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Thursday  1 May  1924
Hokitika  - 001
The death took place yesterday at Kokotahi,  of Mrs O'Neill,  wife of Mr T. O'Neill, a well known settler.  The deceased who was a native of Hokitika, was aged
                        50 years and is survived by her husband, 2 sons and 1 daughter. ------- 

Rangiora  -   002
WALKER  -  The funeral of the late Mr Robert Henry Walker ----- lots  more  --------

Friday  2  May 1924
Dunedin  -  003
The death occurred at Naseby of Mr George Calder,  aged 79 years.  He was an old resident of North-East Valley.  He arrived in NZ in 1849 by the Mariner
                -------  was Mayor of the Valley when it was a Borough,    ---  an executive of the Otago Early Settler's Ass. of which he was President last year. 
                 He leaves 4 sons and 1 daughter.

Dunedin  -  004
The death occurred this evening of Dr R.V.Fulton,    Dr Fulton was the youngest son of the late Hon. James Fulton, M.L.C. and was born at West Taieri in 1865. --- 
                        founder of the Otago Early Settlers Assoc.  -------     He is survived by a widow,  3 sons and 2 daughters. ------ lots more -----

Saturday 3 May 1924  
Obituary  -  006
The death at Matai yesterday of Mr Thomas Craig,  aged 84 years. arrived on the Coast in the early days-------- He leaves a widow and 1 son and 6 daughters.

Adjourned Inquest   -  007 and 007a
GOODENOUGH  -  Harold Perdu Goodenough was re-opened  ----   was found on the evening of April 21st ----    a very long column. ---------

Obituary   -  008
Theodore A. died last Thursday, been here 49 years, he and his wife arrived at Port Chalmers by the ship Wennington, a voyage of 104 days from Devenport
                    where he was born in 1853     --- ---- survived by his widow,  4 sons and 4 daughters, and 26 grandchildren.

Obituary  -  009
Mrs G.W.Russell,  wife of the Hon. G.W.Russell,  was the only daughter of the late Mr G. PARK,  one of Otago's earliest settlers,  having arrived at Dunedin
                        in the Philip Laing also brought the Rev. Dr Barnes to Otago -------  She was born at Sawyer's Bay, Port Chalmers in 1859 -----
                         buried in Holy Trinity Churchyard, Avonside, Christchurch -----   lots of names -----

Monday  5 May 1924
Inquest   -  010
GUSTAFSON  -At the inquest on the death of Miss Severina  Gustafson, who was killed in a motor collision at Midhirst on Anzac Day --------

Greymouth -  011
Charles Henry Hine who has been engaged during the past few months in hawking in the Grey district,   ------   death was  due to exposure  -----  
He was about 63 years of age and no relatives in NZ    ---   an inquest will be held on Monday.

Wellington  -  012
A man slipped and fell while crossing Lambton Quay ---  hit by a motor-car,  unidentified ----   about 50 years of age,  clean shaven,  and is 5ft 9ins in height

Timaru  - Obituary  -  013
Died at Timaru on Friday morning a very well known popular member of the Timaru police force -  Constable John Marsh Tizard.  Constable Tizard joined the
                force on July 3rd 1911 at Christchurch.  He was transferred to Timaru,  where he served for some time,  and then to Taupo.  Whilst at Taupo Mrs Tizard suffered
                from ill-health,  which resulted in her death.  After his bereavement  Constable Tizard returned to Timaru with his 3 children and served here chiefly in the
                watchouse,  up until a couple of months ago.  He was retired medically unfit,  on February 29th 1924.  The late constable was a quiet man, and of a strictly
                retiring disposition.  He leaves 3 children,  ranging in age from 7 years downwards.  The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon,  ------

Tuesday 6 May  1924
Greymouth  -  014
The sport of amateur boxing lost a keen supporter when William Dudley --------  was killed ------  Dudley was a former resident of Ahaura,  where his parents
                    Mr and Mrs T.Dudley at one time resided  and was age 22  --- an inquest will be held at Moana.

