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Friday 1 August 1930
Inquest  -  001
William Dingwell,  died 24th July,   age 45,  of 154 Bowhill rd,   New Brighton,   ----------    a long column

Sefton  -   002  & 003
Samuel Wilson,   aged 64 years,  single man, cottage  in centre of Sefton was destroyed by fire -------   lots more

Adjourned inquest  -  004
FURZE    - 
Albert William  Furze,  age 41,  of 141 Waimari rd, Riccarton, died at the Christchurch Hospital on June 25th    -----------

Inquest  -  005
  - Roy, a young man  who died under anesthetic --  on July 21st -------  lots more

New Plymouth  -  006
  H.W. Kelly,  aged 48 was killed at Tahora station -----  was a resident of Whangamomona.  he was a married man with 6 children. 
                            He had only 4  years to serve before his retirement.

Wellington  -  007
  Walter, a collision between a motor-cycle and a taxi-cab  driven by Byron Maurice Barclay -------Pederson died shortly after  --------   lots more

Obituary  -  Runanga
COWE  -  Mr Ebenezer Cowe. --- was a native of Scotland,  was 56 years of age,   came to NZ 3 and half years ago,   leaves a widow and 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Saturday  2nd August 1930
Obituary  -  009
  -  Mr. Arthur Henry Eaton,  died on Thursday, was an old and respected member of the Lands and Survey Dept. ------  he leaves a widow, 2 married
                daughters,  and 2 sons  ---- the funeral took place yesterday at the Sydenham Cemetery. ----      

Eltham  -   010
- John P.  --from the Mangamingi district,  near Eltham,   died from injuries received in an accident on his farm,  a very old settler.

Obituary  -  011
George,  who died at his home  "Paeroa" St. Heliers Bay, Auckland,  on Wednesday, at age 85,  was a politician as well as lawyer.  Arriving                               
                     in NZ with his parents in the 1850's ---------  he leaves a widow  now in London,  2 sons,  and 3 daughters, --------  his surviving 2 brothers                               
                     are Mr James Hutchinson    of Otago Daily Times  and Mr William Hutchinson  -------   he has 2 surviving sisters,  of Dunedin ----   

Greymouth  -   Obituaries   -  012
-   Frederick,  late Blackball,  aged 49 years.  a single man, of Sheffield, Canterbury, 3rd son of Mr and Mrs Jackson of 
                        Blackball.  He leaves 5 brothers and 4 sisters.  He was an old resident of Brunner.
BRENNAN  -  John,   on Wednesday  at Reefton Hosp. of John Brennan,  age 64    -----  he is survived by a widow  

Southbridge  -   013
   -  Walter, one of the best known farmers in the Ellesmere district, died on Thursday,   age 56 years,   son of the late Mr John Lochhead,  one of                               
                             the pioneer settlers,  Walter was born in the Leeston district in 1874, --------- Mr Lochhead married Miss Elizabeth COWAN, daughter of the                        
                            late Mr John Cowan,  a pioneer settler in the district, and is survived by his widow, a daughter and 2 sons -------

Funeral  write up  -  014  &  015
LOCHHEAD -  Walter,  of "Altonbrook" Southbridge, took place on Saturday -----   a long column  ------

Fatalities  -  016
-  James Stewart,  at Taylorville  ---- was age 71 and one of the earliest residents of Brunner,  he leaves a grown-up family.
LAWSON  - Alfred Thomas, of Hokitika  --- native of Darford, England  been in NZ, 21 years  aged 54 -- leaves a widow,  3 brothers  
                        one at Lake Kaniere,    another at Granity and 1 daughter in Christchurch.

Photograph  -  017
GRANT  -  Miss Jean,  who was awarded the prize for the lady exhibiting the best style of the skiing sports held at Mount Cook.

Monday  4 August  1930 
Inquest   -  019
Henry George Daniel, a married man, aged 39 of Mayfield,  was killed on Saturday by the fall of a tree at St leonard's sawmill -----
                    brother Edward James Burgess,  ----  evidence by Charles Peter Joli,  William Henry Penrose,  and William Henry Fagan.  -----

Inquest  -   020
-  Elizabeth,  knocked off her bicycle  on Sat. evening,  almost killed instantly  -----  age 24 -----  brother, John Charles Irvine, ----  adjourned ----

Timaru  -   inquest  -  021
-  Denis James,  age 43 years, a married man,  died Friday morning. at his residence Glen-iti ----  brother Daniel Michael Pearce ------

Wanganui  -   022
Harold Greytown Rush,  married with 4 children, was killed on Saturday evening, his bicycle collided with a service car
                     driven by Cyril Augustus  McAllister  -------------

Auckland  - 023
Charles Simons,  age about 35,  single,  a jeweller,  of Taumarunui , a passenger in a car driven by Robert John Burling  ------------

Tuesday  5 August  1930
Greymouth  -   024
  Ellen Nora Costello,  at the Grey Hospital,  aged 22,   was a daughter of Mr and Mrs M.Costello,  of 51 Osborne st, Christchurch.

