The Weekly Press  10  October   1928  

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                                                                Wednesday 10 October  1928
Births  -  161
CARTER  -    on 5 October at Lincoln  Maternity Hosp.  to Mr and Mrs W.G.Carter  - a son.
FISHER -     on 1 October at 73 Picton ave  to Mr and Mrs C.H.Fisher,  Warrington st,  St Albans -  a daughter.
GARDINER  -    on 8 October at 69 Hinau st, Riccarton,  to wife of Arnold C.Gardiner  - a daughter.
HIGHT -    on 21 September at Darfield Hosp.  to Mr and Mrs G.L.Hight,  of Hororata  -  a daughter.
JONES -    on 2 October at Rangiora to Mr and Mrs J.C.Jones  -  a son.
KESTEVEN -   on 1 October at Leeston,  to Mr and Mrs F.E.Kesteven  -  a daughter.
KNIGHT -   on 8 October at Nurse Boon's "Ruahine"  45 Bealey ave,  to  to Mr and Mrs J.Knight,  the School,  West Melton  -  a daughter.
LEE -    on 6 October  at "Santa Cruz"  Rugby st,  to wife of E.A.Lee  42 Creyke rd,  -  a daughter.
MacFARLANE -   on 26 September  to  to Mr and Mrs D.C.MacFarlane,  Mt Paul,  Waiau  -  a daughter.
MERTON -  on 25 September  at Palmeston North  to wife of J.L.C.Merton -  a son.
OKEY -  on 5 October at 326 Ashgrove tce,  to wife of Nelson Okey  -  a daughter
PALMER -  on 5 October  to wife of Frank Palmer,  Riccarton  - a son.
PEARCE -   on 1 October  to   to Mr and Mrs F.H.Pearce,  Girder Bridge,  Kaiapoi  -  a daughter.
RONDEL -   on 5 October at Nurse Yole's  103 Beresford st,  to Mr and Mrs P.K.Rondel  of 86 Lonsdale st,  New Brighton  -  a son.
SHIPLEY -   on 2 October at Nurse Stevenson's  to Mr and Mrs E.G.Shipley,  of Riccarton  -  a son.
SKEVINGTON  -  on 7 Oct. at Christchurch Hosp.  to  Mr and MrsR.M.Skevington,  28 Chelsea st,  Linwood  -  a son.
WALESBY  -  on 1 October  at "Rua Rua"  to Mr and Mrs W.H.Walesby,  Riccarton  -  a daughter.
WORSFOLD  -  on 8 October  at 47 Ford rd, Opawa,  to Mr and Mrs Wilfred Worsfold  -  a son.

Marriages 162
BRUCE -NICHOLSON - on 22 August at -- Dunedin,  Archibald Polson, son of late Mr  and Mrs Murdoch Bruce , Seafield,
                                 to  Una Marion, dau.of late Douglas Nicolson, Dunedin and Mrs A. Nicholson, Port Chalmers.
INGLIS - ENGLAND - on 19 Sept.  at --  Donald Clyde, son of late Dr H.M.Inglis, Chchc and Mrs Inglis, Auckland to  Eveline,
                                                dau. of late R.W.England jun. and Mrs England, Chapter st St Albans.
TWOMEY - HOLMES - on 26 July at -- Joseph Henry, son of Mr M.Twomey and late Mrs Twomey  to Freda,
                                dau of Mr and Mrs Freeman Holmes,  Upper Riccarton.

Deaths 163
ARCHER  -  on 7 October  at his res. Woodend,  Nathaniel Barnard Archer.
BOAN -  on 2 October at Christchurch Hosp.  Edward Boan,  in his 88th year.
BOYD - on 8 October at her res. 17 Mackworth st,  Margaret,  dearly loved wife of Samuel Boyd.
BRADY -  on 4 Oct.  at his res.  Southbridge,  John,  dearly beloved hus. of Margaret Brady,  aged 64 years.
CAIRNS -  on 5 Oct at Christchurch,  Ella Isobel,  dearly-loved wife of David Jollie Cairns  and 3rd dau. of
                     late Joseph Henry & Elizabeth Stringer. aged 49 years.
CAREY - on Oct.  2nd  at Christchurch  Mary Ann  Carey (nurse)  in her 74th year.
CARL - on 1 Oct.  at his res.  15 Southampton st, Sydenham,  Frank Bernhardt,  dearly-loved hus. of Jean and 4th son of late John Carl.
CARSON -  on 2 oct.  at Coronation Hosp. Muriel Annie,  3rd dearly-loved dau. of Mrs E.S.Carson  and late Frank Carson,  ---- in her 20th year.
CLARK - on 8 Oct. at the res. of his nephew, Mr Joseph Clark,  John Clark,  widower  of Elizabeth  ---  aged 86 years.
CUNNINGHAM -  on 2 October at his res. "Strathearn"  Brookside,  John,  bel.hus. of Margaret C. Cunningham,  aged 59 years.
DAVID -  on 5 Oct.  at her res, 29 Selwyn st,  Wilhelmina,  widow of Richard Craddock David,  and dau. of late W. and E. Inkster.
DUREY -  on 5 Oct. at his res.  Burnside rd,   Silas,  dearly beloved hus. of Matilda Durey,  aged 81 years
FOSTER  -  on 2 October at Christchurch,  Thomas Foster,  late Mersey st,  St Albans  in his 82nd year.

