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Births  -  075
ATKINSON  -  on 26 May at 17 Wade's rd,  St Martins  to Mr and Mrs S.A.Atkinson  -  a son
BRUCE  -  on 27 May at Elm Grove  to Mr and Mrs J.A.Bruce  of Matipo st, Riccarton  -  a son.
BUTLER -  to Mr and Mrs F.J.Butler at Nurse Howson's Carlton Mill rd,    -  a son.
BUTTON  -  on 26 May at 73 Rose st, Spreydon  to Mr and Mrs J.H.Button  -  a son.
COWPER -  on 23 May to Helen, wife of William Harrington Cowper  105 Merivale Lane,  -  a daughter.
GINI  -  on 26 May at Nurse King's Elm Grove  to Mr and Mrs W.J.Gini  of Flockton st, St Albans  -  a son
GREENSLADE -  at Nurse King's to wife of F.C.Greenslade,  Worcester st  -  a son.
HANNA  -  on 23 May to Mr and Mrs W.T.Hanna,  63 Peverel st,  Riccarton  -  a daughter.
MACRAE -  on 16 May at Nurse Stewart's  "Woodvale"  to Mr and Mrs H.D.Macrae,  281 Fitzgerald ave  -  a son.
MOORE -  on 23 May at their res.  167 Wilson's rd,  St Martins to Mr and Mrs Alan Moore  -  a daughter.
MORRIS -  on 20 May at the Rangiora maternity Hospital  to Mr and Mrs Douglas Morris,  Fernside -  a son.
MURDOCH -  on 21 May at the Rangiora Maternity Home  to Mr and Mrs H.A. Murdoch,  High st,  Rangiora  -  a son.
O'LOUGHLIN -  to Mr and Mrs O'Loughlin,  38 Antigua st  -  a daughter.
PERKINS  -  at 81 Fitzgerald Ave  to Mr and Mrs S.Perkins  -  a daughter  (stillborn)
READ -  on 22 May at Nurse Stewart's  "Woodvale"  to Mr and Mrs Chris Read 181 Cranford st  -  a daughter
ROLOSTON -  on 26 May at Nurse Boon's  "Ruahine"  bealey ave  to G. and ---  Roloston,  Ellesmere  -  a son.
TULLOCH -  on 21 May at Nurse Allanby's  "Santa Cruz"  Rugby st,  to Mr and Mrs J.L.Tulloch,  11 Dormer st,  Papanui  -  a son.

Marriages  -  075
FLEMING  - HOLLIS -  on 5 April at ---  Eileen, dau of Mr and Mrs A.Hollis, Auckland  to  John, son of Mr and Mrs A.C.Fleming, Christchurch.
GUNTRIP - KELLY - on 25 April 1928, at -- John Robert Guntrip  to Mary Elizabeth kelly,  both of Christchurch.
LORGELLY - QUARTERMAN - on 24 May at --Leonard Eugene William, son of Mr & Mrs H.Lorgelly  to Clara , 2nd dau. of Mr & Mrs J.Quarterman,                                     Waybridge, Surrey, England
PHILPOTT -  FLETCHER - on 24 April at Horsley Down --Daphne, only dau of Mr & Mrs Fletcher "Patoa" Medbury  to  Lawrence, son of Mr & Mrs                                         C.Philpott   "Coldstream"  Hawarden
WOOD - GREIG - on 18 April  at 3 Wairarapa tce,  Gertrude Maitland, dau of Mr & Mrs John Greig  to John Evelyn,  son of  Mr and Mrs E.G.Wood,  Sumner.

Silver Wedding  -  075
McHARG  - MOORE -  on 28 May 1903 at --Woolston,  Samuel Irvine, 3rd son of John L.McHarg, Woolston  to Rebecca, 2nd dau of R & Elizabeth Moore, Bromley,  present address  353 Canal Reserve,  Bromley.

