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Thursday  1 May 1924

Birth  -  001
FIELD  -  April 26th   to Mr and Mrs F.H.Field  - a son
GRANT  -  April 30th   to Mr and Mrs  Matt Grant,  of Amberley    -  a daughter
LANGFORD  -  April 27th  to Mr and Mrs J.G.Langford    - a daughter
McGOUGH  -  April 29th  to Mr and Mrs H.McGough  (Upton)   Halswell   -   a daughter

Marriages - 001
MERTON  -  DEROLES    -  on April 22nd John Llewellwyn Charles, son of Alfred Merton  to Margery, dau of John Deroles,  Wairenga
SMITH  -  BINNIE  -  on April 23rd  Clement McKenzie, son of Mr and Mrs F.Smith  to  Margaret, dau of Mrs and late John Binnie, late Sefton.

Silver Wedding  - 001
MAIDENS  -  DINGLE  - on April 27th 1899  at Avonside Church, Arthur Thomas,  youngest son of the late J.W. and Mrs Maidens 
                        to  Louise Edith,  3rd daughter of Mr and Mrs J.T.Dingle,  Christchurch.

Golden Wedding  -  001
CLEMENS  - TREMBATH  - on April 28th  1874  in the Church of England,  in the parish of St Levan, Francis,  4th son of the late James Clemens,
                         of St Levan, to   Mary Ann,  eldest daughter of the late William Trembath, of St Just.

Death  - 001
BANNERMAN  -  on April 30th  at Christchurch Hospital,  James Bannerman,  in his 57th year,  late employee of Addington Workshops.
FLINT  -  on April 20th at Austen Hospital,  Heidleberg, Melbourne, Australia,  Alfred Frederick,  beloved father of Alfred Stanley Flint,  late of Christchurch.
SPARE  -  on April 30th at the residence of his son Mr H. Spare,  35 Coronation street, Spreydon,  Charles John Spare, in his  74th year.

In Memoriam  -   001
CASHMERE  -  In loving memory of Henry,  died May 1st 1922.
MILLS  -  In loving memory of our dear Willie,  passed away  May 1st 1920.

Funeral Notices  - 002
SPARE  -  Charles John  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
BANNERMAN  -  James for the Sydenham Cemetery
SPARE - Court Thistle of the Forest  A.O.F. Sydenham    The members of this and sister Courts are respectfully  requested to attend  the funeral
                of our late Bro.C.J.Spare. P.C.R.  which will leave 35 Coronation street, Spreydon, at 2pm Friday  2nd may for the sydenham Cemetery.

Friday  2  May  1924

Birth - 003
COLEMAN  -  May 1st     at Lyttelton  to wife of F.Coleman    -a son

Marriage  - 003
McCALLUM  -  MARSHALL - on 3 April Charles Fenwick, son of Mr and Mrs C.F.McCallum, Martinborough  to  Tasma Ella Brerston, dau of  ----

Death  - 003
BEANLAND  -  on May 1st at Santa Cruz,  infant son of Walton and Evelyn Beanland
BUTTERFIELD  -Eliza Jane,  late 12 Lawson street,  Sydenham,  beloved wife of John Butterfield,  aged 65 (by Cable) died at sea  April 28th    (8 may be a 6)
DEACON  - on April 24th at Waimate, Minnie, the beloved wife of William Deacon,  in her 47th year.
DOHRMANN  -  on April 23rd  at Waimate,   Henry Dohrmann of Flaxmere,  Studholme,  in his 63rd year
RUSSELL  -  on May 1st at  at her residence  Avonside,  Charlotte Eliza,  beloved wife of George Warren Russell,  aged 65

In Memoriam  - 003
DAVIS  -  in loving memorry of our dear mother who passed away May 2nd 1920.
HIDE  -  In loving memory of Frederick Hide who passed away May 2nd  1921.
JEFFS  -  in loving memory of our dear mother Mary Jeffs, who passed away May 2nd 1922. --------
PATRICK  --- Iin loving memory of mother who died 2nd May 1922.
VESEY -- in loving memory of my dear wife Margaret Helen -- May 2nd 1923

Funeral  Notices  - 004
SPARE  -    Charles John Spare will leave the residence of his son ---  on Friday May 2nd at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
BANNERMAN -   James Bannerman will leave the Christchurch Hospital on Friday may 2nd at 3-15pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
BRADLEY -    Caroline Bradley are invited to attend her funeral, ------at 2-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
RUSSELL  -   Charlotte Eliza Russell,  will leave her late residence, Stanmore road, Avonside, on Saturday May 3rd at 2pm.
BANNERMAN - Court of the Pride of the Leith A.O.F. Dunedin    Members of this and sister Courts are respectfully requested to
                        attend the funeral of our late Bro.James Bannerman  which will leave Christchurch ------

Saturday  3 May  1924

Birth  - 005
DUMERGUE  -  on April 30th  at ---to wife of Louis Dumergue  -  a daughter
SMART  -  on April 2nd  at ---  to wife of Mr L.Smart,  Cashmere,  -  a daughter

Marriage  - 005
BLACKIE  -  PANNETT - on 10 April  Walter Palmer, son of late Mr and Mrs H.G.Blackie  to Hazel Edith Constantine, dau of Mrs and late Mr Pannett
BRIGHTING  -  SNOWBALL  - on 9 April,    R.W. son of Mrs S.A.Brightling  to  Edith, dau of W. and E. Snowball ----
GLEN  -  MARSHAL  -  9 April Robert W. Glen  to  Kinni mei, dau of Mrs and late Mr C.J.Marshall
HILL  -  LASCELLES  -  on 2 April at --  Herbert, son of Mr and Mrs Walter Hill  to  Eileen Hinemoa, dau of Mr and Mrs T. Lascelles

Golden Wedding  -  005
DERRETT  -  MASON -  on 4 May 1874  at St Paul's Church, Leithfield,  Thomas,  son of the late Thomas Derrett  Llanvair, Monmouthshire, England. 
                        to Elizabeth Jane,  daughter of the late Frederick Mason,  late of Lyttelton.

Death  - 005
MACDUFF  -  on April 19th at Bendigo, Victoria,  Leonard,  beloved husband of Jane Macduff,  late of Cuba street, Wellington.
NIVEN  -  at Christchurch Hospital,  Gilbert James,  2nd son of the late James & Agnes Niven. Southbridge,   aged 49 years.
RUSSELL  -  on May 1st at her residence,  Avonside,   Charlotte Eliza,  beloved wife of George Warren Russell,  aged 65.

