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These snippets  are wedding  write-ups describing the dresses and in some cases who attended.

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Thursday   1 May  1924
Golden Wedding  -  001 and 001a
- Mr and Mrs F.Clemens -----  left Plymouth for NZ on 27 July1874  having  been married on April 28th in the Parish Church of St. Levan,                                        
Cornwall  They settled in the Ashburton district in 1876  -------   5 boys and 6 girls ----  12 grandchildren.   -----   a very long column

DOAK - GREIG  - 002   Elsie May, dau of Mr and Mrs George D.Greig  of Motunau,  and William Leslie, son of Mr and Mrs D.J..Doak of  Omihi.-----
NEWMAN  -  McDOWELL  - 003 at Owen Junction,  on Tuesday-------Miss Doris, dau of Mr John McDowell, of Pikomanu  ---  to Mr Cyril Newman

Friday  2 May 1924  -
BATCHELOR  -  MORTLOCK  - 004  at Opawa. Wed. Rita, dau of Mr and Mrs Thomas Mortlock  to John , son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Batchelor ------

Saturday 3 May 1924
ALLENDER - DALLEY 005 on Wed.   Miss Winifred May Dalley  to  Leslie Murray Allender ---- uncle Mr C.Jolley,
CALLAN - SMYTHE 006 on Wed. Margaret, 2nd dau of Mrs Smythe to Percy Callan,  of Greymouth -------
JEAL - BROWN - 007 at --on Wed. Gwen, dau of Mr and Mrs F.Brown, Fairview, Shirley   to  Maurice Jeal, of Shirley
McARDLE - COLLINS  - 008 at Wellington. Peter Joseph, son of Mr and Mrs James McArdle, of Crossmaglen, Co.Armagh to Mona, dau of Mr and Mrs F.J.Collins ---

Monday 5 May  1924 -

PREBBLE  -  CARPENTER - 009 at Prebbleton.  Frances, dau of Mr and Mrs F.W.Carpenter  to Tom, son of Mr and Mrs Prebble, of Redcliffs. -----

Tuesday  6 May  1924

SHADBOLT  -  CHRISTIANSON  -  010 at Hokitika.- Miss Thelma dau of Mr and Mrs Shadbolt  to  David Christianson,  of Hokitika ---------
SMITH  -  CAIRNS - 011-  Louisa, dau of Mrs S.G. and late Andrew Cairns to  William Arthur Smith, son of  Mrs Hean, Redcliffs ------

Wednesday  7 May  1924 

RYDE  -  WELLS - 012  at Oxford,   Miss Alice Victoria Wells  to  Mr William Frederick Ryde,  both of View Hill.    -----
WESTAWAY - MILLAR - 013 at  Leeston, Ruby, dau of Mr and Mrs S.G.Millar, of Irwell  to Percy Westaway, of Pleasant Point ----.-----

Thursday  8 May  1924

BALL  -  McCAFFREY 014 Ada Sarah, dau of Mr and Mrs J.McCaffrey of Christchurch  to John W.  son of Mr and Mrs Charles Ball, of Surrey, England
HANNIGAN  -  YOUNG 015 Miss Annie Young, of Southbridge to Mr John Patrick  Hannigan, of Ashburton  ------
MANDER - HOGLUND016 Pina, dau of Mr Hoglund, of Springfield   to  Stanley, son of Mrs E.Mander, Christchurch ------
WOODLEY - LEWIS - 017 John Charles, son of  late Mr Charles and Mrs Woodley, Auckland  to  May, dau of Mr & Mrs Lewis, of Kumara, West Coast.

Friday  9 May 1924

MATHIAS - COLLIGAN - 019  Miss M.M.Mathias, dau of Mr and Mrs J.Mathias, of Ngakawau  to Mr H.H., son of Mrs & late Mr Colligan of Waimangaroa,  West Coast.
CLARK - MARTIN018 Hetty Martin, of Waddington   to  William James, son of Mr and Mrs D.W.Clark,  of Oxford ------- more ---

Saturday  10 May 1924  -

BELL - ANDERSON020 at Hokitika, on Wed. Ada Anderson, dau of Mrs Howard, Hokitika  to Jack Bell,  Coalgate -----
McCORMACK - McALOON - 021  at Granity, Eileen, dau of Mr W. McCormack  to Owen Bernard McAloon of the Chch Post office staff.
NICOL - JOHNSON - 022  at Westport, on Wed. Mr L.G.Nicol  to  Miss Mabel Johnson, dau of Mrs F.T.Johnson,  of Wellington ----

Thursday   15  May  1924 -

PARROTT - MARMONT - 023 at Wellington, on 7th Elodie Beatrix, dau of Mrs  and late Mr Marmont  of Gloucestershire --  to  ----Jasper Parrott, son of ---
REYNOLDS - MILLS - 024 at ---on 14 May .-----James, son of Mr and Mrs W.Reynolds  to Ruth , dau of Mr and Mrs S.Mills, Greymouth -------
SMITH - RADFORD - 025  Frances Vyvienne, dau of Mr and Mrs E.Radford  to  Thomas Clifford, son of Mrs James Ancerson, of Napier  ----- more