Auckland  -  015
LOWTHER  - The death is recorded at Auckland of Miss Agnes Lowther,  eldest daughter  of Mr and Mrs H. Lowther,  of Seddonville  at the age of 17 years.

Wednesday   7 May 1924  
Westport  -  017
AHERN  - The death took place at Westport  -----  of Miss Miriam Ahern,  youngest daughter of  Mr and Mrs P. Ahern, of Domett street.

Hamilton  -  018
ANSELL  - Maurice Ansell,  aged 21   whilst riding a bicycle,  collided with a motor car.----------- died immediately  ------

Wellington  - 019
BIRD - Mr Frank C.,  Formerly of Wellington,  died at Masterton last Wednesday  --- he was the son of the late Mr George Bird, journalist, Christchurch.
            and is survived by his  wife, 3 children,  4 brothers and 4 sisters. another brother Charles died in the wreck of the Penguin  in Cook Strait some years ago

Inquest  -  020
An inquest was held at Moana today --- ------    William Dudley, who was killed on Monday morning,  being struck by a locomotive at Ruru.  --- 
                    a verdict was returned of accidental death,  with a rider recommending the action of Glover,  who attempted to rescue the deceased.

New Plymouth  -  021
HIBBARD  - Walter  Joseph,  age 43  manager of the Tarurutangi Dairy Factory dropped dead in his house  Hibbard leaves a widow and 4 children. -------

Tai-Tapu  -   022
Mrs Lumley Morgan,  an old and very highly esteemed resident of Tai-Tapu,  died at her home  "Parkgwyn" on Monday evening.  Mrs Morgan was born in
                    Wales came to NZ in 1868,  took up residence with her brother,  Mr Richard HUMPHREYS  at Tai-Tapu.  In the following year she married Mr Lumley Morgan. 
                    Mrs Morgan's husband died some years ago,  she leaves 2 sons  and 1 daughter --------  names  ----- burial to take place in the Springston Cemetery.

Obituary  -  023
Mr Gilbert Niven,  who died in the Christchurch Hospital last week-end,  was an old resident of Southbridge,  where he spent his boyhood and early manhood. 
                 For a number of years he was one of the leading players in the Southbridge football club.  On moving to Christchurch he and his brother David,  joined the Albion Club. 
                Mr Gilbert Niven was one of the club's best forwards in the days when Albion triumphed in the 1st grade competition.  He gained representative honours and became
                well-known as a footballer throughout the Dominion.  The late Mr Niven was also an enthusiastic follower of other branches of sport,  including coursing, racing,
                and trotting.  The internment took place at the Ellesmere Cemetery on Monday afternoon.

Taumarunui  -  Inquest  - 024
WALKEY  - The adjourned inquest concerning the death of Henry Walkey who died while under an anesthetic ------ more ----

Orepuki   -   025
   An old and highly respected resident of Orepuki  (Mrs John Wallace)  passed away ---  at the age of 68,  ----  maiden name Mary Jane RODERIQUE 
                    came to NZ  from Geelong in 1861,  her father the late Captain Roderique of Riverton,  the late Mrs Wallace leaves a husband and 8 daughters,
                         the only son (Jack) was killed in the war.  ------  more  -------

Thursday 8 May 1924
Auckland  -  Obituary  -   026
Another old colonist,  Mr George Dye Draper,  died at Auckland lasy week at the age of 86.  He arrived on the ship Duke of Bronte,  accompanied by his
                    brother-in-law, Mr James Edward FITZGERALD,  who was the 1st Superintendent of Canterbury. ---- he married the widow of Major H.B.Hunter
                            and leaves a family of 2 daughters and 1 son.

