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The Weekly Press  10 October  1928
Photo  -  GRENFIELD  -  147
A reproduction of the 1st photograph to be brought by aeroplane from Australia to New Zealand.  The photo is of Peter Greenfield aged 10 and half months 
son of Mr C.P.Greenfield  of the Eastern Cable Company,  Cremorne,  Sydney.  Squadron-leader Kingsford Smith took the photo to the grandparents
Mr and Mrs F.E.Greenfield of Heathfield Ave, Christchurch.

A Young Violinist  -  McCONACHY   - Timaru boy in New York  -  photo   -    Mr Arthur Hartmann 148
Miss Amy Nevill-Smith (Mus.Assoc.Melb. Univ)  a well-known teacher of singing and violin at Timaru has recently  sent her talented violin pupil,
Mr Rees McConachy,  to one of the greatest violinists to continue his studies with Mr Arthur Hartmann the eminent violinist of New York ----  more  ----

Violinist  -  photo  -  149
Mr Rees McConachy.

Marriages  -  151
GIBSON - REID,  whose marriage takes place next week  -----  lots of names

Collage of 11 photos  -  Timaru to Christchurch Cycle  contest.  - 152
1. & 2. B.W.Arnst  winner of the big road race last Saturday
4. B.S.McCann,  New Plymouth -- fastest time  ----
5. A.E.Porter,  a veteran rider  aged 40  passing through Geraldine  ---- has started the race 7 times.
6.  M.Fass,  Christchurch,  2nd man home

Collage of 14 photos  -  Christchurch Boys' High School Annual Sports meeting  -  153
1.   C.F.Ell,  who won the mile walk -----
2.    C.Rweedie, winner of 120yds hurdles under 15 ----
3.   J.McDonald,  winner 120 yds open.
4.    G.Lightband,  winner of 440yds handicap open
10.   M.Hunter,  winner of high jump.
11.  G.M.Martin,  winner of  100yds championship  200yrds,  2nd in 440yrs   senior cup with 24 points.
12.  A.V.Chappell,  winner of 440yrds.
14.  M.Hunter  jumping.

Wellington Competitions  for children  -  photo -  154
1.  Dawson Douglas, Christchurch,  1st boys' song,   1st boys' reading sight.
2. Kathleen Read, Christchurch,  1st humerous recitation, under 12,  1st song in character,  1st musical monologue,  1st action recitation, 1st junior test  recitation,                  1st girls' song and 1st girls' action song
3. Audrey Oates,  Palmeston North,  1st humerous recitation.
4. Ewart Douglas,  Christchurch,  1st boys' song.
5. Connie Flamank,  Timaru,  1st vocal solo,  1st vocal solo, NZ  composer,  1st vocal solo, with accompanment.
6. Irene Wilson  and Shirley Perrin,  1st duet in character under 12
7. Claire Dulien  and Miss Nelson, Christchurch,  1st vocal duet.
8. Hilda Crysall,  Wahganui   1st sacred solo  1st Scottish song,  1st Operatic solo.
9. Marjory Alexander,  Christchurch,  1st piano solo,    1st piano solo, open,   1st piano solo, selected.
10.  Belle Renaut,  Christchurch, 1st Irish song,  1st Contralto solo,  1st  vocal solo,   1st Schubert solo.
11.  Mary Lennie,  Wellington,  1st piano  solo.

Opening of the Bowling and Croquet season at Linwood Club, Christchurch -  photo  -  155
photo 2 -  Miss Gwendoline Williams,  who threw up the 1st jack  and declared the season open.
photo 4 -  Mrs Williams sends up the 1st bowl for the Linwood Bowling Club.
photo 5 -  a group of prominent officials  -  
Mr J.R.Brunt, (one of the original founders of the club)  Mr A.J.Benzie, (past president of the Dominion assoc)  Mr F.Williams (president of the Linwood club)  Mr J.Colville (president of the Christchurch centre)  Mr W. McKinley (Vice -president of the Linwood Club)

Auntie Betty's Merry Mates  -  photos -  155a
1.  Curly (Lois Giles)  
2. Norma Talmadge (Kini Taylor)
3.  Shamrock (Joan Davis)
4.  clematis  (Alice Wills)

Obituary  -  CUNNINGHAM -  157
The death took place at Strathearn,  Brookside, Canterbury  last week of Mr John Cunningham, a well-known canterbury farmer and stock breeder at age 60. he was the oldest son of late Mr John Cunningham,  a pioneer settler in the Brookside district. -----   after Lincoln College  he accompanied his father and brother on an extended tour of Great Britain and the USA.  he commenced farming on his own account in 1897 --- was chairman of the Ellesmere County Council since 1914  ---------  more ----

Obituary  -  FRIEDLANDER -  158
The death was announced last week From Auckland of Mr Hugo Friedlander,  aged 79.  he came out with several brothers  and was first associated in business with the late Mr Julius Mendelson, of Temuka.  Late he and his brothers founded the firm of Friedlander Bros. at Ashburton ------  was Mayor of the Borough,  Councillor,  chairman of the Ashburton County Council,  chairman of the Lyttelton harbour Board ------    many years ago he was severely injured by a fall of grain sacks in a store ------  He moved to Auckland some years ago on account of failing health.

Obituary  -  GARROW -  159
Mr Robert Garrow, who died suddenly at Oamaru last week had been a resident there for 53 years.  he was first appointed a sclerk to the New Zealand and Australian Land Company on the Ardgowan estate. ----     was for some years in Dunedin  ----and then purchased a farm on Ardgowan when subdivided -------

Obituary  -  McPHEE  -  160
Mr Malcolm McPhee, who lived in the Balfour district, Southland  for about 47 years,  died last week.  he worked on his father's farm until  age 21  when he joined his brother Dugald.    They were contract ploughing on the Glenure estate for several years  -- later went cropping on the Waimea Plains.     the estate was cut up for settlement  when both acquired a section of their own.

Beverley Evans
Christchurch  NZ
1 June 2010

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