In Memoriam - 005
EARL  -  In fond and loving memory of our dear daughter,  Mayvis Vinetta,  (Mav)  passed away  May 4th 1920
ROULSTON  -  In ever loving memory of my darling daughter Gracie,  died May 2nd 1922  aged 29

Funeral Notice  -  006
NIVEN  -   The funeral of the late James Niven will leave 48 Berry street, St Albans  on Monday at 12 noon,  arriving at the Ellesmere Public cemetery at 2pm.

Monday  5 May 1924

Roll of Honour - 007
FARNIE  -  died of wounds in France,  May 5th 1917,  Stuart Choyne farnie,  only son of Cheyne and Clara Farnie,  Geraldine.

Birth - 007
HOPKINS  -  on May 3rd   at   114 Stanmore road,  Linwood   to Mr and Mrs A.E.Hopkins  -  a daughter

Death  - 007
ADCOCK  -  on May 4th at Christchurch,  George Adcock,  of 39 Edinburgh street,  Spreydon,  bel. husband of the late Fanny Adcock,  in his 73rd year
MARDON  -  on May 2nd at Christchurch,   William Charles,  dearly beloved husband, of Florence Mardon,  64 Cranford street,
MEHRTENS  -  on May 3rd at 89 Sawyers Arms road,  Papanui,  Anne,  beloved wife of Henry Mehretens,  aged 80 years. North Island papers please copy.
WILLIAMS  -  on May 4th at--, Reginald Eric,  dearly loved hus of Emma Williams,  and 4th son of Fred and Cecila Williams of Timaru,  in his 39th year.

In Memoriam  - 007
TENCH  -  In loving memory of our dear Mother passed away,  May 4th 1922.

Funeral Notice  - 008
MEHRTENS  -   Ann Mehrtens will leave her late  residence Sawyers Arms road, on Tuesday May 6th at 2pm for the Waimari Cemetery.
WILLIAMS  - Reginald Eric Williams  will leave his late res. Fitzgerald street St Albans,  on Tuesday May 6th at 11am  for the Bromley Cemetery.
MARDON  -   W.C.Mardon, will leave his late residence Cranford street,  St Albans,  on Monday  May 5th at 3-30pm   for the Linwood  Cemetery.
ADCOCK  - George Adcock, will leave his late residence,  Edinburgh  street, Spreydon,  on Tuesday at 2pm  for the Addington Cemetery.

Tuesday 6 May 1924

Birth - 009
HOLBROUGH  -  on May 5th   at Rangiora  to wife of L.Holbrough,  Ashley  -  a son,  stillborn
MARSH  -  on April 30th  --  to Mr and Mrs E.Marsh  - a daughter

Marriage  - 009
BEACH  -  WILKS  -  on April 21st at --  Charles. son of Mr and Mrs C.Beach  to May, dau of Mr and Mrs G.Wilks

Death  009
BARTLETT  - on May 5th at the res of her sister,  Freda Mabel Evelyn, dearly loved  dau. of Henry William and the late Matilda Bartlett in her 18th year.
LITTLE -  on May 5th  at the residence of his daughter, St Albans, James Little,  of Woodend,  in his 82nd year.
MORGAN  -  on May 5th at Park-Gwyn,  Tai-Tapu,  Mary,  relict of the late Lumley Morgan,  in her 78th year.
TIZARD  - on May 2nd at 11 Harper street,  Timaru,  John Marsh,  bel son of Emma and the late Whittle Tizard, (formerly of Cromwell)  aged 39 years.
WOOD  -  on April 28th at Lower Hutt,   Amelia Frances Wood,  wife of the late Thomas Wood,  formerly of Christchurch,  aged  68 years.

Funeral  Notices  -  010
MEHRETENS  -Ann Mehretens will leave her late res.  89 Sawyer's Arms road,  Papanui, on Tuesday May 6th at 2pm for the Waimari Cemetery.
WILLIAMS  - Reginald Eric Williams will leave his late res,  138 Fitzgerald street, St. Albans,  on Tuesday May 6th at 11am  for the Bromley Cemetery.
MORGAN -   Mary Morgan will leave her late res,  Park-Gwyn,  Tai-Tapu,  on Wednesday  May 7th at 2-30pm  for the Springston Public  Cemetery.
LITTLE -  James Little will arrive at the Woodend Cemetery,  on   Wednesday at 2pm.
ADCOCK  - George Adcock will leave his late res,  31 Edinburgh street,  Spreydon,  today Tuesday May 6th at 2pm for the Addington Cemetery.
BARTLETT  - Freda Mabel Evelyn, dau.of late Mr H.W.Bartlett,  leaving 119 Salisbury street, on Wednesday May 7th at 2-15pm  for the Papanui Churchyard.

Wednesday 7 May  1924

Roll of Honour  -  In Memoriam - 011
WHEELER  -  In loving remembrance of Harry, who died at Chalmers Ward, Christchurch Hospital,  on May 6th 1919,  aged 25 years.

Birth  - 011
HORRELL  - on May 4th   at Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs F.J.Horrell  -  a daughter
ROWE  -  on April 24th  at Rangiora  to Mr and Mrs  J.J.Rowe  - a daughter

Marriage  - 011
McLEAN  -  RIDLEY  - at Jubbulpore, India,  on 22 April  Colonel McLean  -----  to Alberta Mary Ridley  of South Warnboro'  England

Death  - 011
BOYD  -  on May 6th at her res. 176 Idris road,  Ellen Kirkland,  beloved wife of Andrew Boyd,  aged 51 years.
SMITH  -    on May 6th at the Christchurch Hospital,  George Edward Cook,  dearly beloved husband of Louisa  Smith.
SMYTHE  -  on May 6th at Wairarapa terrace,  Fendalton,  Joseph Smythe,  in his 74th year.
STRANGE  -  on May 5th  at 462 Hereford street, Linwood,  Frances Woodman,  dearly loved wife of Thomas George Strange,  in her 71st year.

In Memoriam  - 011
WALKER  -  In loving remembrance of Eliza Walker  who departed this life on May 7th 1922.

Funeral Notices  -  012
MORGAN  -  Mary Morgan will leave her late residence,  Wednesday May 7th at 2-30pm for the Springston Public Cemetery.
STRANGE  -Frances Woodman Strange  will leave her late res. 462 Hereford street, Linwood, on Thursday  May 8th at 3pm for the Avonside Cemetery.
BOYD  - Ellen Kirkland Boyd,  will leave her late residence,  176 Idris road, on Thursday May 8th at 1pm for the Sydenham   Cemetery.

Thursday  8 May 1924

Marriage  -  013
MANDER  - HOGLUND  - on 21 April at ---  Stanley, son of Mrs E.Mander  to  Nina, dau of Mr J. Hoglund,  Springfield

Death  - 013
DRAPER -  on April 28th  at Remuera,  Auckland,  George Dye Draper,  aged 86 years.
HUSTON  -  on May 7th at his late residence,  300 Worcester street, Linwood,  William Huston  in his 87th year.  (late of Ashburton)
WELLINGTON  -  on May 7th  at her late residence  107 Simeon street,  Spreydon,  Mary,  relict of the late William Wellington,  in her 86th year.