Funeral write up  -  027
DUDLEY  - The funeral today of the late Mr William Dudley killed at Ruru on Monday was well attended by residents of the Otira line. ------

Funeral  write-up  -   028
LITTLE  - The funeral of the late Mr James Little,  who died at St. Albans on Monday, took place at Woodend yesterday --------- lots of names -----

Obituary  -  028a
Mr James Little, who died  -- on Monday was one of the best known residents of Woodend, he was born in Cumberland -- arrived in Lyttelton in the
                    ship Zealandia in 1863, ----  Mrs Little  predeceased him 13 years ago.  -------

Obituary  -   029
LUTTRELL -Alfred, architect of the firm Messrs S.& A. Luttrell, Christchurch,  was aged 59 - he is survived by a widow, a son and daughter who lives in Paris.

Friday 9 May 1924
Wellington  -  030
Sister Mary Claire -   died Monday, of the Sisters of Mercy, age  79 years ---  formerly Miss Green was in the sisterhood some 59 years mostly in Wellington.

Deaths  -  031
BARTHOLOMEW -  George,  an old resident of the Westport district,  died on May 6th.was 83 years of age  survived by 4 sons and 2 daughters.
DIXON  -  Henrietta Emily at Blaketown,   wife of Mr William J.Dixon.  --  The deceased was aged 33 years.

Wellington -  032
FERNANDEZ  -  Nicholas, died on Sunday ---  come out by way of Australia.  The late Mr Fernandez was Greek hailing from the Island of Ithaca, ---------

Auckland -  033
A well-known resident, Mr James Black Malcolm,  died at his residence, Mount Eden on Monday.  He was the eldest son of Mr Duncan Malcolm, as was born
                            in Belfast, 69 years ago.  He was educated at Manchester,  and commenced his business career in Glasgow and Belfast  going to South Africa and America. 
                             He arrived in Auckland from Belfast in the ship Lady Jocelyn in 1878 ------------

Amberley  -   inquest  -  034
McKAY -  Alexander McKay, shepherd, (Amberley) who was found dead at "The Deans" was held yesterday. ------ died 3rd May ----- more ---

Reefton  -  035
OSBOURNE - Catherine Lucy Osbourne,   dau. of Mrs Osbourne,  proprietress of the Globe Hotel.  The  deceased was 28 years of age.

Inquest  -  036
James Ernest Williams, a sawyer,  married,  electrocuted in the State coal yard ----------  32 years of age,   Joseph Edward Williams, brother . 
                        inquest adjourned.

Saturday  10 May 1924
Wellington  -  Obituary  - 037
BIRKS  -  Mr Laurence Birks, NZ chief  electric engineer,  arrived at Adelaide only 2 days before his brother Dr Melville Birks, died.  ----------- more ---

Auckland  -  038
The death of Miss Alice Ferguson occurred this week, at the residence of her brother, Mr A.M.Ferguson,  Epsom,  -----  Miss Ferguson was the younger
                        daughter of the late Rev. A. Ferguson, was born at Demarara,  British Guiana.  She was educated at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Switzerland and Italy, 
                        coming to NZ with her people about 40 years ago.

Rangiora  -  039
Mr Robert G. Grimwood,  whose death occurred on Thursday at the residence of his daughter, Mrs H.Coates  --- was one of the pioneer settlers in the Rangiora district. 
                            At the age of 18 he came to Canterbury in the ship Zealandia with his parents. ------  his wife died over 20 years ago.  They had a family of 12 children, 
                            4 sons and 4 daughters still living.

Inquest   -  040
Charles Henry Hine, died at Paroa on Saturday,    death from exposure was the verdict returned at an inquest held today --------

Funeral write-up -  041
LUTTRELL  - The funeral of the late Mr A.E.Luttrell, architect, Christchurch,   Riccarton Churchyard yesterday
. ---a very long column.----  email for copy

Monday  12 May 1924
Auckland  -  042
DICKESON  - Henry Dickeson,  died in Auckland,  cricket in Auckland loses one of its strongest --- supporters. ---  lots more  -----

Rangiora -  043
KEIR  - 
Mr Peter Keir, an old resident of Rangiora,--- at the advanced age of 83 years.  he was born in Laugerait, Perthshire, Scotland, and in 1864 came to
                    Lyttelton in the Mermaid.   -------  His wife predeceased him about 18mths ago,  he leaves 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Death in Sydney  -  044
Harold James Maloney, an Anzac,  died in Sydney Hospital on April 28th from injuries received on Anzac Day.    He was a member of the 3rd Auckland Regiment
                    and served in France after the Gallipolli campaign concluded.  A musician of the 1st rank,  he conducted the 1st Anzac band,  which toured the English
                    provinces after the Armistice. --- Maloney leaves a widow and 2 children in New Zealand.

