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Friday 1 August 1930 
in  London on 25 June, Dr Hugh Scobie Hamilton, son of Dr and Mrs Hamilton Gilmer, Wellington, NZ   to Miss Rewa Mary Weston,
dau  of  Captain and Mrs T. Shailer Weston, of Southsea, Hampshire,  formerly of New Zealand,  best man Mr E.H.B.Neill, Seaforth Highlanders, 
and little Miss Susan Pawle bridesmaid ----  lots more  ----

Saturday 2  August  1930 

STOKES  -  WORSFOLD  - 002 -
Eileen, 2nd dau of Mr and Mrs D.Worsfold, Linwood    to Maxmillian Harry, son of Mr and Mrs Stokes, of Morven. ---
bridesmaid  Miss Bertha Worsfold --  Mr S. Stokes, best man   ----  lots more ---

Monday 4 August  1930  -

KELLY  -  POWELL  - 003  -
at  Greymouth, Beatrice, dau of Mr and Mrs R.P.Powell,  Runanga to Mr John Kelly,  of London. ------
bridesmaid Miss Hilda Powell (sister)  Mr F.Moore,  best man  ----  more  ---

Thursday  7  August  1930

on Sat, Eileen, dau of Mrs  & late Mr W.Downing  to Robert Hugh, son of Mrs and late Mr Harbison, 2 bridesmaids  Miss Estelle Woods,
 and Miss Betty Owen  --- ----- more ---

HOY  -  ISLES -  005 -
Yesterday, Louisa, 2nd dau. of Mr and Mrs G. Isles to Cyril Edward, son of Mrs G.J. and late Mr Hoy,  bridesmaids were Miss Thelma Isles
and Miss Ruby Wallace,  Mr Cecil Peate best man and Mr Keith Stothard-Brown groomsman   --------  lots more ----

in England  on  Sunday June 29th,  Pilot Officer Arthur Thomas, son of Mr and Mrs Orchard,  Seddon, Marlborough  to  Gladys Mary,
3rd dau of Mr and Mrs Frank B.Fearon,  of Pananma. ---  more ---

On 29 June at  Ealing,  England,  Edward Percy, only son of Mr and Mrs F.R.Watson -- to Helen Olive, dau of Mr and Mrs H.C.Cameron,
Wolverton Mansions Ealing,  formerly of New Zealand  Miss Jessie C.Cameron (sister)   Mr Eric Bolitho, best man    ------- lots  more ---

Saturday 9 August  1930

LANE  -  RANDS -  008 -
at Petone,  Wellington, Mavis, dau of Mr and Mrs C.Rands, Springbank, North Canterbury  to  Ronald Blundell, 2nd son of Mrs and late Mr F.B.Lane,
of Rangiora.  bridesmaids were Miss Jean Rands (sister)   and Miss Evelyne Lane (sister)  Mr K. McKay was best man and Mr T.Rands groomsman
  ----  more  ----

Monday  11 August  1930

Gladys May, only dau of Mr and Mrs I.H.Heyward  to Albert Edward, only son of Mr and Mrs Ludecke,  Miss Helen Gunn (cousin of the bride)
 and Miss Mena Ludecke, (sister) were bridesmaids,  best man Mr Keith Watson,  and Mr Lester Heyward as groomsman. ------- lots more --

at Westport , on Thursday,  Hector, son of Mr and Mrs Scandrett  to Mary Latimer, dau of Mr Thomas Clilland, of Hartshill, Lanarkshire ,
 Miss Helena Scandrett was bridesmaid and Mr Reginald Scandrett, best man.-----

at Oxford, North Canterbury,  Edith Charlotte, dau of Mr and Mrs W. Higginson, Ashley Gorge  to Charles Rudd, son of Mr and Mrs L.Watson,
 Oxford bridesmaid was Miss Miriam Watson (sister)    Dr N.Porterfield was best man.  ----  more  -----

Tuesday 12 August  1930

Golden Wedding  -   012
Mr and Mrs C.W.Flower, of Sydenham,  brother Mr P.J.Flower, of Kaiapoi, was also present. --  they arrived in  Lyttelton on October 25th 1882, 
by ship Taranaki, they have 2 daughters and 11 grandchildren  ---  lots more --