In Memoriam  013
OAKLEY  -   In loving memory --  Mary Jean Oakley,   who was accidently killed at Church Bay,  Lyttelton on May 8th 1921.

Funeral Notices  - 014
STRANGE  -  as above.
HUSTON -  William, --- will leave his late res. 300  Worcester street, Linwood,  today, at 1-30pm for the Linwood Cemetery.
SMYTHE - Joseph,  ---will leave his late res. Wairarapa tce, on Friday may 9th for Avonside Churchyard.
SMITH  -  George Edward Cook, --- leave his res.  331 Armagh street, on Thursday May 8th at 2-30pm for Linwood Cemetery.
HUSTON -  Star of Sydenham L.O.L. No 32A   Orange Hall on Thursday May 8th at 10 o'clock to attend the funeral of the late Bro. Huston.
SMITH - Veteran's Association of Army, Navy, and Auxiliary Forces.------  funeral  of  their late comrade George Edward Cook Smith. ----

Friday  9 May 1924

Birth  - 015
BEATTY  - on May 8th  to Mr and Mrs A.T.Beatty,  Hawkins  -  a daughter
SIM  -   at 49 St Andrew's Square,    to the wife of W.J.Sim  -  a daughter

Death  -  015
CANDLISH  -  on May 8th at her residence,  174 River road, Mary Ann,  widow of the late Hugh Candlish,  aged 78 years.
GRIMWOOD  -  on May 8th at his daughter's res. Bush street, Rangiora,  Robert George,  beloved husband of the late Mary Grimwood,  aged 85 years.
LUTTRELL  -  on May 7th at Christchurch,  Alfred Edgar,  beloved husband of E.M. Luttrell.
NIBLETT -  on May 8th at Christchurch,  William Henry,  beloved son of William Niblett of Wainui, Banks Peninsula, aged 22 years.
PORTEOUS  - on May 8th at Christchurch Hospital, dearly beloved son of John & Elizabeth Porteous, Lyttelton, in his 19th year.
UREN  -  on May 8th at 412 Cashel street, Robert Hartley Uren,  Beloved husband of Annie Uren.  age 41 years.
WILLIAMS  -  on May 7th James Ernest (Jay) dearly loved hus of Ivy Williams, Woolston, in his 33rd year.  Result of an accident. 

In Memoriam  - 015a
BLOWERS  -  In loving memory of their two little children Rita Rosella, died 7 May 1923 and Gordon Ralph died 11 May 1923
CONSTANCE  -  In loving memory of George Constance ---- May 9th 1913 at Southbridge.
HAMILTON  -  In loving memory of my dear husband, Alexander Hamilton,  ---- May 9th 1923.
INGLE  -  In loving memory of our dear husband and father who passed away May 9th 1923.
JONSON -  In affectionate remembrance of Harry Jonson,  ---- May 9th 1923.
McCOY  - in loving memory of Claude Albert McCoy (Charlie)  who died May 9th 1922 beloved son of Ellen & Fredk. H.McCoy.

Funeral Notices  -  016
WELLINGTON  - Mary Wellington -- her late res.  107 Simeon street, Spreydon,  This day Friday May 9th at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
WILLIAMS   - James Ernest  Williams  res of  his father-in-law Mr A.S.Rees, City. Friday May 9th at 3-30pm for the Bromley  Cemetery.
NIBLETT - William Henry, son of Mr William Niblett  leaving his res Wainui,  Banks Peninsula, on Saturday  at 2pm for the Wainui Cemetery.
CANDLISH  -Mary Ann Candlish  will leave her late res.  174  River road, New Brighton,   for the Bromley Cemetery on Saturday 10th at 2pm.
UREN  -  Robert Hartley Yren will leave his late res.  412 Cashel street, Linwood, on Saturday May 10th at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
McKAY  -  Alexander McKay   will leave Amberley today at 1-30pm for the Balcairn Cemetery arriving at 2-30pm.
McKAY  -  Alexander McKay  of "Laidmore"  will leave the Railway Hotel,  Amberley at 2-30pm  today for the Balcairn Cemetery .

Saturday  10 May 1924

Roll of Honour  -  In Memoriam -  017
HARDING  -    In loving remembrance of  ---- Leonard Charles Harding,  who died May 10th 1915 as a result of wounds received in action at Dardanelles.
McCOY  -   Arthur Harold McCoy, 6/1354 1st Canterbury Regiment NZEF.  killed in action at Cape Helles, Gallipoli May 10th 1915,
                         bel. son of Ellen and the late F.H.McCoy.

Birth  - 017
RANGER  -  on May 9th at ---  to Mr and Mrs T.H.Ranger  -  a son

Marriage - 017
CAINS  -  DAWSON  - on April 16th  James, son of Mr and Mrs William Cains   to  Gladys Margaret, dau of Mr and Mrs William Dawson,  Styx
JEBSON  -  McMEEKAN  -  on March 19th John Haigh, son of Mr and Mrs J.Jebson,  Sheffield  to Lilian Elsie Alma, dau of Mr D.McMeekan

Death  - 017
BERRY -  on May 9th  at Christchurch Hospital,  Susan Gretta, dearly loved 2nd daughter of E.C. and the late Annie Berry, aged 42 years.
NORTHAM  -  on May 9th at Christchurch  James, beloved husband of Ann Northam,  aged 77 years.

In Memoriam  -  017
ASHWORTH  -  In loving memory of my beloved husband William Henry, --- May 10th 1918.
HAWKEN  -  In loving memory of my dear  brother Albert Henry (Jack)  who died May 10th 1918.
ROLTON  - In loving memory of my dear mother,  passed away May 10th 1921.

Funeral Notices  -  018
BERRY  -  Susan Gretta Berry of 84 Randolph street, Woolston, this day Saturday  May 10th arriving at the Linwood Cemetery  at 2-15pm.
PORTEOUS  - George Porteous  -- res his father Mr J. Porteous,  Signal Station, Lyttelton,  today Saturday  at 2pm  for Church of England Cemetery.
UREN - Ivy of Linwood Lodge,  No 13.  U.A.O.D. Brother, Robert Hartley Uren,  412 Cashel street, Linwood at 2pm this day for the Bromley Cemetery.