Wellington  -  045
Dr James Malcolm Mason ------   The late Dr Mason was born at Arbroath, Scotland in 1865.  ------  came to New Zealand in 1895,
                    appointed a Justice of the Peace ----   He leaves a widow, a son and daughter.  ------   lots more  -----

Funeral  write up -   046
The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon at Lyttelton of Mr George Porteous,  son of Mr J. Porteous,  of the Time-ball Signal Station. 
The young man who was only 19 years of age --------------

Auckland  -  047
REGAN  -  Mr James Regan,  died, who was known for the greater part of Auckland's history for his connection with the printing business. -----------  more ----

Death  -  048
STEVENSON  - Mrs William Stevenson,  wife of well-known bandsman and cornet player.  30 years of age, is survived by her husband and 2 children.

Inquest  -  049
WILLIAMS  -  James Ernest Williams,     -----  ,  sawyer, married,   Inquest adjourned,  ------  a long column,  --------   email for copy.

Tuesday 13 May  1924
Auckland  -  050
JOHNSON  - Gertrude Johnson,  married, aged 49,  was knocked down by a motor car. --------  died  ----  more ---
PATRI  -  Lennon Paul Patri,  aged 4 -   ran in front of a tram-car  in Khyber Pass  --  was killed instantly ---
DEWAR - John,  body found at Motuihi -- been missing from his home at Avondale since May 6th.
LYDIARD -  William, aged 43 was shot in the chest at Hazard's shooting gallery on Saturday  -------- making good progress in hospital.

New Plymouth -  050a
FRASER  -  Ivy Fraser,  wife of A.J.Fraser,  sharemilker,  was found dead   -------  deceased was 30 years of age and leaves 2 children.

Dunedin  -  051
The death occurred at Dunedin on Sunday of Mr J.R.Glendining, elder son of the late Mr Robert Glendining, who had been connected for many years
                            with the business of Ross and Glendining.

Obituary -  051a
KERRUISH - Captain Keen Kerruish , aged 99  was born in the Isle of Man, arrived here in 1903  his twin sisters both living to 100 years leaves a widow and son
                        --- more -------

London  -  052
Mrs Westcote -- death of Emily,  widow of the late Wescote Lyttelton,  of Rakaia,  passed away on March 23rd  -----  daughter of late Mr Lewis WOOD,
                              born in Tasmania,     ----  most of her married life was spent at Rokeby Station,  Rakaia. ----  lots more

Wednesday 14 May  1924
Obituary   -  053
LORD -  The death on Saturday last  of Jabez Lord,  one of the few remaining old pioneers of Canterbury, in his 88th year.  He was born in Halifax, Yorkshire,
             along with his wife who predeceased him some 27 years ago,  they sailed for NZ in the Clontarf,  arriving early in the year 1860.    -----  purchased a small
                    farm in the Courtenay district ----  leaves 8 sons and 2 daughters  -------funeral took place on Monday at the Linwood Cemetery -------- lots more

Inquest Gisborne   -  054
Arthur Malcolm,  10 years of age, whose body was recovered yesterday.-------- death was due to drowning,
                         the result of the capsize of the canoe.  died 2 May  ---

Invercargill  - 055
O'NEILL  - Father  Daniel  O'Neill  of the Riversdale Presbytery,  10 rooms destroyed by fire. --- about 40 years of age
----  very  long column --------

Thursday 15 May 1924
Obituary  - 056
Mr Lazarus Wolfe Balkind,  of Woodham road, Dallington,  died yesterday at the age of 59 years.  The late Mr Balkind,  born in Courland, Russia, and came to
                        New Zealand in 1908.   He recently took a trip to England, returning to the Dominion in February,  when his health appeared to be so greatly improved that he
                         was able to leave his bed for a short period.  The improvement, however, was not maintained.