New Plymouth  fatality  -   025
- Lance,   tragedy on Mt Egmont, printer,  of Stratford, one of the rescue party ------  Walter Hall,  teacher at Stratford District High School,                         
                    -----  lots more -----

Gisborne  -Inquest  -   026
- Christina Sutherland McMahon,  aged 31, who died on July 24th from the effects of poison  ---------

New Plymouth  -   027
Edward Charles Meredith,  of New Plymouth age 84,   a soldier in the NZ forces since he was 18 years  died yesterday,  it was the murder of                              
                              his father and brother on July 18th 1864 near Drury,   which began the Waikato war. ----------

Photograph  -  028
WOOD -  
Mrs J.cutting ribbon for opening of Waimakiriri  river bridge

Wellington - Obituary  -  029
-  John Prouse, age 75, Wellington,  a noted figure in musical circles. ------  was born in Wainuiomata,  where his father settled in 1841 - he leaves a                        
                    widow,  3 sons,  2 daughters,  - -----   Messrs William Prouse,  Oliver Prouse,  and George Prouse, Milan, Italy.

Wellington - Death -  030
-  George Winder,  at his res.  Taita, Lower Hutt, was formerly an iron-monger in Wellington    ---------

Wednesday 6  August 1930
Hamilton  -    Inquest  -   031
  -  Lionel Joseph Bellve,  aged 32, a jeweller,  ------------

Rangiora  -   Obituary  -  032
-   Mrs J.Toner  on Tuesday, a midwife of Rangiora,  oldest and much respected resident.   was twice married,  her first husband being 
                    Mr Richard  Manhire  -- funeral took place on Friday  ------- survived by 4 daughters, Mrs J. Carter,  Mrs W. Heissenbuttell
                        Mrs G.Grimwood,    Mrs H.O.Amos.

Thursday 7 August 1930
Inquest  -  033
-  Daniel Duggan,  age about 70 years,  found dead in his bed at Holmes Boarding House Manchester St.  -----------

Inquest  -  034 & 034a  & 034b
  James Farr, Captain of the old boys' football team was fatally injured on July 26th  at the Ashburton Showgrounds
                ------   lots more  ------  a  very long column

Wellington - Funeral write  up  -   035
-  John  Prouse,  took place this morning. -----------

Ashburton    - Obituary    -  036
- Stanley Crichton Walker,  died at Ashburton yesterday,  was born in Timaru 38 years ago, youngest son of Mrs P. and the late Mr Pringle Walker                           
                  ------  he was badly   gassed at Ploegstaat   in 1917.  He married Miss A.M.Thornton,   daughter of the late Mrs M.A.Thornton,  Greymouth, 
                        and leaves a widow and 2 children,  -----------

Friday  8 August 1930
Obituary  -   037
  -  George Hartley Bonnington,  at his res. bealey Ave. He was born in Nelson in 1864 and was a son of Mr George Bonnington,  founder of the                              
                                      firm -----  in Woolston Band,  leaves 1 son, Roland,  and 3 daughters,  Mrs V.Pike,  Miss Hilda  and Miss Beryl  -----

Funeral  write up   -  038
-  Mr. James Manson,  at the Kimberley Cemetery on Tuesday,  ----  one of oldest identities of district.  ----   list of mourners.

Invercargill  -   039
-  Margaret McNay,  single,  age 46,  died in the Wallace Hosp.on Tuesday ---fall from a car on 9th July ---- was a native of Dumfries, Scotland had no             
                   relatives in the Dominion.

Timaru  -  040  &  040a
  John Ewart Milne, a railway shunter who was killed as a result of his left foot being caught -- on 18th July   --------   a very long column

Carterton  -  041
-  Collision with Train Doctor Killed at Clareville level crossing  Dr. Frank Adrian  Morton

Gore  -  042
-  Mary Jane Shanks,  about 40 years of age, wife of Robert Shanks, working as a married couple for William CHITTOCK,  farmer, Pinnacle road,  Gore,  ----------

Greymouth  -  Deaths   -   043
SMITH   -  Mrs. Doris Elizabeth Smith --- Ahaura, aged 28,  she is survived by her husband Mr Clarence Smith and 4 children.
SEEBECK  -  on Tuesday  one of Kumara's oldest residents, Mr. Louis C. Seebeck  age 87,  he went to Victoria in 1862,  in 1864,
                        came to Greymouth,  returned to Melbourne where he married,  ---returned to Greymouth,   --survived by his widow and daughter
                            Mrs R.Ford, and 2 sons.   Mr A.Seebeck  and Mr Henry Seebeck.