Monday 12 May 1924

Birth  - 019
PERCY -  to Mr and Mrs S.A.Percy  -  a son

Marriages  - 019
LYONS  -  JOHNSTON  -  on April 23rd  at Palmeston North.  William Gordon Lyons, son of late Alfred  to  Eleanor L.(Nellie) dau of J.M.
                        and late Mrs Johnston,  Palmeston North
WOODHILL  -  MINNIS  -  on April 29th  at Ashburton.   Ernest, son of late Mr and Mrs John Woodhill, Akaroa  to Winifred Mary,
                            dau of late Richard & Mrs  Minnis,  Ashburton.

Death  - 019
BAIRD  - on 11 May  at Hilton street,  Kaiapoi,  Nathalie Joy,  the dearly beloved infant daughter of Polly and Harold Baird.aged 14 months. -------
HOWARD  -  on 10th May at  res. of her dau Mrs S.Ward  54 Lonsdale street, New Brighton.  Janet (Jessie)  bel wife of of W. H. Howard,  late of Richmond.
KEIR  -  on May 11th  at Albert street,  Rangiora,  Peter Keir,  in his 84th year.
LORD  -  on May 10th at the residence of his son Fred W.Lord,  112 Bealey street, St. Albans,  Jabez Lord,  in his 88th year. late of Courtenay.
NORTHAM  -  on May 9th at the Christchurch Hospital,  James, dearly beloved husband of Anne Northam,  56 Cecil street, Waltham.  aged 77 years.

In Memoriam  -  019
TISDALL  -  In loving memory of my dear wife (Nance)  who died May 11th 1923.

Funeral Notices -  020
LORD   -  Jabez Lord   leave the res of his son Mr F.W.Lord,  -- St, Albans,  this day Monday  May 12th  at 10-30am,  for the Linwood Cemetery.
KEIR  -  Peter Keir,  will leave his late  residence , Albert street, Rangiora,   on Tuesday at 11am,  for the  Presbyterian Cemetery
REITER  -  The funeral of the late Julius Reiter,  will leave Scargill on Wednesday  May 14th at 12-30pm for the Waikari Cemetery,  arriving at 2pm.

Tuesday  13 May 1924

Birth - 021
KENNEDY  -  on May 12th  at ---  to Mr and Mrs Peter Kennedy  -  a son.
PRESTON  -  on May 8th  to Mr and Mrs A.F.W.Preston -  a daughter
ROGERS  -  on May 11th.  to Mr and Mrs A.L.Rogers,  Belfast  -  a daughter

Marriage  - 021
JOHNSTON  -  KERR  -  on April 9th  at Fairlie  William Angus, son of Mr and Mrs A. Johnston  to  Mary,  dau of late  Mr H  and Mrs Kerr,  Fairlie

Death  - 021
REITER  -  at Scargill on May 12th  Julius Emil Reiter,  passed away in his 80th year.  Funeral Wednesday 2pm at Waikari

Funeral Notice 022
REITER  -  Julius Reiter   will leave Scargill on Wed. May 14th at 12-30pm for the Waikari Cemetery,  arriving at 2pm.

Wednesday 14 May 1924

Birth  - 024
BALLAN  - on May 13th  at ---   to Mr and Mrs Howard Ballan -  a son
DOBSON  -  on May 12th.  at -----  to wife of Donald Dobson  -  a son
MacFARLANE  - on May 11th.  at ---  to Mr and Mrs  J.Macfarlane  -  a daughter

Marriage  - 024
LASKEY - SCOTT  - on 13 April at Southbrook  John William, son of Mr and Mrs J. Laskey  to Myra Christina, dau of  Mr and Mrs Scott,  Flaxton

Golden Wedding  -  024
HERBERT - KENNARD  - on May 14  1874 at Merivale,   Henry George Herbert,  to  Anna Kennard,  of Christchurch,  present address Alexandra street.

Death  - 024
FLUERTY  - on May 13 at Papatotara, Southland,  William Henry,  youngest brother of Mrs M. A. Wright, 366 Ferry road,  and George Fluerty,   Otaki.
WELCH   -  At Coronation Hospital,  on May 13  Marjory Grace Welch,  133 Jeffreys road, Bryndwr,

In Memoriam  - 024
CHAMPNESS  -  in loving memory of Charley, dearly loved son of C. and A.A.Champness, died  May 14th 1919
COLVILLE  -   In loving memory of Grace dearly loved and only daughter of C.W. and L.Colville.  died May 14th 1922.
SARIEH  -  in loving memory of Ivan only son of J.and G. Sarieh, Leithfield.  died May 14th 1923  result of an accident.

Funeral Notice  -  025
WELCH  -  Marjorie Grace Welch will leave the residence of her father Mr A.Welch,  132 Jeffery's road,  Bryndwr,  for the Bromley Cemetery.

Thursday 15 May  1924

Marriage  - 026
JACKSON - REDPATH  -  on 15 April Percy Walter, son of Mrs K.L.Jackson & late Frank  --- to  Rita May, dau. of  Mr and Mrs J.A.Redpath ---
MIDDLETON - BENSON  - on 10 May Walter Maitland, son of Mr & Mrs C.T.Middleton  to Dorothy, dau of Mrs and late Wm Benson of Manchester  ----
SMITH  -  RADFORD  -  on 23 April Thomas Clifford, son of Mrs Jas. Anderson,  Napier -- to Frances Vyvienne, dau of Mr and Mrs W.E.Radford ---.

Death  - 027
BALKIND  -  at his late residence "Woodham"  105 Woodham road,  Linwood,  Lazarus Wolfe, dearly loved husband of Esther Balkind.
DERRETT -  on May 15th at 15 Langdons road, Papanui,  Henry John,  eldest son of the late Henry Derrett,  aged 74 years.
McCARTHY  -  on May 14th at the Christchurch Hospital.  Mary Ann,  beloved wife of James McCarthy,  of 123 Durham street, Sydenham,  aged 42 years.

Funeral Notices  -  027
BALKIND  -  Lazarus Wolfe Balkind,  105 Woodham road,  Linwood, this day Thursday May 15th at 10-30am for the Linwood Cemetery.
McCARTHY -   Mary Ann  McCarthy, will leave her late residence, 123 Durham street,  on Friday May 16th at 8-50am,  for the  Catholic Cathedral.