Auckland  -  057
STREET  -   A.Street,  aged 56,  died to-day  ---  horse bolted ---
MORLEY  -  William James Morley,  aged 58,  a resident of Mt Eden, was killed instantly,   -------- he leaves a widow and 3 grown-up children.
FRENCH  -  Mrs Mary Ann French,  aged 52,  died in hospital --- ---------

Nelson  -  058
THORN  - Ronald Nelson Thorn,  19 years of age,  single,  --- at the inquest, a verdict of accidental death was returned.

Friday 16 May  1924
Greymouth --  059
Mr Francis Doogan, died at his aunt Mrs J.L.Doogan, Hataitai, Wellington,    ---   Mr Doogan, eldest son of Mr and Mrs H. Doogan, Greymouth.  aged 25 
                        ---  lots more

Obituary  -   060
LAING-MEASON  -   Mr Gilbert, aged 72 years,  died, Wellington,   ----- engineer for Hutt River Board,  ---------

Deaths   -  061
MAYE  -  James Maye, a fireman on the West Katan  ----   drowned Auckland ------
DUNN  -  Robert Dunn,  aged 43  ------ drowned  ----  near Papakura, Auckland ---

Deaths   -  062
ROOM  -   Arthur Room, restaurant proprietor, fatal accident --- -----  in Heretaunga street, Hastings,  --- motor car collision ---- wife on a voyage to England ---
SMITH  -   2yr old son of Alfred Smith, Foxton,  child died    ----------

Saturday  17  May 1924  
Wellington  -  063
CAVANAGH  -    -----  Patrick Cavanagh  over 70 years of age, resident of Kaiwarra, --------  more ----

Westport  -  064
Mr Jeremiah O'Connor,  death  at Westport  ---- of ,  an old resident.  a native of Tralee, Ireland and was 71 years of age,  
He is survived by 3 daughters and 2 sons.

Monday 19 May 1924
Auckland  -  065
TYNDALL  -  Alice Martha Tyndall,  married,  aged 59,  was found drowned in a well, ----- adjoining her premises at St Heliers Bay.  ---
JESSUP -  James Alexander Jessup,  a dairy farmer,  43,  married,  was found dead at Whatatutu, Gisborne    -----
BROADFOOT  -  Robert James Broadfoot,  age 45 was killed instantly.  He was a resident of Manurewa, Auckland ---

Tuesday  20 May 1924
Auckland  -  066
DOWDING  -  Kate Dowding,  65, a widow,  was knocked down by a motor car in Queen street, Auckland  ------  she died in Hospital
CAVANAGH - Patrick Cavanagh, died suddenly in the Magistrate's Court, Wellington  -------   from heart disease --- verdict returned accordingly.
JESSUP  -  James Alexander Jessup,  of Whatatutu, Gisborne    ------  inquest  -----
HURLEY - Elizabeth Hurley, who lived alone was found dead at Brydone, Gore.

Funeral   -   067
One of the oldest residents of Cust,  Mrs Mary McKibbin, died at the residence of her son,  Mr Hugh McKibbin in her 95th year.  Mrs McKibbin was born
                        in Tullyhakill, County Down, Ireland,  in 1830 and arrived at Lyttelton by the ship Roman Emperor in 1860,  with her husband and 2 children. 
                    After living in Christchurch  for 4 years the family moved to Cust ---  is survived by 5 daughters, 1 son,  42 grandchildren,  36 great grandchildren,
                    and 3 great, great grandchildren.------  lots more ---------