Sydney  -  044
STIRLING  -   News has been received  of the death in Sydney  of Mr Sydney Stirling (well known actor) 1st came to Australia   28 years ago --------

Inquest     -  045
Walter,  employed as caretaker and billiard marker at Tattersall's  found dead in his bed  on 25th July --- death was due to heart failure,  --------  

Saturday  9  August 1930
Sudden death   -  046
-   a tragedy occurred at the Livepool mine this morning.   ------ The acting colliery engineer  Mr J.J.Moore,  --------he had been employed at the mine                 
                   for 27 years.   was aged 60 years, survived by a widow, 4 sons, and 1 daughter. --------

Photograph  -   047  
   John,  the well-known singer,  whose death occurred at Wellington this week. He had been associated with music in the Dominion for  over 50 years.

Monday 11 August  1930

Funeral  write  up - 049
-  Henry Engelbrecht,  at Kaiapoi,  one of the oldest identities of Kaiapoi.  ------     lots more ----  list of names

Oamaru  -  Inquest  - 050
McGREGOR  -  William McGregor,  and 57, found dead in bed on Saturday morning, died of degeneration of the heart   ---  more  ----

Inquest  -  051 & 051a
-  Percival Charles ,  aged 18,  of 24 Dudley st. Addington,  a coachbuilder,  son of  Leonard Mooar,  pillion passenger Thomas Samuels injured --                   
                     inquest adjourned.

Found dead  -  Inquest -  052
-  Sydney Grantley Norton was found dead at the esplanade, New Brighton, on Saturday ---Mrs Norton died 6 months ago. ------

Rangiora  -  053
- Mrs Rodgers,  wife of Mr D. Rodgers,  of the Junction Hotel,  had died  ---   has a young family  ----

Whakatane  -  054
William Simon,  aged 27, was drowned yesterday at Whakatane Heads.  body not yet recovered   -----

Funeral  write up  -  
  -   George Hartley Bonnington,  on Saturday morning -  ------      long column

Tuesday  12 August  1930
Inquest  concluded   -  055
- Thomas Redford Harrison, commonly   known in NZ as Gordon Thomas Lennox ,  who was found dead in bed, on 28 July - ---  lots more ---

Deaths  -  056
MASTERS  -  Henry,   death at Stratford of Mr Henry Masters,  of Brunnerton,   age 47 years,   2nd son of Mr Jonas Masters  ---------
HILLS  -  Miss Cissy Hills,  suddenly,  daughter of Mr & Mrs L.L. Hills, (Ngaio, Wellington)  and formerly of Hokitika,  age 16 years.  -----

Obituary  -  057
- Frederick T.   of  Wellington.  Mr Leighton was first assistant chemist in the laboratory -at Dept. of Ag.  --   he leaves a widow and 2 children.

Hamilton  -  Inquest    -  058
  Daniel McKeown,   farmer of Ngaruwahia,  found dead  ------   Elizabeth McVeigh  employed at Mcveigh's house   ---  more ---

Wairoa  -    059
- Sydney Williams  was drowned in  Ruakituri River,  above Te Ringa Halls,  while crossing on a wire.  The body hasn't been recovered.

Wednesday 13 August 1930
Wellington  -  060
-   Mrs Martha Elizabeth Daly,  died  at her sister's res. Newtown,  a widow,   age 65

Halswell  -   Obituary  -  061
-   Mr Eli Hann, -----  early settler of Halswell,  left south of England in  the ship Rakaia  arrived Lyttelton 14 February 1874   -- Mrs Hann died                                
                    November 1903  Mr Hann who is in his 86th year leaves 3 sons, 2 daughters and 20 grandchildren.

Hokitika     -  Obituary  -   062
-  William Scott,  2nd son of late Mr and Mrs Andrew Scott,  former residents of Hokitika,  He was  52  years of age  and a native of Hokitika died 12                     
                   August 1930 at  Westland Hospital  -  he leaves a widow, (Nurse Scott  of Chch) and 5 sisters, Mrs A. Thomas,  Mrs D.Healy,  Mrs Moore   and Mrs Tuffin

Denniston   -  062
-  Mrs Mary Ann Hodgetts of Denniston  (West Coast, South Island)  age 76 and survived by 1 son Mr Joseph Hodgetts,  and 1 daughter.
                            Mrs Joseph Simpson.

Thursday 14 August 1930
Obituary  -   063
Edwin Huddy Couzins,  aged 90, of 299 Armagh st,   a resident of Christchurch for nearly 50 years.  born October 1840 at Chatham,  England,  his                       
                     father was a naval officer ----------  came to NZ aged 25, returned to England,   married  in 1868,  in 1884 he again came out,  in the vessel                              
    ----  he is survived by a family of 2 sons and 3 daughters,  ------- son Mr Tom Couzins carried on his business after retirement, 
                        wife died  2mths ago ----

Kaikoura -  064
-  John Joseph Garrett,   age 62  --------  born at Kaikoura in 1868,  farmed at Hapuku,  wife pre-deceased him,  survived by 1 son Frank,  and 3                             
                           daughters  Mesdames S.Goodwin,  H. Waghorn,  E. Nicholson.