Friday  16 May 1924

Birth  -  028
ALLISON  -  on May 15. at ----  to Mr and Mrs G.Allison  -  a son
DANN  -  on May 15th.  at  ----  to Mr and Mrs E.W.Dann -  a daughter
HAMILTON  -  May 15th.  at ----  to Mr and MrsGordon C.Hamilton  -  a daughter

Marriage - 028
DUREY - WOODS  on March 25th  at Lincoln. Norman Everest, son of  Mr & Mrs G.F.Durey  to Matilda, dau of  Mr & Mrs J.W.Woods,  Springston South.
McGREGOR  -  CRUMP  - on May 14th at -- Douglas,  son of late Mr & Mrs John McGregor, Oamaru  to  Jean Elizabeth May dau of Mr & Mrs Crump
WHITE  -  BANKS  -  on April 23rd Frederick, son of late P. and Sarah White, Cheviot  to Annie Elizabeth, dau of late D. and Jessie Banks ----

Death - 028
BRIGHT  -  on May 10th at his late residence 64 Beach road, Ashburton,  George Bright,  in his 69th year.
GROSE  -  on May 15 at Christchurch,  Theodore Adolphus,  beloved husband of  Mary Elizabeth Gore,  of 487 Worcester street,  in his 71st year.
HADFIELD  -  on May 14 at Auckland,  Claude,  husband of Maude Hadfield,  of Te Kuiti, son of Mr and Mrs J. T.Hadfield, of Remuera,  formerly of Chch.
JOHNSTON  -  on May 14 at the Christchurch Hospital.  James Armour beloved husband of Agnes Johnston, of Woodend,  aged 43 years.
SUTHERLAND  - on May 15 at her late residence  St Albans School,  Agnes  dearly loved wife of Jas. Sutherland.

In Memoriam  - 028
CANDY  -  In loving remembrance of Seyward Candy  who departed this life May 16 1923.
ILES  -  In loving memory of Henry Thomas Iles,  beloved husband of Sarah Ann who died May 16th 1923

Funeral Notices  - 029
SUTHERLAND  -  Agnes Sutherland will leave her late residence, Schoolhouse,  St. Albans,  on Saturday,  May 17th at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
McCARTHY  -  Mary Ann  McCarthy, will leave her late residence, 123 Durham street,  on Friday May 16th at 8-50am,  for the  Catholic Cathedral.
JOHNSTON   - James Armour Johnstone  will leave his late residence,  Woodend,  for the Methodist Cemetery Woodend, on Saturday the 17th at 2pm.

Saturday  17 May 1924

Birth  - missing snippet
ACHESON  - on May 15th
BAYLISS  - on May 14th
BLAKELY  -  on May 14th
QUICKENDEN  -  on May 16th

Marriage  - missing snippet
WATT  -  MAKEIG -   on April 16th

Golden Wedding  -  missing snippet
DINGLE - HARTELY - on 17 May 1874 at St Michael's Church, Chch   John Treeby Dingle,  of Plymouth,  England,  to Marie Kesia, Hartely of London.

Funeral Notices  030
SUTHERLAND  -    Agnes Sutherland will leave her late residence  St Albans, this day Saturday May 17th at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
HAWKINS  - Thomas  Peter  will leave the Catholic Cathedral,  Barbadoes street,  on Monday May 19th at 9-30am for the Bromley Cemetery.
GROSE  - Theodore Adolphus Grose will leave his late residence,  Worcester street, Linwood,  day Saturday May 17th at 3-30pm for the  Linwood Cemetery.
McKIBBIN  - Mary McKibbin  that her funeral will leave her late residence  Cust, on Saturday May 17th at 2pm for theChurch of England Cemetery.
BISHOP  -   Robert Lewis Bishop will leave Durham street , on Sunday at 2pm for the Bromley Cemetery.
WEASTELL  -  Georgina Weastell   her funeral will leave her late residence  Lyttelton, on Sunday  May 18th at 3-30pm for theChurch of England Cemetery.
GROSE -  Members of Loyal Phillipstown Lodge and others interested -   will leave 487 Worcester street at 3-30  Internment Linwood Cemetery.

Monday  19 May 1924  

Birth  -  032
COLONNA  -  on May 17   to Mr and Mrs  H.Colonna  -  a son
HITCHENS  -  on May 16th  at ----   to Mr and Mrs S. Hitchens  -  a son
PARKINSON -  on 16th May  ---  at Kaituna,  to wife of Keith Parkinson  - a son
STOKES  -  on May 17th at  --- Kaiapoi,  to Mr and Mrs A.C.Stokes  of Waikuku  -  a son.

Marriage  -  032
HOBSON  -  TRIGANCE  - on April 18th Harry, son of Mr J.Hobson --  to Ida, dau of Mr and Mrs H.Trigance, -- St Albans

Death  - 032
BARTON  -  on May 18 at Christchurch,  Eliza,  dearly loved wife of William Henry Barton  of 20 Lindsay street, St Albans. and late of Sumner.
CAIRNS  -  on May 17 at Christchurch Hospital,  Robert,  dearly beloved husband of Mary Cairns of 5 Avonglade, Richmond,  aged 71 years.
CLEMENCE  -  on May 18 at the res of his parents,  ----  Herbert Raymond,  bel infant son of A.B. and L.Clemence  aged 18mths.
CRAWFORD  -  on May 16,  Francis loved husband of Mary E.Crawford,  236 Colombo street,  in his 61st year.
GROSE  -  on May 17 at his residence  10 Heathcote street,  Woolston,  Joseph Grose,  dearly beloved father of E. Grose,  aged 77 years.

Funeral Notices  -  031
HAWKINS  -   Thomas Peter Hawkins will leave the Catholic Cathedral,  Barbadoes street  on  Monday May 19 at 9-30am  for the Bromley  Cemetery.
CRAWFORD   - Francis Crawford will leave his late residence, 236 Colombo street, Sydenham,  this day Monday at 2pm for the Sydenham cemetery.
GROSE  -  Joseph Grose will leave his late residence, Heathcote street,  Woolston,  on Tuesday at 2pm for the Addington  Cemetery.
CAIRNS  -  Robert Cairns -- will  leave his late residence,  Avonglade, Richmond,  on Tuesday May 20th at 11am for the Bromley Cemetery.
CLEMENCE  - Herbert Raymond, son of Mr & Mrs A.B.Clemence  leaving their residence,  on Tuesday  the 20th at 2pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Tuesday  20 May 1924

Roll of Honour  - 033
ALLAN  -   In loving memory of Captain J.A.Macdonald Allan,  Royal Air Force, and of Rockvale,  Waikari, 
                        killed in aeroplane accident at Redcar, Yorkshire,  England.  May 20th 1918,  aged 23 years

Birth - 033
BETTY  -  on May 14  at Wellington  to Mr and Mrs W.Betty    nee M.White  -  a son.
STALKER  -  on May 19  to Mr and Mrs Joseph Stalker,  of Ealing  - a daughter
WRIGHT  -  on May 16th  at Hawarden  to Mr and Mrs J.W.Wright  -  a son

Marriage  - 033
BALFOUR - RITCHIE  -  on April 30 Stanley, son of  Mr and Mrs T.Balfour to Mabel Alice, dau of Mr G.Ritchie.
CUNNINGHAM - FERGUSON  -  on April 29, Jeannie Lauchlan, dau of late Mr and Mrs Joseph Ferguson  to Herbert Alexander,
                            son of late  Mr & Mrs John Cunningham,  of  ----  Westland

Deaths  - 033
FLETCHER  on May 19th at her residence,  Braddon street, Sydenham,  Mary, widow, of the late John Fletcher  aged 78 years.
WATSON  -  on May 19th at Ilam road, Christchurch,  Margaretha? Adelheit,  dearly loved wife of Henry E.? B. Watson in her  45th year.