Friday  16 May 1924

McGREGOR - CRUMP026  Jean Elizabeth May, dau ofMr and Mrs Paul Crump to Douglas, son of Late Mr and Mrs John McGregorof Oamaru.----

Saturday  17 May  1924 

KELLAHER - DALEY027 at Westport,  yesterday,  Miss Ella Kellaher, of Hastings  to  Mr Thos. Daley,of  Corbyoole----

Monday 19 May 1924

CARTER - BROWN - 028  at Leeston,  Miss Lena Maud Brown  to Mr William A.L.Carter,  of Christchurch ----- brother Mr A.E.Brown ----
GALLAGHER - LAMB - 029  at Mayfield,  Elizabeth Audrey, dau of Mr and Mrs Hamilton Lamb,  to William, son of Mr and Mrs J. Gallagher, Valetta ----
KERR - STEVENSON - 030 at Johnsonville, Miss Helen, dau of Rev Andrew & Mrs Stevenson  -------to Victor Eadie, son of Mrs Kerr,  Temuka
SCOULAR - SKINNER - 031 at Wellington. Louisa (Lui) Skinner of Christchurch -----    to  Alex Scoullar,  Wellington  ------
SPENCE -  HILLIPS032 at -- Florence Annie, dau of Mr and Mrs Phillips to Thomas, son of Mrs and late mr D.Spence,  late of Rimu.----
STOKES - ROUSE033   at ----Gertrude, dau of late Dr J.T.Rouse, Lyttelton  to  John Edward Stokes ---------

Wednesday 21 May 1921

Silver wedding  -  034
HUNTER  -  Mr and Mrs T.J.Hunter, of Tancred st, Ashburton, -------

Thursday 22 May 1924

CASTLE - LIND035 at Greymouth,  Frances, dau of Mr and Mrs Charles Lind, Cobden  to  William, son of Mr and Mrs H.Castle,  Reefton.  ------

Friday 23 May 1924 

Diamond Wedding  -     
TAYLOR  -   HARDING  -   038 & 038a
The old couple,  age (87 and 82)  -- were born in England. Mr  Edmond Taylor was born at Simpleness Lodge,  Addiston, Kent,  in 1837  and Elizabeth Harding (his wife)
 at Ile Sheppy, Kent in 1842.  They were married at Minster Church, Sheerness  on May 22nd 1864  the bride being 20 years of age and the groom 25. 
On September 15th 1873 Mr and Mrs Taylor with their family of 4 children left Gravesend in the ship Punjab  --  no fewer than 46 deaths on the voyage. --- 
for 30 years Mr Taylor has been librarian at the Woolston Public Library,  a position he retired from as recently as last week.  ------  lots more

Golden Wedding -     036
  -   on May 21st at Aghadrumsee,  Ireland,  William George Whiteside and Margaret Thompson of County Fermanagh, Ireland,
                                 and on Mat 21st 1924 at Wairemo, Rangiora. ------
FORREST037  Silver Wedding -  Mr and Mrs  C. Niven Forrest,  of Redcliffs, ---  home town Arbroath,  Scotland ------- lots more ------
VIVIAN - MOONEY - 039  at  ----  Sydenham on Wed. Eileen Greta, dau of Mr and Mrs T.Mooney   to James Herbert, son of Mr and Mrs J.Vivian,

Saturday  24 May  1924

PATTERSON  - McILRAITH  - 040 at Leeston, Miss Eva E., dau of Mr and Mrs Robert McIlraith, of Killinchy  to William James, son of late Mr and Mrs                                
                    Robert Patterson, of Lakeside   -----

Monday  26 May  1924

McALOON - McCORMACK  - 041 at Granity.Owen Bernard McAloon  to Miss Eileen Patricia McCormack  of Granity  ------  a long write up
TAYLOR - SCOTT  - 042  at New Brighton ---Ivy Maud, dau of Mr & Mrs A.T.Scott  to  Herbert Thomas, son of Mr & Mrs E.H.Taylor, St Albans -----more

Tuesday  27  May  1924

BENNETT - HENDERSON - 043 at Oxford,  Isabel, dau of  Mrs & late Mr J.S.Henderson,  ----to George William, son of Mr & Mrs W. Bennett, Winchmore ---  lots more ---

Thursday  29 May  1924

Golden Wedding      -  044
WEBB -  
The Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs T.F.Webb of St. Albans was celebrated in the afternoon of Empire Day, --Mr and Mrs Webb were married on May 24th 1874
 at All Saints Church, Kensington Park, London,  and sailed in July of the same year, in the Duke of Edinburgh.    -----   lots more.

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