Wednesday 13 August 1930

McCLINTOCK  -  MAYNE  -  013
on 12 August at Greymouth, George, son of Mr and Mrs McClintock, of Christchurch  to Violet, dau of Mr and Mrs W.Mayne,  of Ngahere. 
bridesmaid Miss Amanda Mayne  --- --  more --

Mr Sydney, son of Mr and Mrs F.G. Pope, of Runanga,  to  Miss Ann Gallacher, dau of Mr and Mrs J.Low, of Runanga
  bridesmaid Miss Ada Low (Sister)  ----- more

Thursday 14 August  1930

FAHEY  -  OLSEN - 015
Miss Ann Olsen  to Mr Laurie Fahey, of Little River -- Mr F.Moir, bride's brother in law ---Miss Freda Moir niece of bride --  lots  more ---

  - FIX -  016
in London,  on 18th June, Mr Thomas Hutchison Menzies, of Kuala Lumpar  to Marie Agnes Fix   known as   Miss Marie Ney
(of NZ who is at present playing Milady in "The Three Musketeers" at Drury Lane)  Mr Menzies,  a Scottish rubber planter in  Malay Peninsula,
who won the Singapore Gold Cup in 1926 with a horse  named after Miss Ney. -------  lots more ------

Friday 15 August  1930
HACK  -  HAMILTON  - 017
Esther, elder dau. of Mr and Mrs C.E.Hamilton, of Opawa  to  Charles Victor, eldest son of Mr and Mrs E.T.Hack,  Lakeside bridesmaid
Miss Rita Hamilton (sister)  Mr Frank Hamilton  best man   ---- lots more ----

-   missing snippet
Archie Richard,  2nd son of Mr and Mrs W.J.Mathers, of Saltwater creek. --------

Saturday 16 August  1930

HARDIE   - KEYS  -  018
at Temuka  on August 7,  Ngaire Kathleen, eld. dau. of Mr and Mrs W.J.Keys  to John Colin, son of Mr and Mrs W.Hardie, Chch,   2 bridesmaids
 Miss Dorothy Keys (sister)  and Miss Kathleen Hardie (sister)  Mr Merv Walls best man    ---  lots   more --------

Myrtle Irene, youngest dau. of Mr and Mrs James Miller,"Gowan Brae"  Ashley Bank, to Lance George,  youngest son of Mr and Mrs Hiram Orchard, Sefton.
 Miss Millicent Miller (cousin of bride)  bridesmaid,  brother Mr Alfred E.Orchard,  best man,  2 flower girls -----   lots more  -----

Monday 18 August  1930

at Rangiora, Evelyn Margaret, elder dau. of Mr and late Mrs W.Johnston, "Wimbledon" Woodend  to Herbert Radcliffe, 4th son of Mr and Mrs E.Harris,
Styx,   bridesmaids Miss Martha Johnston (sister)  Miss Isobel Brown (cousin)   Mr S.Harris (brother) was best man  and Mr J.Waites,  groomsman
---  lots more ---

Tuesday  19 August  1930

Photograph  -  65th wedding anniversary  -  021
   -   Mr and Mrs W.Craighead, of Ashburton,  were married at Christchurch  on 10 August  1865

Friday 22 August 1930

WHITE  -  ELWORTHY  -  022  and   022a
at Timaru, Rona, 2nd dau of Mr and Mrs Herbert Elworthy, of "Craigmore"    to Alan Patrick, son of Mr and Mrs Kinross White,
of "Omarunui" Hawke's  Bay.    --------     lots more  ------ 

Photograph    -  024
White - Elworthy 
wedding - photo of bride and her 6 bridesmaids

-   023
at Westport, Thomas, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs W.S.Hardie to Elizabeth Ann, dau of Mr and late Mrs Cropp of Carter's Junction. Mr Duncan Hardie
was best man (brother)  and  Miss Nora Cropp was bridesmaid.  ------- more ---

Saturday 23 August 1930

Dorice Forrester, 2nd dau. of Mr and Mrs P.R.Cornelius  to John William Oldridge, nephew of Mr and Mr J.Easterbrook, of Prebbleton.
 sister Miss Gladys Cornelius was bridesmaid and  Mr Harry Spicer (cousin of groom)  best man.  ------- lots more -----