Wellington  -  068
PABST  - Dr J.C. ----   formerly of Auckland, who came to Wellington 2 years ago, died suddenly,   ------

Wanganui  -   069
Death in Wanganui  -- one of the best known musicians in New Zealand.  Mr Lesley Peck arrived here 20 years ago from England.  ----------  married a daughter
of the late Mr S.H.DREW  and leaves a young daughter.  -------   a long column  --------

Obituary  - 069a
  -   Mr Henry Robert Law, of Dunedin --   who was well known in insurance circles.  Mr Law was the 2nd son of the late Mr Henderson Law and was born in Dunedin
        ----   after the death of his father in 1900,  he joined the firm of Henderson, Law & Co.  when his brother Mr  James A. Law died in  1901 he became sole member of that firm.
                  -------  he was a single man.

Wednesday 21 May 1924
Inquest  -  070
John McKenzie,  body was found on the Mt Nessing range ---   deceased died from natural causes ---  inquest at Timaru  ---    he was nearly 70 years of age.

Deaths  -  071
WHITE  - Mrs Alice White,  aged 64 years,  daughter of late Mr J.Chapman of Fernside, Canterbury,  --- is survived by her husband and  3 daughters.
LINNEMANN  -   Carl J.E.  --------  was born in Hamburg  in 1840 and resided at Hokitika for about 60 years.  ---- survived by 2 married daughters and 2 sons.

Thursday 22 May  1924
Death - 072
COOK - Mr A.E.Cook  of   "Arthurstone"  Loburn,  a well known farmer and cricketer,  died --- after a short illness.

Deaths    -   073
McKENNA  -   Mrs McKenna, who formerly resided at Westport,  died at Nelson on Monday.
DALE  -  Miss Lucy Dale,  --- deceased is survived by 2 sisters and 1 brother.
CLINTON  -   Mr Allen Clinton, a former resident of Waimangaroa and Westport died at Auckland on Monday.

Death  - 074
Mr George Charles Haite,  R.I.,  R.O.L.  R.B.C.  who died on 31 March  -- at the age of 68.  His work as a water colour  artist  -----  lots more

Friday 23 May 1924
Obituary  - 075
Mr John Boal whose  death occurred on April 26th at the home of his sister,  Mrs A.M.Porter, Ballygowan,  County Down, Ireland. ------- well known
                    throughout the Dominion -- in connection with the Presbyterian Y.W.Bible Class of New Zealand  -------

Dannevirke  - 076
Mr B.L. de Malmanche of Tipapakuku,  Dannevirke,  death occurred very suddenly on Monday -----  was only 58 years of age,  
                was of French extraction and was born at Akaroa.  Later the family went to the North Island.  He is survived by his father and mother, his widow and family of 7.
Casualties  - 077
WAGHORN  - Alfred Waghorn  -- body discovered in a large lagoon, ---- Kaikoura -----  56 years of age 17 years, in NZ. an inquest will be held tomorrow
FRIEDMAN  -  Louis Duncan Friedman  aged 6 and half years  son of Mr W.H.Friedman  of Woodham road,Christchurch,   --------- an inquest will be held -----

Obituary  -  078
Mr Theodore A.Grose, ----  who died last Thursday, spent 49 years in the Dominion.  He and Mrs Grose arrived at Port Chalmers, by the sailing ship Wennington, ---- 
                    Devenport, where Mr Grose was born in 1853.  For the past 42 years Mr and Mrs Grose have resided in Christchurch ---
                        he is survived by his widow,  4 sons, 4 daughters and 26 grandchildren.