New Plymouth  -  065
HAWKINS   -  Captain W.H. of New Plymouth died at the weekend, was a journalist in his early days --- took up farming in Taranaki about 1910 then was at
                            the front in the Great War  ---   he leaves a widow,  1 daughter and 4 sons.

Wanganui  -   066
William M. Jameson,  died  Wanganui,  age 59,  manager of the Grand Theatre Wanganui, started 1st picture theatre in Wanganui in 1910  ----                             
                         leaves a widow,  2 daughters  Miss N.Jameson,  Mrs A.Mazwell  and 1 son.  Mr W.Jameson -----

Funeral  write up -  067
RODGERS   -  Mrs D.of Rangiora took place on Monday at Sydenham Cemetery -----  lots of names  ------

Obituary   -  missing snippet
   Mr D.died at Bremen, Germany on May 23 age 87   was a member of the Hokitika Fire Brigade for many years

Friday August 15th  1930
Auckland   -  068
J. Breen  aged 26 , was killed at the freezing works on the wharf in Auckland  -------joined the harbour Board staff in 1927,  married with 2 children.

Cobden  -  069
Richard Comerford  aged 39. ----  was a native of NoTown  ---- he was a married man and leaves a widow and 2 children

Funeral  -   070
  -   E. H. Couzins, will leave 299 Armagh st,  for the Bromley Cemetery this afternoon  -- incorrect in yesterday's paper,    ------

Obituary  -  071
  Mrs Ilott ,  died  ----   daughter of Mr W.H. Baldwin a well-known  Irish landowner.  She was married to Mr J. Ilot in England in 1882,   
                -came to NZ shortly afterwards, in 1892 came to Wellington, ----- is survived by her son Mr J.M.A.Ilot  and a sister Miss K. Baldwin.

Taranaki  -  072
  - William Henry Masters,  died at Taranaki,   age 47,   brother of Hon. R. Masters   M.L.C. and son of Mr Jonas Masters,  he was born at   Brunnerton.  

Wellington  -  073
-   Isabel Frances Orr,  died  aged 5 years  a daughter of Mr J. Orr,  of Silverstream,  knocked down by a train at a crossing   ---------------  

Timaru -  inquest  -  074  & 074a  &  074b
-    Inquiry concluded   ----  death of James Stewart,  age 73,  married man,   killed in accident on July 26th -------

Obituary  -  075
  -  Mr Henry Wills  of Ashburton  died on Wednesday,  age 65,   born England in 1865 and in his early 20's came to NZ with his parents, settled in the                       
                     Auckland province,   went to Ashburton -- worked on Longbeach Estate,  purchased a farm near Hinds,   ------  more  ----

Saturday 16 August 1930
Funeral  -  076
Mr G. killed in an accident at St Leonard's sawmill, funeral took place at Ruapuna Cemetery early last week. ---   lots of names  -----

Cobden  -  Inquest  -  077
-  Mr Richard  Comerford on 14 August died from a fall of stone in quarry,   aged 40 -----  Peter Sweetman,  1st cousin of the victim ---                                        
                                 inquiry will be  held on Monday

Obituary -   078
-   Miss Ellen Nora  (Nancy) Costello,  eldest dau. of Mr and Mrs M.Costello, Linwood, Christchurch.  --- she has 6 sisters and 5 brothers                                    
                     -----  the funeral took place at Karoro Cemetery,  Greymouth. 

Funeral write up  -   079
COUZINS -  The late  Mr Edwin.Huddy.   for the Bromley Cemetery ------  longish column  with list of mourners.

Wellington  -  Motor Cyclist killed  -  080
FALLOON  -  Clarence Sefton  Falloon of Lower Hutt, a joiner,  died at Wellington Hospital  of injuries received  ------

Auckland  -  Obituary  -  081
  -  Mr Wesley Spragg,    born 1848 in Shropshire,  came to NZ in 1863 ----   he was twice married and is survived by his 2nd wife. -- lots more ----

Obituary  -  082
Mr Lionel Charles Williams,   old resident of Christchurch, age 84,  died on August 13th,  born in London, in 1847  came to NZ by the ship
                            Golden Sunset, in 1864.  ------  became manager of Teviotdale Station,  Amberley,  -- for 12 years,   He was also for many years Registrar of                        
                            Birth, Deaths and Marriages.

