Hastings
BRITTAN -  Rev. F.G.
DOBSON  -  Sir Arthur   

Wednesday 21 December 1932
Photo  -  134
RENNIE -  Mr G.  of Taupiri,  Waikato,  awarded the Bledisloe medal for 1932 for service to Agriculture
FLETCHER -  Mr H.S.B.   is retiring  as general secretary of Fire and Accident Underwriters assoc.

Photo  -  135
Rhodes Park Tai-Tapu,  gates to entrance  nearing completion,  has names of those who fought in the Boer and Great War.

Photo  -  136
WILKINS -  Mr W.  of New Brighton  with his crop of beans over 6ft high.

Thursday 22 December 1932
Photo  -  138
LIGHTBAND -  Mr H.  returned to Christchurch after a visit to England --
NIELSON - Mr S.E.  of New Plymouth,  will be a passenger on Southern Cross  on Tasman flight.
TAPLEY - Mr H.L.  (C.M.G.) has died  a former M.P.  for Dunedin and Mayor of Dunedin  from 1923 - 1927

Beverley Evans
Christchurch NZ
12 June 2012
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