Saturday  24 May 1924
Southland  -  079
ANDREWS  - William Mosely Andrews,  -- the deceased was only 49 years of age, born in Milton, learnt the building trade,  brother Mr Bert Andrews   -------

Funeral write-up  -  080
Mr Arthur Ernest Cook,  who died at his residence "Arthurstone"  Loburn, on Wednesday  -------  Mr Cook is survived by his wife,  3 daughters and 2 sons. 
                        The funeral took place at the Rangiora Anglician Cemetery yesterday.  --------

Death  -  081
Regret was expressed by Members of the Management committee of the NZ cricket council last night  regarding the death of Mr W.A.Humphreys. ------------ 
                            Mr Averill Humphreys was born in Christchurch in 1886  ------  lots more

Obituary  -  082
Mr W.Averill Humphreys, son of Mr George Humphreys --  which took place at London on Wednesday,  born in Christchurch in 1886,-----  in 1901 left
                                with his parents for England ---  was at Harrow ----  left England with his father in 1907 ------   a lot more  -----

Funeral  write-up  -   083
The funeral of the late Mrs H.E.B.Watson, took place at Springston Cemetery ---  44 years of age,  was the only child of Mrs and the late
                    Mr J.Grabau of "Meadowbrook"  Tai-Tapu,  who were early pioneers of the district. --- She leaves a husband, a mother,  daughter, and 3 sons.
                      -- lots more ----- list of names ----

Monday 26 May 1924
Whakatane  -  Obituary  -   084
Maori chief  Hurinui APANUI - One of the foremost Natives in New Zealand,  Hurinui Apanui, a leading chief of the Ngatiawa tribe,  nearly 70 years of age,  died at Whakatane  Pa this morning. 
                                It is stated that Hurinui could trace his genealogy back further than any other Chief in the Dominion.  He was a fine type of native,  over 6 feet in height, of sturdy
                                build and handsome figure and bearing,  every inch a Chief.  Preparations are noe being made for a great tangi, which may last a month, 
                                and Natives from all over the Dominion are expected

Found Drowned -  085
BROCKLEHURST -  Richard, a single man,  aged 30 drowned in the Red Jack's Creek,  near Ngahere ----was employed as a cook in the survey camp  ----    

Napier  - 086
Nurse Fanny Grace passed away at Napier Hospital last week. The late Miss Grace received her training in the Chelsea Infirmary, London. 
                        when she came to the Dominion she was a Plunket nurse for a time and later Matron of the Wairoa Hospital.

Deaths  -  087
RANSON - Harry, died this week aged 59 -- builder and contractor in Wellington,  born in Jersey, came here as a boy with his parents. ----
CRAIG - Selwyn Campbell Craig,  a well-known Auckland motorist,  died Thursday  -----
CRAWFORD - David,  aged 69,  died Dunedin  a well-known business man.

Tuesday 27 May 1924
Inquest  -   088
  Joseph James ---  held at Ngahere this afternoon, ----   who was found dead in Red Jack's Creek on Sunday morning.   -----  He had accidentally fallen
                            from the bridge to the creek.  

 Masterton  -  089
A motor car lost a tyre  rounding a  sharp corner,  3 miles from Masterton and capsized,   its occupants were Messrs GRIFFINHENEY and W. Collerton of Tinui,  
                                Collerton was dead,  and Griffin was bruised,  Heney escaped injury.    deceased was 38 years of age

Dunedin  -  090
CURRIE  - Ewan Keith Currie was admitted to the hospital on Friday evening ----------  died yesterday morning  -- a child  -----------

Waipawa -  091
ESAM  - Gordon Esam,  orchardist,  of Hastings, was killed in a motor accident on Saturday. ----- Esam died soon after the doctor arrived.

Launch -  Toi-Toi   -   092 & 092a
Clarence Edward Barter, age 15 was drowned yesterday morning in the fierce northerly gale at present raging along the coast,  the well known launch ToiToi
                    was swamped off Adderley Head,  and a passenger Clarence Edward Barter  aged 15 years  was drowned  ---------   a very very long column,  email for a copy.