In Memoriam  -  033
CLEMENTS  -  In loving memory of our dear mother,  who died May 20th 1923.
CLEMENTS  -  In loving memory of my dear mother's mother,  who died at her son's residence, Riccarton, Sunday May 20th 1923
SMITH  -  in loving remembrance of Emma E.Smith  who died May 20th 1923.

Funeral Notices   -  034
CAIRNS   -  Robert Cairns   will leave his residence Avonglade,  Richmond, on Tuesday May 20th at 11am for the Bromley Cemetery.
FLETCHER  -  Mary Fletcher,  will leave her residence, Braddon street, Sydenham,  for the Linwood Cemetery. on Wednesday 21st  at 3pm

Wednesday  21 May 1924

Birth  - 035
BUCKETT  -  on May 20th  at Methven  to Mr and Mrs S.Buckett  -  a son
GUDSELL  -  on May 19th at Greymouth  to   Mr and Mrs Gudsell  - a daughter
SEDDON  -  on May 20th  at Greymouth,  to Mr and Mrs T.E.Y.Seddon  -  a daughter

Marriage  - 035
BAKER  - ALLEN - on May 12 at Kaikoura,. Walter Alec, son of  Mr & Mrs W.Baker  to  Pauline Constance, dau of  Mr & Mrs C.F.Allen, Devonshire
HAYMAN  -  WARD  -  on April 22 at --Robert Henry, son of Mr & Mrs H.Hayman  to  Grace Kathleen, dau of  Mr & Mrs R.S.Ward, Christchurch.
RING - HOBDAY  -  on March 19 at Wellington, George Stanley, son of late J.G.Ring & Mrs M.A.Ring to Phyllis Muriel, dau of  Mr & Mrs E.H.Hobday
VIVIAN  -  MOONEY  -  on May 14  James Herbert, son of Mr and Mrs J.J. Herbert  to Eileen Greta, dau of  Mr and Mrs T. Mooney

Golden Wedding  -  035
WHITESIDE  -  THOMPSON  -  on May 21st 1874 at the Anglican Church,  Aghadrumsee, Ireland.   William George,  son of Thomas Whiteside, 
                            Millmore  House,  farmer  to  Margaret,  daughter of Joseph Thompson,  school teacher  County Fermanagh, Ireland.

Death  - 035
HANNIGAN  -  on May 20th at Christchurch Hospital,  Patrick, dearly loved husband of Norah Hannigan, of Taylor street, Sydenhan,  in his 67th year.
JARMAN  -  on May 19th at his daughter's res. Lake Coleridge,  William  Jarman,  late of Spreydon,
QUINTON  - on May 19 at the res. of his daughter Mrs A.Jackson  Lamana street, Devonport, Auckland,  Allan Quinton,  late of Christchurch,  in his 74th year.
QUINTON  -  at Victoria rd, Devonport, Auckland,  Allan,  dearly loved father of H.A.Quinton, of Hawke street, New Brighton,  in his 76th year.
ROBINS  -  at Northampton,  England, on May 16th Thos. Robins father of Thos. Robins,  Cashel street, Chch and Blake street New Brighton, in his 84th year.

In Memoriam  - 035
BUCKLER  -  in loving memory of my dear wife annie,  who departed this life May 21st 1922
HONEYBONE  -  in loving memory of Thomas Ewen Honeybone,  who passed away May 21st 1923.
MEHRTENS  - in loving memory of George Mehrtens, who passed away May 21st 1922 also Jeannie died May 31st 1915

Funeral  Notices  - 036
WATSON  - Margaretha Adheit Watson, will leave his late res, Ilam road, Riccarton, on Thursday May 22nd at 2pm for the Springston Public Cemetery.
HANNIGAN  - Patrick Hannigan  will take place,  this day Wednesday  May 21st leaving the Catholic Cathedral at 9-30am for the Linwood Cemetery.

Thursday  22 May  1924

Roll of Honour - 038
BRITTENDEN  -  In loving memory of Private Chas S. Brittenden 4th Batt. Killed in action Steal's Post, Gallipoli, May 22 1915.

Marriage  - 038
KING  -  HOBDAY  -  on March 19th at Wellington, George Stanley King ---  to  Phillis Muriel Hobday,  ----  Island Bay

Death  - 038
ALDERSLEY - on May 20th at Tasman street, Wellington,  Jane Ann (Sis) eldest daughter of the late N.A.Aldersley.
COOK  - on May 21st at his residence  "Arthuratone"  Loburn,  Arthur Ernest,  beloved husband of Cora M.Cook,  in his 55th year.
HELMING  -  on May 21 at Christchurch,  Emily,  relict of the late Peter Helmling,  in her 88th year.
THOMSON  - on May 21 at Rangiora,  Matilda,  relict of the late John Thomson  age 74 years.

In Memoriam  -  038
SNOOK  -  In loving remembrance ---  little daughter Irene Augustine ,   who passed away May 22nd  1920 ----

Funeral Notices  -  039
WATSON  -  Margaretha Adelheit Watson  will leave her late residence Ilam road, Riccarton,  on Thursday May 22nd at 3pm for the Springston Public Cemetery.
THOMSON  -   Mrs Matilda Thomson her funeral will leave her late residence  East Belt,  Rangiora,  on Friday at 10-30am  for the Anglican Church Cemetery.

Friday  23 May  1924

Birth  - 040
STEWART  -  on 22 May  at Nurse Brake's, 70 Bealey street, to Mr and Mrs L.W. Stewart - a daughter

Marriage  -  040
NICHOLAS  -  VANSTONE -  on 15 May at --Temuka, Sydney Edward, 3rd son of Mrs A.Nicholas  to Hazel Pearl, dau. of Mrs H.E. Vanstone, Little River.

Death  -  040
FRIEDMAN  -  on May 22 at Lewisham Hospital,  lewis,  2nd son of H. and M. Friedman,  Woodham road,  aged 6 years 11 mths.
HOLLOWAY  -  on May 22 at Christchurch Hospital,  Henry Terrence,  bel. husband of Gladys Georgina Holloway,  Stanley street, Sydenham.  aged 39 years
PENN  -  on May 22 at Greymouth Hospital,  Kathleen Ivy  (Akaroa)  eldest daughter of Mr Thos.Penn, Papanui

In Memoriam  -  040
SOUTHEN -   In loving memory of Frederick Henry, who died 23 May 1923.