Monday 18 August 1930
Funeral  - 084
Mr William Gebbie, on Friday eldest son of the late Mr William Deans Gebbie,  after whom Gebbie's Pass was named.   He was unmarried,
                 had 2 brothers, a  Messrs  John Orton  and Reginald Gebbie  ----   and 4 married sisters -----buried Teddington Churchyard ---- list of names -----

Rangiora -  085
-   Mr Charles Harman, died Wellington,  Friday last,  native of Rangiora,  2nd son of the late Mr Thomas Harman --------

Fatality  -  086
HUDSON  -  Thomas Edward,  a watersider, injured last Friday, died Saturday ---George Frederick Hudson,  brother -----   more

Tuesday 19 August  1930
Gisborne  -    087
- Mr Frank Brayton.  death of  --  aged  67 years,   educated in Dunedin, came to Poverty Bay in 1878  to assist his father in the management of                               
                     Whataupoko Estate.   later with his brothers he purchased and broke in Ruakaturi Station  ---------   he leaves a widow, 3 daughters
                        Misses  Audrey, Every and Hilary and 1 son Derek.

Inquest  -  088
COMERFORD -  Richard,   fall of stone in the Cobden quarry  --met his death on 14 August 1930  ------

Obituary   -   089
-  Mr James Arthur Flesher  OBE,   death occurred last night  ---  born in Christchurch,  son of William & Dorothy Flesher,
                             born August 13th 1863 -------     lots more

Photo  -  090
FLESHER - Mr J. a member of the Christchurch City Council,  whose death occured ----

Obituary  -   091
-  Mrs Fountaine, wife of Charles Albert Fountaine, whose death occurred ------ a native of Lambeth, London,  was aged 77 and came to
                            New  Zealand 57 years ago.  live 43 years in Westport. -- celebrated their Golden Jubilee last October ---

Obituary  - 091a
BLUNDELL -  George Edward, a native of Liverpool, aged 44 and came to Hokitika from Auckland.  saw service in the Mercantile Marine,
                            has a brother and  sister in England.

Little River  -  092
- Mr George Gilling, former headmaster of Little River Main School,  was born in Nottinghamshire, came to NZ as a child.  -------- in 1885 appointed
                         headmaster of the Little River School,  was at Christchurch East prior to that.

Rotorua  -  093
RANGI  -  King George e Rangi, - at Ohinemutu Pa   aged 5 years fell into a boiling pool------  resided with his grandfather Rangi Tauira,  ---- more  -----

Blenheim   -  094
- Alfred, death on Saturday night  at the Wairau Pa,  Hapareta Rore was by descent an important rangatira.  ----  Mr Rore's grandfather on his mother's                   
                 side  was Captain  BLENKINSOPP  -----  was 67 years old,  ---------- more ----

Wellington  -  BIMLER
Mr D.G. Bimler,   manager of White Rock Station,   collapsed & died in Wellington

Wednesday  20 August 1930
Inquest concluded  -  095
Carl, at the conclusion of an inquest, into the death of Carl Erickson,  aged 46,  which occurred on July 10th    ---------  more

Tributes to late   -   096
-  Mr James  tributes to the work of Mr J.A.Flesher,  whose death occurred on Monday,  --------   lots more  ------

Obituary  -  097
Mr Peter Martin,  ---  resident of North Otago -- age 75  --- born Wigtonshire came to NZ in 1873 -------  Mrs Martin predeceased him 5 years                        
                        ago  -   survived by brother Mr Alexander Martin,   5 sons and 2 daughters

Auckland  -  098
-  Hilda A.M.Millen ----   husband Henry John Millen,  on August 9th  --------

Thursday  21  August  1930
Funeral yesterday  -    100   &  100a   &  100b
  -  Mr J.A. -   lists all who attended  two and a half columns long.

Photo  -  101
FLESHER  -  mourners at the funeral of Mr J.A.Flesher  showing the flowers at the graveside in the Holy Trinity Churchyard,  Avonside.

Obituary  -    102
 HARPER  - Mrs Dionysia Maud Harper,  widow of the late Mr J.F. Harper of Clarkville.  The late Mrs Harper was a daughter of Major HORNBROOK, one of the                        
                    earlier settlers of Canterbury. -----------  original owner of the Mount Pleasant Estate

Obituary   -  103
HUNTER  -  Sir George,  MP for Waipa,  born Wellington 1859 son of the 1st Mayor of Wellington,  Mr George Hunter. moved to Hawke's Bay in the 1880's                           
                     acquiring a property of several thousand acres at Porangahau  --------- more ----

Fatality    -  104
-  Arthur Thomas McGuinness,  aged 38,  married, a fruiterer,  of Auckand, struck by a motor-cycle  ------ died this morning ----

Funeral  -   105  &  105a
  -  Mr Logan John  Menzies  funeral  left the residence of his parents in Montreal St.  for Bromley Cemetery  -----  list of mourners ---

Masterton  -  106
  Wilfred Wrigley Payne,  aged 32  senior clerk in the Telegraph Engineer's office was killed    ----------  he was a married man with one child.