Deaths  -  093  -  
BROWN - Mr James Brown, an old resident of Greymouth.  70 years of age,  is survived by a widow, 2 daughters and 3 sons.
WALL - Mrs Wall of  Koiterangi. was 62 years of age, and is survived by her husband, 2 daughters and 2 sons.
DAVIES  - Mr George Davies,  of Hokitika died at the Hokitika Hospital  on Saturday, was 83 years of age and is survived by 2 daughters.
SIMKIN  -  Mr Percy Simkin a resident of Karamea --- died suddenly yesterday.  Deceased who was 24 years of age -----
LOBB -  Mrs Lobb, wife of the caretaker of the Old People's Home died at Westport yesterday.  was 54 years of age is survived by her husband.

Wednesday  28 May 1924
Launch Fatality  -  094
BARTER - No trace of victim - Search for the body of the boy Barter --- by a brother of the boy,  -------

Auckland  -  095
LILY  -   The body found ---  on Sunday has been identified as that of James Lily  aged 70.

Obituary  -   096
Mrs William Miles,  late of Wellington,  -- her sudden death,  which took place in Christchurch on Sunday morning.  Mrs Miles who
                born Oxford, North Canterbury,  lived in Wellington about 5 years ago ---- She is survived by her husband, Mr William Miles, and 3 sons -----  more ---

Obituary  -  097
SINNOTT  - The death occurred of Mr Thomas Sinnott, of Stafford, a pioneer resident of the district.  was 65 years of age,  survived by  2 daughters and 4 sons.

Thursday 29 May 1924
Inquest  -  098
CHARLESWORTH  -  Harry Charlesworth, aged 38, a married man with 5 childre,  living at Tiakithuna, Palmeston North ------run over by a railway engine

Wellington  -  099
GIBLIN  -  Arthur Giblin, died at Wellington,   formerly of Nelson,Mr Giblin who was about 60 years of age was born at Motueka,   ------  lots more.

Ashburton  -  100
  Hugh,  an old identity of the Ashburton County has been removed by death in the person of Mr Hugh McCleery, of Coldstream. --- worked on the
                        Coldstream Station as far back as 1880.  and he was employed there for practically the whole of the subsequent period. He passed away on Friday aged 76 years ----
                         internment took place at the Coldstream Estate on Monday -----

Inquest  -  101
Mabel Josephine Rosina Nevin  aged 4 and half years of age,  who died at her home St Albans early on Tuesday morning.  Willian Henry Nevin,  father of the
                    child said his daughter had suffered off and on with bronchitis practically since birth.  -------

Friday 30 May 1924
Obituary  - 102
GOW  -  
Dr William Baxter Gow. -- born at Criess, Perthshire, Scotland,  ------- arrived here in the Gothic in November  1899,   he leaves a widow, a son and daughter.
                Mr J.G.Gow, inspector of schools for Timaru is a brother ----another is the late Mr John G.Gow,  Trade Commissioner

Launch fatality - 103
BARTER - still searching for the body,  found the mailbag in Pile Bay, near the fort ---

South Africa  -  104
The friends of Mrs P.D.Leslie late of Wellington,  her death in South Africa. is survived by her husband and 2 sons and 2 daughters.---  names ---

Weedons  - 105
LLOYD -  Much sympathy has been expressed for Mr and Mrs W. Lloyd in the loss of their younger son, after a brief illness.

Wakefield  -  106
STEBBINGS  -  Mr Charles George Stebbings,  Waimea County overseer for the last 6 years. died suddenly at Wakefield  ---------  in his 54th year -------.

Saturday 31 May 1924
Auckland  -  107
CURRAN  -   Frederick A. Curran,  married, an advertising salesman  -----   died after admission to hospital

Death  - 108
John Friend ---- sudden death at Wellington last week.  Mr Friend  eldest son of Rev Percival Friend,  one of the early missionaries at Levuka, Fiji. ---------

Obituary  -  109
The death occurred yesterday morning of Mr Frank Griffen  at his res. Yaldhurst road Upper Riccarton at the age of 59 years.  began life as a tailor in Dunedin, --- 
                            went into the hotel business at Roxburgh.  From there he moved to Brighton,  Dunedin.  then to the Albion in Greymouth.  ------  lots more

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