Funeral Notices  - 041
FRIEDMAN  -  Lewis Duncan, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Friedman --their residence Woodham road, on Saturday at 10-30am  for the Linwood Cemetery.
COOK  -  Arthur Ernest Cook  will leave his late residence  "Arthurstone"  Loburn at 2-30pm  this day Friday  for the Rangiora Anglican Cemetery.
HOLLOWAY -  Henry Terrance Holloway will leave his late residence Stanley street,  Sydenham,  on Saturday the 24th for the Catholic Cathedral at 8-40am 
                        Requiem mass at 9am,  thence to the Sydenham Cemetery.

Saturday 24 May  1924

Birth  - 042
GARDNER  -  on  22 May at "Eastcotte" Scargill,  to wife of E.Gardner - a daughter
MILN  -   on 22 their res.  to Mr and Mrs Colin Miln  - a son.
RIORDAN  -   on 22 May at Springston  to wife of P.J.Riordan - a daughter

Marriages  - 042
HANNA  -  THOMSON  -  on April 21 at ---  David, 2nd son of Mr J.Hanna, Linwood    to Gladys Victoria, youngest dau. of Mr G.Thomson, Sydenham.
STOKES  -  ROUSE  -  on May 16 at Christchurch,  John Edward Stokes   to  Everine Gertrude Rouse.
VANCE  -  PIESSE  -  on May 14 at ---Carl Stanley, son of Mrs Vance,  to  Alice Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Mr and Mrs Piesse, also of Sydenham.

Silver Wedding  -  042
HANN  -  PATTINSON  -  on May 24th 1899,  Arthur,  son of Eli and the late Sarah Hann of Greendale,  to   Mary Jane,  daughter of the late John and               
                     Elizabeth Pattinson,  Miln street, Willowbank,  Spreydon,   

Deaths  - 042
BERRY  - on May 23rd at -- Cashmere, Agnes (Cis) dearly bel wife of  E.J.Berry,  2nd dau of Mr & Mrs Robert Hamilton, Rossmore tce,  aged 32 years.
HUMPHREYS -  on May 21st in London,  William Averill,  only son of George Humphreys, of Christchurch,  aged 33 years.
JONES  -  dearly beloved  wife of Longton Jones,  N.E.Valley, Dunedin,  and beloved sister of Mrs J.H.Wilton,  Christchurch.
PAWSEY  -  on  May 23rd at Southbrook,  Margaret Jane,  beloved wife of George Cooper Pawsey,  aged 74 years.

In Memoriam  -  042
WESTAWAY  -    In loving memory of our dear mother,  who died May 24th 1922.

Funeral Notices - 043
BERRY  -  Agnes,  wife of Mr Ernest John Berry will leave  Dyer's Pass road, Cashmere, on Sunday 25th  at 2-30 o'clock, for the Sydenham Cemetery.
PAWSEY  - Margaret Jane, wife of  George Cooper Pawsey  --leave his residence, Southbrook,  on 25 May at 2pm for the Anglician Cemetery, Rangiora.

Monday 26 May 1924

Birth  - 044
CLARK  -  on May 24 at  "Rua Rua" Colombo st,  to Mr and Mrs ira Clark - a son.
EVISON  -  on May 24  at 64 Fisher st, Beckenham  to  Mr and Mrs S.R.Evison  -  a son.
NICHOLAS  -  on May 24  at Nurse King's  ----  to Mr and Mrs A.J. Nicholas -  a daughter
STROUTS  -  on May 24  at St Katherine's,  bealey ave  to wife of William F.Strouts  - a daughter

Marriage  - 044
McFARLANE - WESTON- on May 17 at -- James Norman, only son of F.J. & L.E. Macfarlane  to Joyce Haswell, only dau. of G. and late A.Weston.

Death  - 044
COLLIER  -  on May 24th at her late res. Montreal street,  mary Ann, relict of the late T.C.Collier,  aged 79 years.
GRACE  -  on May 21st at Napier Hospital,  Mabel Fanny  (May)
GREGORY  -  on May 25th at Christchurch Hospital,  Watson,  beloved father of Rudolph and Alice Gregory  of William street, City.
GREGORY -  on May 23 rd at the Christchurch Hospital,  Walter Grogory of Montreal street,  Sydenham,  aged 47 years.
MILES -  on May 25th at her late res. Burlington street, Sydenham,  Wilhelmina, dearly loved wife of William Colston Miles,  aged 56 years.

In Memoriam  -  044
PAULGER  -  In loving memory of Anne Elizabeth Paulger,  who died Lyttelton street, Spreydon,  on May 26 1920

Funeral Notices  - 045
MILES -  Wilhelmina Miles will leave her late res. Burlington street, Sydenham,  on Tuesday May 27th  at 2pm  for the Linwood Cemetery
GREGORY  -  Walter Gregory will leave his late residence Montreal street, Sydenham,  for the Sydenham Cemetery,  on Tuesday the 27th at 2pm.

Tuesday 27 May 1924

Birth  - 046
HAMPTON  -  on May 22 at Malvern, Ashburton  to  Mr and Mrs H.E.Hampton, Tinwald  - a son
POULTON  -  on May 26  at 23 Grange st, Opawa  to Mr and Mrs C.A.Poulton  - a daughter
RUSSELL  -  on May 26 at Christchurch  to wife of Dr gerald Russell  -  a daughter

Marriage  - 046
SCHAUMANN - THOMPSON - on April 2 at -- David Thomson, 3rd son of Mr & Mrs H.Schaumann, Alexandra  to Mabel Mary (May)  dau. of
                    Mr & Mrs  W.G.Thompson, Dunedin

Deaths  - 046
GINDER  - on May 26 at her res. Milton street, Sydenham,  Jane Margaret,  bel wife of B. Ginder, and bel mother of Mrs H.Harman, Sydenham, 
                    and Mrs F.Painter, Napier,  in her 75th year.
LLOYD  -  on March 26th at Christchurch  Walter Llewelyn, beloved son of Walter and Sarah Lloyd, of Weedons.

In Memoriam  - 046
CLOTHIER  -  in loving memory of our dear mother who passed away May 27th 1923
McINTOSH  -  in sad but loving memory of a dear wife and mother, Grace McIntosh, who died at Hawarden on May 27th 1923 aged 52 years.
WILSON  -  in loving memory of our little darling Elsie Joan dearly loved daughter of K. and E. Wilson Waltham, died May 27th 1921  aged 3 years.