Deaths  -   164
FOSTER  -   on 4 October at the Christchurch Hosp.  Elizabeth Shaw,  dearly loved wife of Henry Foster,  in her 38th year  (late of Kirwee)
HARRISON -  on 6 October at Christchurch Hosp. Noah,  dearly loved hus. of Cecilia Harrison,  of Church rd,  Templeton,  in his 36th year.
HAWKINS -  on 3 October at Opotiki, Gisborne,  George,  2nd son of late Richard William and Clara Hawkins  of Yaldhurst,  aged 65.
HERN - on 7 Oct.  at her res.  605 Worcester st. Linwood,  Helen, dearly loved wife of William P.Hern  in her 55th year.
HESSEY -  on 7 October  John, dearly-loved hus. of Alice Hessey,  442 St Asaph st, Linwood  in his 56th year.
HUDSON -  (nee Betty Winter)  on 5 Oct. at Christchurch Hosp.  Letitia, dearly-loved wife of Joseph Hudson, Prosser's rd, Leeston,  aged 45.
KINGDON  -  on 5 Oct.  at Christchurch Hosp.  William Stephens Kingdom,  aged 77 (late of Rangiora)
MURRAY -  on 8 Oct.  at res. of her dau. Mrs G.W. Robertson,   Agnes, widow of Alexander Murray, late Wilson's rd,  and Lyttelton.
OSBORNE - on 6 Christchurch Hosp. Annie,  dearly-loved wife of Walter H.Osborne  of Addington, dau. of late Samuel Pocklington of Oamaru, aged 51.
O'SHEA -  on 8 October at her res.  37 Cameron st Ashburton,   Rose Ann, widow of John O'Shea,  aged 69.
PENNY -  on 5 October  at Ashburton Hosp.  Alexander,  beloved hus. of Maggie Penny,  Barr Hill,  aged 75.
PITT -  on 2 October at his sons res.--- Dunedin,  Richard Charles,  beloved hus. of Georgina Pitt,  93 Edgeware rd,  St Albans,  aged 73.
PLANK - on 6 October  at Christchurch Hosp.  Edward McNabb Plank,  of 96 Highstead rd,  Papanui rd,  in his 74th year.
POLHILL  -  on 3 Oct.  at his res.  Rotheram,  William George,  dearly loved hus. of Helen Polhill,  aged 69 years.
RICHARDS - on 4 oct. at -- Robert Riley, -- hus of Emily Augustus Weir aged 53, son of Mr & Mrs Robert Richards --  late Sergeant 3rd NZ Rough Riders
RONDEL - on 8 Oct. Maurice, dearly loved infant son of Mr & Mrs P.K. Rondel,  86 Lonsdale st,  New Brighton,  aged 3 days.
SHERIDAN -  on Friday 5 Oct.  at Hawarden,  Margaret,  widow of Thomas Sheridan,  in her 75th year (late of Waikari)
SMITH -  on 8 Oct.  at his res.  48 Hawthorne st,  Papanui, Adam Ernest,  dearly loved hus. of Ellen Smith,  aged 51 years.
SMITH  -  on 8 Oct.  at his res.  Payne st,  Rangiora,  James,  beloved hus. of Catherine Smith,  aged 80 years.
TINKLER -  on 6 Oct. at  Woodend,  Emily,  widow of Walter C.Tinkler,  aged 78.
WHITE -  on 4 Oct.  at Ashburton,  Alice Ethel,  eld. dau. of late William Winsbury & Elizabeth Sarah White,  aged 50 years.
WOOLCOCK -  on 2 October at her res.  35 Kingsley st  Sydenham,  Mary Ann,  widow of John Woolcock,  in her 90th year.

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