Deaths  - 075

ARKLE -  on 7 May at Dunedin,  Maude Helen,  bel. wife of William C.Arkle, Palmeston South and only dau. of Mr and Mrs C.Squire,  Kartigi estate, Shag                                 Point,  in her 37th year.
ASHBY -  on 22 May at her res. Otaki st,  Kaiapoi,  Jemima Julia,  widow of Alexander George Ashby  in her 61st year.
BAILEY  -  on 23 May at Christchurch,  Charles Bailey,  late 19 Hackthorne rd,  Cashmere,  aged 70 years.
BALL -  on 28 May at 40 Ashley st,  Rangiora,  Harriet,  bel. wife of Robert Ball  -  aged 73 years.
BARNES - on 26 May,  John William Barnes (late Wm Goss Ltd)  -- loved father of Edward, bert, Arthur, len, Minnie, Florrie, Ross and Puss  in his 79th year.
BELL -  on 18 May at Wellington Hosp.  William,  dearly loved 4th son of Angus and Jessie Bell,  185 Cuba st,  (late of Waimari)
BENNETT -  on 24 May at his res. 14 Macmillan ave,  Cashmere Hills,  Arthur Willaim bennett,  in his 81st year.
BURNET  -  on 26 May at Christchurch Hosp.  Morris, dearly loved 2nd son of W.B. and A.J. Burnet,  59 York st,  Opawa,  aged 43.
CLIFFORD -  on 24 May at Christchurch,  Catherine Lambert, dearly loved wife of Walter L.Clifford  40 garden rd, fendalton.
CORNWELL -  on 24 May  at 151 Salisbury st  John James Cornwell, late of Goldsmith st, Woolston,  aged 82.
CROOKS -  on 26 May at her res.  methven,  Diana isabella, dearly bel. wife of Charles John Crooks.
DAVIS -  on 22 May at his res.  Tai Tapu,  Thomas,  bel. hus of Lena, and 2nd son of James Davis,  aged 48 years.
ELLIOTT -  on 23 May at 704 W.Avenue road,  Hastings,  Lesley Carroll (Ella)  dearly bel. sister of T.Glanville,  22 Hawthorn st, Christchurch.
GALLIVAN -  on 25 May at Cornwall st Lyttelton,  Cecilia Genevieve,  bel. wife of Thomas Gallivan,  aged 38
GILCHRIST - on 24 May at Christchurch  Robert,  dearly loved hus. of Florence Gilchrist  133 george st,  New Brighton,  aged 40.
GRAHAM  -  on 26 May at her res.  41 Idris rd,  fendalton,  Margaret,  dearly bel wife of Frederick Graham,  aged 31 years.
GIBBS -  on 28 May at Christchurch Hosp.  Leslie, dearly loved elder son of LesP and P.R.Gibbs, 6 Northcote rs, (late Woodend)  aged 13 years.
HAMMOND  -  on 24 May  Susan Martha,  wife of H.hammond  and 3rd dau.  of Mrs Robb,  of Cust.
HEINZMANN -  on 28 May at his res.  Tai Tapu,  John heinzmann,  aged 70
KENNEDY -  on 23 May at his res.  36 Smollett st, Sydenham,  John,  dearly loved hus. of Ada Margery Kennedy  in his 56th year. (late NZ Railways)
KENNEDY - on 24 May at his res. "Montrose"  J.S.Kennedy, formerly teaching staff ----  bel brother of Mrs A.A.Bickerton, W.A.Kennedy and Hans Kennedy
KENNEDY - on 28 May at -----  Hosp. Rangiora,  Daniel, bel. hus. of Sarah Kennedy,  Fernside,  and 3rd son of Mrs and late P.Kennedy -- in his 54th year.
MEYER -  on 24 May at 189 Armagh st,   Thomas Charles Meyer, bel father of Mrs K.Bailey,  Mrs I.Campbell and Robert Meyer, Frank Meyer (Eltham)                              Frederick Meyer (Reikorangi) and brother of Mrs J.Sparks (Te Kuiti)  Charles Meyer (Rangiora)  and Frederick meyer (Christchurch)  in his 71st year.
MUSSON -  on 23 May at her res.  West Belt,  Rangiora,  Margaret Ann Hey,  dearly bel wife of  James C. Musson,  aged 52 years.
PAYNE -  on 23 May  at her mother's res.  Mayfield,  Florence Ann,  dearly beloved dau. of John Sidney and Ann Elizabeth payne,  aged 49 years.
PEARSON - on 23 May at St George's Hosp.  Ellen,  widow of the late Thomas pearson,  Woodstock,  in her 86th year.
SANSOM - at Queen Mary hosp.  William Sansom,  aged 65? years.
SEED -  on 27 May at the Christchurch Hosp.  Martha Turtle,  widow of the late Thomas Seed,  of Oxford,  in her 61st year.
SMITH -    her res.  127 Edgeware rd,  St Albans,  Hazel Evelyn,  dearly bel. dau.  of Sophia and late  James Edward Smith,  aged 24 years.
WHITE -  on 24 May  at Mt Magdala,  Margaret Catherine White, only bel. sister of J.W.White, rangiora,  Joseph M.White, Wellington,  R.T.White, Sydney, (late                     Stillwater, West Coast)    aged 36 years
WHYTE - on 28 May  at res of her dau. Mrs F.E.Henderson, 107 Bexley rd, New Brighton,  Mary Jane, widow of Peter Whyte (late of Halkett)  in her 79th year.

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