Funeral Notices  -  047
WATSON  -  Margaretha Adelheit Watson  will leave her res. Ilam road, Riccarton,  on Thursday May 22nd at 3pm for the Springston Public Cemetery.
HANNIGAN  - Patrick Hannigan will take place this day Wednesday May 21st leaving the Catholic Cathedral aat 9-30am for the Linwood Cemetery.

Wednesday 28 May 1924

Birth  - 048
CONGREVE  -  on May 27 at Greymouth  to Mr and Mrs F.Congrave -  a daughter
CRAW  -  on May 22  at Akaroa Hosp.  to Mr and Mrs Len Craw,  Chorlton  -  a son.

Marriage  - 048
BARKER - CHILDS  - on May 26  at --Albert, 2nd son of Mr & Mrs A.W.Barker, London  to  Ethel Rose, dau. of Mr and Mrs Childs, Lyttelton.
FLECK - OLDRIDGE -  on May 14 at -- William Menisses, 2nd son of Mrs and late Mr J.Fleck  to Gladys, 3rd dau. of Mr and Mrs T.C.Oldridge, Linwood.
KELLY - ATKINSON - on April 10 at -- Douglas, 2nd son of Mr Thos. kelly  to  Mary Bell, eld. dau. of  Mrs, Chch  and late W.J.Atkinson, Kowai Bush

Death  048
HOBBS  -  on May 27th at his late residence  South belt,  Methven,  Charles Hobbs,   aged 70 years.

In Memoriam  -  048
EDWARDS  -  In loving memory of George Reginald,  who died at Wellington, May 28th 1923

Funeral Notices -  049
GINDER  -  June Margaret Ginder will leave her late residence, Milton street, Sydenham, on Wednesday May 28th at 2-30pm for the Sydenham Cemetery.
HOBBS -  Charles Hobbs which will leave his late residence South belt, Methven, on Thursday May 29th at 1-30pm for the Methven Cemetery.

Thursday  29 May 1924

Birth  - 050
BLATHWYAT  - on May 27  to Mr and Mrs M.P.W.Blathwayt  --- Alford Forest  - a daughter

Deaths  - 050
NEVIN  -  on May 27, Mabel Josephine Rosina,  (Rosy Flower)  3rd beloved daughter of Mabel and William Nevin Madras street,  age 4 and half years.
PHILLIPS  -  on May 28 at Christchurch Hospital,  Joseph Phillips,  of Takamatua.  aged 52 years.

In Memoriam  050
WILLIAMS  -  In loving memory of our dear father,  who passed away May 29th 1920

Funeral Notices - 051
NEVIN  -  Mabel Josephine Rosina, dau. of Mr and Mrs W.H.Nevin  leaving their res Madras street, this day, Thursday  at 11am for the Sydenham Cemetery
PHILLIPS  -  Joseph Phillips will arrive at the Junction, Takamatua, Banks Peninsula,  on Friday at 1pm thence to the Anglican Cemetey.

Friday 30 May 1924

Birth  052
McKIE -  on May 29  at -- Woolston  to  mr and Mrs D.A.McKie  - a daughter
STEWART  -  on May 28  at Geraldine  to Mr and Mrs J.Bremner Stewart,  Union Bank  -  a daughter

Marriage  - 052
WILSON - RATTRAY - on April 8 at -- Arnold Eric, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Wilson  to Isabella louise, dau. of Mr A.Rattray, Bush Inn, Upper Riccarton.

Deaths  - 052
CHESHIRE  -  on May 29 at Christchurch,  Austin Irvin (Pat)  dearly loved eldest son of Alfred Austen and Beatrice Cheshire, Sumner,  aged 10 years.
BONNIFACE  -  on May 28 at his son's residence,  Antigua street, Sydenham,  Edwin Arnold,  husband of the late Hannah Bonniface, aged 70 years.
LUKE  -  on May 29th at the residence of her daughter Mrs Carter, Julia Luke  late of King st.  in her 78th year.

In Memoriam -  052
BAMFORD - In loving memory of Alfred Herbert (Herbert)  dearly loved husband of Catherine Bamford,  Sumner, who died May 30th 1923  aged 49 years.
POLLINGTON  -  In fond and loving memory of our dear son,  Albert Frederick,  who passed away May 30th 1923.

Funeral  Notices  -  053
CHESHIRE  - Austin Irvin (Pat) son of Mr & Mrs Alfred Austin Cheshire  will leave 234 Lichfield street, on Sat May 31st at 9-45am  for the Bromley Cemetery.
BONNIFACE  -   Edwin Arnold Bonniface will leave the residence of his son Antigua street, this day, Friday at 2pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
PHILLIPS  -   as above,
LUKE -   Julia Lake will leave the residence of her daughter,  this day, Friday at 3-30pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery.
LYNN  - James Lynn will leave his late  residence Byron street, on Saturday at 2pm  for the Sydenham Cemetery.

Saturday 31 May 1924

Roll of Honour - In Memoriam - 054
MURPHY  -  In loving memory of William, dearly loved eldest son of P. and M. Murphy,  late of Domett, Cheviot,  killed at Messines France June 1st.

Birth  - 054
SALKELD  -  on May 30th at Ohapuku  to Mr and Mrs W.J.Salkeld  - a daughter
PRATT  -  on May 26th  at ---  to Mr and Mrs F.H.Pratt  - a son.

Marriage  - 054
BRADBURY - GADD -   on April 24 Arthur Richard, son of Mr and Mrs E.C.Bradbury  to Elsie, dau. of Mr and Mrs D.Gadd of North Beach.
QUARTERMAIN -CHICK -on April Herbert William, son of late E.G. and J.Quartermain  to Sarah, dau of Mr P. Chick and late Mrs Chick ---
SMITH  -  MORGAN  -  on April 22 Norman Francis, son of late Mr and Mrs W.J.Smith  to  Ida Elizabeth, dau of Mr and Mrs C.N.Morgan ---

Deaths  - 054
COSTELLA  -  on May 30th at Christchurch,  Cathleen,  "Girlie"  only and beloved daughter of Margaret and the late William Costella,  Cheviot,  aged 9 years.
GRIFFEN  -  on May 30th at his residence Yaldhurst road, Riccarton,  Frank,  beloved husband of Elizabeth Griffen  aged 58 years
McGREGOR -  on May 30th at his late residence Clydesdale,  Selwyn,  Archibald McGregor,  aged 73 years.
RULE  - on May 29th at the Christchurch Hospital,  Worthington,  the dearly beloved son of Worthington and Charlotte Rule,  Tuahiwi,  aged 8 years.

In Memoriam  -  054
PEARCE  -  In loving memory of Maria,  who passed away May 31st 1923.

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