Wellington  -   107
  Walter Blunden Taylor,  aged 21,  --------  was drowned at Karapoti  last night.------------

Friday  22  August 1930
Obituary  -  108
-   Mr William  Frederick McLean Buckley, age 69,  whose death occurred at New Brighton on Wednesday,  was a well known farmer &                                       
                         Canterbury  breeder of draught horses,  --  eldest son of the late Hon. George Buckley  M.L.C. and one time partner in Dalgety and Co. and                   
                         nephew of the late Mr Alan McLean,  of Waiakahi,  the founder of the McLean Institute.  --------   lots more

Obituary    -   109  and 109a
-   Mr Obed  Caygill  .-----------    born Bradford, Yorkshire 1862,   came to Lyttelton in the ship Captain Cook,  with his parents in 1863.  
                        His father John Caygill started a bootmaker's establishment in Christchurch  ---------   leaves a widow, a son Mr E.R.Caygill, a daughter
                        Miss F.B.Caygill,  another son Mr L. A. Caygill lost his life during the war ------    lots more

Greymouth  -  110
  -  Mr Jeremiah McCarthy,  who died   at the Grey Hospital  this morning  ---   eldest son of  the late Mr Jeremiah McCarthy.  He was a native of                             
                           Notown,  single,  and aged 46.

Obituary   -  111
MOON  - 
Mr George Moon,   age 53,   for many years --- resident of Redcliffs. died at his home in Papanui,  2nd son of Mr and Mrs George Moon, of                             
                   Woolston, ---------  leaves a widow,  a  family of  five,  3 daughters and 2 sons.  His father is still alive. the funeral will be on Saturday  morning                             
                       leaving St James ave,  -- for the Linwood Cemetery -------

Inquest  -  112
NORTON - Sydney Grantley,  died at 266 Esplanade, New Brighton on 9th August -----  lots more -----

Inquest resumed  -   113
Sydney Gerald Smith, who was an accountant  ---------   lots more

London  -  114
Mr J. F.Studholme, of Helmores Road, Christchurch,  aged  of 64,  died Saturday July 12 at Browns Hotel,  Dover St. London,  while on                              
                          holiday  -----------    lots more -  a long list of names of mourners -----

Saturday   23 August  1930
Funeral  write up  -  115
Mr W.F. Buckley,  held yesterday at Woolston Cemetery  ---------   more -----

Inquest  -  Wellington -   116
DALY  -  
Martha Elizabeth Daly,  died on  12 August,  --------     was knocked down by a tramcar

Stratford   -  Inquest  -  117
Lance V. Gibson,   on Mt. Egmont  on August 4th,  while assisting in the rescue of an injured man  ---------- more ---

North Canterbury -   118
  Mrs J. The funeral took place on Monday --  Horsley Downs Cmetery   ------------  long list of people who sent floral tributes

West Coast     -  119
  Mrs Eliza Mary Jones,  wife of Mr Wm. Jones, of Hokitika,   died  in the Westland Hosp. ---was a native of Blue Spur, and was 55 years of age,  
McFADYAN  -  John Edward McFadyen,  age 69,   he was a native of South Australia, lived nearly all his life in Hokitika.  He was a single man.

Inquest  opened  -  120
Harold Listh,  the waterside worker , died in Christchurch Hosp. on Tuesday    --------------  more ---

Inquest   concluded    -  121
-  the inquest was concluded at Lyttelton yesterday -------a water-sider worker  who died on August 12th following an accident whilst working in the                          
                  steamer Remuera.   -----  lots more ------

Obituary  -  122
Angelina  Peters,  widow of Mr S. Peters,  of Kumara,  West Coast, ---  was in her 75th year. a native of Cornwall, England, came to NZ with her                       
                     husband and family--- survived by one son Mr S.T.Peters,  and daughter, Mrs A.J.Aitken  and one brother Mr F. COOKE,  Newquay, England, 

Palmeston North  -    Inquest  concluded  -  123  and 123a
Walter Edwin Price, a builder, adjourned 4mths  due to illness of Mrs Proctor ----- died 5 March 1930,  son, John Walter Barnard Price ---- lots more

Obituary  - Auckland  - 124
  -  Mr Thomas Rockwood Proctor,  age 47  born in Christchurch,   died  in Auckland,  son of the late Mr John Proctor ------went to England
                        to study ---  returned in 1908  --- he is survived  by Mrs Proctor,  3 sons and 1 daughter.

Waipukurau  -  125
HUNTER  -  Funeral  of Sir George Hunter -----   body taken to the Porangahau station for a private funeral

Wellington  -   126
Sir Maui,  funeral write  up  of Sir Maui Pomare  of Wellington   ----------   lots more

Dunedin  -  Death - 127
George Lymar Sise,  was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire,  USA,  on August 21st 1839,  spent the greater part of his life in this city.   He founded the               
                 well-known firm of Bates, Sise and Co.  now carried on by his sons.  Mrs Sise died in 1920

Wellington  -  128
-  George Allan  Turnbull, age 17, a telegraph messenger, died as a result of a collision between a motor lorry and a bicycle,  --------  he was son                        
                            of Mr John James Turnbull,   about 8 years ago Mr Turnbull lost another son in rather tragic circumstances.  Phillip Henry Turnbull aged 23  was                      
                              engaged in excavating a building  -- lots more ----

Monday 25 August 1930
Obituary  -  129
- Mrs W. Cadzow,  of Masterton,  age 63,   ----- former pianist at Theatre Roal Westport.   ----------Mrs Cadzow  was the daughter of
                        Mr Hiram William HARRIS schoolmaster of Picton,  in which town she spent her early days.