Monday 25 August  1930

RIDGEN  -  NEVILLE  - 026  and  026a
on Saturday,  Hazel, youngest dau of late Mr H.F.Neville, of Christchurch    to Cuthbert Leslie, 2nd son of Mr G.H.Ridgen, of Greendale,
sister Miss Irene Neville bridesmaid and Miss Myrtle Ridgen  and Miss Beryl Kingan,  Mr Donald Smith,  best man,  and Messrs Donald Bain
 and Chester Gray  were groomsmen
 --   lots more --------

Tuesday 26 August 1930

Evelyn May, eld. dau of Mr and Mrs R.J.Barson  to Frank Gordon, 4th son of Mr Henry  and late Mrs Heywood, Te Hana,  North Auckland, 
Mr George Molloy best man and Mr Royce Barson groomsman,  sister Miss Melva Barson, chief bridesmaid   ----- more ---

Mr Leonard K.Hodge  to Miss Isabella Henderson, a teacher on the staff of Greymouth Main School,  Miss Amy Tuckey, of Nelson  was bridesmaid,
Mr David Wright,  best man.  ------ more ----

- 029
Maizie, eld.dau of Mr and Mrs Grieve  to James Taylor, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs T. Lennox, Palmerston North, Miss Isabella Grieve,  bridesmaid, 
brother Mr Charles Lennox,  best man   ------ lots  more  -----

  - 030 and 030a
at Timaru,  Elsie, only dau of Mrs and late Mr H.Powdrill  to Alexander Millar, 2nd son of Mrs and late Mr A. Millar, of Timaru ---  lots more ----

Wednesday 27 August 1930
COSTER  -  HARRIS  -    031
in London, Mr Ian D.Coster, formerly of The Press, Christchurch  and the Sun, Auckland  to  Miss Martha Harris, head of the editorial publicity dept -----

Thursday 28 August 1930
ASHBY  -  TURTON  - 032
at Ashburton, Vera May Graham, dau. of Mr E.Turton, Hakataramea to William Stanley Bryan, son of Mr and Mrs W.J.Ashby, "Nortoft"
sister Miss Rose Ashby, bridesmaid,   and Miss Hannah Smith, cousin of the bride,   Mr T.Stone, best man and Mr R.Fallon, groomsman ---   lots more ----

at Geraldine,  Jessie Mary , dau of Captain and Mrs C.J.Kerr,  to Linley Ashton, son of Mr and Mrs W.A.Scaife, of Marama,  Lake Wanaka,
bridesmaids were Miss Kathleen Kerr, sister of the bride  and  Miss Ruth Bett, a cousin  ----  lots more -----                

at  Belfast,  Christchurch, Muriel Margaret,  3rd dau of Mr John and late Mrs Halligan  to  James A.Scott,  formerly of Ireland ---- 
bridesmaid Yvonne Gray, niece of the bride,  Mr Percy Halligan, best man,  ------ lots more ----

Friday 29 August 1930
DOWLING  -  HARROP  -  036  and 036a
in  London on July 16th,   Henry, 2nd son of Mrs and late Mr T.L.Dowling,  to Kathleen Edith, dau of Mr and Mrs W.H.Harrop, both of Christchurch,
bridesmaids were Miss Marian Tuck Pook, and Miss Margaret Feming, cousin of the bridegroom,  and Miss Joan Sheehan,
Mr Edward T.Dowling was best man ------   lots more  ------

TAIT  -  HUMPHRIES  -  037
at Oamaru,  Ruth Constance, dau of Mr and Mrs F.Wharton Humphries and granddaughter of late Thomas Humphries, ex- Surveyor-General of NZ,
to Gilbert Innes, son of late Captain and Mrs Tait, of Timaru, bridesmaid Miss Estell Humphries, sister,  and Mr Don Arthur,  best man.  ------ lots more ----

Saturday 30 August  1930
at Geraldine, Leila Catherina, dau of Mr and Mrs D.J.Pemberton, of Orari  to Richard Henry Wren, son of late Richard and Mrs Bligh, Mosman, 
Sydney, 2 bridesmaids Miss Mary Pemberton (sister)  and Miss Anne Pemberton (cousin)  Mr Douglas Pemberton (best man) and Mr Robert Pemberton
--- lots more ----

at Methven,  Margaret Jane, eld. dau of Mr and late Mrs A.T.Lilley, Highbank  to Leslie Henry, 2nd son of Mr and Mrs I.Scoon, of Methven,
 bridesmaid Miss Lena Lilley (sister)  flower girl Miss Ada Lilley (sister)  Mr Arthur Lilley best man  ---- lots more  ----

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