The Funeral  -   130
- Obed,  left his res. Berwick st, on Saturday  for the Bromley Cemetery ------    lots more  -   lists mourners.  -------

Memorial service  -  131
- James Arthur Flesher,  --- death occurred on August 18th,   born in Christchurch,  65 years ago.  -----    a long column  --------

Obituary  -  132
- Charles David,  age 68 years.  --- came to NZ shortly after 1900,  born in Birmingham, England,  son of  Thomas & Elizabeth Gough. When 21 years                    
                    of age Charles went to Australia, thence to Christchurch,   where he founded C.D.Gough and Son ------  survived by his wife, 2 sons  and daughter                 
                         and a sister Mrs Edith  PEERS.

Death     -   133
P. Rush  of Blenheim ,  in a bout with R.Nicol, of Southland    -------    collapsed in the boxing ring.  underwent an operation,  died today -----

Otago  -   134
-  Mr John Wilson,  of Lauder, well known sheep breeder,  --- -- born in North of Ireland, came to NZ as a youth, 
                     ---- acquired well-known   Downshire Estate

Adjourned  inquest   -  135
-  William  Worrall,  accountant,  of Richmond, Christchurch,  knocked off his bicycle by a motor-car on 4th July  ----------------

Woodend  - 
ROBERTS  -  the death occured of Mrs J. Roberts late on Friday night,   the funeral took place yesterday

Tuesday  26  August 1930
Dunedin  -  136
- Rachel Lawson Stewart Christie,  widow of Rev. John Christie,  who for  38 years  was Presbyterian Minister of Waikouaiti. Mrs Christie  was                           
                     born Carluke, Scotland 27th December 1840.  only child of Mr James Lawson Stewart,  architect,  and surveyor of that town.  --- In June 1862                     
                   she married and then  sailed in the ship "Cheviot" for NZ, --- Mr Christie died in 1913,   had family of 9 with 6 still survive,  5 grandchildren and 2                        
                        great grandsons.  -----   long column ------

Obituary  -  137
  Elizabeth Corson Evans, an old resident of Greymouth.  she was a native of  Kirkcudbright, Scotland,   and had reached the age of 92 years.  Her                           
                     husband died 19 years ago,  she is survived by 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Pilgrims' Association  Condolences  -   138
-  James  ---------    President of the Pilgrims' Ass.    -------    a long column  -

Oamaru  -  Postman Killed  -  139
- Edwin Thomas Olds,  age 28 of Oamaru,  ------   b. Ashburton 1902 ------- transferred to Oamaru in 1927 --  he is married with 2 children  ----------

Obituary  -   140
-  Mr Nimrod Parker,  age 65,  a well known athlete,  b. Milton, Otago in  1865  died on Sunday evening,  ---------  Mr Parker  leaves 3 daughters                       
                     and 3 sons,  2 are well known athletes and one is renowned as an All-Black.

Taumarunui  -  141
-  Hugh,  a relief worker was returning to camp from Ohura on  Saturday, he missed his step and fell from an overhead bridge to the road below,                              
                  sustaining injuries from which he died 30mins later.

Obituary   -   142
- Mrs T. S. Valentine.  age 39,   was the daughter of the late Mr William and Mrs Martha Lewis,  born at Ogniore, Wales, in 1891.  She is                              
                      survived by her husband,  and 3 young daughters,  ------------

Wednesday  27 August 1930
Sefton   -   North Canterbury   -  143
-   S.T.Ashworth, a memorial service was held on Sunday afternoon in the Sefton Pres. Church  ----  more -----

Inquest  -   144
Terence Sefton Falloon, fell off his motor-cycle on 19th August and died in Wellington Hosp.   -------   more -----

Death   -  145
McKAY  - 
Hugh McKay   on 15th August  at Waikari, North Canterbury -  one of the best known sheep men. -- leaves a widow 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Inquest  -  146
-  Edwin Thomas Olds, killed in a motor accident --- born Ashburton,  a postman,  age 28 of Oamaru ---  lots more ----

Thursday August 28 1930
Photograph  -  147
BUCHANAN - Mrs,  who gave a demonstration of weaving at the Merivale schoolroom  -------

Photograph-  148
CHRYSTALL  -  Miss D.  and
WARD  -  Miss M.  North Canterbury golf champions,  winners of junior championship at Harewood golf links.

Evidence at Inquest  -   149
  Woman cyclist killed on Riccarton Road, Christchurch. Elizabeth Irvine,   age 30 was struck by a motor car. --- more ---

Dunedin  -  150
-   Duncan McDonald,  married,  aged 53, a resident of Palmeston,  --------

Funeral  write up -   151
-  Nimrod Parker,  funeral took place yesterday,  leaving the home of his daughter ---- for the Sydenham Cemetery ---------  lots more

Obituary  -  152
PREBBLE  - Agnes Prebble died on Tuesday at her res. in  Linwood,  Mrs Prebble, daughter of Mr John WALKER,  born in Scotland in 1860,  came to NZ
                     with her parents in 1862,   settled in Prebbleton,  In 1878 she married Richard Prebble,  son of Richard Prebble,  after whom the district of                                  
                      Prebbleton was named   ------   death of her husband in 1910 -- is survived by a family of 6,   2 daughters and 4 sons, ------ 11 grandchildren.

Boxers death -   153
RUSH  - 
Percy Joseph,  of Blenheim,  who collapsed during a boxing tournament ------ evidence at Inquest -----  lots more ------

Auckland  -  154
  -  Arthur Herbert Scarrett,  aged 32,  --- living at Port Chevalier,  died    -----------

Auckland  -  155
  -  Christopher Smith,  conductor of the Auckland Municipal Band, knocked down by a tram-car,  died instantly   -------
                      he leaves a widow and 2 children  -    lots more

Friday  29 August 1930
Inquest -  156
-  Mrs Kathleen Mary Frances Haggitt,  wife of Archdeacon P.B.Haggitt    ---------   lots more

Obituary  -  157
-  Charles Peter Lock,  Bayswater, Auckland,   died suddenly in Wellington on Tuesday evening.  ---- born at Kaiapoi,  in 1868,  was a close friend of                        
                    Prime Minister Hon. G.W.Forbes,   farmed at Methven,  Springfield and Ashburton,  moved to Tokoroa --------- 
                        he leaves a widow, 1 son and 2 daughters -----  more ----

Obituaries  -  158
  Margaret O'Connor,  death took place at Wellington this morning.   widow of  Mr MauriceO'Connor ---- is survived by                                                              
                              several daughters and sons,  one daughter being the Rev Mother of the Colombo Street Convent Christchurch.
COWAN  -  Joseph Cowan jnr, of Millerton, son of Mr Joseph Cowan,  of Birchfield,  He was a native of Fifeshire, Scotland, was 29 years of age, and is
                        survived by a widow, 1 son and 1 daughter.

Obituary   -  159
  -  Miss Violet Monica  Salmond, -- principal of the Craighead Girls' School, Timaru,  came to NZ from England 1927 -----  more ----

Saturday 30 August 1930
Westport  -  2 men killed  -  160
- Charles Ayers,  aged 50,  single,  --- a native of Colac,  Victoria,  a brother lives in Wellington, and a sister at Cobden
WALDIE  - Edward Waldie,  aged 40  single,  his mother resides at East Brunswick,  Melbourne.
CORBETT -  Thomas,  injured  ----  sister Mrs Connolly and Mr A.F.Corbett a brother was a member of the 1904-5 All Black team
TAYLOR - Robert,  injured,  of Christchurch,  age 22    -------  lots more  ---- inquest tomorrow -------

Auckland  -   161 
  - Charles E. Browne,  age 59 --  Chairman of Directors of C.E.Browne & Co. Auckland & Wellington ---- more ---

Inquest opened  -   162
  John Burgess,   age 59,   died in a cab on Thursday  while being driven to Addington Saleyards  -----------

Obituary   -   163
HILL  - 
  Mrs Emily Hill,  died at her res. "Pukemarama"   Bluff Hill,  Napier. came to NZ with her husband in 1873 to Canterbury, Mr Hill 1st headmaster in East             
               Christchurch and Mrs Hill in charge of the infants --- moved to Hawke's Bay ---   survived by her husband,  4 daughters and 2 sons -------

Obituary  -   164
Mr. J. Jeffries,  born Nelson, 23 May 1842, his parents arrived on  the ship "London" the previous February.  in his 89th year. ------ wife died                        
                        1916 is survived by 5 sons ------- and 2 daughters  ------    lots more  -----

Auckland   -  166
  Christopher Smith was  killed in a tram accident on Wednesday ,  Conductor of Auckland Municipal Band,   ---- buried at Waikumete Cemetery --

Rakaia  -   167
- Margaret O'Connell, wife of John,  died on Sunday, born in Christchurch to Margaret & William  Hinds, Mitcham, Mid Canterbury -----

The Funeral  -   168
Mr Edward Amos, was a member of the 7th Reinforcements, funeral to leave his res. 85 Bealey Ave, for the  Linwood Cemetery,
                            -----long  list of mourners

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